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Always Love ✯ [PDF] ❤ Always Love By Emma Darcy ✼ – There was no forgetting To lose the man she loved to another woman when she'd only just learned she was carrying his child Genevra's hurt had been unbearableShe'd kept thinking Luke would leave Austra There was no forgetting To lose the man she loved to another woman when she'd only just learned she was carrying his child Genevra's hurt had been unbearableShe'd kept thinking Luke would leave Australia and come back to her the bond between them had been so strong Even now after four years of silence she could not stop loving him She had to find out what had happened to himBut that was before Christian Nemo came into her life reminding her of everything she'd lost he was so very much like Luke.

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  1. boogenhagen boogenhagen says:

    Re Always Love This one is another that is almost universally hated Once again in HPlandia we have a man who dumps the h to marry another woman Deliberately and with intent That right there should totally demote the H from H status cause really who wants to be anybody's sloppy seconds? As we all know from Smoke in the Wind I am not into seconds at all So imagine my surprise when I read this book and really really liked it I know I know please don't throw things at me The H in this one does one of the most egregious acts in HPlandia ever he falls in love with the h on a business trip when she is 21 and he is around 24 or 25 it never says how old he is but based on various things I am suspecting he was fairly close in age to the h goes home for a family emergency and promises to return Then writes the h three months later that he has to marry someone else and that their time is over The h is absolutely shattered she loves this man with everything she has and to top it all off she is three months gone in pregnancy Her father is ill and dying and the only things she has is a very loving and kind aunt and a failing indebted bookshop Now she has also lost the man the she loves to another woman But somehow she just knows that her true love is coming back and she decides to wait it out She believes so strongly in her and the H's love that she is prepared to raise her child and wait until the heat death of the universe for him to return to her because she KNOWS he will She can't imagine how anybody could force the H's hand he was full of charm and kindness and love and devotion when he was with her but she knows there is an explanation and she will keep the faith until she hears it When the book opens the h has made some decisions Right after her father died and she was at her lowest point she got a surprise inheritance from some unknown American woman Apparently this women knew the h's father in some way and left a trust of £50000 that was for him or for his next of kin in the event of his death But since the h did not think her father knew any American ladies the h considers the money to be her son's and she plans to use it for his life accordingly She has a very devoted and sweet solicitor who takes the place of her father and she asks him to track down the source of the trust and she also asks that he track down the H and find out if he is still married The solicitor doesn't want to do it But he really likes how sweet and kind and optimistic the h is about everything So he agrees to find out what he can all the while urging the h to move forward and perhaps consider reintroducing romance to her life The h is not on the romance train tho she has written a few local guide books for the area and had them published She recently got an offer to meet with a publisher and discuss another guide book of the great English estate houses that have been converted to hotels and are open to the public The h is to meet with the prospective publisher after her business with the solicitor is finished and so her devoted solicitor tells her to take his Rolls Royce and his driver since she lives very modestly and is meeting her potential publisher at the Dorchester The h goes to the meeting and it is a bittersweet experience her lost love took her there for High Tea on one of the last occasions they were together before he had to go back to Australia She was a bit intimidated by the grandiosity of the Dorchester but her lost love made it a magical and wonderful experience and it is still one of the highlights of her memories When the h gets to the hotel she is asking about the man she is supposed to meet and sees a very familiar profile and hind view of the man she loves She rushes over convinced it is her lost love returning to her and when he turns to speak with her she realizes that this man has been in a very bad accident He has only one eye there is a lot of scaring and he walks with a cane His eye is brown not gray and his jaw and facial structure is subtly different than the man she knewWhen he speaks he has an American not Australian accent and the h is suddenly unsure of what her intuition insisted was her former lover Then it turns out that the man is the publisher she is supposed to meet with They settle in for tea and he seems to be embarrassed by his looks he calls the two of them Beauty and the Beast and the h very vigorously and assertively rejects that description She tells him she is happy to be seen with him and that looks don't matter and she is positively fierce in her insistence that he not put himself down The the h and H talk about things the certain she is that this man is her son's father and that he has finally extricated himself from whatever situation he was in and that he has come back to claim her She becomes even certain when the H describes the type of book he wants where she and he will go to various luxury estate hotels and spend some time there and she will write about them The h tells the H that she can't be gone than a night or two every month or so because she has a son The H drops his tea things and blames it on spasms he tells her of course she can't go gallivanting off if she is married The h is uick to correct the H and explains that she is a single mum with a three and half year old son and the H looks like he is going to pass out She gets a bit indignant over the H judging her for being a single parent and decides that she is mistaken in who this man is and gets ready to leave The H practically leaps upon her to keep her at the table and the h is overwhelmed by the feeling that this really is her true love returnedShe imagines that maybe he got into a really bad accident and lied about marrying someone else so that she wouldn't know that he was seriously injured She thinks maybe his injuries were so severe that he did not want to lead her on if he did not make it So with her imaginings soothing all her inner uestions she goes shopping and spends some of her inherited trust fund in a all out effort to seduce the H She wants him and she wants him undressed because her true love had a mole on his lower back and she is certain the man she just met must have one too They had decided to test out the hotel proposal by going to a local Estate located close to London The h and H have separate suites and the hotel is all that a grand Country Estate should be but the h wastes no time in seducing the H and gets him in bed a few hours after they arrive The H wants to wait and build up a relationship but if the h had a lasso that H would have been hog tied in less than eight seconds The boudoir experience is completely and overwhelmingly magical and the h knows the man she loves has returned but she is a little thrown when she realizes that her H no longer has a mole She doesn't care she is certain sure about his true identity and tho she looks around for his passport figuring you can use a fake name when you are in another country but you can't travel on one she can't find the H's and resolves to look for it later The h happily introduces the H to her son and her aunt she waiting for him to reveal who he really is and gives him lots of opportunities to do so However he never says he is anyone other than who he has said and the h starts to not care She does have a very very bad moment when the H reveals that he has daughter a few months younger than her son and there is some very black jealousy when the H admits that he had been married and wasn't any longer and that he had sole custody of his little girl even tho she is staying with her grandfather right at the moment The h is fraught with anger that he has a daughter but she is also a kind person and likes kids and she is sooo happy to have her H back She invites them both over for dinner and tries to get a hold of her jealousy of the little girl Then she meets the child and the little girl is a total sweetheart who is very shy and has obviously been thru some traumas The H h and the two children seem to bond very uickly into a happy little family and the h starts to care less about where the H was and his former wife She is helped along in that by the little girl's nightmares where she reveals that her mother died in having her The h's tender heart is moved and she fully accepts the child Everything is going along just perfectly and everybody is really happy for several weeksThen the h's solicitor shows up with the news that the H actually set up the trust for the h He gives her the name of the woman he married who apparently was his foster sister and tells the h that she needs to let it go because the H sold out their love for a 12 million dollar partnership in his bride's father's company He firmly asserts that the H did her very wrong Then he tells the h that the H is dead The wife died and the H died in a plane crash a few weeks later The h is shocked cause she figured she would have felt it if the H had really died And if he really died who on earth is this other man she feels so much for? Or does she feel so much for him? Now she can't be sure that she wasn't just transposing her feelings for the H onto the current H She has some very bad moments while she recovers from the shock of this new dilemma Then she finds out from her aunt that the H has arranged a special moment for the two of them out alone and the h knows he is going to propose She doesn't know what to do it is really obvious that the current H loves her and values her greatly He is absolutely wonderful and he is also a really good dad to her son She has to do some really fast evaluation of her feelings before she comes to the conclusion that he may not be her first love in fact the solicitor is probably correct in saying that she has been building fantasies and true love romances out of what the first H undoubtedly saw as a holiday fling Then she thinks about her current H and resolves that she does care she likes his parenting style and she will be financially secure if she marries him She loves the little girl and she thinks she can be a good wife to the H So after some awkwardness she makes up her mind and accepts the marriage proposal The love struck H is overwhelmed with glee he starts making plans and wants to introduce the h to his former father in law The man has been an enormous support throughout his accident and recovery Tho the H has never discussed his past in any depth but he really respects and cares for this man who has supported him thru so much and he hopes the h will appreciate the place that he holds as his daughter's grandfather The h is ready to meet the man who cared for the H when she couldn't and they set out to have dinner with him When the get to the FIL's hotel the H introduces him by name and the h realizes that she has been horribly greatly wrongly deceived The father in law speaks with an Australian accent and has the same last name as the H's wife and she demands to know what his daughter's name was He tells her and the h goes totally ballistic In one of the very best h smack downs ever it was rantily EPIC The h tells off the H the FIL and really verbally smites such gross lying using deceivers She points out that his new name of Nemo means no one and that is now what he is to her The H tries to explain and is begging hard for the h to stay and talk to him but the h will have absolutely none of it and tells him to jump off and never darken her door again Then she runs off into the gardens The H's FIL follows her out and tells her the full story The father in law had met the H's mother on a business trip to America They fell in love but she was married and afraid of something and wouldn't leave with him The FIL's own wife had been brain dead and kept alive by machinery for years until she passed they had a daughter tho and she developed scarlet fever that sent the father in law back to Australia when he wanted the H's mother to leave with him The little girl suffered severe kidney damage from the scarlet fever but she did recover Then the H's mother wrote and begged the father in law to come back and get her and her son When he got to the H's mum she had been beaten severely by the H's father and as she lay dying she asked the FIL to take her son and raise him Since the H's father had disappeared and was now wanted on charges the FIL took the H back to Australia at 9 years old He raised him as his son along side his two year old daughter Because the daughter was frail and sickly both the H and the father indulged her Then the H met the h and the daughter let herself go such an extent that it further damaged her health and she wasn't going to live long The FIL got the H back and explained that the daughter was in love with the H and felt she lost him to another woman and that she was dying The father in law bullied badgered and coerced the H into marrying his only child so that her last days would be happy Then she got preggers and knew she wouldn't survive the pregnancy I kinda felt that was an incredibly Machiavellian move on the FIL's part I had the feeling he encouraged the pregnancy because A that was his daughter's dearest wish and B they all knew she wasn't going to live long and this was a way of keeping part of his child with him always and a firm handle on the H who we can all agree is not the typical assertive HP H and is in fact fairly beta So Australian legalities regarding incest laws thanks Taylijane completely ignored the H very reluctantly married the daughter and lied to her that she was his big true love and they had a child As soon as the daughter kicked it the H went rushing back to the h But the plane crashed and the H died on the way to the hospital The excellent emergency staff brought him back but he was seriously messed up It took two and half years and a ton of surgeries and reconstruction He has to wear a tinted lens because of the damage to his remaining eye thus explaining the eye color and he was even paralyzed for a while until the father in law was able to get the H into a special treatment in the USA The H is in fact an American and soon lost his adopted Aussie accent when he returned to his home country for the surgery they cut his mole off too The FIL goes further in his explanation that the H did not want the h around while things were so dicey with his recovery All the surgeries and treatments were life threatening at various points and the H obviously did not know about his son So the H waited until he was mostly recovered and went to look up the h He lied because truly how can you explain the heinous thing he had done to the h and yet the H wouldn't have been the good and kind person we all see him to be if he hadn't caved to the FIL's blackmail and he did not want to put the h thru any than he had already by making her suffer thru his chancy recovery He came to find the h as soon as he possibly could The h realizes that the H really has suffered terribly but even she realizes that she already thought about most of these things for the last several weeks in her relationship with the H and when she thought he was a different H She has already made her choice but the shock of confirmation and her very justified anger had her addled in wits for a moment She runs off to find and forgive the H cause he is HER's and always will be She tracks him down at her house He looks like death and he is taking his daughter away with him The h uickly lets the H know that the hissy fit is over and nobody is going anywhere The H's daughter and the h's son all have some mum and dad cuddle time and the aunt is dispatched to sort out the H's FIL The H and h marry and go off for a month of honeymooning the kids stay with the FIL and the aunt who look to be developing a little romance of their own and the h's devoted solicitor gets a big shock when the h explains the H's situation and the solicitor gets to give the h away at the wedding and everybody lives with a big always love forever HEAI think this book is the best trope twisting forced H marriage in all of HPlandia and I put it on the HP reuired reading list We are so used to the h having no agency of her own and being bullied and coerced into a marriage that when the roles are reversed no one seems to be uite sure about what to make of it How many times have we let an h off for marrying against her will and how many times have we still bought into her HEA? This H did some wrong but he was young His mother had been murdered and his father was clearly abusive The FIL and his daughter were the only family he had and I can only imagine the kind of pressure and force the father in law who freely admits he used uite a bit of coercion and blackmail subjected this H to ED goes out of her way to make this H a very kind and decent person and really when it comes to owing someone your life and doing your familial duty to what the man you consider a father knows is going to be a very limited time situation what does any truly good person do? Exactly what the H did which is marry the woman and cut all ties to the past and try to make the best of a miserable situation that means everything to a dying girl The H is clearly and absolutely not proud of what he did he so despises himself for giving up on his true love that he insists that the man he was died in the plane crash So that he can face the h with a somewhat clean slate and he would have kept that up denying who he really was if it meant that he could live his life in the h's love ED doesn't let this H get off lightly either he suffers greatly for over two years by his near death experience and that is way suffering that any other H in HPlandia every had to go through to win the girl He isn't out and about lurving it up at the lovely lady buffet He is rebuilding himself from the ground up so when he does meet the h again he really is a very different person than the one she knew We don't get any H pov in this and I think that was a wise tho risky choice All this H ever says to the h is how much he loves adores and needs her AND how miserable and horrible his life was without her I believe him and I felt so saddened by his obvious pain and agony that I totally forgave him Plus I never really disliked him to begin with Beta males once in a while don't bother me even in HPlandia and it was so clear that the h was the alpha of the two in this book I saw a young and somewhat vulnerable young man manipulated by the ruthless Alpha predator male that the father in law was If anyone should have been kicked to the curb it should have been the FIL he was as bad or as worse as the aunt and uncle in Smoke in the Wind and importantly he KNEW he was doing it admitted he would have done it all over again as the H admitted to but the motivations were vastly different and just flat out did not give horse's patoot about anything but keeping his kid happy Yet I kinda understood his motivations too tho I wanted him marginalized as being a bad influence for the future and the h's aunt to wind up with the devoted solicitor Still the h's aunt is pretty diplomatic and managing on her own in the nicest possible way and she at least will keep the father in line

  2. KC KC says:

    I hate this book The wimpy hero didn't show the heroine any love when he dumped her via a measly letter Wimp had a reason but it was so lame I think he thought so too on a subconscious level and this is partly why I believe he didn't share the details with Genevra who seemed fine with being chosen second best—because by forgiving him so easily that's the message she sentview spoilerLuke's foster family manipulated him into providing stud services for his sickly foster sister so she could experience marriage and childbirth before she died They could have easily given another available man the honor but I suspect the spoiled brat had always panted after Luke so why not take advantage Sealing the deal were Luke's feelings of obligation and love for his family Barf Other woman ends up dying after giving birth to their daughter who is only a few months younger than Luke's son with Genevra hide spoiler

  3. Vintage Vintage says:

    Wow This Harleuin approaches the fifth dimensionit achieves a level of ridiculousness in fantasy fiction that is mind boggling and astonishing A Harleuin like no otherI can do no better than boogenhagen's review so I will narrowly synopsize then rant reflect on the angstiness that is Always LoveDespite being OTT old skool the h is no longer a virgin and has had a not so secret baby Four years ago she met a wonderful man and had six wonderful weeks with him He left for Australia and less wonderfully sent her an angsty Dear Jane letter He had married another because he HAD to She's sad but he is still the love of her life About the time she had her son she ended up receiving a legacy from an unknown woman in Canada HmmmPresent day the h is a shut down little h with sad sad face long hair and no dress sense After a visit with the nicest attorney ever she meets up with an editor who wants her to write travel books no one will read Sadly it's at the Dorchester where she and the H had a wonderful tea all those years ago high tea no less Pic of the real Dorchester and I WANT TO GOThe h almost passes out because she thinks she sees the love of her life from the back Nope it's his scarred up eye patch wearing doppelgänger aka the Beast aka the editor He's a nice Beast A really really nice Beast Too bad he can't be her lost love because his nose and jawline are different but importantly his eye yes singular his eye is brown and not grey I was so tempted to skim down to find out about the eye change as this is well before vanity contact lenses Okay obviously I am not constraining myself on the review The Beast hires her to review some high end hotels He will accompany her; she has no deadline at all a decent salary and they can explore these treasures at leisure I would like a job interview like that It's the Beast's turn to almost pass out when he finds out she has a plot moppet at home but all is okey dokey when he finds out she's a single mom and can he meet the plot moppet? The PM by the way is incredibly and unbelievably verbal for a 3 12 year old but then my son was decidedly NON verbal at that age so what do I knowThe h is convinced the one eyed Beast is the love of her life who left her and actually does her own makeover and spends what amounts to several thousand dollars on a new wardrobe to seduce the H She puts out all the stops with what sounds like the tackiest dress ever an Yves St Laurent no less and some saucy Christian Dior pink sandals with a black button The book cover actually for once looks about right Anyway the shut down h is all aflutter with her seduction plan and knows she will know the H by the mole on his back It's a perveted version of This is the house that Jack built This is the bed that Luke had sex in This is the mole on the back of Luke in the Only in HarleyLand would a woman determine the path of happiness for her and her child based on a mole So they had sex and yeah it was awesome You know something's not right because this H is just way too nice way to eager and way too not anything like a usual Harley heroEventually the h finds out some stuff about the H and the Beast that does not make her happy but a long conversation with a secondary character convinces her that all is well Plot moppets galore he has one too and a HEAThe best line out of the whole book comes from her over protective and unrealistic attorney when he finds out that the Beast is from America Still with Americans anything is possible'There is a lot of hate out there for this and I can understand why For some reason I bought the koolaid on the hero's love for the h His reason for leaving was STUPID STUPID STUPID but he suffered and he does really love her

  4. StMargarets StMargarets says:

    Okay I admit it I just read this to rubberneck I also wanted to discover the mystery of the changing eye color view spoiler Tinted contact lens hide spoiler

  5. Kiki Kiki says:

    It’s cheating in MY book And betrayal of the worst sortHe’d die without heroine and he’d do ANYTHING for her?He’s still alive after let me put it bluntly fucking OW isn’t he? So part one of his claim is invalidHe’d do ANYTHING for her? No He’d do ANYTHING for his FIL which he did AND to top it off claimed he doesn’t regret and given the chance would do it all over againSo apart from paying for heroine financially he did NOTHING and his promises are also superficial as it comes with a unmentioned condition that he’ll do ANYTHING for her as long as it doesn’t conflict with the interest of the FILSo that point is also fucking invalid

  6. Fre06 Begum Fre06 Begum says:

    Stupid hero and pathetic heroine

  7. Lynn Lynn says:

    ugh loved the angst hated the heroine who forgave the hero aka lying male character of this book masuerading as a hero If he was a heroI am a princessARGH SPOILERHero seducedbedded and walked away from a young woman who stupidly adored him to return to his country and wed a sickly woman who was raised as his sistercreeped out yet? Oh yeah that tidbit comes to full light in the last 30 pages then after that tidbit comes to light the young lady he did love is supposed to feel sorry for himwhile he has returned to her pretending to be someone elseonce again betraying her with new lies and manipulating her to once again fall for him and then allow this horrific nightmare story to come to light The heroine is now expected to forgive and forget the four years she was all alone pregnant and single parenting THEIR son while he was bedding impregnating someone else and then on top of that she should also now feel bad for begrudging a woman she did not know nor care a whit about and who who used a illness to get a husband as well as also forgive a man who raised the hero like a son only to manipulate him into marrying and seducing a woman he loved like a sister making him walk away from the woman he loved in doing so abandoning a child that he did not know about as the two of them manipulated him into prized stud? Yeah not so much hated the sick woman who was off page completely how nasty of someone to manipulate someone they love to do their bidding hated the hero who let himself be manipulated like a 10 year old child into that mess and walk away and destroy the women he claimed to lovethen he comes back all beauty and the beast like to rip her world apart not caring a bit at what his arrival would do and then the topper is the audacity of the father of that WOMAN to demand she listen to him while he tried to sugar coat his treatment and destruction of her life as he didnt know herso she didnt matter explain to me mr wtf should she give a flying fig what your daughter or you suffered thruas you know she don't know you and you don't matter and anyways you got what you wanted your daughter wedded bedded and serviced and noosed to her prized stud while she struggled alone with their sonI would tell daddy moneybags to take a big leap off a tall cliff while holding hands with the whipped anti hero as he didnt have enough balls to say sorry no thanksand then snatch up my son and head to find a prince as there sure as heck was not one in this entire story OMG rant overLOL

  8. AvidReader AvidReader says:

    I went in to this without reading any reviews based only on the recommendations of my new friend Diya Thank you very much for sending me the book love This was an emotional roller coaster I dont want to give away any spoiler The story had my whole concentration throughout Like it kept me on it’s toes or something Along with heroine I constantly guessed if Christian is infact heroine’s past love in new disguise And when the truth finally came out I enjoyed that too That said I couldn’t forget hero’s one action Forgive Yes Forget NoI understand and sympathize with his situation and I respect heroine for being the bigger person She smashed my misconceptions and made me realize I’m possessive and selfish than her Like I said definitely worth my timeRecommended

  9. SavageGrace SavageGrace says:

    Pathetic characters Seriously Pathetic Characters I hope to one day have the ability to enter a book and smack some characters around in this book's case it would be ALL of them LOLThis might seem heartless to some but I found the character of Vickie to be wholly unlikeable and uite frankly disgusting Dying or not how horrible do you have to be to guilt your father into forcing a man whom you CLAIM to love to not only wreck his life by marrying her but also take her to bed to experience child birth thus also wrecking the life of an innocent child? If she truly loved Luke she would NEVER have pulled all of that crap she should have found someone else to use I mean after all she had the money to pay someone to play hubby and studI honestly felt like smacking Vickie's pathetic father for taking part in his daughter's bull; he should have thrown her in some clinic and force fed her her medication along with some anti depressants and strong sedatives until she died Both of those fools knew it was going to happen so really why destroy Luke's life for a few months of a soon to die woman's selfish pathetic and downright WRONG farce?? Yes I hated her THAT much LOLLuke he needed to grow some balls and demand the clinic thing happen Spineless foolAnd Ginny? Pathetic Just urgh She forgave WAY too easy and should have told the truth Vickie was a selfish spoiled bee yotch who needed a good smacking therapy and hospice Done The Dimwited Duo may not have liked the truth but too bad so sad she deserved to say it and feel ittapping foot Can I enter this book now please??? O0

  10. KatieV KatieV says:

    25 stars I'll be nice and round upThis really just isn't my cuppa I'm pretty sure I've seen this plot on one of the daytime soaps It was so absurd I half expected the H to have some sort of weird amnesia where he was still subconsciously drawn to the h But no he was an absolute weiner who just pretended to be someone else with a fake American accent In HPlandia I like the OTT alphas I'd kill one IRL but they're fun to read about This guy was uite a bit further down the Greek alphabet SO easily manipulated I thought he was pathetic At the end the h thought he might actually attempt suicide since she'd rejected him Really? P A T H E T I CThe step sister thing was weird obviously In the US at least I think there might be a legal issue there Because the hero shared the step father's last name and I assume there was a legal adoption which would make the step sister legally his sister I'd think there would be some red tape involved in such a union Not that reality means much in these booksA lot of reviewers hate the step sister Her actions were VERY selfish but I also blame the H and her father I'm not sure how I'd react if I had a child who lost one parent at a very young age and then contracted a disease that would shorten her life I think it would be natural to coddle such a child and give them everything since you know they will never really live out a full life and have to take care of themselves Whether that's right or wrong is up for debate You would certainly be keeping that person in a childlike state of never having to face reality or learn the meaning of the word 'no' at least not to the extent that the rest of us do However I'd like to think I'd draw the line at indulging her fantasy of marrying her step brotherI was glad that the h didn't fall for the false identity If she had I'd have puked Still even though she was angry when she realized she was deceived I think she would have fallen right back into his arms if he'd fessed up from the first She forgave him far too easily as it was

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