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Luncheon of the Boating Party [PDF / Epub] ☆ Luncheon of the Boating Party Author Susan Vreeland – È il 1880 a Parigi e Pierre Auguste Renoir i pennelli nella mano destra e l'astuccio ereditato da Claude Monet nella sinistra è appena giunto sulla terrazza della Maison Fournaise una locanda amata È il a the Boating MOBI ´ Parigi e Pierre Auguste Renoir i pennelli nella mano destra e l'astuccio ereditato da Claude Monet nella sinistra è appena giunto sulla terrazza della Maison Fournaise una locanda amata dagli artisti dove si Luncheon of Kindle - può mangiare dormire o affittare una barca Alphonsine Fournaise la figlia del padrone della locanda l'ha condotto fin lì per mostrargli un tratto della Senna dove le due rive offrono un paesaggio incomparabile allo sguardo di un pittore of the Boating MOBI í La blusa a righe e il costume da bagno aderente sulle sue curve procaci Alphonsine allarga le braccia davanti alla meraviglia che si spalanca non appena scosta la tenda a righe grigie e rosso corallo Le canoe affiancate lungo la riva spiccano sul verde scuro dell'acua Sulla riva orientale una locanda con i muri bianchi e il tetto di tegole rosse è illuminata dal sole pomeridiano Più a valle un cantiere si allunga sul fiume circondato di barche e ua e là si vedono case di contadini accoccolate accanto ai loro orti In che modo Renoir potrebbe ritrarre uel magnifico luogo in cui la città incontra la campagna Dipingendo alla maniera degli impressionisti una scena da ballo su una delle rive Oppure una gita in barca con poche veloci pennellate Così Susan Vreeland immagina nelle pagine che seguono la nascita di una delle opere fondamentali dell'impressionismo Il pranzo dei canottieri un uadro in cui Renoir celebra se stesso come il pittore per eccellenza della joie de vivre del sentimento gioioso della vita.

  • Paperback
  • 510 pages
  • Luncheon of the Boating Party
  • Susan Vreeland
  • Italian
  • 03 March 2016
  • 9788854502130

About the Author: Susan Vreeland

Susan Vreeland is an the Boating MOBI ´ internationally renowned best selling author and four time winner of the Theodor Geisel Award for Fiction the San Diego Book Award’s highest honor She is known for writing historical fiction on art related Luncheon of Kindle - themes including Girl in Hyacinth Blue The Passion of Artemisia Luncheon of the Boating Party and Clara and Mr Tiffany Her books have been translated into languag.

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  1. Duane Duane says:

    If you have an interest in art or art history and you like historical fiction then you will enjoy this one This is a story of Augueste Renior as he painted The Luncheon of the Boating Party who the models were and how they come to be in the painting How historically accurate these events are I don't know but Vreeland weaves an interesting storyline that fits with the gaiety of the paintings subject This is one of those paintings that makes you say I wish I had been there

  2. Connie G Connie G says:

    Pierre August Renoir was struggling financially in 1880 reduced to painting portraits of upper class women but wanting to work on a satisfying project He decided to paint Luncheon of the Boating Party a large painting worthy of being hung in the prestigious Salon Renoir gathered up his friends and acuaintances to pose on a series of Sunday afternoons on the terrace of a restaurant along the Seine Renoir wanted to depict people enjoying life in a beautiful location He felt committed to Impressionism but did not want to follow some of the newer Impressionists who were depicting the miserable seedier side of lifeFrench society was in transition ten years after the Franco Prussian War with time for leisure and modern ways of expression Some war veterans and a war widow were among the models for Renoir's masterpiece The descriptions of painting were very sensual with Renoir declaring I only want to paint women I love or imagine I could love Several of the models had a romantic interest in the artist including the woman who would eventually become his wifeA cross section of society is shown in the book from the wealthy women entertaining at their afternoon salons to the performers of the Folies Bergere to the poor prostitutes of Montmartre People are seen working and boating along the Seine The only sections of the book that seemed overly long were the descriptions of two afternoons of boat races Overall this was an excellent work of historical fiction that transported the reader to the arts community in 1880s Paris

  3. Jill Nolan Jill Nolan says:

    I love historical fiction and I was really intrigued when I found this book Unfortunately I was disappointed The premise of a book set in bohemian Paris which delves into the lives and conversations of Renoir and the models for his famous painting was irresistable While Vreeland's research is impressive and provides a lot of detail it is done in a slow and awkward way The book provided insight into Renoir's thought process and what it was like to be an impressionist painter I also found her depiction of other artists of the time and the rivalryinteraction to be interesting The painting has always seemed so alive to me with a great story to tell The book just never reaches the point of great storytelling Some parts are interesting but it was actually a struggle to finish To me there is too much insignificant background and detail without enough character and story development I would have been better served by an art history lesson and left to my own imaginings about the people and events of the boating partyp

  4. Chrissie Chrissie says:

    This book is excellent What exactly does that mean? I guess that puts it between very good and amazing Why is it short of amazing? It is hard to feel an emotional connection to a group of about twenty characters First you have to get to know all of them The further you read into the story the attached the reader feels for the numerous characters There is not one character that is bland Each has an interesting story to tell Still there are just too many and this being a book of historical fiction the author had to stick to the facts I am glad she stuck to the factsThere is an author's note at the end that carefully points out what is unknown and where Vreeland has filled in with her own imagination but based on thorough research Half way through I checked out internet; I just could not wait to the end to “know all” The title of this book and its theme is one painting by Auguste Renoir Le Déjeuner des Canotiers or in English The Luncheon of the Boating Party The French link at Wiki is in fact better than the English so I have included both French am not going to repeat the details about this marvelous painting today part of the Phillips Collection in Washington DC It was painted in 1880 1881 What this book does is accurately and interestingly show you how the picture came into being how each model was chosen All were in fact Renoir’s friends some so than others The painting contains fourteen figures One is an unknown either Renoir himself or Guy de Maupassant Each of these figures is depicted You learn of their personalities their uirks and talents their occupations their history and even what happens to them after the completion of the painting It covers Parisian life in the 1880s and the Franco Prussian War and the Siege of Paris Why this? Well because this war shaped these people The book also covers Impressionism How it began and changed and where it was at this date And of course the Salon des Beaux Arts the official exhibition organized by the Académie des Beaux Arts the traditional art forum still firmly established All of the competing artists are discussed The future of Impressionism was up for grabs How are paintings to be sold? Through the Salon or by private art dealers? The text is not dry and it does NOT read as a text book You learn of artisans’ life in Montmartre models and actresses and art dealers and fêtes I adored these descriptions There is a wonderful description of the yearly boat races held at the island of Chatou in the Seine outside Paris but that is part of the story so you must read the book for that There are love affairs and jousts and competitions and dancing on barges at night and abortions and even a duel You learn about what motivated Renoir You learn of his future wife and even a bit about the years after the painting old age and death Some of the lines are as pretty as the picture itself This book is interesting and it is engaging A remarkable piece of historical fiction It is my favorite title by this author The narration by Karen White was not good This book should have been narrated by someone who really knows French Let's just leave it at that Otherwise if it were not for the terrible French I think I might have liked the narration That might mean that you will not be upset if you don't know how French should sound

  5. Vonia Vonia says:

    Luncheon of the Boating Party 2007 Author Susan Vreeland Read 952020 Rating 45  This is an Acrostic Poem Review Clue Number of figures depicted in Renoir's Luncheon of the Boating Party France in the summer of 1880 new decade new ideas new society La Vie Moderne Over the Seine perches the balcony of La Maison Fournaise the perfect setting for an ambitious new painting that will likely okay a party in determining the future of Impressionism  Using his closest friends art associates lovers and past lovers as models Renoir sets the scene for a painting that takes from both the Impressionism and Modern Art styles and portrays a mixture of French social classes The next best thing to a plane ticket and time travel Vreeland transports her readers immerses them in Renoir's life and world and guides them alongside the ins and outs; the haphazardly miraculous process of creating a painting masterpiece Even though some side stories were gratuitous character romances overdone and the book a tad drawn out Exhaustive research by Vreeland evinces accuracy and plausibility  Not to mention her highly descriptive often sensual writing that invigorates even the most reluctant art appreciator  Further Reading  includes an exhaustive bibliography and staggering background information  The Painting  the museum and particular sculpture obviously based on Renoir's painting that prompted my interest in the book was able to walk through the painting and touch the men and women 

  6. Susan Susan says:

    Uncle At pg 162 of a 429 pg book and have found little to no inspiration to continue I don't remember thinking much of Vreeland's Girl in Hyacinth Blue either

  7. Anne Anne says:

    45 stars definitely a top favourite read so far this year Luncheon of the Boating Party Have you ever looked at a painting and wished it could come to life? That it would start moving and that you could get to know the people in it? I haven't I've never been particularly interested in art history or paintings in than a passing sense beyond finding certain styles beautiful and holding in high esteem anyone talented enough to produce colourful landscapes and immortalize people by wielding a brush As someone who can't draw a decent stickman to save her life I've always been in awe of painters but never really interested in the art Susan Vreeland's excellent novel however might just change that I suddenly find myself wanting to know a great deal about art and paintings and Impressionism Luncheon of the Boating Party was a brilliant completely immersive novel that read exactly as you would expect reading a painting would be like The people in that painting they're not just models they're people People who lived and breathed and had lives and made time on summer Sundays to pose for Renoir to help create this beautiful masterpiece Nous Us Luncheon of the Boating Party although narrated mostly through Renoir's point of view is about everyone involved in the creation of this painting It's as much a novel of life as it is a celebration of art La vie moderne That's what it's all about Paris in the 1880s the scene of artists and intellects and authors and actresses of new ideas inspired by the past and hinting at the future the Paris of street cafés and cafés crèmes of cabaret dancing and prestigious Salons of bustles and top hats and boating dresses and above all of leisure summer days along the Seine Vreeland shows you all this and takes you right on the terrace at la Maison Fournaise where Renoir beautifully captured a single moment in time of people chatting and drinking and having a good time The painting is not supposed to tell a story just illustrate a moment The story is Vreeland's work She introduces us to all the models you see in the painting even some who didn't make it on the final masterpiece Most of them were Renoir's friends acuaintances or former lovers There's Alphonse and Alphonsine whose parents own the Maison Fournaise his good friend and fellow painter Gustave the art critic Charles Ephrussi aspiring author Paul Lhôte and the beautiful actresses Jeanne Samary Ellen Andrée and Angèle There was also the annoying Cécile Louise with the even longer last name who didn't make it to the final thing because she couldn't stand still We get to know them all Snippets of their lives their backstories their interactions with each other their Sundays eating and drinking and rowing and posing How much work goes into a painting like this It's unbelievable Inspired by some of his favourite painters like Vermeer and Veronese Renoir blends classic techniues with Impressionism in an attempt to achieve a breakthrough in his career and defy critics elevating Impressionism as an art style worthy of the Louvre The result as we all know is the spectacular masterpiece that is Luncheon of the Boating Party I can honestly say that I would not hold it in such high appreciation if I hadn't read this book To me at first glance this painting is pretty but knowing the story behind it and how it all came about makes it so much interesting I absolutely loved the character of Renoir himself He was so winsome You can't help but want him to desperately succeed with his painting and admire his passion for his art and for life Here was a man who breathed beautiful things seeing the world with rose coloured glasses as his friends would say desperate to capture beauty love and happiness 'The world is ravishing Alphonsine Just look The distinct colours of the water uivering like moirée silk the lattice of shadows made by branches shifting Life Ravishing life'And the way he made love to women on his canvas with his brush Oh enchantingRenoir painted under two main rules he'd imposed on himself always paint from the live model and only paint for pleasure And what to a passionate man enamoured with the female form could give him greater pleasure than to pain the women he loved? The driven way in which he combined his passions was actually incredibly inspiring to read and I congratulate the author on perfectly conveying that to the reader I also absolutely adored the fascination and the importance accorded to light Light indeed is so crucial in so many forms of art I am no painter but I've always loved a sunny mid afternoon room permeated by warmth and light that hit just right on my embroidery hoop or the teasing early morning rays that gently poke through curtains announcing a lovely day of gorgeous natural light to work with Light Ah light Pure radiance It made the river lavender and pale ocher and aua and white It made the sailboats shimmer It made the grassy hillock on the opposite bank glow a yellow green It softened the lines of the railroad bridge and made everything vibrate with life Light is actually uite an important character in this novel because it sets a definite deadline for the completion of the painting Renoir gets the idea for Luncheon towards the end of the summer when there are seemingly just enough Sundays left before the light changes from summer vibrancy to the cool golden of early September There was such respect such appreciation and such an urgency about light in this novel that I really really like I happened to read this book in late Augustearly September and never took as much notice of the increasing change in light as I did this year Reading about it in such an endearing way gave me a whole new appreciation for it for which I am deeply thankful and I was someone who was already uite obsessed with the sun and weather and seasonal changes Luncheon of the Boating Party was a wonderfully delectable novel slow and sensuous like the making of the painting itself and definitely well worth reading My only complaint preventing me from pushing the rating to a full five stars was that certain bits did drag a little too much and there were perhaps a few too many points of view included from characters we didn't really hear from again but aside from that it was a spectacularly beautiful read full of light and colour and 1880s artist Parisian lifestyle

  8. Suzanne Krueger Suzanne Krueger says:

    I really wanted to like this book BUT it was over written much too long too much flowery description; trying to convey the thoughts and feelings of an artist came across to me as melodramatic and artificialI am an artist I am a coloristbut enough already describing the mixing of every colorI finished the book and endured some of the unnecessary subplots Paris is my favorite city; I enjoyed the historical references I learned what I wanted to know about the concept for the painting and the people in the scene but was really disappointed with the execution of the storyIn the author's notes at the end I was glad to have learned that the author tried to include as many facts as possible in the telling

  9. Deb (Readerbuzz) Nance Deb (Readerbuzz) Nance says:

    For our book club this month we were asked to pick a book by Susan Vreeland and read it I picked Luncheon of the Boating Party because 1 it is based on a painting I love and 2 it takes place just outside of Paris I didn't know much about Renoir before I read this book but now I think I could write his biographyRenoir sets out to challenge Zola's thought that the Impressionist painters were finished creatively when he decides to bring thirteen oh how he longs to find a fourteenth friend to offset the negative image of a contemporary Last Supper of his friends to the country and have them pose for what he hopes will be his masterwork This book tells his story as well as the stories of his friends and the story of the France of his day and his fellow painters of his time Every sentence in the book reflects the author's intensive research; you can't help but learn a lot from reading this book

  10. Erika Robuck Erika Robuck says:

    “What would they become? she wondered What has he glimpsed in us to lay over that vast white land? Us Nous She said the word aloud dropping off the s a kind of lowing The exhilaration she had felt yesterday surged again She was part of something” 113Luncheon of the Boating Party Susan VreelandSusan Vreeland’s Luncheon of the Boating Party was published in 2007 and is 434 pages I read it on Stephanie Cowell’s recommendation after finishing and loving her novel about Monet Claude and Camille What has ensued for me is a new obsession with impressionist art and another new favorite authorAt forty Auguste Renoir still lives the life of a starving artist and bachelor struggling to make a name for himself and to translate his intense passions into sustenance Frustration from recent art criticism and inspiration from a balcony at La Maison Fournaise become the perfect recipe for his idea–an intense colorful vibrant portrayal of his friends on a Sunday following lunch relaxing in the warmth of each others’ company la vie modernVreeland’s cast of characters are the people in the painting In a detailed and beautifully written narrative she depicts Renoir’s difficulties assembling a group of models finding money to pay them and buy materials and dealing with his self doubt friendships loves and lossesCentral to the painting is Alphonsine the daughter of the owner of the restaurant where the scene takes place Her uiet encouragement of the painter and his subjects and her repeated thrill of being a part of something Nous run like a gentle current in the book even reaching out to include the readerWhen I finished Luncheon I went online and found that the original painting is part of the Phillips Collection in Washington D C less than an hour from my home I look forward to the day when I may stand in front of the painting with Renoir’s work in front of me and Vreeland’s words with me and feel a part of Nous Something A shared moment in time that continues onIf you love art or historical fiction I highly recommend this book

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