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A Delicate Deception (Regency Imposters, #3) When Amelia Allenby Escaped A Stifling London Ballroom For The Quiet Solitude Of The Derbyshire Countryside, The Very Last Thing She Wanted Was An Extremely Large, If She Grudgingly Admits Passably Attractive Man Disturbing Her Daily Walks Lecturing The Surveyor About Property Rights Doesn T Work And, Somehow, He Has Soon Charmed His Way Into Lemon Cakes, Long Walks, And Dangerously Heady KissesThe Very Last Place Sydney Wished To Be Was In The Shadow Of The Ruins Of Pelham Hall, The Inherited Property That Stole Everything From Him But As He Awaits His Old Friend, The Duke Of Hereford, He Finds Himself Increasingly Captivated By The Maddeningly Lovely And Exceptionally Odd Amelia He Quickly Finds That Keeping His Ownership Of Pelham Hall A Secret Is As Impossible As Keeping Himself From Falling In Love With HerBut When The Duke Of Hereford Arrives, Sydney S Ruse Is Revealed And What Started Out As A Delicate Deception Has Become A Love Too Powerful To Ignore Will They Let A Lifetime Of Hurt Come Between Them Or Can These Two Lost Souls Find Love And Peace In Each Other

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    3.5 stars rounded up to 4 since I love the author This was ok It s the story of two people finding love and family Sydney is a grumpy guy who lost his brother in a fire He is sent a letter from his ex lover to meet him at the house that burnt down killing his brother and sister in law Sydney now owns the house but wants nothing to do with it Amelia we have met in the series before, she is the illegitimate sister of Alistair in book one of the series She living in a home on the property of Sydney s house with her old governess Amelia has an anxiety disorder and doesn t like to be around people The two keep bumping into one another on their walks and start a friendship that quickly escalates I didn t feel them falling in love I generally like this author and her characters who are outside the norm but these two didn t quite do it for me.

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    I recently finished reading an ARC of Cat Sebastian s A Delicate Deception which features two disarmingly lovely and grumpy people falling head over heels for each other, slowly but surely, after they keep running into each other on their morning jaunts.Extremely tall Sydney with his stern eyebrows but kissable mouth and reclusive Lady Amelia Allenby living her best life free of the ballrooms and anxieties that plagued her in London society are an absolute treat.I always adore how Cat Sebastian handles and subverts romance tropes Lady Amelia s nonchalance about her deflowering yet her supreme happiness with being with Sydney was just chef s kiss lovely This story also is absolutely queer, and I loved how the happily ever after worked out for both characters.If you can t wait for A Delicate Deception, Cat Sebastian has a wonderful back list of amazing titles you can jump in to right away I reviewed from a free copy downloaded from Edelweiss

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    3.5 stars I had read and enjoyed the previous book in the series and was intrigued by Amelia, so I was excited to see her getting her own story I loved Amelia and Sydney and all of the secondary characters She s a bit anxious, he s a bit standoffish and they re both bi I loved their walks and talks and seeing this logical couple find something a bit out of the ordinary I m forever here for Lex and Georgiana and would absolutely love a book for them Plot wise, it was a bit of a struggle It was slow and meandering and not in a good way It felt like there were several plot threads added for no reason and the ending was a bit of a disappointment I realize that it worked for the two of them, but at the same time, I think they deserved something concrete Overall, it was Amelia and Sydney that kept me reading and if there are books in this series, I ll definitely continue Huge thanks to Avon Books for providing the arc free of charge

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    A Delicate Deception The Regency Impostors Book 3Cat Sebastian date 12 10 2019Publisher AvonBlurb When Amelia Allenby escaped a stifling London ballroom for the quiet solitude of the Derbyshire countryside, the very last thing she wanted was an extremely large, if she grudgingly admits passably attractive man disturbing her daily walks Lecturing the surveyor about property rights doesn t work and, somehow, he has soon charmed his way into lemon cakes, long walks, and dangerously heady kisses.The very last place Sydney wished to be was in the shadow of the ruins of Pelham Hall, the inherited property that stole everything from him But as he awaits his old friend, the Duke of Hereford, he finds himself increasingly captivated by the maddeningly lovely and exceptionally odd Amelia He quickly finds that keeping his ownership of Pelham Hall a secret is as impossible as keeping himself from falling in love with her.But when the Duke of Hereford arrives, Sydney s ruse is revealed and what started out as a delicate deception has become a love too powerful to ignore Will they let a lifetime of hurt come between them or can these two lost souls find love and peace in each other My review When a woman hiding from society encounters a man running away for his past, do they have future written for them together This is my first read by Mrs Cat Sebastian, I have read many praises for her work, I could not past her next release I confess at first, I was a bit lost, I had to accustom myself to her writing style and also the kind of characters she writes about They first appear very peculiar with their view of life I needed some time to understand their weirdness was due to their discomfort among their peers.Then slowly I came to love them with all their flaws, as those same flaws make them even lovable.Both awkward among society and they each faced it in their own way, she wearing a bland mask to hide her fits of panic until it was too much when he avoided it, turning his back to everything remotely social.As I do not use English in my today s life, I had need of time to understand the subtle humour and quips instilled all along this awesome tale This was not a story with a lot of action, it is an interior quest to find what they truly feared, longed and needed.A story of how life carries on and people reacts to it.As Amelia goes forward, she is fast to pinpoint what are her expectations, yet she also knows her limitations prevent her to an easy journey When Sydney tends to fear attachement and go backward, when things become too serious, he is inclined to change of course He battles with his old demons, so believing he is unworthy of love Why he always puts distance between him and those he came to care for, why he tried to keep Amelia at arm s length He doubts everyone s bond to him, thus he expects the worst from everyone.Why by misjudging Amelia he created a rift between them Sure, it was painful to see them hurt by their own misconceptions, yet by having to start all over again, they get an insight of who is really the other Amelia does not do well with society s expectations, why she masquerades to hide her true self She steeled herself to endure this life for years, but now she has set herself free, even if she longs for company, she can t bear to go back living among her peers Her borderline personality, oscillating between OCD and agoraphobia, wards her off from life in a city Smoothly Sydney breaches inside her defense because he is matter of fact genuine, his own insecurities when with people make him straightforward.I loved all the so unconventional protagonists in this story, sure I wrote mostly about Amelia and Sydney but I just loved Georgiana, Lex and Leontine.5 stars for this wondrous tale of making do with how life can be switched to one s will when one is very amenable.I was granted an advance copy by the publisher Avon via Edelweiss, I purchased too my own.Here is my true and unbiased opinion.https 429830134272

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    I received an ARC of this book to read through Edelweiss in exchange for a fair review A Delicate Deception by Cat Sebastian is the third book in her Regency Impostors series It can be read as a stand alone but I highly recommend the first two books in the series and Amelia Allenby does appear in A Duke in Disguise and reading it will help you understand her character just a bit better Amelia Allenby the illegitimate sister of the Marquess of Pembroke spent her life living behind a series of masks in order to be accepted by society until one day she realized that she just couldn t do it any and she walked off the dance floor of a ballroom and left her partner standing there This book begins a year after that incident and she s spent that time living quietly in a rented cottage in Derbyshire with just the company of her former governess Georgiana Russell When she starts running into a very large man on her morning walks she is taken aback because her route and the timing of it were planned in order to avoid running to to people and this giant is disturbing both her solitude and equilibrium Sydney Goddard designer of steam engines and railways has come to Derbyshire at the request of his friend and former lover the Duke of Hereford He is still deep in mourning for his brother and sister in law who was the Duke s sister and the secrets that he keeps from Amelia have to do with his reluctance to accept their deaths than to deceiver her I devoured this book in one day and then went back the next day and read it again because I enjoyed it so much Sparkling banter, and Cat Sebastian s ability to create characters that one cares about and can relate to make this book one I am delighted to recommend reading Medium Steam Publishing Date December 10, 2019 Edelweissplus ADelicateDeception CatSebastian HistoricalRomance RegencyImpostersSeries AvonRomance HarperCollinsCanada AvonImpulse bookstagram

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    Charming I continue to happily drop everything whenever Cat Sebastian has a new book and I never regret it Review to come.

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    Amelia Allenby is not cut out for London society, or even any form of social interaction at all She s escaped to a quiet cottage in the countryside of Derbyshire with only the company of Georgiana, her former governess turned companion The last thing she wants is the company of a large and rather attractive land surveyor on her daily walk Lecturing him about property boundaries doesn t scare him off, however, and the two form an unlikely friendship of sorts, walking together and sharing increasing intimacies.Engineer Sydney Goddard has no desire to be back at Pelham Hall, the half ruined house he unhappily inherited after his brother s death, but while he s stuck there awaiting the arrival of his friend, the Duke of Hereford, he grows increasingly closer to Amelia He soon finds himself falling in love with her, but when she finds out he s actually the owner of Pelhma Hall and her landlord, she s rather furious at his deception Neither Sydney nor Amelia is skilled with admitting to or communicating feelings and their painful pasts may prevent the powerful love growing between them from developing and finally giving them both peace.I appreciated the unconventional characters in this story I m a sucker for a brooding hero and Sydney certainly fit the bill with his sadness, guilt, and feeling unworthy of love I can definitely sympathize with Amelia s social anxiety, at least to a point, but after she d grown comfortable with Sydney, she was still rather harsh, judgmental and overly dramatic towards him, even when he managed some difficult apologizing, and that was a bit of a turn off for me I loved the secondary characters and the writing quality was quite good, but the plot was rather lacking It was highly character driven, which is fine, but I never felt much tension or spark between Amelia and Sydney One minute she was being fairly awful to him and the next they were having a silly banter and he was falling in love with her I honestly felt there was tension between Sydney and Lex than between him and Amelia Amelia and Sydney spent most of the story debating their worries with inner monologues and not doing much real communicating, which got a bit repetitive after awhile, and also didn t really seem to match up with how much they grew and how many of their issues they overcame I expected a big heart to heart for them at the end and it never really came I did love the silly banter between them, even if it did feel rather few and far between.The sense of family being who you make it, regardless of convention, is what bumped this up for me However, I would ve liked something concrete for Amelia and Sydney, as well as interaction between Sydney and Leontine, especially since he s her true guardian, rather than Lex This felt a bit like happy for now not HEA and that may be realistic, but I like to know that everything is at least going well in romanceland, so that was slightly less than satisfying for me I found this to be an enjoyable read, just not all that romantic Nonetheless, I did enjoy this book and will be looking forward to further installments in the series.I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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    I received a free copy of this title to read and review for Wicked Reads4 Stars On the fence between 3 and 4 stars, so I rounded up to 4 because of how much I enjoy the author and the debut in the series Spoiler Free Review A Delicate Deception is the third installment of the Regency Imposter series While in a series, I don t believe it would be difficult to read out of order, without any confusion There is a connection between books 1 and 3, the hero Alistair in book 1 is the brother to the heroine Amelia in book 3, where we get glimpses of Amelia and Sydney in past books, but it doesn t truly affect reading this installment Amelia has anxiety, a bit of an introvert, and socially awkward, so obviously I felt the heroine was my spirit animal I enjoyed reading about her in the previous installment, but there was something missing that I couldn t quite put a finger on during her narration I enjoyed Amelia as a side character than as the main character Not to be insulting, as I did enjoy the character, I felt as if she didn t have enough story in her to support an entire novel herself Equally awkward, Sydney and Amelia were an adorable couple, developing a friendship of sorts, built on many run ins where they slowly got to know one another The connection was organic, cerebral, with deep conversations meant to form a bond No spark No passion The romance aspect fell flat, because it felt like a friendship than a relationship While I felt their relationship authentic, I wasn t necessarily entertained by it, not as much as I thought I would when intrigued by both of them in past installments.Attempting to be vague to avoid spoilers, this is where I m on the fence between 3 and 4 stars there are several plot threads that crop up during A Delicate Deception, but no overall plot from start to finish Many seem to come out of nowhere, then fizzle out as quickly as they appeared, with taking over the story Several just felt unnecessary, muddling the story It felt distracted, not focused, slowing the pacing down and removing my desire to know what happens next It just felt like there wasn t enough meat to the story to support the page length, so new threads were introduced At the halfway point, I felt the novel resolved, then it transformed from plot driven to character driven with no overall plot propelling it forward Cat Sebastian is one of my go to authors in historical romance, eager to jump at the chance to read the newest installments This is a case where the novel wasn t my cup of tea That happens Every book can t be a hit with every reader, especially with such a large backlist This novel just felt as if it was missing the spark that engaged me, a crawling pace with less exciting characters and a meandering storyline.

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    I received an earc of A Delicate Deception by Cat Sebastian from Avon Impulse via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review This has in no way influenced my thoughts and feelings about the book.A Delicate Deception was a lot of fun I ve been reading a lot of historical romance this year and it s been fantastic When I requested it, I didn t know it was the third book in a series, but that didn t really matter at all While I did read the first two books after and certain things made sense You don t need to read the previous book to read this one.A Delicate Deception follows Amelia Allenby as she escapes everything that London brings to the countryside of Derbyshire What she didn t expect was to run into an extremely large man on her morning walks All she wants to do is be left alone But even she can admit that Sydney is attractive He has charmed his way into her life, but Sydney is hiding something that could rune everything between them.Amelia was a great female protagonist A lot of historical fiction seems to have a similar female protagonist, but I don t hate it I think that it just fits the time so well, that it works and readers are able to see that Amelia likes to be by herself Shunned from society in a way, Amelia likes to be out in the country Amelia was really easy to get along with in A Delicate Deception She is smart and just flows off the page And that made it so much easier to connect with her.Sydney was also a joy to read While I didn t love him as much as Amelia, I had a great time getting to know him While I wasn t so crash hot about some of the decisions that he made throughout the novel, I understood why Sydney had a lot of his plate through the book and he just wanted that little bit of freedom and I think that Amelia gave him that Sydney was the very typical male in historical fiction And like I said before, I don t mind that too much It fits the time.The romance aspect of A Delicate Deception was great I loved the secret kissing and the meetings in the early morning I have come to love historical romances over the last year, and this is the perfect example of why There is angst and tension but not too much that got me frustrated waiting for things to happen Amelia and Sydney are great together and from their first scene, the reader is able to see the connection The banter between these two was perfect and I loved seeing them slowly fall in love.A Delicate Deception has all the classic historical romance marks But it also has it s own twists and that s what made it really stand out to be This whole series is about deception and in here, Sydney doesn t admit who he really is For the most part, the audience knows nearly everything, and we are just waiting for the pin to drop And when it did, everything that Amelia and Sydney had is up in the air The side characters really added another dimension to the novel and tied everything up nicely They made our protagonists look and feel human.I really enjoyed the writing of Cat Sebastian It flowed nicely and was easy to read Sometimes I find when reading historical fiction novels, I stumble on words and phrases, but Sebastian was able to have a smooth run I did go back and read the first two books in the series and I overall really enjoyed them as well They are fun and I loved the use of deception in those novels as well Each one was unique and really stood out.On this note, voice was really well presented in the whole series I was able to tell who I was with most of the time and each voice didn t blend with another In regards to A Delicate Deception, Amelia was a pleasure to be with She has her own tone that really stood out to me and I really enjoyed that.Overall, I really enjoyed A Delicate Deception by Cat Sebastian It was a fun, heartwarming and such a great historical fiction novel Amelia and Sydney were pretty adorable together and while I wish there was a little bit of their relationship at the start, I still really enjoyed them A Delicate Deception is witty, smart and the perfect read for when you just to melt into a book.

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    Amelia Allenby stole my attention for the small appearance she made in the previous two books of Sebastian Regency Imposters series that I was burning with curiosity what would happen when she got her own story An illegitimate daughter and sister of a marquees who cowrote graphically sensual novel and wrote fictional historical novel in early 19th century England I imagined it would be quite a f te But it turned out, I wasn t wholly right I didn t enjoy A DELICATE DECEPTION as much of its predecessors The flow of the story felt choppy and I found it hard to sympathize with Amelia here she was disapproving, quick to judge, and often overly dramatic in dealing with things Sydney Goddard was no better really, with his going around avoiding facing the truth though I somewhat felt sorry for the reason he did so Not much though I gave credit to him for his effort of apologizing and trying to make things right That was a plus to me I get that this is an unconventional romance between two awkward people, but the sparks just wasn t there between these two Also, it felt to me like the tale had no conclusion besides go with the flow I was hoping for than those kind of ending Honestly, there s plenty of room for our unlikely hero heroine to grow into Why stopping there That said, what I loved about Sebastian s characters in this series were how accepting they were that love is love no matter what gender or race or background one s love interest was And I don t mean only about the lead characters, but among their supporting roles, too In fact, in A DELICATE DECEPTION, to me it s those supporting characters that stole the spotlight, namely the duke who didn t let tragedy and disability dragged him down, John Keating, and let s not forget the dogs If it weren t for them I would be very very crossed indeed and idk throw a tantrum, maybe Thank gads for them Copy of this book is kindly given by the author publisher via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.