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Under His Heel Under His Heel #1 ❴Reading❵ ➼ Under His Heel Under His Heel #1 Author Adara Wolf – Thomashillier.co.uk Alex is trapped His life has been one bad decision after the other and now he's forced to work off his debt with a spaceship captain or risk a fate worse than death Captain Tracht is respected and wel Alex is Heel Under PDF/EPUB Ã trapped His life has been one bad decision after the other and now he's forced to work off his debt with a spaceship captain or risk a fate worse than death Captain Tracht is respected and well connected Unfortunately he also has some very uestionable private interests and makes no secret that he intends Alex to participate in them whether he likes it or not It's an experience of pain Under His Kindle - humiliation and tears but somehow Alex finds himself growing less and less interested in his eventual release.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 357 pages
  • Under His Heel Under His Heel #1
  • Adara Wolf
  • English
  • 15 May 2016

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10 thoughts on “Under His Heel Under His Heel #1

  1. Nazanin Nazanin says:

    25 StarsI’ve read BDSM and Drak books and uite enjoyed them At some point I was so sure that I would have enjoyed this one too But unfortunately it was a disappointment for me In this book there was no character that I would like I hate both MCs oh not just MCs but all the characters From the first I knew this one isn’t going to be a love story but honestly I expected to feel a connection between them feel the love between them or at least feel something good but there was nothing at all Oh yeah there was something Just humiliation and degradation I felt them because all the story was like that Tracht was a real jerk an sshole and Alex was like a stupid guy who behaves childish and doesn’t know anything someone who can’t use his brain correctly Well I can’t say I like this one but I hope you enjoy it than me

  2. Moony Eliver Moony Eliver says:

    Dec 2018 reread I enjoyed this pass even and I picked up on a lot of nuance that I missed during my first read Upgrading to 45 stars rounded up The characters in this book aren’t particularly likable and morally gray is probably too generous This won’t look like romance to many readers and the kink is 179 degrees from SSC RACK What I revere is the fact that the author created a compelling story regardless The narrative voice was uncomfortable and hard to identify with — which was true to the characterization of the emotionally stunted MC — and yet I found myself leaning into it aww ing at sweet moments and rooting for them despite it all and that’s top notch writing————————Oy vey I am HOOKEDFirst of all slow clap of admiration for this author I underestimated her For roughly the first third of the book I was feeling that the characters were a little flat At that point I assumed this book would be essentially kink porn minimally developed beyond a base foundation for the sex But as the story progressed and I realized what was unfolding I started to really trust what the author was doingI feel like it’s probably best to go into this one a little bit blind so I’m not going to write much about the premise But don’t be blind about this one thing Under His Heel is NOT everyone’s bag of tricks If you have triggers or hard limits maybe just stay away Or at minimum thoroughly peruse the reviews first for content warningsAlso if you reuire a solid plot outside of the MCs’ relationship you might not enjoy this one The character development and relationship evolution ARE the plot here Which I personally loved — I’ll happily take that as the primary story almost every timeThe editing could have been tighter; there were definitely typos I had to laugh because the sexy times tended to have a few of them the editors might have been a little distracted and less eagle eyed while proofing those parts 😂If this were a standalone instead of the first in a series I would be pissed It’s not that it ends on a cliffhanger it doesn’t but you’ll definitely be left wanting of the story At least I do Really really do

  3. Literatures Movies Literatures Movies says:

    If I could give this book a minus rating I would haveIf I could tear this book apart and burn it to the ground I would have Sadly I have this in ebook form Firstly this book is trash Secondly I don't know why there are so many 45 stars rating on this book Because refer for point 1There is no plot whatsoever The MCs are dumb as a brick Alex – the supposed slave – talks and acts as if he was a high schooler Maybe he is maybe he isn't I don't know I did not stick around that long to find outTracht? Was that his name? Honestly even if I spelled it wrong I could not give a shit He was the supposed owner Domwhatever the fuck this relationship is The connection between Alex and Tracht is nonexistent Their whole relationship is based on sex And SM shit And some sexActually the whole book is just one fucking big orgyThe MC fucks other men The MC fucks other womenThe MC participates in threesomes Maybe even foursomes? EVERYBODY WANTS TO FUCK AND I MEAN EVERYONEThe kink goes all the way from whipping caning tickle torture to piercing denial public sex public bondage and puppy playMy brain literally hurt from the sheer amount of times I rolled my eyes while skimming this bookIf you are looking for sex on top of sex on top of sex with no plot then maybe give this book a tryIf not don't even bother

  4. Trio Trio says:

    All my favorite kinks in one convenient package; it’s like Adara Wolf wrote Under His Heel just for me I’ve been craving something deliciously dark and this Masterslave story is creative and dirty as hell This is in no way shape or form your Risk Aware Consensual BDSM novel so if you’re sensitive be sure to check the list of trigger warningsAdara Wolf paints a vivid picture of a gritty futuristic world that lacks in clear cut rules laws and conseuences Here people take justice into their own hands and everybody seems to be just fine with that Forget the rules that govern our society because they simply don’t exist here This is a fascinating culture and it never stopped amazing meThis novel hooked me from the get go and once I started reading I couldn’t put it down Under His Heel has some wonderfully diverse and complex characters and its exploration of Masterslave dynamics is the best I’ve read in ages This is straight up dark erotica hot dirty kinky perfectionHere’s the gist Alex Stone and his twin brother Nick are subpar con artists whose misdeeds finally catch up with them Rather than face the thugs they owe they decide to register Alex through a debt leasing service In exchange for five years of his life his owner will pay off their debt What could possibly go wrong?Meet his new owner Captain Tracht a self proclaimed sadist and sexual deviant The whole reason he takes on a contract is to humiliate his slave and watch him suffer In fact Tracht had to return his previous bondservant once he figured out the masochist liked what Tracht was doing of all the nerveTracht begins to systematically program Alex to appreciate his new position and it doesn’t take long Alex struggles between being comforted and angered stimulated and repulsed ashamed and proud Grateful for every respite from pain hunger humiliation and Alex begins to see Tracht as his saviorThere’s no uestion that Alex is not the sharpest tool in the shed Where do I start? Coming from an abusive home he’s been on his own since he was fourteen Always on the run he never received a formal education and he views the world only as it pertains to himself He never developed the social skills necessary to participate in general society and doesn’t recognize emotional clues in others Failing to understand others’ motivations leads to some difficult situations for AlexCaptain Tracht is my new hero He is a sadist of the highest order completely reveling in his position of power The skill and affected indifference with which he conditions Alex is awe inspiring Some of his actions oh hell most of his actions are thoroughly depraved and he clearly feels no remorse Damn I hope the next story with Captain Tracht comes out soonAdara Wolf is currently writing a novella about Tracht and Alex entitled A Kidnapping and an excerpt is available on her website Thank goodness because after Under His Heel I can’t get enough Fans of dark erotica take note this author knows what she’s doing I hope to see lots where this came from

  5. Lorraine Lesar Lorraine Lesar says:

    I would love to say that nothing goes over my head my reflexes way too fast But not this time This book went WAY over my head So many WTFing hells that I lost count I was uncomfortable throughout most of the book but kept reading another WTFing hell to be analysed at a later date 😉 This author delivered an articulate yet somewhat poisonous storyline that became an addiction I couldn’t put it down hoping that somehow all would become clear and it would make sense somehow but poison doesn’t make sense does it?Tracht is an out and out Sadist No empathy whatsoever a narcissist personality or is he? Was it my romantic nature surfacing wanting to see him have genuine feelings for Alex because I needed to believe he did? I don’t know?Which leads to another uestion Did Alex have the emotional aptitude and development to understand and recognise how he was being groomed by Tracht? Was he mentally capable of assessing both positive and negative emotions? Again I don’t know?See? It’s a mindfuck of a read A very addictive and also disturbing mindfuck of a read but I have to say brilliantly executed by the author Tags? Name one and add it I can’t think of any taboo tags at this moment that this book has not covered MasterSlave Sadism Torture Rape Kink Bodily enhancements Piercings Exhibitionism Degradation Object penetration Cages Total controlto name but a fewSo why 4 and not 5? How Tracht dealt with Nick was a bit of a let down for me considering what he’d done to Alex and others I thought he totally under punished and knowing Tracht as I do it was a bit of an anti climax or maybe I do have a sadistic side to me?

  6. Ula& Ula& says:

    Overall book rating 45Audio Book NABook Cover 38 First of all This is not going to be everybody’s cup of teaSecondly I have read some of the other reviews and I have to agree with the fact that I also think this an established author writing under another name? Not that it matters at all to me I just found it interesting that there are people who got the same feel? Third Wow So I might be kind of “knocked on the head” for enjoying this I know But Enjoy it I did And I feel that it has to be said that I applaud the author be that “new” or “not” for being as direct as they wereI couldn’t put this down Especially in the beginning I found the concept of putting yourself up for payment of your dept something else It was interesting Tracht gives Alex the impression that there is nothing to “fear” from him He is soft spoken and precise when they first meet But Alex soon learns what you see isn’t necessarily what you get I “liked” Tracht He is what he is He’s NOT a nice man He has very strange proclivities for which he makes no apologies He knows what he wants and he is not afraid of taking it Even when he feels drawn to Alex he states the problem very clearly Tracht nibbled on Alex’s earlobe “The difficult part Alex is that the nature of my perversities as you called them once is that the I like you the I want to hurt you” He raked a fingernail across Alex’s nipple a sharp contrast to the soft kissing and nibbling Tracht is a sadist There are probably a variety of other things or labels you can put on him and it won’t matter He will still love the taste of Alex’s tears He will still love the power trip from being in complete control Alex Hmmm He was a little complicated for me to “like” at times I did like him don’t get me wrong And on one hand I kind of understand why his character didn’t turn out to be a suppressed genius who suddenly could stand on his own feet and see the world for what it isThat simply would not have worked in the “relationship” dynamics between the two MC’s I would however have loved a little “growth” in his character? He does get around to a better understanding of things but if there was to be just a little It would have been so perfectAlex is perfect for Tracht Their relationship is totally unbalanced It’s not “romantic” in any conventional way Yet you still get the idea has the story progresses that NO ONE will mess with Alex if not by order from Tracht In his own twisted way he cares and he takes care of Alex Very twisted But still I liked the way this book “shocked” me Maybe that’s why I did enjoy it the way I did? Because of the total No You didn’t FactorsAnyhow I think it was brilliant writing Why not 5 stars? Because I felt the ending didn’t live up to the rest of the story That and DON’T READ THIS IF YOU STILL WANT TO READ THE BOOKview spoilerI didn’t much care for the way they chose to deal with the “EVIL TWIN BROTHER” I got it But I didn’t enjoy it I would much preferred Tracht giving his sorry ass to a “dark acuaintance” to “enjoy” for a few years or so hide spoiler

  7. Teal Teal says:

    Here's something you don't see every day 5 stars and a Best of the Year rating to the first book I read by this author followed a week later by 1 star and a DNF for the second bookI don't want to try to compare this with In Life In Death or take the time to describe the dissatisfactions I had with the story up to the 40% point where I gave up Suffice it say it was a mismatch between me and the book and those issues were irrelevant in the face of the overriding oneI love morally ambiguous MCs they're the best kind and I love redemption arcs but sometimes I find a character beyond the pale Watching wealthy powerful privileged Tracht delight in terrorizing and torturing a poor stupid kid literally poor literally stupid without a home or resources or friends or recourse of any kind was repellent When Tracht's crony and occasional helpmeet view spoilerthe ship's doctor hide spoiler

  8. Nenia ✨️ Socially Awkward Trash Panda ✨️ Campbell Nenia ✨️ Socially Awkward Trash Panda ✨️ Campbell says:

    Instagram || Twitter || Facebook || || PinterestDNF 27% Some people are going to be put off UNDER HIS HEEL because it features brutal non con sadism and scat pee drinking I actually wasn't that shocked by anything in here because I've read so much erotica that I'm hard to shock at this point I was put off by the unpolished writing lack of connection between the characters and the fanfiction vibe it felt like something someone had written for fun almost as if the author was relying on the existence of preset characterizations within a preexisting universe to set the stage rather than doing any of the legwork I'm not sure if this was actually p2p but it kind of read that way to meUNDER HIS HEEL is about Alex a petty criminal who ends up selling himself into sexual slavery to pay off his and his brother's debts Unfortunately for him the man who buys him Captain Tracht is a gleeful sadist who likes to flaunt his slaves before his crew and he gets off on pain and exhibitionism and if he can have both so much the betterI did like the starship setting and initially I thought UNDER HIS HEEL had a lot of potential But it was just humiliation scene after humiliation scene and there wasn't a lot of thought or emotion behind anything that was happening The comedy also seemed ill placed and gave this story a very odd tone deaf vibe that I didn't really think fit the content even if I chuckled a few times at some of Alex's stupid decisions I think if you like fanfiction a lot and are a really big fan of slash fic you'll probably like this but I wasn't that into it unfortunately2 stars

  9. JenMcJ JenMcJ says:

    45 StarsThis is the kind of mm Sm book that I think the review says a lot about the reader It's full of serious Sm psychological manipulation and bondservantslave dubcon Tracht is a true sadist and his treatment of Alex is brutal both mentally and physically Tracht isn't fully ethical and is in no way a perfect dom but his flaws are part of what make this book compelling It's pain and kink and humiliation and sex and very hawt It does have tremendous emotional moments but because Alex is definitely emotionally and possibly mentally stunted he doesn't recognize them at all He picks up on very few emotional cues including moral and ethical uestions Not just his but Tracht Nick Parsons anyone including himself he just doesn't get it Now this is the kind of book I actually enjoy read love that isn't going to be for everyone There is at least one scene near the end of the book that might throw the casual bdsm reader off Serious spoiler don't read if you want the best full effect of this book and don't have trigger concerns view spoiler there is a scene of noncon twincest hide spoiler

  10. Jo * Smut-Dickted * Jo * Smut-Dickted * says:

    I feel like JenMcJ review says all I want to say Definitely and FINALLY of a sadist Please note This is FICTION I don't expect my MM SCiFi fiction to abide by RACK or SSC BDSM rules It's perfectly ok to me when you sign a contract to be a sort of slave and sadism is a part of it that things happen And beyond things you agreed too This reads like the authors been thinking about this world a while and has uite nicely built it up the flow was very good and I didn't find much to nitpick on Since I am a masochist IRL and I so rarely find good Sm wo high protocol or a bunch of contract negotiations or having to wade through a bunch of Ds to get to the good stuff this is like nectar for me Setting in SciFi removes it from having to meet all those pesky Earth based rules IMHO

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