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The Witchs Book of Self-Care Reading The Witchs Book Of Self Care Author Arin Murphy Hiscock Dileydi.be Worship Yourself The Witchy Way Learn How To Nourish Your Body And Spirit With Herbal Remedies, Spells, And Rituals Inspired By Witchcraft In This Unique, Enchanted Guide To Self Care Self Care Is A Necessity For Any Modern Woman, And This Book Helps You Prioritize 1 With A Little Help From The Magic Of Witchcraft The Witch S Book Of Self Care Has Advice For Pampering Your Body, Mind, And Spirit With Spells, Meditations, Mantras, And Powerful Activities To Help You To Keep Healthy, Soothe Stress, Relinquish Sadness, Channel Joy, And Embrace Your Strength This Book Features Such Magical Self Care Remedies A Ritual To Release Guilt Learn To Burn Whatever Causes You Pain And Process Painful Memories Or Work Through Heavy Emotions In This Therapeutic Ritual Green Space Meditation Learn How To Reconnect With The Healing Energies Of Nature, Even In The Middle Of A Bustling City, As Part Of A Series Of Meditations Based On The Elements And Your Senses DIY Body Butter Create Your Own Custom Soothing And Smoothing Body Butter, Powered By Crystal And Essential Oils Suited To Your Intention, And Sanctified By A Ritual And Much The Witch S Book Of Self Care Shows You How Easy It Is To Connect To The Earth, Harness Your Personal Power, And Add A Little Magic To Your Everyday Life For A Better You

  • Hardcover
  • 224 pages
  • The Witchs Book of Self-Care
  • Arin Murphy-Hiscock
  • English
  • 14 July 2019
  • 9781507209141

About the Author: Arin Murphy-Hiscock

Currently a resident of Montreal, Canada, Arin works as a freelance writer and editor She is the author of Power Spellcraft for Life The Art of Crafting and Casting for Positive Change 2005 , Solitary Wicca for Life A Complete Guide to Mastering the Craft on Your Own 2005 , The Way of the Green Witch 2006 , The Way of the Hedge Witch 2009 , and Pagan Pregnancy The Journey From Maiden to Mo

10 thoughts on “The Witchs Book of Self-Care

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    I really enjoyed this one and will definitely be rereading in the future I bookmarked a ton of things to go back to Its full of spells, rituals and practical info and advice I ve already done one of the rituals and plan on going back to do Really looking forward to banishing fear of success which is a topic I have never seen another bo...

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    Such a sweet little self care book I really love the spells and little crafty things This book is right up my alley One I ll have to buy and keep at home

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    I was about to give this book two stars because I was not really enjoying it all the way through I was liking what the author was talking about when it came to self care but the rituals were a but repetitive and not something that I would see myself doing and that was what took up a majority of the book I wasn t feeling it but I told myself to push through and finish it on the flight and I am so glad I did It vastly improved towards the latter half of the book.This book splits itself into 5 chapters, the first is Self Care and Magic Where it gives self care tips and the different sources of magic they will be using in the books such as herbal magic, candle magic, meditation, etc I thought this was a great overview and is good for readers who are unfamiliar with this field This chapter also had a lot of good things to say about self care and my favorite one was when it says don t let yourself be driven by a need to be approved or liked by others This quote is under the section that talks about living authentically and it is so important for people to incorporate in their life If you live for others approval you aren t going to be happy They people who are meant to be in your life won t be looking for you to please them or seek their approval Live to make yourself happy and you then in turn you will find the right people It also talks about how self care is acknowledging all the parts of yourself, even the bad ones We a...

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    I was really impressed with this book, and I think I might even buy a copy to keep at home I m usually a bit wary about self care books because self care has become commercialized at an alarming rate in the last 5 years, and loses its meaning as a way to genuinely take care of every aspect of yourself Arin Murphy Hiscock does an incredible job keeping this in mind, and her suggestions for self care range from spiritual care to mental, physical, emotional care, even housekeeping advice and o...

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    Today I m reviewing The Witch s Book of Self Care Magical Ways to Pamper, Soothe, and Care for Your Body and Spirit.Generally I like to start out with a disclaimer I am an atheist witch I look for the connection between magic and science without the need for a deity I receive no compensation for these reviews and all my links are standard links and not affiliate links I am a practicing photo reader and have spent the last 15 years honing my craft I offer personal readings by request and have a strong online history that boasts nearly 400,000 views.As usual I ll be starting with a physical review of this book Over all I love the size of this book Generally speaking books are beginning to become over sized I m glad to see one that I can easily toss into my purse or backpack to have something to read on the go While access to internet is becoming widely available, I like to have something on hand to pass the time while I m waiting This little book fits the bill The cover is nice and smooth without being velvety and offers...

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    The Witch s Book of Self Care is a wonderful, helpful read by a thoughtful and honest author I very much enjoyed Murphy Hiscock s voice and style and will look for of her works She approaches self care from a refreshingly frank viewpoint, and cuts down negative misconceptions right from the beginning It s not about eating chocolates on the couch , it s about balancing your concrete, practical responsibilities with your physical, emotional and spiritual needs She makes a wonderful point about how taking care of your responsibilities is in itself a form of self care Anything that is good for you in some way, is self care And it s not a dirty word I want to add that while the book does contain recipes for foods teas as well as bath products and spells, of course, that you need not be into the world of magic to enjoy and gain from this book I would recommend this book to anyone whose mind is even the slightest bit open The Witch s Book of Self Care stresses the importance of journalling, and I could not agree I d already begun a Magic Journal but now I ve got a self care one, too, and it s been a positive experience so far Something I really appreciated as well is almost all of her suggested materials for rituals you might need are all things you d likely have around the house anyway No or very minimal shopping...

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    DNF ing this because I Really Did Not Like This I wouldn t necessarily go as far as to say I absolutely hated it but I stopped properly reading this at about page 30 and ended up flipping through the next 40 or so pages to see if I wanted to power through it and if it was even worth a bit of my time Turns out that it wasn t It reminded me a lot of seeing a therapist which, mind you, turned out to be useless and an absolute waste of both my time and my therapist s Just flipping through and skimming the pages of the book that I did thoroughly annoyed me because it was a lot like your typical meditation and journalling and positive thoughts will cure your depression narrative.The author even includes a spell to embrace your depression as she puts it and like.ok that isn t how depression being depressed actually works but.ok. Sorry to break it to you, Arin Murphy Hiscock, but reminding yourself that you are worthy of love is not that simple when you are struggling with depression,...

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    I picked this up in the library because I was drawn to the cover when I read the title, I knew I had to check it out This is a book that I will be purchasing for my personal collection The tips within really expand on the general self care lectures we often hear go outside, get some sleep, drink water, etc and there are rituals, spel...

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    I absolutely loved this book I did many of the writing exercises, made several recipes, and was inspired by every bit of it It was the perfect balance of magic and self care This book literally changed me for the better.

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    I know having the word witch in the title of this book may be off putting to some but the endless ideas of self care in this book is absolutely amazing I truly enjoyed this book and will be referencing it very frequently.

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