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  1. Cassidy Cassidy says:

    While it had some good points this book was very offensive to me I have never read a biased homophobic antifeminist book I can understand why some Christians are so ignorant but really this is just another reason why I hate to call myself a Christian even though I follow Christ I don't like the way Christians act For example trying to convince me that homosexuality is a sin and then saying Sin removes joy Sin brings physical damageSin produces fear Oh really? I've never seen homosexuality do any of that in fact I'd say in most cases it does the opposite of all of those To uote 1 John 48 God is love So why in the world are these authors so against love? Doesn't sound Christian to me Then there's the whole antifeminist chapter Literally an entire chapter saying how even though society is trying to make people believe that men and women should be eual that's wrong? It tried to argue that simply because Adam was made first he was superior to Eve I actually believe that well SOMEONE had to be made first If it had been Eve meninism would be a real thing and feminism the joke After venting about this to my friend they told me that they believed Adam to have been a woman originally and that Eve being made from Adam is technically a clone of Adam and therefore could hardly be a different sex I added that before sin there was no need for reproduction because there was no death so it's totally plausible The rest could have been part of the curse Not to mention Adam is the Hebrew word for human genderlessly so really Adam may not be a name as much as it is a title per se The worst part though is that these authors just think they're SO RIGHT about it on the flimsiest evidence Bible verses that could be interpreted a hundred different ways and a little story that for all we know could have been fictional aren't convincing to me about something I believe with all my heart And that is that God loves us all eually and sees the soul before he sees the gender he made us and wants us to love each other like that too I believe God is a feminist Not that he values people who are only wives and mothers and have no job God calls us all different ways so who's to say women shouldn't want a job? Too manly? I think that this aspect of the book is influenced by the scum of the earth than I am by disagreeing and believing differently When I started typing this I literally told myself I wouldn't go off and argue the whole book because it was really only about 30% of the book I found offensive Whoops Maybe I just really want the authors to stop sounding so cocky about everything the voice used in some of these chapters made me feel like you thought you were getting your words directly from Jesus but I strongly disagree Really the only reason this book has than one star is because it did have some good points about other things like how wasted time could be used better or that having a good life isn't necessarily the best life to lead Good try guys But please do some research next time you write a book God bless you both 3

  2. Any Length Any Length says:

    I had to pray about writing this review because the book had made me say yes one minute and be angry about the closed mindedness the otherWhat do I agree with 1 Definitely do not think that you cannot live without your friends current set or any other set 2 Definitely do not think that you are nothing without your boyfriend 3 Definitely do not thing that you have to do what he asks for sexually if you want to wait for marriage before taking that step4 Definitely do not let peer pressure push you into anything that you find incompatible with your faithWhat I do NOT Agree with1 That practicing the exercises of yoga is a satanic or other faith practice It's just exercise and you can connect with God this way just as well as through other ways2 That meditation practices are not good for Christians If we meditate on bible verses what can be wrong about that? AND the absolute worst one from this bookThat women have but one primary purpose to be a good wife and mother That motherhood is their fulfillment What a lot of baloney I did not chose motherhood because I am not good mother material I am glad God let me live in a time where contraception is possible and I did not have to have babies It would have been a sad life for them indeed I am not a career woman who spends 60 hours a week working But I do object to someone telling me that my only true calling was to get married and have kids I don't even like kids not yours and I am sure mine neither The mere thought of having kids is awful to me And don't someone write to me and tell me about the ticking clock I have been on contraception for 38 years and am just about done with that kind of fruitful part of my life and I never once heard one single tick nor one single tock EVER If God had made me to embrace motherhood He would have 1 given me a better mother 2 given me the desire for kids and 3 supplied the skills He did none of that So regardless of what verse you want to toss my way motherhood was NOT my calling And there are plenty of other women who are in the same position I chose not to have kids I didn't want kids I don't have kids I don't like kids I never wanted kids from the very earliest thoughts I did not want kids Ever

  3. Cavak Cavak says:

    What a frustrating read Putting aside my personal thoughts on religion the authors promote behavior that I think is illogical and alienating Consider yourself gender fluid trans gay lesbian or bi? Want to explore sexual experiences while you're young? Believe that women can have a say in decisions during a marriage and don't have to be mothers to live fulfilling lives? Enjoy doing yoga? Like movies music or literature that has any scene with sex violence or illicit behavior? Curious about your horoscope zodiac tarot cards or palm readings? Then you are one of many being tricked in our fallen world of human emotions Never mind that many modern laws inventions movements and so on that we may take for granted were created precisely because people are driven by emotional experiences YikesAnd there's no consideration whatsoever for anyone who may be seriously ill or suffering any sort of physical disability Depression obsessions and suicidal thoughts get mild mentions but that's about it for tackling mental health issues The idea that anyone outside of the Midwest US community doesn't even register a footnote for a book that claims to be understanding for younger women is also terrifyingAt times the authors give advice I can agree with your happiness shouldn't be judged entirely by your accomplishments treasure inner beauty first within yourself and others reach out to others less fortunate than you before it crash lands by promoting extrinsic dependency or by contradicting themselves within the same page or paragraph sometimes Because God is stated to be an entity outside of you and the only one worthy of your absolute love obedience and loyalty It's probably not intentional but carrying that kind of mindset dilutes any encouragement to learn from personal experiences to me And implies that punishment and conditioning works for all which may actually drive people further apart than the authors intendedI appreciate that the authors are reporting success stories for women turning their lives around with their support Bravo But this book is not one that I would feel comfortable recommending to anyone outside of educational or critical thinking debates I received the book for free through Goodreads Giveaways

  4. Karyssa Karyssa says:

    This book definitely deserves than five stars I went into this book knowing that the author was going to make a list of lies every girl and woman most likely believed at some point in their life And I already knew that there were lies I have believed I just didn't know which ones I really liked how they told the stories of other Christian girls because a lot of times we think that we're the only ones that struggle that all the other Christian girls have it all together But it's not true and I highly recommend this book I strongly encourage every single girl to read this Boys may even want to read it I think that some of these lies even boys may tend to believe toBut in my opinion the first step you need to take before you read the book is Admit to yourself that there are lies that you believe even though you may not know what they are Yet

  5. Katherine Forster Katherine Forster says:

    Excellent Dose of TruthI confess that I wasn't too sure about this book to begin with A book about lies doesn't necessarily sound like the greatest read haha But it pretty uickly put my fears to rest Nancy and Dannah provide a great rundown not only of the lies we so often choose to believe but also of the truth that has the power to overcome them A main focus was on getting God's word into your heart which I loved My only main concern was that certain illustrations and sections dealt with issues that might not be appropriate for middle school age and younger Overall this was a good book and one I'd recommend

  6. Kate Schartel Kate Schartel says:

    ExtremeNot completely without merit otherwise I'd be writing that it should get zero stars; however the majority of viewpoints in this book are far too extreme to be practical and every time I think I read a nice lovely sentiment that actually resonates with me it is followed by extremist absurdity that just doesn't align with my faith

  7. Shannon Shannon says:

    I'm not the target age group for this book I actually read it to see if I could recommend it to others The message of the book is very good It's honest practical and helpful For any Christian girl in her teens who is immersed in today's culture and the typical church it is a message that needs to be read and applied For those who have lived sheltered lives parts of it would be unnecessary and perhaps better skipped though there's still an incredible amount of worthwhile material The reader learns to take the Bible and apply it to real life clearly and practically The part I don't like is the layout extra page embellishments sidebars It's distracting interrupting and annoying Maybe it appeals to the target group but I don't need a lime green header on each page and I don't like interrupting the thought flow to read a definition in a circle or a side bar of practical ideas or illustration I still managed to find the good things If you find yourself plagued by depression eating disorders bad habits sinful desires and so many other things you'll find help here You'll find the solution because the help comes from God's Word

  8. Laura Laura says:

    Has great writings of how to counter lies with the Truth of what God says about us and life

  9. Natalie Natalie says:

    First and foremost I believe every Christian teenager should check out what Nancy DeMoss has to offer She wrote this with Dannah Gresh This was so helpful and everyone can take something out of this I fall into believing so many of these lies mentioned from time to time and I constantly have to remind myself that as a Christian my worth is not determined by the things of the world Oh how depressing that would be I am valued by an omniscient creator God who knows my name in the midst of every created thing in the universe That’s pretty significant right?

  10. Bethany Bethany says:

    Nancy’s writing is harmful to women It perpetuates lies invented by men to keep women filled with shame silent and doubting their ability to hear from the Holy Spirit and stand confidently in their own autonomy In lieu of reading her work please instead seek the writings of Dr Jackie Roese and Carolyn Custis James

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Lies Young Women Believe [Reading] ➸ Lies Young Women Believe Author Nancy Leigh DeMoss – Many young women have been lied to Through a nationwide survey and in depth discussion groups Nancy and Dannah have listened carefully to the heart of the younger generation and they felt compelled to Many young women have been lied to Through a nationwide survey and in depth discussion groups Nancy and Dannah have listened carefully to the heart of the younger generation and they felt compelled to write this book Lies Young PDF \ In it Nancy and Dannah expose the lies young women most commonly believe  They share real life accounts from some of the young women they interviewed along with honest stories about how they've overcome lies they believed themselves  They get down in the trenches of the battle with readers  But best of all they show readers how to be set free by the Truth.

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About the Author: Nancy Leigh DeMoss

Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth also known as Nancy Leigh DeMoss is the host and teacher for Revive Our Hearts and Seeking Him two nationally syndicated programs heard each weekday on over radio stations She is a mentor Lies Young PDF \ and spiritual mother to thousands of women and a leader of the True Woman movement.