Al Jazeera The Inside Story of the Arab News Channel That

Al Jazeera The Inside Story of the Arab News Channel That is Challenging the West ✤ Al Jazeera The Inside Story of the Arab News Channel That is Challenging the West Download ➸ Author Hugh Miles – With than fifty million viewers Al Jazeera is one of the most widely watched news channels in the world It's also one of the most controversial Set up by the eccentric Emir of atar who turned a failed With The Inside Story of PDF/EPUB ² than fifty million viewers Al Jazeera is The Inside MOBI í one of the most widely watched news channels in the world It's also one of the most controversial Set up by the eccentric Emir of atar who turned a failed BBC Arabic television project into an Arab news channel Al Jazeera uickly became a household name after September th Al Jazeera PDF/EPUB ² by delivering some of the biggest scoops in television history including airing a taped speech from Osama bin Laden Lambasted as a mouthpiece for Al aeda little is actually Jazeera The Inside Story of PDF or known about Al Jazeera and its operationsFinanced by one of the weathiest countries in the world Al Jazeera uickly established itself as the premiere news channel in the Islamic Jazeera The Inside MOBI î world by covering events Arabs cared about in a way they had never seen before However accusations of ties to Al aeda continue to plague it Their journalists have been accused of spying for everyone from Mossad to Saddam Hussein sometimes simultaneously This the story behind the Arab news channel that makes the news.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 464 pages
  • Al Jazeera The Inside Story of the Arab News Channel That is Challenging the West
  • Hugh Miles
  • 08 September 2015

10 thoughts on “Al Jazeera The Inside Story of the Arab News Channel That is Challenging the West

  1. Erik Surewaard Erik Surewaard says:

    If you think that the news network Al Jazeera stands for bin Laden and terrorism think again This is how the USA government tends to portray it If you think it is then you must read this book to understand that Al Jazeera stands fot uncensorred freedom of speech for Arab speaking peopleIt is difficult to rate this book I really don’t know whether to rate it three or four stars In the end I decided to give it three stars Don’t be mistaken I am happy I read it but in case I would have to decide again whether to purchase this book But what alternative book on Al Jazeera is there to find? As one of the most important news networks in the world it is strange to understand why there are almost no books on the history of this network I don’t know exactly why this is If you see the amount of books written on eg CNN or Fox News this is all the difficult to understandThis book however gave a good overview of the history of Al Jazeera It also describs the events since its start Not only of the network itself but also the main events that made Al Jazeera famous since its founding From the Ira war Afghanistan war As such it is actually two books in oneThe author is also very open in describing what happened From killing of its journalists to attempts from America Saoudi Arabia etc to ‘kill’ the network itselfAlthough I learnt a lot from reading this book I found it not really a pleasant read I find the story not well structured and even repetitive In my opinion this book could easily go to four or five stars if it would be sent to a good editor andor brought back to between 200 to 300 pages What I also missed is a good set of pictures in this book In a book describing so many horrific events one would benefit from some views of the situation

  2. Jeffrey Ogden Thomas Jeffrey Ogden Thomas says:

    Lengthy history of AlJazeera network with a good introduction to the regional history of Gulf and Arab media development as interwoven with the political relationships of the area Though written in 2005 before the launch of the English channel the author's descriptions of the regional tensions and AlJazeera's approaches seem surprisingly current how little has changed in thirteen years This is disappointing in the constancy of the tribal feuding that bedevils the region; yet it makes atar's specifically the AlThani royal family's ongoing commitment to AlJazeera and reasonably objective journalism all the admirable Tamim Majid indeed The latter half of the book is an excruciatingly long review of the Ira War and AlJazeera's battering from all sides of the political front The author makes the case for AlJazeera's bona fides As a recent resident of atar and regular viewer of AlJazeera's English network I agree

  3. Jake Bornheimer Jake Bornheimer says:

    An amazing book that covers Al Jazaara from founding to 2003 The author clearly has lots of expertise and insight while remaining remarkably impartial Presents the case for and against Al Jazeera as partisan Very interesting to note that opposing sides in the Ira war often had conflicting views on which side Al Jazeera fell Americans alleging radical Islamic bias Irais saying AmericanIsraeli bias The best parts are the beginning covers founding and influences and end covers how the media landscape has affected specific communities Recommended for all looking to understand media better

  4. Kevin Pedersen Kevin Pedersen says:

    A solid history of the inception and early years of the atar based news channel did you know it was a atar based news channel?The theme of the book really seems to come down to the idea that things are complicated than most people and unfortunately governments think As an American almost all Al Jazeera paranoia I've heard is that it's a terrorist mouthpiece and that it's anti American very against America not a fan of America But in the Middle East America's relationship with Al Jazeera is so far off the radar that it's barely a blip The biggest anti Al Jazeera voice is Saudi Arabia and after that oddly is Kuwait Meanwhile lots of Arabs think Al Jazeera is secretly controlled by the Jews and used to suppress Palestine while Israel thinks Al Jazeera is patently anti Israel which seems to have some evidence Egypt and Algeria both went through anti Al Jazeera phases and for a long time it was banned in SyriaSo I guess the human lesson is that everyone is a self centered idiot who thinks everyone is thinking about them all the time when really everyone is just off doing their own thing So it's like FacebookOne point against the book is that it's from 2005 hardly the author's fault and due to the flow of time but still some of the points the book makes are a little dated It talks a lot about Al Jazeera English and what that might be which you can just look up and see it's a network that fairly regularly wins awards but isn't as popular as FoxAlso this book is filled with uotes from the American media between 2001 and 2005 Holy God we all got racist right after 911 didn't we?

  5. Edwin Setiadi Edwin Setiadi says:

    The US accuses them to be anti American while the Arabs accuse them to be pro American Israel claims that they are negatively bias at the Israeli government while the Palestinians complain about their apologetic tone on Israel The US forces bombed their bureau in Afghanistan during the Afghan invasion while some of their journalists have been kidnapped and tortured It is the only network that Osama Bin Laden trusts while reluctantly the US is also relying to and almost desperately trying to control the networkTheir groundbreaking talk shows changed the socio cultural context of the Arab world breaking barriers and discussing things previously considered taboo Offended and feeling fundamentally being attacked a lot of highlighted Arab countries threaten to cut diplomatic ties with atar the owner of the network over and over again Such is the boldness and the magnitude of the influence Al Jazeera has in providing nothing but the truth and the balanced arguments that comes with itThis is a very essential book on the fascinating story of Al Jazeera from the difficulties of starting the network to their struggles and near collapse experiences from their first ever media triumph to breaking the ranks of the world's top global mediaWritten between the story of Al Jazeera lies a very important knowledge in understanding the vital role of media in a war the politics in the battle to win the hearts and minds of the viewers and the very rough journey Al Jazeera had to go through in defending their principle of providing a fair chance to every side and ultimately providing the truth This is easily one of the best books I've ever read

  6. رابعة الدلالي رابعة الدلالي says:

    really fascinating It was good really good I loved the book as I wasn't obliged to deal with the author's opinion or discuss it It was infact a book of facts Hugh gave the reader a set of information about how Aljazeera delt with different issues without giving any single point of vue and that's how a journalist should and has and needs to be What is fascinating about the book is that I 've got it for only 2 dinars p lucky meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee D hihihihih

  7. Caitlin Caitlin says:

    This book gave not only a very detailed account of Al Jazeera's history but also gave a detailed picture of Middle East regional and global political contexts in relation to the station displaying the complex situation that is Al Jazeera's existence in a very clear manner even for those who are unfamiliar with the region Great background reading for anyone who has anything to do with the Middle East and Arabic speaking world

  8. Pepita Pepita says:

    Not my usual pleasure read but am glad I struggled through it as it clarified a lot of world issues for me The 4 star is not necessarily an enjoyment rating but feel it has certainly contributed to a better understanding of conflict in the Middle East for me and enhanced awareness of media bias generally

  9. Kezia Kezia says:

    Extremely well researched and full of insight from experts and sources within AJ and in the Arab world At times Miles' prose is textbookish it's easy to see this being used in a college level journalismmedia course Those with a passing familiarity with current events in the Middle East will appreciate the book; there's also plenty of detail on the Afghanistan and Ira wars

  10. Dawn Dawn says:

    Al Jazeera is a much complicated organization than it is credited for in the US media It is one that is evolving in reaction to the world in which it exists not that of the United States A fascinating look inside the modern Middle East

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