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Starter Zone (The Revelation Chronicles, #1) [KINDLE] ❀ Starter Zone (The Revelation Chronicles, #1) Author Chris Pavesic – Escape from a world of darkness into a magical realm of endless adventureWhen hydrologists inscribe the consciousness of a human mind onto a single drop of water a Revelation sweeps the land The wealt Escape from a world of darkness into a magical realm of endless adventureWhen hydrologists inscribe the consciousness of a human mind onto a single drop of water a Revelation sweeps the land The wealthy race to upload their minds into self contained virtual realities nicknamed Auariums In these containers people achieve every hope dream and desire But governments wage war for control of the technology Terrorist attacks cause massive destruction The Auariums fail Inscribed human minds leech into the water cycle wreaking havocStreet gangs rule the cities in the three years since the fall of civilization Sixteen year old Cami and her younger sister Alby struggle to survive Every drop of untreated water puts their lives in peril Caught and imprisoned by soldiers who plan to sell them into slavery Cami will do anything to escape and rescue her sister Even if it means leaving the real word for a life in the realms a new game like reality created by the hydrologists for the chosen fewBut life in the realms isn’t as simple as it seems Magic combat gear scores uests and dungeons are all puzzles to be solved as the sisters navigate their new surroundings And they encounter dangerous enemies than any they faced in the real worldTime to play the game.

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  1. Karissa Laurel Karissa Laurel says:

    45 StarsStarter Zone is almost two books in one and has one of the most uniue concepts I've ever come across the idea of uploading consciousness into water based computer memorystorage rather than silicone based computer storage The first half of the book starts like a familiar post apocalyptic survival story with Cami taking care of her younger sister Alby uickly however the story shifts into a fantastical role playing game that will please lovers of World of Warcraft and the likeRemember that really old Reese's Peanut butter Cups commercial? Two great tastes that taste great together? I can imagine the characters in the commercial for Starter Zone saying You got your LitRPG in my Post apocalyptic dystopia and No you got your Post apocalyptic dystopia in my LitRPG Either that or I'm picturing Marie and Donny Osmond signing I'm a little bit sci fi and I'm a little bit epic fantasy That's an ancient song reference right there I swear I'm not really THAT old It's a strange combination yet somehow Ms Pavesic makes them work together rather successfullyI'm not a gamer although I have plenty of friends who are and enough pop culture knowledge to understand the concept of RPG games so once Cami and her sister leave the real world and end up in the make believe world I understood the terminology and what was going on for the most part However if you're not a gamer and not familiar with RPG terminology some of the details and world building might loose youI had some uestions about the hydrology technology and doubts about the lack of safeguards put into place by the original scientists but putting those uestions aside the concept made for an interesting social conundrum and utterly uniue dangers that I haven't encountered before For example rain is a danger not because it has toxic chemicals but because it has the potential to infect people with other people's consciousness which can be a confusing disorienting and sometimes enraging situation turning people into something akin to vicious zombiesThe LitRPG section of the book focuses heavily on establishing the world in which Cami and her sister will be living so it's heavy on world building I enjoy the concept and the characters a lot although I did find myself skimming a bit over the sections describing when Cami's and Alby's new powersabilities were achieved and unlocked as if I were actually playing a game I think this is a detail that gamers will love howeverThere were a lot of plot links and a few characters introduced in this novel that were not resolved or fully fleshed out but I'm 100% certain they will be continued in the next book to come The ending kind of left us hanging but again I'm sure that will be resolved in future books I would have preferred something that was designed to stand a little on it's own but I trust Ms Pavesic enough to put out the next book so I won't let the lack of an immediate resolution bother me too much I definitely recommend this books to fans of RPG games fans of epic fantasy and fans of post apocalyptic YA type storiesThe author provided me with a free copy for my honest review

  2. Tonja Drecker Tonja Drecker says:

    This fantasyadventure mixes the gaming world with reality for an exciting readCami has one goal—keep her and her younger sister alive Civilization has been destroyed leaving street gangs and worse fighting for whatever supplies might be left It doesn't help that water in every form is deadly unless it's been cleansed While trying to sneak out of the city in hopes of finding a peaceful life in a forgotten rural house Cami and her sister are caught by hydrologists and they force Cami and her sister to become part of a different world A very dangerous oneThe novel starts out with a dystopian setting Cami and her sister are trying to survive and need to avoid the deadly street gangs And rain The tension is high from the very first page and the sisterly bond between Cami and her seven year old sister pulls at the heart strings Even though Cami can be cold when necessary her relationship to her sister makes her impossible not to like and cheer for When the novel takes a sudden twist and the game type world opens up the switch flows smoothly The author does a good job of providing enough explanation to make the switch believable and does it in a manner which never comes across boring Cami needs to learn about her new world and the role she plays in it and the reader learns along with herAnyone who has gamed will feel at home in this tale The adventures follow the regular gaming basics with a familiar feel The sudden bouts of information about Cami's level skills health and such don't jolt from the story but blend right in with the plot Even when Cami isn't fighting or in a tense situation the story is well paced and doesn't let the reader go I had no trouble reading this in one settingIt's an easy read but enjoyable There are layers of intrigue waiting in the shadows and hints at a bigger adventure to come Enough unexpected twists and turns keep the plot interesting and even when some thing aren't completely a surprise the tense build up left me on the edge of my seat It's simply a fun read which fantasy friends and gamers are sure to enjoyI received a complimentary copy and enjoyed it enough to want to leave my honest thoughts

  3. Sharon Ledwith Sharon Ledwith says:

    A 4 Star Fast Paced Fantasy from the Get goFrom the very beginning Chris Pavesic reels you into the dystopian world she created and it’s not pretty Humans have decided to seek immortality by inscribing the human mind onto a single drop of water Add a government takeover into the mix and things go from bad to worse This is not the fountain of youth type world humans were striving for but like a watered down nightmare especially for sixteen year old Cami and her younger sister AlbyFighting for their lives in an apocalyptic world the sisters dodge vicious gangs and the dangerous inscribed rains before getting caught by an organization who plans on selling them into slavery to be part of the realms a game like reality created for the wealthy Pavesic pulls you through the challenges her characters must face in order to move up on the role playing chain Wonderful world building and filled with twists even if you’re not a gamer you’ll love the journey this story takes you on Narrator Natalie Heng does an awesome job with all the character’s voices as she leads you through this magical dystopian tale Game on

  4. Teresa Teresa says:

    This is the first LITRPG novel I have read and I thoroughly enjoyed it From the beginning I was hoping that the two young sisters Alby and Cami would find a safe and happy place in the post apocalyptic setting The sisters are strong female characters and good role models for young girls today The story is filled with adventure and suspense with a taste of the gaming world

  5. Mirror World Mirror World says:

    I wasn’t sure what to think of this book at first It is a uniue and unexpected blend of dystopian fiction and LitRPG When it opens we have a post apocalyptic setting with the main character and her younger sister on the run trying to stay alive A little ways in there is an abrupt shift and the characters are captured and thrust into a virtual game world they don’t understand Through a set of circumstances they are made players instead of NPC slaves and in this way are given an unexpected second chance at life Despite not knowing what to expect I found myself enjoying this book and I would gladly continue with the series to see where it goes next My only complaint is that the book definitely feels like an introduction to a series and can in no way stand on its own There is far too much that is left unresolved

  6. J.D. DeHart J.D. DeHart says:

    This book features a very engaging first person narrative Author Chris Pavesic writes in a way that makes the reader feel as if they are in the storyI thoroughly enjoyed this story as an enjoyable example from the science fiction genre

  7. Gina Briganti Gina Briganti says:

    LitRPG YA Fantasy is a new genre for me A refreshing one Reading Starter Zone 2017 the first book in the Revelation Chronicles took me back to my family living room where my brothers sister parents and I would compete for the best score on Asteriod and later Super Mario Brothers Much much later we played uest games like the one written about in Starter Zone where competing fell by the wayside and we tapped into our collective skills to beat the game Reading about Cami and Abby’ stats uests and trainers took me right back into a gaming world I once lovedStarter Zone is my first book by Pavesic Reading a new author is an exciting gamble that I’m betting I will win That’s the result I got with herThe best books make you forget that you are reading Instead they immerse you in a world brought to life by the author’s words Pavesic did that She also taught me that some of my short stories in progress fall into the speculative science fiction genre The best stories entertain and inform at the same timePavesic’s story is high concept and easy to relate to Two young sisters are orphaned in a dystopian world Cami is 17 Abby is 7 As unlikely as it seems the starter zone of the title is marginally safer than the outside world Especially because of Cami’s street smarts There are no wasted characters or words in this story It moves moves movesMy recommendation to read this book is based on the fact that I couldn’t put it down and finished it in record timeIf I say you will not get to taste the same adventure I did and that would be selfish of meStarter Zone’s is followed by Traveler’s Zone which released today To follow the release tour visit chrispavesicom

  8. Wall-to-wall books - wendy Wall-to-wall books - wendy says:

    This started out post apocalypse which I loved simply because I love those kinds of books then turned fantasy which I don't usually read but surprisingly I still liked it Teenage Cami and her younger sister end up having to go into a virtual game I have recently learned that there is a name for this kind of book LitRPG Literary Role Playing Game I have never read anything like this and had never even heard of this But It was fun I very uickly became addictedThere was good character development with lots of little adventures and a load of fun A uick easy read Even though this is not my typical type of book I would like to read of the seriesHeck I want to be in the book I want to play the game it sounds like funI voluntarily posted this review after receiving a copy of this book from Kate Tilton's Book Bloggers and the author Thank You

  9. Sarah Monsma Sarah Monsma says:

    When scientists found a way for people to live forever it seemed like a good thing Hydrologists found that consciousness could be imprinted on a droplet of water and kept in tanks But when the tanks were breached disaster ensued and civilization as we know it dissolvedCami and her little sister Alby are trying to make their way out of the post apocalyptic city in hopes of finding safety in the country However rain is dangerous now because each drop could contain someone's consciousness looking for a body to house it Combating people and nature is only the beginning of Cami and Alby's adventureStarter Zone is a cracking story and a great start to an exciting new series Full of mystery intrigue and high stakes the story will pull readers in and keep them reading Pavesic's gaming history is clear in the writing and I think lovers of role playing games both virtual and IRL will especially enjoy the storyThanks to the generosity of the author I had the opportunity to both read and listen to Starter Zone through the Kindle and Audible versions The audio book is well produced and performed with varied voices making the story and characters easy to follow The one exception to this is the computer voice that gives results and statistics I found that difficult to follow Fortunately this didn't make it hard for me to follow the story line All in all I loved having the audio book to listen to as I finished knitting my Christmas giftsI recommend Starter Zone to pre teen and teen readers and to adults who like a good game based adventure I was uickly drawn into the story and began rooting for Cami and Albi from the first chapter I was a bit startled at the somewhat abrupt ending to this first book of the series but it also left me eager to read the next installmentChris Pavesic knows how to tell an epic story with interesting personal and ethical problems for the main character to overcome I'll be watching for books in the Revelation Chronicles series

  10. Plot Monster Plot Monster says:

    Starter Zone by Chris Pavesic has 240 pages and was published in 2017 by Digital Services LLCThank you to Netgalley Digital Services LLC and Chris Pavesic for the ARC I received in return for an honest reviewStarter Zone is the story of two young girls in a dystopian future in which souls have been inscripted onto water droplets  When the auariums are damaged these inscripted players are mixed into the water cycle and clean pure water becomes a scarce commodity  Cami and Alby only have each other for support as they struggle to survive in a world where a single drop of water can be life threateningWhat I likedThis book is so incredibly uniue  The plot is the most original concept I have read in a while  The writing is fluid and draws you in  This is book is absolutely a page turner  It is an easy read and I finished it very uicklyThe way this novel is written it is almost like two distinct stories in one  It is extremely interesting and entertaining  I would definitely read the next book in this seriesWhat I didn't likeThe cover  I had this book on my TBR for a while  Every time I looked for a new book I would skip over this one because the cover did not appeal to meI wish it had been a little longer  Specific scenes in the book were wrapped up but there were still a lot of unanswered uestions  From the author's standpoint I can see why she stopped where she did  It makes sense  This leaves the reader wanting and therefore willing to buy the next installment in the seriesRecommended for fans of sci fi and dystopian literature

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