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Glinda of Oz Oz #14 [PDF] ✅ Glinda of Oz Oz #14 Author L. Frank Baum – Glinda the good Sorceress of Oz sat in the grand court of her palace surrounded by her maids of honor a hundred of the most beautiful girls of the Fairyland of Oz The palace court was built of rare ma Oz Oz MOBI î Glinda the good Sorceress of Oz sat in the grand court Glinda of ePUB ½ of her palace surrounded by her maids of honor a hundred of of Oz Oz PDF/EPUB ä the most beautiful girls of the Fairyland of Oz The palace court was built of rare marbles exuisitely polished Fountains tinkled musically here and there; the vast colonnade open to the south allowed the maidens as they raised their heads from their embroideries to gaze upon a vista of rose hued fields and groves of trees bearing fruits or laden with sweet scented flowers At times one of the girls would start a song the others joining in the chorus or one would rise and dance gracefully swaying to the music of a harp played by a companion And then Glinda smiled glad to see her maids mixing play with work.

  • ebook
  • 184 pages
  • Glinda of Oz Oz #14
  • L. Frank Baum
  • 21 December 2016
  • 9781421819860

10 thoughts on “Glinda of Oz Oz #14

  1. Evgeny Evgeny says:

    Two small nations of the Land of Oz declared war on each other When Ozma learned about this she decided it is her duty as a ruler of all Oz to make peace between the nations Off she went accompanied by Dorothy who wanted to tag along Pretty soon it turned out the girls bit off much than they can chew – their magic trinkets and all Magic heavyweights of the Land – Glinda and the Wizard – had to join the fun very soonL Frank Baum wrote the book being mortally ill As such it was supposed to be the darkest book of the series and for this reason I was eager to read it to see how dark you can get in a children book To my complete and utter surprise I could not find any dark themes at all The only part which can be somewhat ualified was about Ozma finally learning she is not all that powerful This lesson was way overdue but I am afraid it would be lost on her There was no even “Everybody died The happy end” kind of dark from another very popular children series written by an author who was not dying at the time Coming back to plot the book was actually better than several previous ones It contains much less recycled material has unusual creatures and some interesting developments Anybody who can write a cheerful book knowing heshe is not going to last long surely deserves respect so I have to say “Dear Mr Baum you have mine for creating a wonderful place which captured the imagination of several generations of children everywhere”

  2. Jason Koivu Jason Koivu says:

    Glinda of Oz L Frank Baum's last addition to the Oz canon before he died is filled with sorceresses fairies wizards mechanical men a glass cat a patchwork girl and that uartet we've come to know and love Dorothy the Scarecrow the Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion It's a delightful story to finish up with The plot is not diabolically difficult to follow by any means but the resolution satisfies The reader is only left wanting in the best way possible

  3. Paul E. Morph Paul E. Morph says:

    Well that's me done with the Oz series I'm not really interested in reading the recent books by authors other than Baum I have to say that I've enjoyed revisiting Oz for the first time since my very distant childhood and this book was a nice one to end on featuring as it does the vast majority of the characters from the other books in the series albeit somewhat briefly in some casesThis book features two of the minor nations within the Land of Oz going to war against each other and Ozma and Dorothy's attempt to bring peace to these countries It's fair to say it does not go well at first and our two protagonists ending up needing to be rescued by their Emerald City friendsMy main complaint about this one is that what can and can't be accomplished by means of magic is pretty arbitrary; basically if it suits the plot magic can do it if doesn't suit the plot there's suddenly a random reason why magic can't do it Slightly annoying but a minor grumble reallyAs I say I've enjoyed revisiting this childhood favourite but after twenty one books f0urteen 'core' Oz books and seven that are tangentially related to Oz but take place elsewhere I'm ready to move onto something very different nowI just need to find a cyclone that's headed my way or some silver slippers

  4. Shoshana Shoshana says:

    45 but for Oz's sake I'll err up instead of downI've read reviews that suggest that Glinda of Oz is the darkest possibly because Baum knew he was dying at that point I don't actually see explicit darkness but I do think that there is an element of fear in this one that there isn't in the rest that things might not actually turn out right Of course as an adult it is clear to me that they're going to figure it out but I remember as a kid liking Glinda of Oz less even while knowing that it was one of the better ones because it felt I think I would have described it as frustrating but I think what I was really feeling was stress It's stressful because for a kid it's suspenseful Your worried They try everything they and you can think of and Ozma and Dorothy and the island are still underwater and Glinda who you're accustomed to seeing swoop in to save the day with ease is just as helpless as the rest of themIt's also one of the powerful books in the series not just because the problem is hard to solve but because when they do solve it it takes all of them Ozma Glinda Dorothy the Skeezers Red Reera the Yookoohoo my favorite character in this one She's in only two chapters but they're by far my favorite chapters of the whole book and the three Adepts Although Ozians are accustomed to discussing what to do coming to agreement and carrying out their decisions there is nowhere where the teamwork is so clear and so participatory where if even one person weren't there they would not have succeeded Most of the time in the Oz books there are actually a lot of potential solutions given the range of magic they have at their disposal and everyone's personality kind of blends into everyone else's although they certainly have defining traits and characteristics in the sense that anyone could have thought of anything It's not true in Glinda of OzIt did occur to me a while ago and re occurred to me in this book that the Oz books are all a little imperialist In Baum's world Ozma rules Oz and all the Ozians by right of the fairy ueen passed over Oz and decided to drop Ozma off and make her the ruler at least that's the latest story; it used to be that Ozma's father used to rule Oz and I believe in the Ruth Plumly Thompson books that becomes true again and this goes even for the people who live within the geographic boundaries of Oz aka bounded by the Deadly Desert but who have their own states and don't even know that Oz exists It is actually presented as the duty of Ozma and her friends to tell people who don't know they're her subjects that in fact they are and they owe her allegiance and obedience to her laws; and the good people always acuiesce with little fuss Ozma takes the trip to the Skeezers and Flatheads because it is her duty to ensure peace in her realm even when she has no idea who these people are and what they're fighting about and is pretty sure that they know eually little about her Does this seem a little White Man's Burden y to anyone else?And then there's that last line the last line of all of the Baum Oz books and the only one with an explicit moral and it really is funny because it's like the moral at the end of an Aesop's fable or something and it's also kind of interesting and grim especially given the context in which he wrote the book and it also now that the reminiscence of Kipling has occurred to me strengthens that aspect a little creepily All that in one tiny sentence Here it is Which proves that it is always wise to do one's duty however unpleasant that duty may seem to beStill it's a strong book in a series I love and I'm sad to see the end of the Baum ones although as far as I remember Thompson is actually just as good and I've already started hers Good ol' Dorothy is up for anything as usual Whatever happens it's going to be fun 'cause all excitement is fun and I wouldn't miss it for the world And this book is actually one of the best examples of Baum's seemingly casual but so wonderful habit of having lots of female characters all of whom are active not just as adventurers but as problem solvers Looking over whom I mentioned as important to the resolution of the story they're all but one Ervic the Skeezer female and it is never never commented on The prominence and complexity and strength of female characters in the Oz books really for me adds up to so much than do his flaws that I am willing to forgive him almost anything and it's not just because of sentiment over books from my youth

  5. Jinjur Jinjur says:

    I had the pleasure of seeing and holding this original printed edition in person This book is beautiful and notably it is the last in the series to be written by Lyman himself It is a fantasy story about a magical world with all the happy endings one could hope for

  6. Grace Grace says:

    Baum ended his Oz series on a strong note Many people say that this is the darkest Oz book I would disagree dark is not the word to describe this story Serious perhaps and it had a stronger moral message than some others It also had an actual plot and the book followed a logical structure with set up complications rising action climax resolution So many of Baum's books are plotless fairy land wanderings so I was pleased with the structure of this storyGlinda and Ozma are the two main protagonists in this tale and the story gives both of them a chance to grow as complex characters Their weaknesses as well as their strengths are showcased which I think helps give this story its power and appeal Even the almighty Glinda has weaknesses but in the end she still prevails The overall moral of the story is don't fight with your neighbors But I think that Glinda and Ozma's grace under pressure their deductive reasoning and willingness to admit weakness without falling apart is another subtle lesson I think that this book would be just as appealing to children as the other lighter fluffy Oz stories

  7. Michele Michele says:

    A decent addition to the Oz canon with some thinly veiled lessons for the adults in the audience about the idiocy of war Characters are not particularly well drawn or engaging and the plot isn't very compelling but some of the magic is fun The Skeezers' willingness to poison an entire lake on the off chance of getting three fish is a little disturbing But hey it's Oz and it's nice to go back for visit

  8. Tarissa Tarissa says:

    It's the final installment of Baum's original Oz series We spend it with some of our favorite characters as they journey through the Land of Oz to meet new peoples the likes of which we've never seen beforeI like how this plot features a singular tangible problem to solve It's memorable too although for the big finale I wish it was something a bit all inclusive The oncoming fight between the Skeezers and Flatheads is actually kind of funny to watch it play outMy biggest complaint is Why does the book have to scare kids again with the threat that while nobody can die in the Land of Oz you CAN experience a living nightmare death of being chopped to pieces and scattered abroad while continually living forever? Talk about gruesome And this same potential hazard has been mentioned in previous books tooMoving on Overall? I did really like the book And I'm glad I stuck with the series to the end While it sometimes is cheesy or has weird plot elements Mr Baum sure knew how to create a magical world beyond imagination

  9. Bill Bill says:

    I found Glinda of Oz by L Frank Baum purely by chance I honestly had no idea that Baum had written so many books based on his wondrous world of Oz Glinda was first published posthumously in 1920 I'm now trying to find other books in the seriesIn this book Glinda while reading her Great Book discovers troubles between the Flatheads and the Skeezers in northern Oz She has never heard of either of these people but she worries that people might be harmed in a war She goes to the Emerald City to consult with Princess Ozma the ruler of Oz Ozma decides to go to the north taking along Dorothy to see what she can doThis begins a uick but grand adventure for the two friends which will eventually involve all of her other friends and uite an assortment of strange but wonderful beings they are; Glinda the Scarecrow Tin Man and Cowardly Lion but also Tik Tok Jack Pumpkinhead and so many others Ozma and Dorothy are taken prisoner by the wicked ueen of the Skeezers and her friends have to come and try to save them And there is your story Of course it's a children's fantasy but very entertaining an easy comforting and enjoyable read Put away your troubles for a day or two and enjoy this excellent story and then find the other Oz books 4 stars

  10. Johnny Johnny says:

    I haven’t read an Oz book since my Children’s Literature class back in my early college days The Wizard of Oz really came to life when I realized that within that well known children’s story was a political statement on bimetallism ie “getting off the gold standard” Okay I know that Baum denied it but come on silver slippers and yellow brick road—emerald city ie greenbacks If it wasn’t deliberately written to advocate bimetallism it’s one of the happiest coincidences in literature Anyway Glinda of Oz came onto my radar because of the new Oz movie coming out and I wondered what kind of political statement it might make Regardless I plunged into this piece of children’s literature with the same attitude as Dorothy when she wishes to accompany ueen Ozma on a trip to moderate peace between the Flatheads and the Skeezers Dorothy says “Whatever happens it’s going to be fun—‘cause all excitement is fun—and I wouldn’t miss it for the world” p 15 Typing of bimetallism check out the description of the Flatheads “Small gold silver tin and iron discs about the size of pennies and very thin were cleverly wired together and made to form knee trousers and jackets for the men and skirts and waists for the women” p 41 But it seems there was a feud between the Flatheads and Skeezers that matched the Hatfields and the McCoys Neither Flathead nor Skeezer civilization is being run by “legitimate” authority In this land of magic it was possible for ambitious leaders to overthrow the legitimate authority by means of dark magic Hence you already know that Glinda the good witch from the original story is going to be vital in solving the situationThe head of the Skeezers stole power from the “three Adepts” but the citizens privately complain “she has used them as the three Adepts never would have done” Would this sentiment originally published in 1920 possibly be a commentary on the inhuman weapons of war used in The Great War a few years previously? Between the use of magic and technology with magic it certainly seems as if Baum is writing a parable on the futility and atrocities of warfare Of course if you don’t believe the original story was about bimetallism you’re sure not going to buy into a pacifist parable are you?I think Glinda of Oz is remarkably imaginative The characters are at times rather interchangeable and lacking in depth or complexity but the story and the environment are worth exploring I’m glad I did explore it and it underscores the fact that my book reviews in college barely scratched the surface of even late 19th century and early 20th children’s literature Every couple of months I find a juvenile novel from the 20th century they weren’t really “young adult” in the early 20th century with Tom Swift Dave Dawson The Sky Detectives The Hardy Boys and the Boy Detectives and I have to read them I think the occasional Oz book could become part of that nostalgia snack reading as well

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