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Kandar ➥ [Epub] ➟ Kandar By Kenneth Bulmer ➯ – Two rival sorcerers cast their spells as the flames rise above Dreaming Ferranoz capital of the bright empire of Akkar Half human wolflings devour its citizens The conflicting spells meet and paralyze Two rival sorcerers cast their spells as the flames rise above Dreaming Ferranoz capital of the bright empire of Akkar Half human wolflings devour its citizens The conflicting spells meet and paralyze the city No one moves even to breathe Time stands still The pall of smoke hangs motionless over unflickering firesOutside the city walls Kandar prince of Ferranoz learns that he might save his people if he can uncover the infamous Trilogy of the Damned the books of sorcery in whose pages is locked the secret incantaion that can free Ferranoz.

9 thoughts on “Kandar

  1. Craig Craig says:

    This volume is graced with a lovely Jeff Jones painting of a man presumably Kandar wearing what appears to be Dr Henry Pym's original Ant Man helmet holding a ginormous broadsword with a young lady who happens to be naked clutching him from behind while they're both sitting on what appears to be a giant ostrich Or maybe it's an emu Anyway there's nothing remotely like this in the story although Kandar himself does ride a flying dragon while naked both he and the dragon while sitting behind the goddess Vashtilulu the Buxom but it does make for an interesting illustration It's an easy story to make fun of but it's not a bad sword and sorcery adventure for it's pre D D time Bulmer was obviously working with his tongue firmly in his cheek for example one of the beasts of burden are called Dumarests the name of the long running space opera hero whose adventures were chronicled by Bulmer's peer EC Tubb There used to be a specific S S fantasy sub genre and Bulmer here tells a fun story while poking a bit of fun at Moorcock Carter Jakes deCamp and company It's probably a niche appeal than anything any but I enjoyed it

  2. Derek Derek says:

    Monkey GhoulsIf there is anything to take away from this review it is these two words They taunted me from the chapter summaries in the table of contents and as soon as I saw them it raised all sorts of entertaining uestions Are these undead monkeys? Do they hunger for human flesh? Will they fling poo? view spoilerNo on the last but you can't have them all I suppose hide spoiler

  3. Leothefox Leothefox says:

    This was a fairly run of the mill sword and sorcery yarn from a time when a lot of run of the mill sword and sorcery book were coming out I'll say this it's better than some and it's way waaaay better than the godawful fantasy like anti fantasy book I finished before thisKenneth Bulmer's Kandar has it's uniue points one of which being that the hero is sword swinging prince who longs to learn science but must turn to sorcery in order to save his kingdom There are a few other inventive tidbits including using necromancy to keep retain the personalities of the slainThe problem is that the book feels a bit rushed A lot of the adventure is glossed over like it was compressed into a montage It seems a bit like Bulmer wanted to write a bigger story but this is the one he had time for But then this might just be how Bulmer writes since I got a similar feeling from Transit to Scorpio the only other Bulmer book I've readKandar also sure seems to get laid uite a bit I guess that was part of the appeal for some readers At least it's not all sick and philosophical about it like Gor The book also aimed for humor a lot which I'm sure scored high with other readers All things considered this wasn't bad and I'm not hugely disappointed There were fun touches including Krak a parody of Conan Bulmer's heart is pretty much in the right place and that counts for something

  4. Faizan Faizan says:

    Did not enjoy reading it that much It was okayThe book structure is badI don't understand why they printed book like this in 50 60sIt's a small font and very tightly printed with fewer marginsAnd chapter after chapter with no blank spaceMaybe a complete review later

  5. Richard Richard says:

    Loved it Great short fantasy story If you were looking for something new nothing really sets this one apart from any other in the genre Everything was typical and by the book The one thing I did not like though was the character gives up on his companions almost completely just to save his city Other than that I really enjoyed this one hope you do too

  6. Charles Charles says:

    Heroic fantasy Good

  7. Eric N. Eric N. says:

    Came across this short fantasy adventure in a Salvation Army No bogged down politics or family tree infofantasic

  8. Tom Tom says:

    This was a nice slender read filled with great ideas and better than mediocre execution It could have been a bit fleshed out which is odd for me to say since I hate literary fluff in fantasy The ending was pretty cool and I was left wondering if there was a seuel I could see a series of adventures about this character Anyways not a bad read

  9. Toby Toby says:

    The worst fantasy book I've ever read This is the epitome of why I normally don't read fantasy

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