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Stray Bullets Volume 2: Somewhere Out West [PDF / Epub] ✅ Stray Bullets Volume 2: Somewhere Out West By David Lapham – Somewhere out West is a town no one knows about a desert town whose inhabitants wait for the day a great earthuake will bring them beachfront property Here two young lovers on the run from the Mob wil Somewhere out West is Volume 2: Epub Û a town no one knows about a desert town whose inhabitants wait for the day a great earthuake will bring them beachfront property Here two young lovers on the run from the Mob will learn that love Stray Bullets PDF or is than just another four letter word A once beautiful now broken woman will let the demons of her past pull her down into a thick soup of depravity and death A betrayed little girl running from everything will decide to help Bullets Volume 2: PDF/EPUB Ã someone and be scarred forever And a big lug with big dreams will achieve fame and glory and then throw it all away These are just some of the people whose tales will stick in your gut for the rest of your Bullets Volume 2: Somewhere Out eBook å days.

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  1. David Schaafsma David Schaafsma says:

    More slice of gutter sex drugs and violence and not one is beautiful not one is admirable not one escapes in this gritty rough monochrome pulp throwback to sixties crime comix The fifties Comics Code was right these stories corrupt you and will drag you down down down into depravity Let the reader beware Somewhere Out West is the second larger collection including #8 14 of David Lapham’s Stray Bullets series from the nineties Once you’ve seen Pulp Fiction you can’t help but think of it as a cultural reference for any other similarly violent story from the period and that is true for this series for sure Though I also go back to Sam Peckinpah’s ultra violent Straw Dogs too Oh and since I am reading Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips’ Criminal too I see this as a scratchier deliberately less polished version of Criminal; all of the folks in Stray Bullets are criminals As with PF we have thus far a set of seemingly disconnected tales that seem to be slowly coalescing Not all of them are yet connected but you can see how they all might mesh somehow We’ve moved from Balti in Volume 1 to Somewhere Out West also known as Seaside a California desert town whose inhabitants wait for the day The Big One will flush half of the state into the Pacific and they will then own prime beachfront property There’s a bit of a focus coming out of the first volume on Orson Beth and Nina Orson you will recall has graduated from a Balti high school and still a virgin meets an older woman who introduces him to the dark side of drugs and sex and then swirls with her down the drain into a cesspool of crime; he and Beth and Nina killed someone and are on the run from the Mob Nina is the saddest and most poignant character here now a lost drug addict falling falling into madnessA nice uiet little nowhere desert town to hide out? A place to settle down and start over? Forget it with these depraved freaks Many interesting loser characters including nice enough Nick the new Sheriff who tries ot give the impression he is luckier with the ladies than he actually is There’s another psychotic Amy Racecar story I can’t seem to unsee Yikes And the macabre death of a five legged cow that has the town folks weeping at her funeral They have lost their main point of distinction Nightmarish accomplished a kind of stoned storytelling carnie ride Help I can’t seem to get off this Ferris Wheel

  2. Sam Quixote Sam Quixote says:

    The first Stray Bullets book is a masterpiece – is there anything higher than that? The second volume is a double masterpiece I LOVED this book I might run out of superlatives this comic is that good so get your umbrellas out because I’m gonna start gushing It’s 1982 and Orson the kid we met in the first book who’d just graduated high school has fallen into a life of crime With his girlfriend Beth and their friend Nina they’ve ripped off Harry stealing a suitcase of blow and heading somewhere out west They hole up in the strange small desert town of Seaside which though landlocked for hundreds of miles in any direction has residents who believe that when “the earthuake” happens and swallows California they will be the new coastline We meet a number of new characters in this book from Nick the loutish and dim but generally decent chap who’s destined to become the new sheriff to Leslie and Lemmy a pair of scummy residents who prey on young girls But the life they left behind is eating away at Orson Beth and Nina and Nina’s mind begins to unravel helped on by copious amounts of drugs With Harry’s boys Spanish Scott and Monster on their trail will our young protagonists get away with their score or pay the price?The first Stray Bullets book was a brilliant collection of loosely connected short stories spanning some twenty years with a strong crime vibe that made me think of Tarantino’s films With this second book David Lapham has shrugged off any such comparisons to make this series its own standalone work It’s also much less crime focused though it still retains a number of those elements particularly noir This second volume is still structured like it’s a collection of shorts though they are much cohesive and form a or less linear narrative set within a year with the same cast The exception is the Amy Racecar story or Chapter 3 which is set in the 41st century The Amy Racecar stories there was one in the first book too are a puzzle to me Are they actually set in the 41st century? Are they flights of fancy from David Lapham? We meet a character who kind of looks like a teenage version of Amy who calls herself “Amy” in 1982 – is she “Amy Racecar” and are these 41st century stories her fantasies? Either way these asides are really fun and like the other chapters in this book her story is tied to the town of Seaside Reading Stray Bullets doesn’t feel like reading a comic – it’s like watching a movie; a really really really excellent movie that totally immerses you The storytelling is so fluid well paced and succinctly measured that reading it is an effortless joy I’m not sure what I liked the stories or the characters but I do know that Lapham creates characters so perfectly realised I can’t think of an immediate comparison Will Eisner perhaps? Nina Orson and Beth’s friend is the most haunting character portrait in the book We never see the score that these three pull off just the aftermath but we know that someone died Nina feels responsible and is irreparably scarred from it and is slowly descending into total darkness Lapham jumps from character to character so we see all viewpoints at the right moments in the story and so we see Nina through Orson’s eyes then through Beth’s other residents of Seaside and just once from Nina herself catching a glimpse of her nightmarish memories that are slowly killing herI can’t stress how memorable and disturbing seeing Nina’s deterioration was – it’s one of the most harrowing and powerful characterisations I’ve ever experienced in a comic It’s a bit like Jennifer Connelly’s transformation in Reuiem for a Dream She goes from being a broken but still real person to complete train wreck horrorshow Watching the first time she rebuffed the sleazy approaches of Leslie and Lemmy two characters I don’t think I’ve hated in a comic – because Lapham writes them so well as villains not because they’re incompetently created – before joining them in all sorts of horrifying ways was shocking The way she just gave up her dignity was palpable and yet she retained a sliver of her old self in some scenes later on – incredible But I loved the other character portraits too Orson and Beth have their moments and are one of the most real comics couples I’ve come across – a bit over the top in places to me anyway but just because I don’t know people like that doesn’t mean they don’t exist And the way their arc completes by the end is thrilling you can’t predict what’ll happen next Nick is another great character When we first see him he comes across – like so many of the Seaside residents – as a low life bumming around a dead end town feeding his sybaritic desires Then Lapham develops him so he comes a complex character – a hero a saviour and a real person The art of Somewhere Out West is extraordinary I’m not just talking about the visuals though Lapham’s expressive characters are amazing and it’s stunning what he can do with an 8 panel grid the format of most of the book But the art of everything from the visuals to the writing to the storytelling and the layouts – it all comes together in such an inspired way Stray Bullets is a grown up book in every sense of the word so I hugely recommend it to everyone “of age” though it’s fine for later teens Stray Bullets is both high art and the best entertainment – full marks to David Lapham on every aspect of this book There’s so much good stuff here to talk about that I know I haven’t done justice to in this review which is why I feel it’s inadeuate to say but I’ll leave it here this is a special comic

  3. Zedsdead Zedsdead says:

    Hovering between 4 and 5 stars Rounding up instead of down because Nick's character arc is fascinating and plausible his story perfectly captures a false man who presents himself differently to everyone which he does effortlessly because he's as hollow as a chocolate Easter bunny And because of a superb plot device involving a head sized hole in a mobile home bedroom floor As the connections between the large cast of characters becomes clearer this series becomes riveting Edit In later volumes the inclusion of the Amy Racecar stories comes to make sense but when I read v2 they were still an unwelcome out of joint puzzle

  4. Baba Baba says:

    More of this near surreal yet at times darkly comical and I mean darkly comical grifter crime mystery thriller with a heart Nina Beth and Orson are hiding out in a town in the middle of nowhere after an unspecified run of events against Harry's mob that sees them with a lot of his Cocaine In monochrome and at times sparse dialogue andor visuals Lapham teases out the relationships between the main AND secondary characters so well But what this series is than anything else is story Let the saga continue 9 out of 12

  5. Mike Mike says:

    Couldn't even finish it Tedious disjointed to the point of needing a map at which point it feels like work than enjoyment

  6. Frances Frances says:

    Good god I love this series

  7. Alenka Alenka says:

    Im getting kinda obsessed with this series it is so ridiculously fun that he's releasing them out of time order; Im having a great time piecing everything together This issue has an especially fun Amy Racecar story and I absolutely loved the bits of Virginia's diary so well done did a real thirteen year old do the lettering? Lapham is one of those writers you can make you love terrible people or is it just that all of his characters are so delightfully complex and murderous that you don't get tied up reading through a biased moral point of view? So great

  8. Wayne McCoy Wayne McCoy says:

    'Stray Bullets Volume 1 Somewhere Out West' collects issues 8 14 of the comic book series by David Lapham It's another over the top tale of violence and low lifes and I liked itThe town of Seaside has a boardwalk but no waterfront They live in the hopes of a big California earthuake that will bring them the beach and make their property valuable It's a town in the middle of nowhere populated by nobodys This makes it the perfect town for Orson Beth and Nina to hide from the mob in They've got a suitcase full of drugs or they did until Nina started helping herself They have a nosy neighbor kid who is spying through the holes in their floor They try to hide out and not go stir crazy Can they stay below the radar especially with Nina freaking out?Seaside also has a big talking loser named Nick He talks a good game but he's not as lucky with the ladies as he lets on He might get a chance at something if Beth and Nina have anything to say He might be the distraction they need but what goes up does come down or does it?It's all black and white art and I like Lapham's style The book is a series of stories that intertwine and weave around each other Amy Racecar the psychopath from the first volume makes an appearance The situations and violence are uirky and filled with dark humor The characters are strange and the stuff of garishly bad dreams I enjoyed the heck out of the first volume and this one too I received a review copy of this graphic novel from Diamond Book Distributors Image Comics and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Thank you for allowing me to review this very good graphic novel

  9. Jeff Jeff says:

    I can only see 30 meager stars Somewhere Out WestButtons pressedUnlikable characters? v1yes; v2yesWith redeeming ualities andor moments? v1yes; v2not so muchSenseless violence? v1almost too much; v2a bit less than thatWith plot or character justification? v1mostly; v2only occasionallyUgly visuals? v1yes; v2even so Lemmy is almost sufficient reason never to open this bookFor seemingly good reasons? v1i think so; v2i don't think soStereotyped behavior for many characters and events? v1yep; v2yupOf a forgivable variety? v1often; v2rarelyneveruestions still plague me such as Are we supposed toa KNOW what happened to Nina at the end of the last story? please PM or comment b believe Seaside's citizens are reasonable facsimiles of real life smalltown folk? c agree with Virginia's assessment of Beth and Orson's relationship? d be amused by Sheriff MontanaNo longer confident that i'll read the entire series i'll still begin v3 Other People tonight

  10. Mark Desrosiers Mark Desrosiers says:

    You first notice the hole in the bedroom floor when the protagonist steps in it on page two it's covered by a rug so he doesn't fall through But you know that David Lapham isn't gonna let a floor hole be a mere trivial inconvenience Later you see the rug above the hole waggling in the air some voyeur's head is poking up? At some point the rug clears away so that a runaway girl can prop herself up just enough downstairs so that her head appears as an angelic apparition for her drug addled playmate Later still the hole is the site of one of the most degrading despicable murders in comix history Of course there's to this strange story than that floor hole The setting is a beachside resort in the middle of the desert the town is waiting for California to split off from the mainland and grow its own east coast And the gangsters innocents you've seen in the first Stray Bullets stories get stranger and fuller here my favorite is Twenty Eight Guys Named Nick Plus exceptional violence drug use sex revenge and creepy circus clowns I've never read anything like it and if we need a cinematic analogy imagine a cross between Sam Peckinpah and David Lynch

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