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When Pigs Fly [Reading] ➲ When Pigs Fly ➺ Valerie Coulman – Thomashillier.co.uk Les vaches peuvent elles rouler vlo Les cochons peuvent ils voler L'intrpide Rafi a son ide sur la uestion Malgr les protestations et les moueries de son entourage ce petit veau est bien dcid se lance Les vaches peuvent elles rouler vlo Les cochons peuvent ils voler L'intrpide Rafi a son ide sur la uestion Malgr les protestations et les moueries de son entourage ce petit veau est bien dcid se lancer dans de nouveaux dfis u'ils soient sur terre ou dans les airs Et pouruoi pas Ses efforts et sa persvrance pourraient mme tre rcompenss Traduction de When Pigs Fly.

10 thoughts on “When Pigs Fly

  1. Julian Julian says:

    Ralph the cow won't take a no for an answer He's determined to get his dad to buy him a bike even if that will only happen when pigs fly He's repeatedly told that pigs just don't fly and cows don't ride bikes but his answer is a simple not yet they don't Great motivational read with nice pictures It has funny bits here and there too

  2. Becca Becca says:

    Really awesome book about the power of perseverance Great preschoolkindergarten level book

  3. Trish Trish says:

    This book is about a cow who wants a bike and his dad tells him he can when pigs fly

  4. Emma Berholtz Emma Berholtz says:

    When Pigs Fly by Valerie Colman is about the story of a little boy cow named Ralf who asks his dad for a bike The father does not say no but instead says that he can have a bike “when pigs fly” Ralf is now on mission to get pigs to fly so that he can get a bike Everyone tells him that he cannot do it but he prevails He takes flying lessons picks up pigs to ride in his helocopter and then takes then up in the sky Everyone always told him “well you can’t do that or that’s never been done before” but he never let it bring him down He always responded with “yet” This book is the epitome of an inspirational book The theme of the story is that nothing is impossible no matter how many people may say so Another theme is that dreams can become a reality it just takes hard work When I was a child people told me that I could not do cheerleading because of how tall I am but I was persistent in proving them wrong I highly recommend this book because it is motivation for every child to go after their dreams and to ignore all of the hateful comments that pull you down This book lifts you up and I think it is a great read for kids and adults for that matter

  5. Audrey Audrey says:

    When pigs fly was about a determined young cow named Ralph who wanted to learn to ride a bike Ralph had asked his father if he could have a bike and his father said cows dont ride bikesand little ralph responded not yet His father said when pigs fly I will get you a bike The journey of ralphs adventure of meeting new friends and new experiences are obstacles where he is told he cant but he proves everyone wrong He even learns how to fly a helicopter when someone said that cows cant do that Ralph finds a way to make his dream happen and gets pigs to fly Always proving that if you never give up you can reach your dreamThe storys plot was full circle because of the continuous challenge that ralph is going through The illustrations keep kids involved with colorful images of farm animals doing crazy activitiesTHe fun word font was simple enough and straight to the point Its a very good plot for teaching children to never give up

  6. Kristen Thompson Kristen Thompson says:

    This an inspirational and very motivational book for children It is about a cow named Ralph who reallllly wants to get a bike to ride His cow Dad tells him Cows don't ride bikes Ralph responds with Not yet they don't Ralph kept asking his Dad and his Dad kept telling him NO Finally Ralph's Dad told him that he would buy him a bike when pigs fly Ralph thought about this idea and tried all different ways to learn how to fly and other animals and people kept telling him cows don't fly Ralph didn't listen to the others that told him his dreams were impossible In the end with lots of practice Ralph ends up learning to fly and brings his pig friends along for a ride He ends up getting a bike and proving everyone wrong This would be an excellent book for motivating and encouraging children to stand up for what they believe and never give up

  7. Dena Dena says:

    I thought the story was cute and the pictures adorable The ebook format is a great idea but I was disapointed in the voice of the reader for this story it was very stilted sounding and character voices were not done well at all they did not seem to match the characters as I thought they might sound Male voices were too high The artwork was the only thing that gave this book in this format any rating

  8. Jo Jo says:

    Fun story about a cow named Ralph who wanted his Dad to buy him a bicycle Ralph's Dad said no because cows don't ride bikes but Ralph persisted until finally his Dad said he would buy him a bike when pigs fly The fun starts when Ralph learns to fly a helicopter so he can take the pigs flyingI really love the illustrations The colours are so bright and vibrant and the artwork is very cute

  9. JustOneMoreBook.com JustOneMoreBook.com says:

    Warm curvy character filled acrylic paintings and a dependable spunky refrain make this tale of optimism and determination a delight for eyes and spirit alikeOther books mentioned Tudley Didn’t KnowListen to our chat about this book on our JustOneMoreBookcom Children's Book Podcast

  10. Dolly Dolly says:

    This is a fun story for children It's good for showing both parents and children how we sometimes limit their imagination By giving Ralph dim hope for getting a bicycle his Dad is trying to put off dealing with his son's reuest But Ralph is determined to get his wish Our girls liked this story especially the Tumblebooks version tumblebookscom

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