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Spellship (The Magitech Chronicles #3) [EPUB] ✺ Spellship (The Magitech Chronicles #3) By Chris Fox – The Last Dragonflight Holds the Key to Survival Voria Aran and Nara survived their trip into the Umbral Depths They retrieved the Talon and are now searching for the First Spellship the key to victory The Last Dragonflight Holds the Key to Survival Voria Aran and Nara survived their trip into the Umbral Depths They retrieved the Talon and are now searching for the First Spellship the key to victory in their war against the Krox Their search leads them to Virkonna the home of the Last Dragonflight a world where Dragons still rule The world where Aran was born Aran's past finally catches up with him and he is forced to answer for killing Khalahk The Wyrms demand he undergo a March of Honor a brutal trek that few survive Nara must not only accept Aran's fate but use it as a distraction to locate the First Spellship Voria must forge an alliance with the ancient and arrogant Wyrms of the Last Dragonflight before the Krox do it first If even one of them fail Krox will rise and the sector is doomed Even success will carry a heavy price.

About the Author: Chris Fox

By day I am an iPhone developer architecting the app used to scope Stephen Colbert’s ear By night I am Batman Ok maybe not One can dream though rightI’ve been writing since I was six years old and started inflicting my work on others at age By age people stopped running away when I approached them with a new story and shortly thereafter I published my first one in the RifterWait you’r.

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  1. Kenneth Kenneth says:

    Another 5 stars I have realized that I love fast paced action packed high fantasy novelsSpellship did not disappoint I love the build up introduction of new characters and how the plot unravels I however think there was a bit of inconsistency In the prologue from the Void Anthalogy book Aran was able to send a message to Wyrm Mother Olyssa telling her about the death of Wyrm Father Rolf and the secret knowledge that the killer tried to keep from getting out Why did she still treat Aran like she did at the Dragon Council in VirkonnaAnyway I love the suspense ending It seems the game is about to change big time with the discovery of the First Spellship Old villains are stirringThose pockets were slowly spreading engulfing everything around him as they drank it's magic The blood of his mother his mistress his world The Blood of Nefariuscue in theme song Ne Ne Ne Nefarius She is she is she is Nefarius 🎶 😎🎤

  2. Jason Jason says:

    Spellship is the 3rd in the Magitech Chronicles a series that sees Magic combined with Technology and Dragons Void Wyrms all battling for supremacy of the galaxyThe basic premise is that an ancient God ‘Krox’ is trying to rise again and if he does he will bring death and destruction with him Major Voira is the Captain of a starship who has carried out many missions several at the behest of ‘The Tender’ of the Shayan people herself a demi God with the ability to foresee possible futuresIt is during these missions that the Major has uncovered the plot of Krox as well as collected her valiant and somewhat hilarious crew There is the former Outrider who had his mind wiped but is actually a powerful War Mage Aran Nara a former Pirate and again had her mind wiped but is now becoming a powerful True Mage Sgt Crewes a Master at Arms and the hilarious Drifters Bord Kezia and the ships mechanic Pickus All have been touched by various Gods as there are multiple gods that are slumbering on various worlds When ‘Catalyzed’ by a God or touched by their mind that person is imbued with some of that Gods power or it might be that an item is imbued with some power enhancing items such as armour or a sword or in the case of Davidson turning his tank into the most incredible war machine the Marines have ever seen And that is what is makes the Magitech series such a fascinating series that it has so many different elements facets of LitRPG as every character within the book evolves growing and ‘levelling up’ like they do in RPG games The story also delves into fantasy elements with a good bit of Magic through different forms of Mages using Sigils Glyphs and Runes to cast a uniue spell system The magic system however is incorporated into the Sci fi element of the story allowing Fox to combine magic and technology so that we don’t just have the standard swords and armour but there is ‘Spell Armour’ that would make Ironman’s suit look like a cheap Tinman knock off Further to this it can be combined with other items such as spell riflespistols to provide long range magical weapons and even to give magical upgrades as mentioned before to items such as a battle tank taking it from a standard tank to a magically gifted one like taking a Tonka toy onto the field vs the latest Abrahams battle tank but with a rail gun instead Move this into space and you give a whole new element to starship combat where ships are not just firing lasers and missiles but also firing spells and counter spells to eliminate an entire ship in a single spell Add the fantasy element to it so that you have a fully crewed Battle Cruiser style ship coming face to face with a Dragon that can not only devastate the ship with spells it can uite literally eat the ship if it wants depending on the size of the Wyrm Adds a whole new element to the story writing ability of Fox and a huge amount of adventure to the story let alone the fun when you add in the Characters that Fox has created as wellThis is a book with not just a brilliant storyline but a uniue and brilliant world building aspect to it as well with a slew of creative interesting and fascinating characters not just the mains but all the side characters as well Nebiat the evil Wyrm tyring to resurrect Krox will stop at nothing to bring about his return and employs all sorts of dark magic and this allows for some rather fantastic sometimes very dark sometimes rather humorous encounters with her ‘minions’ The other great thing about this story is Fox’s imagination and his range of minion’s he hasn’t just limited himself to Human’s Dragon’s and a few other obvious races but has created a well spring of impressive characters that make the read that much enjoyable my personal favourite are the Ifrit – all though I am sure that someone will point out that this has been before – I still love the Ifrit – Frit is an awesome character toWith the first book being about the characters and development of the plot line as far as the Krox and setting the entire universe and the second book being about Nebiat and her plans as well as establishing the place of the Wyrm’s in the galaxy This book is about Voria and her plans and finding the First Spellship a starship of incredible power crafted by the Gods and a weapon that will possibly allow Voria and her crew to fight the Krox and stop the resurrection of Krox the God Fox has put an exceptional amount of effort into creating an incredibly in depth and creative story full of twists and turns and with a multitude of facets allowing the reader to become fully immersed in the story Best of all this story is just good fun Go get into it

  3. Jeremy Michael Gallen Jeremy Michael Gallen says:

    The third entry of author Chris Fox’s Magitech Chronicles series opens with Kaho talking to his brother Tobek and his mother Nebiat Meanwhile Aran and Nara are among redwoods when the antagonistic Krox attack Moreover Voria is reinstated into the Confederacy and an assassin confronts Aran over his recent dragonslaying Voria is asked to impart her knowledge of magic to cadets and Nara receives the task of finding the Wyrm Father assuming command of the spaceship Talon Aran receives introduction to a strange metal vessel while Voria wants to open a Fissure at the Umbral ShadowIn the meantime Frit loves Nara whilst thinking her on the wrong side of the war with Voria thinking that her trap within the Umbral Depths is a punishment Voria seeks to forge an alliance with the Void Wyrms and Aran is allowed to embark on an expedition known as the March of Honor which intends to punish Outriders The third installment makes a distinction between dragons and drakes the latter being beasts of burden and Aran ultimately finds a gathering of them As this occurs Nara seeks the eponymous spellship and Voria chances a mountaintop party held by the WyrmsStill on the March of Honor Aran fights Krox not to mention hatchlings with Virkonna ultimately holding him hostage Nara returns to her temple continuing to seek the magical signature of the fabled spellship awing Wesley with her magic and anticipating a Krox attack Nara encounters spell eating serpents and while he is in the darkness Aran meets Rhea the last Outrider of the last dragonflight Nara also meets the Shade of Inura and the Wyrms seek a magic staff The third book ends with Nara dreaming and not thinking her friends are safe around herAll in all I enjoyed the third Magitech Chronicles book decently having from reading its predecessors acuired a good sense of the mythos and terminology native to the series although there are still some asinine literary decisions such as use of the word “Tender” to describe certain characters with no explicit definition of the term The franchise as a whole seems like an enjoyable fusion of elements from both the science fiction and fantasy literary genres given the relative importance of magic to the central storyline not to mention space dragons and I would gladly continue reading the series

  4. Deluca Deluca says:

    Right This was odd I loved the Ifrit character and all of the the frankly horrifyingly large roster of characters in this one and making a come back If you read the first two books you will know who I mean but you have committed the cardinal sin of writing you have show horned in a romance Now I am not saying that it is out of place or that it shouldn't exist uite the contrary but maybe the use of it was a little Clunky Otherwise I really liked it bizarre use of technology in it though but if I am going to start attacking that thread then the whole book starts to fall apart

  5. Kevin Potter Kevin Potter says:

    Brilliant storyAs with the second book this one is well written with an impressive story and some awesome character developmentI really enjoyed the further delving into Aaron's background as well as the culture on his home planetI'm still a little annoyed by the DD eske way spells are referred to but otherwise this universe and these characters continue to grow interestingAt this point the only other negative mark is how short the books are Many events feel skipped over Admittedly this means the action keeps moving with impressive rapidity but the downside is detail and depth would make the stories a lot immersive

  6. Gisele Thomson Gisele Thomson says:

    Love the story Waiting impatiently for the next installment Action packed Great pacing Good use of conflict and yension A lot of big trouble A few surprises Unexpected twists at the end to further complicate the story when it initially felt like the story would wrap up neatly as a trilogy Curious to see what will unfold next and whether or not those new developments will loop back in on elements at the beginning of the story Great job Chris Looking forward to the next one

  7. Timothy Burbage Timothy Burbage says:

    Again this was fineThey go searching for the spellship but it doesn't really fi anything Aran gets sent forward in time which was interesting but didnt really go anywhere I like Fritt's subplot but nothing much happens in this book Voria plays Go and Nara finds the sip with Indiana Jones Board and Kezia and Cruise have absolutely nothing to doYou would think after 3 books there would be built around the characters but they are still paper thin I'll keep listening as I already have them but this feels like a trilogy stretched to 7 books

  8. Hanzel Hanzel says:

    In one seating again I am almost done with my reading challenge or almost three fouths done this series is addictiveOk so what happened but the excitement and energy seem to have tapered off same story getting better we learn some new things the lore expands some Mr Fox please write the prelude to this Nara why did they have to do thatOk take a deep breathBook Four

  9. Brian Anderson Brian Anderson says:

    This is the 3rd great book by a very very talented author The characters come to life and you can see feel and smell what they do This is probably the best of the three The story just gets better and better It's a classic fantasy with magic dragons and spaceships I highly recommend this book to all ages There's no profanity sex or other negative thoughts and actions

  10. Frank Geimer Frank Geimer says:

    This story just keeps getting betterI can't believe how wrapped up in a space opera one could get until now I haven't been able to put this series down since I started it The intrigue and plots keep your blood pressure up as you become part of it all If you are looking to read a great space opera get this one You will not be dissatisfied

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