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Nineteen Minutes [Epub] ➛ Nineteen Minutes By Jodi Picoult – In nineteen minutes you can mow the front lawn color your hair watch a third of a hockey game In Nineteen Minutes you can mow the front lawn color your hair watch a third of a hockey game.

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  1. Sammy Sammy says:

    This book is a hard book to put down because the entire time you're seeking answers Why? What actually happened? What made it progress to this? Things like that Things that people asked after Columbine most recently after Virginia Tech and after all the other school shootings Once again Jodi Picoult tackles a sensitive and controversial issue in an amazingly strong and dignified manner that doesn't have you choosing sidesShe did it to the reader in My Sister's Keeper where the minute you began to go to one side she presents something where you're suddenly seeing it all from a different angle Every time you begin to thing Peter was in the right an angry and upset parent stands up and says something to make you think again A writer who can play devil's advocate to her own characters is a gifted writer indeed Nineteen Minutes ends with stunning results We think we know exactly what happened but as the story progresses and we delve deeper into various characters psyche we begin to realize everything is not what it seems I don't want to spoil anything but if you're like me you'll begin to suspect things earlier on In the end the book will leave you with a feeling of sad hope a feeling I never knew existed until I finished this bookI'd say but as with other books I've reviewed sometimes I just have to let the book speak for itself It's such an amazingly sensitive story to critiue it too much might skew your own opinion going into it The writing is beautiful the characters complex and real That's all I'm going to say I think you need to find the rest out for yourself

  2. Kate Kate says:

    I have read most of Jodi Picoult's books and they are always entertaining and easy to read However this one was definitely not my favorite and I often found it a bit formulaic and poorly executed Maybe it's because I HAVE read so many of her books that I was looking for her signature twist at the ending which an astute reader will guess at halfway through the book if not earlier and her characters seem to act in certain ways that are not fittingSpoilers FollowSPOILERS BELOWThe book is centered around a high school shooting the culprit a teenage boy named Peter Houghton who to my mind is not a very convincing villain The reader is supposed to empathize with Peter from the time he's a baby this supposed monster is shown as a tender loving boy who gets picked on mercilessly at school The point really is to show that even the most sensitive nice child can be turned into a killer when he is bullied relentlessly But I still never really saw Peter as he is portrayed in the flashbacks as the same kid who was purported to have killed ten of his classmates in a murderous rampageAnother loose end that never seems to get tied up is Peter's uestioning of his sexuality In one chapter Peter is going to a gay bar and a GLAAD meeting thinking he likes men He is sitting next to Josie another main character and thinking that although she's pretty he feels nothing for her Fast forward fifty pages and he's sending Josie a lovesick email about how much he wants to be a couple with her The point of this ostensibly is to show that because the bullies tormented Peter with cries of homo that caused him to even uestion his own sexuality But the email to Josie just seemed to be a convenient and very out of character move to tie plot points togetherThe most baffling of all and the hardest to accept is the infamous Picoult plot twist which is set up through the whole book via a second gun with only a partial fingerprint that seems to have been fired but nobody can find the bullet and it's lying on the floor in the room with Josie her dead boyfriend and the shooter Glimpses of a uasi abusive relationship between Josie and her jock boyfriend surface and then the bombshell JOSIE shot the boyfriend And THEN Peter shot him too Despite the fact that Josie loved him Or hated him Despite the fact that Josie has shown no inclination toward homicide and happens to be standing face to face with the boy who has just slaughtered all of her friends Does this seem believable to anyone? Again it's ostensibly because Josie doesn't see another way out of this relationship the jock boyfriend has threatened to kill himself if she ever leaves him But shooting him in the gut? That's a bit overwrought and hard to swallowI write this review as a loyal fan of Jodi Picoult's work and an ardent fan of books like The Pact and My Sister's Keeper I just wish Picoult would step out of the box a little bit and shake things up just like moviegoers are starting to tire of M Night Shyamalan's plot twists and wacked out endings so I'm beginning to be unsurprised and underwhelmed by Picoult's work

  3. KAS KAS says:

    YOWSA What a thought provoking absorbing listen While I’m 12 years late it was great to finally get around to this incredible read no matter how difficult the subject matter and unfortunately still so relevant todayI chose the audiobook format and found it very hard to hit the “pause” buttonIt was impossible for me to not to fall in love with some characters and feel utter hate for the actions of others I am purposely being vague about the storyline as I cannot encourage you enough to go in totally blind for the most powerful and surprising effectThis is definitely one I will never forgetIt had been way too long since I was entertained by Jodi Picoult and will check my local library’s inventory for of this author’s audiobooksExtremely well written and narrated

  4. Lara Lara says:

    Believe it or not I have never actually read one of Jodi Piccoult's books before I'm not really sure why but I haven't This particular book has really stayed with me as I finished it and I think Piccoult makes a few very important pointsobservations1 Sometimes the perpetrator of a heinous crime is the biggest victim of them all Reading the things that Peter went through sometimes brought me to tears I have never understood how people can treat others so badly and the behavior of the bullies in this story was beyond the pale It was easy to see how he could have been driven to do what he did even though it was absolutely horrific2 High school is hard I think most of us can look back on our high school days and remember struggling to fit in remember the cruelty of some kids and remember thinking that being popular meant you'd made it in life Now with my adult perspective I can see how silly much of it was but I remember that it was very real to me I wasn't popular but I did find my niche I went through my share of teasing and in the end I think it made me a stronger person however I never endured anything like what Peter had to endure and I wonder how I would have gotten through something like that3 Nobody can judge a situation perfectly euitably Not even a superior court judge The storyline of Alex and her daughter showed that uite well but so did the stories of most of the characters You can't judge only on face value or even on actions only Piccoult did an excellent job of playing Devil's advocate for every single characterso much so that it is difficult to make up your mind one way or the other4 Schools may have a zero tolerance policy for bullying but in reality they turn a blind eye to much of it I have experienced this a bit with Bria's schools I think it is impossible for the teachers and administration to really see what is going on all the time but I do think that they need to be aware of who is the bully and who is the victim It was very sad and even gut wrenching to see how the teachers either didn't want to deal with Peter's situation half heartedly dealt with it encouraged it or punished him right along with the bully I don't really know what the answer is but it seems to me there's got to be something better5 Peter's crime shouldn't be blamed on his parents but they aren't guilt free either We can see that Peter's parents did what they thought was best and they loved him However from the time he was born they constantly compared him to his older brother who was seemingly perfect It got to a point that Peter couldn't confide in them about the hurt he was experiencing because they always asked why he couldn't just be like Joey And then to have Joey killed tragically a year before Peter's shooting spree didn't help Both parents eventually admitted to themselves that they would have rather had Peter been killed in the car accident instead of Joey Wow I am pretty sure that kind of an attitude is evident to children no matter how hard you try to hide it Other mistakes these parents made were writing off Peter's anti social behaviors for normal teenage boy actions and not really trying to have a relationship with him Allowing him his privacy instead of finding out what he was up to and what was going on in his life in a way that showed they truly were interested about him and truly cared They seemed to be the poster children for loving but lazy parenting Which really isn't loving actuallyLikewise Alex had issues being a mother and it took a tragic event to help her to reevaluate her priorities and her actions as Josie's mother I was happy she recognized her mistakes and worked to be better but still much of the damage had already been done At least it wasn't as bad of a situation as Peter's parents were in where the damage had all been done and there was no repairing any of it6 Ultimately it doesn't matter what the mitigating circumstances are The law is still the law Alex dealt with this early in her career as a judgenot agreeing with some laws but still having to uphold them legally gun control And of course Peter and Josie needed to pay for their actions That is the law I don't think it could be any different and of course I don't excuse Peter for what he did As the trial showed there were other kids who were bullied just as much who didn't decide to shoot up the school There are so many other things I could say about this book Piccoult is obviously very good at bringing up hot button societal issues and presenting them in a way that makes you really think I am excited to read of her novelsA few silly annoyances because I always have them1 One of the first times we meet Judge Alex Cormier is when she is pregnant with Josie and she fills out a form with her name Alexandra Cormier Later in the book it talks about how her name isn't short for Alexandra like people assume Well then why would she fill out paperwork like that? 2 People are constantly pinching the bridge of their noses in exasperation I swear I read that phrase than 5 times 3 I didn't feel the twist at the end was sufficiently explained Maybe the abusive relationship she sort of showed between Matt and Josie explains it She foreshadowed a bit that something big was up but I didn't feel that what Josie ultimately did made a ton of sense in the situation Perhaps a bit backstory on the relationship or at the very least on Josie's feelings about the relationship would have made sense to me As it was I felt it was a bit out of place Definitely twisty though So if that's what Piccoult was going for then great

  5. Madeline Madeline says:

    When I read this book a few years ago I had already gotten through four other Jodi Picoult My Sister's Keeper The Tenth Circle Vanishing Acts and The Plain Truth in case anyone cares I feel that we had a good relationship Sure after the first exciting fling things got predictable pretty fast gee I wonder if this one will have dramatic courtroom scenes? but Jodi was still able to keep me hooked Then I read Nineteen Minutes and decided it was time to call it off One big problem with the book is that I was expected to think or at least consider that a kid being bullied for years is an excuse to shoot up a high school killing not only the cliche popular jerks but also several innocent bystanders No I'm sorry no It didn't help that the bullied kid in uestion was utterly unlikable as was his tragic friend with the abusive jock asshole boyfriend every high school related convention and cliche is used and run into the goddamned ground here and it is unpleasant But here's the real reason the book gets one star and I don't consider this a spoiler because I think people deserve to be warned about this the morbid fascination of school shootings stems from I believe the mystery of why any kid would go to such an extreme Since most of the people who commit this crime end up killing themselves we never really know how or if they justified their actions With this in mind pretend you're a writer working on a book about a school shooting where the killer narrates some of the story Wouldn't it be a good idea to have a chapter where the reader gets to be inside the killer's head during the actual shooting so they could understand his thought process and logic?If you answered well duh then congratulations you are not Jodi Picoult Throughout the entire book we never ever get to see the shooting through the bullied kid's eyes Why did he shoot the people who never harmed him including a teacher who was kind to him and some random girl just walking in his line of fire? Did he feel any remorse during the shooting? What was he thinking? Why did he stop in the middle of his spree to sit down in the cafeteria and eat a bowl of cereal? We never find out and this infuriated me so much Picoult might as well have ended the book with I'm Jodi Picoult and I get paid thousands of dollars to print out crap they sell in airport bookstores I do what I want so fuck youYeah you know what? Fuck you Jodi People are only buying your damn book so they can get into the killer's head in the exact way I've described and you're just screwing with them Not cool

  6. Whitney Atkinson Whitney Atkinson says:

    35 StarsThe oldest book on my TBR is finally complete My sopho year of high school a classmate of mine gave a presentation on this book saying it was her favorite of all time and ever since then I've been interested in what she loved so much about it Books about school shootings have always intrigued me but they're especially relevant today I'm glad I read this book after I read A Mother's Reckoning because that gave such an insight to being in the critical spotlight as the mother of a school shooter and a lot of Sue's experiences were echoed in this bookMy lasting impression of this book rests on two things 1 It reads kind of like an episode of law and order just a little bit too cookie cutter and predictable in a way that reminds you that what you're readingwatching is fictional2 This book is now a bit dated This shooting in the book occurred in 2007 and the media and technology have evolved so much now that parts of this felt antiuatedThis was still worth the read after owning it for 4 years but I can't say it's one of my new favorites

  7. XxTainaxX Curvy and Nerdy XxTainaxX Curvy and Nerdy says:

    This is a powerful read After an act of violence is perpetuated at the local high school those 19 minutes change a New Hampshire town forever The writing is riveting and poignant We are reading about the events leading up to the climax The history of the individuals involved Their mindset It's a lot to take in Especially because the good aren't all good and the bad aren't all bad I think as readers it puts us in a uniue and introspective position as we are not shown only the parts that are convenient The big picture isn't simple either It's messy It's emotional It's heartbreaking There are no winners It makes you think about the signs you are possibly not seeing The things you are saying or not saying for that matter It makes you think about things done to you or things you may have done to others Although I predicted some of what turned out to be the twist in the story I found myself utterly drawn in by the story The characters were dynamic and complex Layered very well The plot dealt with a sensitive situation gracefully not taking short cuts and offering a well rounded perspective The writing was just stellar An absolute win Safety There is abuse and sex that doesn't always appear to be consensual There is a lot of physical violence

  8. Elyse Walters Elyse Walters says:

    Read this years ago — gripping towards the end I thought it was very engaging disturbing honest and the situations of how things unraveled were thought provoking Still remember itNot sure why I never wrote a review But I was inspired by having just read a review by KAS who recently read it We are NEVER LATE TO READ A BOOK older books are rockoften better than recent booksDedicated to KAS Enjoyed her reaction to this book her NOT being late to the party The story has stayed with me all these years

  9. kwesi 章英狮 kwesi 章英狮 says:

    I can't stop loving this book if you guys only have the chance to read this Sometimes I find her works destructing annoying and a good sleeping pill for those people who suffer from insomnia I might be too judgmental but swear you can take my words after reading her earlier works This time Picoult wanted to portray a community a school where innocent students were bullied by the jocks The reality of a typical American school environment for students who suffer to stand out in the crowd and to those people who feed in to gain their desires In nineteen minutes you can mow the front lawn color your hair watch a third of a hockey game In nineteen minutes you can back scones or get a tooth filled by a dentist; you can fold for family of five In nineteen minutes you can stop the world or you can just jump off it In nineteen minutes you can get revenge In a small town of New Hampshire Sterling the people were shattered by an act of violence A violence that no one expected a massacre that kills ten students and injured nine The unforgettable event that widen the understanding of every witness that touches and experience such violent event From the eye of a seventeen year old boy Peter Houghton the act of killing is just the beginning of everything and the act of killing himself to free from his pastJosie Cormier lying in a blood bath nobody knows if she was dead or alive but the simple glitch of her body she was discovered to be the only survivor who never injured totally She can be the witness of the killing but the down side is can she ever remember what happened? Besides her two shots found in the body of the most popular jock and Josie's boyfriend Matt Royston no pulse blood flows and dead on the spotFor the eyes of the two mother Lacy and Alex both were good mothers they tried to be with their son and daughter and their friendship that they thought will last long How can they even manage the situation when they needed each other again for so long? Sometimes being a good mother takes a lot of sacrifice for the safety of othersI really liked Jodi's concept of applying bullying on one of her books this one affected me so much Not because I bullied others it is because I've been bullied ones School is a place where most of the students thought that can protect them or us but this time a school can only be as dangerous as what Peter thought A place where bullies jocks ueens and the cheerios lived and reign Nowadays computer games social networking or the online life itself can be a tool to gain freedom from the outside world Some people talk much online or just being friendly to others but personally they are just puppet of the real world This place is just a place were outsiders come and a place where people thought they are safety But online can be a tool to bullying cyber bullying You don't know their are people who are talking at your back trying to send private messages hiding their faces or they wanted you to be like them There is no age limit and everyone can do such little creepy crime When you discovered it you'll realize their is no such place as safe For Peter and the other people who read the book it will be a lesson to usThe medical psychology and law factor of this book indeed a great success form her other books It has a stronger structure than her past novels except Plain Truth which also have the same strong medical and law factor plus she also included great conflict between two cultures How can she manage to write such book pact with exciting events? I don't know maybe she extended her research not only the part of the bullied but also the effect of the simple crime to a child plus her experience How many people died everyday? How many kids suffering from bullying? How many lives do we need to destroy? or How many kids died of bullying? Wish this book will be a great inspiration to everyone Everyone have their own role in the societyThe bully the bullied and the bystander are three characters in a tragic play performed daily in our homes schools playgrounds and streets The Bully the Bullied and the Bystander Barbara ColorosoRating Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult 5 Sweets and the ugly bullies What to do with bullies? Keep them alive? I don't know Flagged them? Blocked them? I don't know I think they are just trying to bully you to sustain their popularity or they are just wanted attention from others Attention seeker Or they are just wanted you to be like them Anyway I don't know maybe we just leave them aloneChallenges Book #53 for 2011 Book #6 for Jodi Picoult Reading Challenge 2011

  10. Annalisa Annalisa says:

    I tend to rate books by how much they make me think how much they make me feel and how much they draw me into their world With an almost obsessive interest in Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold Nineteen Minutes gets high marks from me The book starts with the scene of a school shooting where you feel a disgust for the kid doing the shooting and sorrow for the victims but as you glean settings from flashbacks you come to sympathize with everyone in the book as a victim each experiencing loss of different degrees I can almost exactly correlate my feelings with the timeline of Columbine grief In that sense the raw emotions were very real But in the exaggerated small outcast boy the popular snotty girls the stupid cruel jocks the overprotective parents and all the other stereotypes I found myself resisting relating to the characters Sometimes it felt very real but occasionally it felt like statistics especially with the random foreign last namesAs your emotions are pulled to sympathize with one person then the next you're left with the uestions of who to blame who to feel sorry for in the wake of a tragedy For me I have a natural tendency to defend the underdog to want to understand what put the perpetrator over the edge while still reserving a small amount of accountability for them It was obvious that Picoult seems to share the same allegiance to the bullied but I would have liked to hear a little about the stories of those who were shot and understand their motivations I wanted to feel just as ashamed and saddened for them instead of focusing on aligning emotions with the ones the newscasters want to blame I enjoyed the forum of different voices in the stories but where were the voices of the victims who were also causes? Why does somebody bully? Tell their story too I wish Picoult had put me just as much inside the head of the bulliers as the bulliee to optimize the circle of tragedy I kept thinking about those people we all knew and know on the fringe of high school society whom you just hold your breath for in hopes that they make it through without disaster Some people you just don't know will survive high school Any lethal combination of triggers could have just as easily brewed a tragedy at any high school When tragedy does occur it's human tendency to want to find the triggers and signs that could have made it avoidable but can anyone really say what is too much for anyone to handle? It makes you wish everyone could live high school with the empathy and understanding we receive later in life or at least a glimpse of how we will someday overcome itview spoilerThe person I related to the most was Angela Phlug who told Peter in her letter that she would have liked to friends with him That would have been me noticing the smaller insecure kids but never acting or approaching only reacting It is the mainstream kids who just follow along caught up in their own teenage angst that don't have issues with these bullied kids but aren't the outspoken type to make them understand The character I sympathized with the most is Josie Not only is she stuck in the middle of shouldering Peter's embarrassment and trying to create her own place in high school but also and maybe because of it she's stuck in an abusive relationship I felt for her as much as I did for Peter different circumstances but just as alone With all the foreshadowing discussion of post traumatic stress syndrome I did not expect such a heavy indictment Between the abuse and Peter's gun pointing at her I think she should have been shown mercy although her extended lie could not have worked in her favor A heavily victimized character although Peter's mom Lacy comes to a close second clueless in her grief and losing both of her boys I did not however sympathize with Alex's unemotional selfishness Surprising that Peter didn't make the top of my list for me too but maybe that's because he finally acted balancing the scales of pity and discord My biggest issue with the book would be that we never truly understand Josie's story Why she was found unconscious with a gash in her forehead? She shot Matt and then what? And why didn't Peter shot himself? He was suicidal Even though Josie snapped him out of his PTSD and Patrick was there to arrest him I don't think Picoult justified his inaction enough You're waiting to learn the entire book why he did not kill himself in the locker room and I wasn't completely satisfied with the answer And I don't think I ever had a grasp on Josie's feelings for Peter I understand that before and after she didn't want to see him because he inspired guilt in her but what exact emotions was she feeling beyond that? I know she didn't like him romantically but how deep was her level of friendship? Would thy have stayed friends without outside influences? And I didn't like the leap from Peter feeling nothing for her when she leans over him in the copy shop to sending a confession of his love The confusion with his sexuality was understandable but I wish the feelings for Josie had come on gradually then again normal emotional development does not always correlate with a social outcast I wish Josie and Peter had had a moment to see each other in the end or that at least Josie had written Peter a letter I would have liked some resolution between those two But that's what a tragedy does is rip apart everyone's lives and there is no easy wrap up to fix grief hide spoiler

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