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Love Life Again (Library Edition) ☆ [PDF / Epub] ★ Love Life Again (Library Edition) By Tracie Miles ✩ – In Love Life Again Tracie reminds readers they each get only one life to live and inspires them not to take it for granted Through compelling personal stories and powerful insights from Scripture she In Love Life Again Tracie reminds readers they each get only one life to live and inspires them not to take it for granted Through compelling personal stories and powerful insights from Scripture she helps women identify the stumbling blocks to their joy and offers tools and insights to take Love Life eBook ✓ back control of their happiness   Every chapter ends with a practical call to action to motivate readers to begin loving their lives again She also offers reflection uestions prayers and creative ideas to help readers smile Love Life Again helps readers learn how to live the abundant lives Jesus died for them to have despite the circumstances they may face.

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  1. Rachelle Rachelle says:

    My life has been touched and changed by Tracie's previous books especially Your Life Still Counts and Unsinkable Faith so I was very excited to read her newest book Love Life Again Finding Joy When Life Is Hard Of course this book is no different than the others In Love Life Again Tracie Miles writes with transparency vulnerability and honesty She shares how the life shattering devastation that she and her children experienced nearly destroyed her ability to love her life and robbed her of being able to feel joy But she realized that there is so much to life and that  God doesn't want us to allow the things of this world to become our focus He wants us to experience His peace joy and love in all we go through the good times and the bad He wants us to love the life He has given us right now Tracie's Biblical wisdom is evident as she leads us to Scripture and points out how we can get through our own circumstances by trusting in God's promises when the enemy is fighting against us and life becomes just plain hard When we face trials and the things in life that we feel may be robbing us of our joy and happiness we have a choice We can allow the hard things to do exactly that or we can live the way God intended by placing our hope in Jesus and allowing Him to lead us to a life that is filled with love joy hope and peace When we trust in Jesus He will show us how to Love Life Again Some of my favorite uotes from Love Life Again are; You can't change how you responded to yesterday but you can change how you respond to tomorrowThe first step to loving life again is believing it is possible for youThe situations in your life may stay the same but you do not have to live the same after today You know who the enemy is; now stand up and fightForgiveness gave me a heart full of God instead of anger and bitternessFriend forgive them even if they haven't asked for it don't deserve it won't appreciate it and may not recognize that they received it Do it anyway for you Don't let unforgiveness stand between you and the ability to love your life It may not happen overnight but as you continue to ask God to help you forgive and let go of what hurt your heart He will empower youTracie has such a huge heart for wanting to help other women who may be going through the same things she has been through or may be going through so many of life's struggles As you read this book you will feel like you are having a conversation with a good friend You will find yourself nodding your head saying Me too Tracie was obedient to God and wrote this book during what may have been one of the most trying times of her lifeAt the end of each chapter you will find a section titled Love Your Life Challenge In these sections there are;Reflections Action StepsA PrayerSmile suggestionsThere is also a Study Guide to go with this book My book is so full of highlights and underlines after reading it the first time I plan to go through the book again taking time to journal and use the Study Guide I highly recommend Love Life Again to anyone who has ever felt like the enemy is attacking stealing your joy and making you feel like there is no hope You will be uickly reminded that we have a God who loves us so much and He wants us to grow in our faith by drawing close to Him in our times of trialI give Tracie Miles and Love Life Again 5 starsI was given an Advance Reading Copy of this book No review was reuired This is my honest and personal opinion of Love Life Again by Tracie Miles

  2. Patti Whitson Stephenson She Lives to Read Patti Whitson Stephenson She Lives to Read says:

    Reading this book by Tracie Miles is like sitting and talking with a trusted friend and saying “You struggle with that? So do I” I very much appreciated the author’s total honesty in each chapter She’s open about mistakes she’s made She shares her heartache and struggles through difficult times in her life Through the pages of this book she’s an excellent counselor with armed with Scripture and practical advice for our own difficult times Each chapter ends with a “Love Your Life Challenge” that helps apply what we’ve just read The challenge includes a section each of reflect act pray smile This book is a keeper It would be an excellent choice for small group study or book clubI may never be able to actually ever visit with Tracie Miles but I’ve seen her heart for God and others in this book I’ll be reading sections again when I need encouragement and comfortI received a copy of this book from the publisher All opinions are my own

  3. Wayfinding Woman Wayfinding Woman says:

    I have been a caregiver for a medically fragile family member for the better part of a decade and books like this one really help keep me grounded in what is most important I listened to the audio version and the narration was good

  4. Melissa Henderson Melissa Henderson says:

    Encouraging and inspiring When life takes turns we never expected how do we handle our emotions? Do we give up? Complain in anger? Do we feel life will never be the same and we'll never be happy again? In this amazing book author Tracie Miles shares personal examples and Biblical examples of times when joy was hard to find Through each experience there is opportunity to grow in faith and to lean on God I have highlighted many passages in this book and will read again and again I received an ARC of the book This is my personal honest opinion No review was reuired

  5. Lyli Dunbar Lyli Dunbar says:

    Tracie Miles shares personal stories practical tips and Scriptural wisdom to help her readers push past pain to rediscover joy in their daily lives As a woman who has experienced personal heartbreak and loss Tracie shares how she fought to love her own life again with authenticity that is likable this book is Biblical but not preachy Tracie challenges her readers to reflect on their past take action pray through their problems and fight for the sunshine and smile in their lives I was so encouraged by her story and her wisdom and am delighted to recommend this book to anyone who is in the trenches of climbing out of a valley of sorrow and disappointment Tracie will be your new best friend one who listens and understands and walks with you on hard daysI received an Advance Reading Copy from the publisher No review was reuired and the thoughts express here are my personal opinion on this fabulous book

  6. Deje Deje says:

    No matter what season of life you are in you can always choose to love life again Loving life is a choice that we make daily as we live out our lives Each chapter ends with practical ways we can start applying what we read to our lives as we journey down the path God has in store for us An easy read that I couldn't put down and am anxious to read again I received an advanced reader's copy in exchange for my honest review

  7. Lynnette Lynnette says:

    It wasn't really relevant to my life right now but I bought the book and read it because it was the latest Proverbs 31 online Bible study The author does include some inspiring stories both personal and others She also includes practical advice and a few probing uestions as well as some fun suggestions at the end of each chapter to bring a smile to your face Even if it didn't directly apply to my current life situation it was worth taking the time to read

  8. Shelley Shelley says:

    I really enjoyed this book So many aspects of my life are intersecting on this conceptI attended a new church today where the pastor talked about thankfulness being defined as”thankfulness is attitude that perfectly displaces my sinful tendency to complain and thereby releases joy and blessing into my life” I also joined a 90 day challenge recently where one of the daily activities is to come up with 10 things I am thankful for daily I opened my book today to find the chapter on “Developing a Thankful Heart” This is a book I will be holding onto going forward as it is good encouragement when times are rough

  9. Tracy Tracy says:

    Love Tracie’s writing style She shares her heart and gives you practical advise for having joy A must read

  10. Julie Hall Julie Hall says:

    Easy to read Short inspiration chapters I read it as an e book I think it would be even better as a physical book

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