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Stone Groove [Reading] ➿ Stone Groove By Erik Carter – An empty crime scene A blood spattered stone And a 400 year old mystery An entire colony disappeared off the face of the earth It's America's greatest mystery and it happened centuries ago Now it's ha An empty crime scene A blood spattered stone And a year old mystery An entire colony disappeared off the face of the earth It's America's greatest mystery and it happened centuries ago Now it's happened againFederal Agent Dale Conley specializes in the unusual and he's seen it all Except for this An entire community has vanished overnight One hundred forty seven people The only clue is the word ROANOKE chiseled into a blood spattered stoneDale knows that in the s a series of stones was discovered—stones with carved messages that allegedly told the fate of the Roanoke Colony When Dale finds stones with cryptic messages it's clear he has a copycat criminal on his hands Each of the stones lead Dale to a few of the missing people and he must solve the stones' riddles correctly—or the hostages are killedDale soon realizes that the kidnapper knows the details of his past Including his dark secrets Now as Dale races to find the stones he must come head on with his own demons to have a chance at saving the missing people The Dale Conley Historical Action Thriller Series Stone Groove is the first book in the Dale Conley series of historical action thrillers.

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  1. Susan Hampson Susan Hampson says:

    Well you never know what you are going to get with a new series and a new author well new to me anyway to say that I wasn’t disappointed would be a gross under statement What I got was a really likable bloke even if he was rather fond of himself too a special agent for the Bureau of Esoteric Investigation or BEI for short Pretty cool eh? OK I hadn’t a clue what this was but from the first couple of chapters I knew that I was going to have fun finding outSpecial agent Dale Conley hadn’t been a special agent for many years but there again he hadn’t always been Dale Conley either What made him darn good at his job was the experiences he had gone through as Brad Walker a survivor of an horrific tragedy and total mad man and not forgetting of course his super intelligence too He always has an eye for the ladies and a brilliant light humour just turned a great story into all round entertainment no matter what the situation was that he was inDale’s speciality is the unusual the puzzles that are left behind after something that at first seems impossible to have happened actual happens So the disappearance of 147 people than fits the bill but it isn’t the first time so is history repeating itself in some sort of mystic way or is a sinister cause responsible? The past definitely knows how to raises its ugly headThis really is a cracking start to this series and introduction to a team with boundless possibilities and hang ups This book has uite a few garden paths that I was merrily lead up on this very pacey story Hope to see the next book in this series soonI wish to thank the author for a copy of this book wish I have chosen to review in an honest and truthful way

  2. Ellen Ellen says:

    As soon as I read the blurb for Stone Groove my interest was piued; described as a historical action thriller it didn’t sound like anything I had read before I wasn’t wrongFour hundred years ago in Roanoke 117 people simply disappeared without a trace and became known as the Lost Colony In present day America the same thing has happened to a colony called The Marshallites 147 people are missing and it is up to Dale Conley to solve the riddles left carved into stones before time runs outDale works for the Bureau of Esoteric Investigations BEI a kind of X Files of the Department of Justice He is often given copycat cases and ends up with the task of solving this mysteryI really liked Dale; he is methodical but a rule breaker a charmer with moral values and an all round nice guyThe tension is really high and my nerves were wrecked following Dale trying to find the Man in Black who is pulling the strings and battling with ghosts from his past which threaten to unbalance himI enjoyed Stone Groove and hope there will be books featuring Dale Conley

  3. Ariana Fae Ariana Fae says:

    STONE GROOVE by Erik Carter was an interesting novel that combines ancient mystery sinister conspiracies history and cults to create a thrilling story I like that Eric used the 70’s era to set his story in and his protagonist Federal Agent Dale Conley well developed with a sarcastic sense of humor The story is face paced with a swift narrative and twists that made the read enjoyable Also the little tidbits of history the author dropped here and there was a nice touch without taking away from the pace It’s a great start to a new pulp thriller

  4. Scott Scott says:

    I won a copy of Stone Groove in a Goodreads giveaway thanks to the generosity of the author Simply said I loved it Imagine James Bond mixed with Robert Langdon and you have Dale Conley a federal agent in a mission to find a cultish colony of missing people The plot was well paced and the characterisation was suitable for an action thriller I did guess the mystery antagonist about a third of the way in but this did not lesson my enjoyment of the book A definite must read for fans of action and mystery thrillers

  5. Frankie Cox Frankie Cox says:

    Great concept and i enjoyed the book but feel like could have been done with the puzzles That was why I was interested in this book to begin with

  6. Norma Norma says:

    Format Audiobook Call me Father Before his life was re invented some two years before Dale Conley was first a reporter for his university friend's rag the World Wide Weekly Report then left after an especially traumatizing investigation to become briefly a best selling author specializing in mystery stories in which the reader had to unravel cryptic puzzles before being able to continue with the book Now he is a Special Agent working for the secret BEI Bureau of Esoteric Investigation part of the Department of justice So he was obviously the man to call in when without any apparent reason a whole village goes missing No sign of violence or any outside influences and no sign of the 147 inhabitants Just a blood covered stone with the single word Roanoke scratched into the surface Where did everyone go?Stone Groove is an intriguing action packed mystery thriller which links to an historical disappearance of the Roanoke community when America was first being settled Vividly written there is a real feeling of presence in the various locations visited as Dale struggles to unravel clues to the locations of the missing people as well as finding out the why and the who of what was going on with some shocks along the way Interesting little tidbits of history too Although not written in the first person the reader is given clear insight into Sales thoughts fears and terror The characterisation of the lead protagonist is excellent and other of the characters are also well developedIDale is an easy going sarcastic agent a mezs according to certain of his conventional bureau colleagues and narrator Adam Verner captures his personality beautifully in his excellent reading His pleasant melifluous voice is well cadenced with a slowish delivery and a touch of whimsy fitting the character of Dale but which adjusts to the speed of the text All the protagonists are distinctive and individually voiced A good performanceThis is one of those 'can the reader unravel the clues first? ' type of thriller with the occasional gasp out loud reaction to events unfolding A deep word of thanks to the rights holder who in response to my reuest via Audiobook Boom freely gifted me with a complimentary of of Stone Groov It was exciting enthralling and I loved it I sincerely hope that the next Dale Conley book Dream On will also appear in audio format soon Highly recommended

  7. Barbara Hackel Barbara Hackel says:

    This isn't normally my first choice in types of books to read because I don't really like thrillers However when I read the blurb and it talked about the whole village of 147 people disappearing overnight it of course reminded me of the Lost Colony of Roanoke When I read a sample and found out it was being compared to the Lost Colony I decided to read it Once I started the book I couldn't put it down and finished it in a few hours It was an amazing story of manipulation told in flashbacks as well as present time The absolute shock of who was behind this whole disappearance and how everything was accomplished was unbelievable The author did a wonderful job telling you just enough at each point in the book that you could form your own opinion about what was really happening and who was orchestrating the plan Then out of the blue we would find out a new detail that would put us right back at the point of not knowing any of the key players I also liked the angle of an elite division of the DOJ only 7 people in this group that had their original identities expunged and the current ones totally untraceable When the villain knows the hero's original identity it becomes a little obvious what is going on to him The entire mystery of the lost villagers was meted out in riddles that the agent had to solve often within secondsExciting well written and unsure of the end result right down to the end of the book all worked together to make this a thriller that kept my attention to the last word Tying history and a modern crime made for a great beginning of a series that you won't want to miss

  8. Jennifer Tooker Jennifer Tooker says:

    Full Disclosure – I was provided with a copy of this book by the author however have voluntarily chosen to write a review All opinions are my ownHistory RepeatsOver the course of a few days an entire community goes missing Over 100 men women and children vanish with the only clue being a blood spattered stone with the word “Roanoke” carved on it BEI Special Agent Dale Conley must decipher the riddles left behind by the mysterious person known as “Father” but the stakes are high and the price for failure is death With each new riddle a parallel begins to be drawn between the Marshallite community and Dale’s own past What starts out as a routine BEI case has become personal and Conley must confront his own demons if he is going to make it out alive Stone Groove is the first in the Dale Conley Action Thrillers series by Erik Carter but it is not the first one that I have read Having previously read Dream On I was eager to delve into this title I was not disappointed While Stone Groove is the first in the series I didn’t at all feel as if I was backtracking by reading this title out of order As a separate stand alone novel Stone Groove works well to tell an intriguing story while introducing the reader to the major players of the overall seriesSet in the seventies Carter takes us back to a time before cell phones and computers maybe not a simpler time but a time where communication is not as immediate as it is today As with Dream On Carter has taken a historical event in the disappearance of the sixteenth century Roanoke Colony and has used it as the backdrop to tell the tale of his modern day Marshallites Using historical facts along with eually riddles designed to test Conley’s knowledge “The Father” and “The Man in Black” keep one step ahead of almost to the very end For me I really liked this story; how we get to see a bit of Dale’s past and how it comes back to haunt him so to speak And as with “Dream On” “Stone Groove” also had me delving deeper into the story of Virginia Dare and the lost Roanoke colony which is never a bad thing to learn something new as you’re indulging in a great story Yet again another great story that has left me looking forward to the next book

  9. Cath Cath says:

    Special Agent Dale Conley is only a few years into his new role and starts the story chasing a suspect for his current case That comes to an abrupt end and suddenly a new case is thrust upon himHe is sent with Agent Cody Wilson to investigate the disappearance of 147 souls from the Marshallite village a group with a leader and set in olden ways there one day and all gone the next The only clue left behind is linked to the loss of a whole group of colonists from England in the 1560’s known as the Lost Colony of RoanokeWhat is the connection with this unsolved disappearance and what has happened now? Clues are being left which link the two and are sent to test Dales’ riddle solving abilities The case brings up unwanted memories from his past and events that occurred which could have been his undoingI love the fact our Secret Agent is casually dressed and the complete opposite of what you think of for a ‘G man’ He cracks jokes and make inappropriate comments at the wrong time and is a bit of a womaniser by the sounds of it Nothing like you would expectCults and strange goings on from the ‘70’s are brought to the fore and the influence one can have over others is truly shown in this bookI have stayed up since going to bed to finish this in one session as I couldn’t put it down Certainly an author I shall now be following and glad to have had the chance to read his first book in the series can’t wait for some

  10. Lagniappe Lagniappe says:

    A real page turner and a solid first installment in this series Agent Dale Conley works for the BEI a very small and very secret division of national law enforcement He becomes involved in a Virginia case where an entire community has simply vanished overnight Further someone or something is attempting to draw a parallel between this disappearance and the disappearance of the original settlers of the Jamestown colony Can the two events really be related or is this the work of a very sick mind? It's up to Dale to find outThe plot zips along with enough action to make you keep turning the pages And as someone old enough to have lived in the early 1970s I loved the setting complete with references to hippies Farrah hair and muscle cars Our hero is not unlikeable though not yet loveable and it took me a while to figure out who the villain was kudos to Mr Carter None of the secondary cast of characters grabbed me but they have potential And while I thought the final scene between hero and villain was a bit over the top it did not lessen my overall enjoyment of the book I look forward to reading about Agent Conley's next case and I recommend you give this one a try

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