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10 thoughts on “僕のヒーローアカデミア 雄英白書 III

  1. Kristin Kristin says:

    Finally a book that doesn't have the obnoxious Mineta dragging it downStory #1 Revolves around the POV of All Might who is finally getting Aizawa that drink he promised All Might attempts to bond with Aizawa but finds all his efforts rebuked by Aizawa's aloof personality All Might is saved from the awkward encounter by the appearance of Midnight and Present Mic who uickly invite the other teachers to come party with them The small get together uickly turns into a drunken party All Might who can't and won't drink begins to feel like he's ruining the party mood until two surprising characters reveal their true feelings for the legend turned teacherA cute story that shows the human side of the UA faculty Story #2 Revolves around the POV of Todoroki shortly after the classes have moved into the dorms Todoroki loses something precious to him While desperately looking for it he comes across Mei Hatsume Who while moving her babies to her dorm causes them to accidentally malfunction resulting in Todoroki and Recovery Girl getting captured by a runaway inventionBasically this story covers Todoroki's feelings towards his parents his mother in particular and how he managed to transform his dorm room from the standard room to the Japanese motif that astounded everyone It also sets the plot for the next storyStory #3 Class 1A is surprised when Monoma suddenly shows up at their dorm building demanding a tour of the boys rooms While being shown around and criticizing everyone's decoration choices proclaiming their rooms windows to their true personalities he is eventually stopped before starting a fight by the apperance of Kendo Pony Tsunotori and Tetsutetsu Monoma demands they play a game to officially settle which class is superior Todoroki offers a children's game given to him by Mei Hatsume as thanks from the last chapter Of course with Mei Hatsume nothing is what it really seems and chaos uickly ensuesStory #4 A couple of kids from Class 1A are telling scary stories in Tokoyami's room After trying and failing to scare each other they ask Tokoyami to tell a scary story He tells them the story of the Hundred Tales about a stalking ghost who kills anyone who sees them or hears their story Shortly after that strange things begin to happen around the dormis it mass hysteria or is Class 1A's dorm truly haunted by a vengeful spirit brought forth by Tokoyami's tale?Story #5 Revolves entirely around Ida This is a very cute story with a brief appearance from the Big Three before they were asked to speak to Class 1A This story follows Ida's strict daily routine which is almost derailed by the strange behavior of his classmates who are going to great lengths to avoid being around him He begins to think they don't like how strict he's been when the class reveals a big surprise for their very disciplined Class PresidentStory #6 Is from the POV of Koji's rabbit who escapes from Koji's room during Midoriya and Bakugo's house arrest The rabbit offers insight into Koji's shy personality and reveals some surprising revelations about Bakugo's explosive temper and volatile relationship with MidoriyaStory #7 Is a bonus story It's a fantasy version of MHA in which everyone has been moved from the modern times to a medieval fantasy setting Class 1A is still in the spotlight sans their usual uirks Ida is a Knight Uraraka is a mage etc as they try to find out why heroes including the undefeatable All Might have suddenly disappeared Midoriya is encouraged to join the search after having a dream in which All Might asks him for help and proclaims the eager young man his apprenticeI actually thought this one was a little dry and a tad boring But the rest of the stories are worth the read for any MHA fan

  2. Mavis Ros Mavis Ros says:

    Parts 4 to 6 all delivered and delighted me the most Ain’t this volume a heartwarmer

  3. sally ✿ sally ✿ says:

    oh kacchan you do have a heart 'and anyone who says otherwise can fight me

  4. Marjo Marjo says:

    Easily 4 stars nearly five This is pure fluff and I love it

  5. FelicityRose FelicityRose says:

    Best school brief yet

  6. Horse Cryptid Horse Cryptid says:

    These were so cute The stories got better for me as they went along tooPart 1 Cheers 25 stars It's about the teachers going out for a drink It just didn't interest me that muchPart 2 Dramatic Makeover 35 stars Todoroki and Mei Hatsume get to interact in this one a lot which was amusingPart 3 Playtime is Over 35 stars Class B shenanigansPart 4 The Hundred Tales of US 45 stars Tokoyami tells a spooky story and it kinda comes to life The kids think a ghost is haunting the dorms nowPart 5 A Day in the Life of a Class President 45 stars Iida thinks his friends are all avoiding him but really they're planning a surprise birthday party It was really cutePart 6 I Am a Rabbit 45 stars From the POV of Koda's rabbit Takes place when Deku and Bakugo are stuck under house arrest and they have to catch the rabbitBonus UA uest 35 stars Fantasy AU I'd have liked it to be longer tbh Felt rushed but was still fun

  7. Mary Wyman Mary Wyman says:

    I literally cannot decide which story was my favoriteAnother great read created by Anri YoshiThere is another School Briefs to come but according to sources we'll have to wait till March 2020 to get out hands on the english versionSo there are three things I wish to say before signing off1 Another must read for My Hero Academia fans2 My Hero Academia School Briefs vol4 will be translated and released in March 2020and3 I hope there will be School Briefs after vol 4 to comeEnjoy

  8. Carma Alicaya Carma Alicaya says:

    For fans of Class 1A’s bestest Class President Iida

  9. Sarah Sarah says:

    Like I've said about these books before Fun uick little reads to whet your appetite while waiting for the next installment in the larger story whether in the manga or in the anime It's nice to see these characters in the humdrum moments of their lives My favorite stories were the ones that focused on the teachers seeing them kick back and relax or the story where Class 1 A thought their dorm was haunted I got a nice little chuckle there plus a Aizawa and Present Mic cameos If you're an MHA fan and you want some time with the characters this will definitely do just that

  10. Charlie Charlie says:

    So far this book is my favorite of the School Brief series overshadowing both volumes one and two Perhaps this is connected to there being SIGNIFICANTLY less Mineta but who could say? Cute short and engaging stories The bonus chapter featuring the fantasy AU was especially fun and I am hopeful to see continuations in future School Brief volumesSomething of note this book has 261 pages not the 224 that goodreads reports Not sure if this is a mobile only issue but I thought I'd mention it for those who care

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  • Paperback
  • 244 pages
  • 僕のヒーローアカデミア 雄英白書 III
  • Anri Yoshi
  • Japanese
  • 08 September 2014
  • 9784087034431