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  1. Jan Jan says:

    325 starsI have really mixed emotions on this oneThere were some aspects of this book that I really enjoyed and others that had me rolling my eyesThe best way I can sum it up is this it had all the right ingredients for a really tasty treat but when mixed together the end result left me unsatisfiedIt does look like I'm in the minority on this feeling though based on others reviews I've read So maybe I missed an ingredient or two along the waywouldn't be the first timeThe main protag she has so many names in this book that I'm not even sure what to call her wakes up and finds herself in a strange location with blood on her clothes It takes her hours to drive home in a strange car that she found the keys to in her pocket and when she rings the doorbell to get in her shocked husband tells her she's been missing for 7 months 7 months that she has no recollection of With his help they retrace her steps and find clues that lead her to yep you guessed it her boyfriends houseThe zings back and forth between hubby and boyfriend were rather fun and well done and of all the characters involved I have to say the boyfriend gets high marks as the most likeable But even as the story unfolds and the protag's buried secrets are slowly revealed something was missing that didn't allow me to connect as well with her as I should haveThe remaining story had its ups and downs for me but for the most part it was engaging enough as long as I overlooked the high unlikelihood of any of this ever happening in real life Hence the heavy eye rolling If you decide to read this book let me so I can watch for your review Maybe you'll find that missing ingredient that I needed to make this a enjoyable readARC provided by NetGalley

  2. Caitlin Caitlin says:

    None of this book made sense It defied logic in all senses to try and push the plot forward From the husband's POV you have spent the last seven months being accused of killing your wife and she shows up all of a sudden WHY ARE YOU NOT CALLING THE POLICE? That was in the first like ten pages and the lack of logic or even basic intellect of the characters continues to go down hill from there If you like even moderately good thrillermysterycrime novels save yourself and skip this book

  3. Dawn Dugan Dawn Dugan says:

    This was one of the worse books that I have ever read as part of the Kindle First program It begins with an interesting premise as the main character suffers from a dissociative fugue and cannot recall anything that has happened over the past 7 months The author seems to believe that the reader also has amnesia because he reminds you every couple of pages that the main character should remember something but can not Additionally the plot is very simple but the author again needs to recap what is happening just in case you as the reader could not follow along The book is unrealistic and the plot falls apart uickly It is poorly written with very little character development and it reinforces stereotypes about gender I could not wait for it to be over and almost considered not finishing it

  4. Sue Sue says:

    Can you imagine what it would be like to lose your memory? To see blood on your hands and not know why it’s there?To lose trust and belief in yourself? And your relationship?This story has all the foundation of a brilliant thrillerRemember this is just my view and thoughts and you must make your own minds upIt was lacking belief in some areas where I raised my eyes to the ceiling Overlooking that and pressing on I did like this book I’ll certainly read another by this author before making my mind up about his writingOn the whole premise for a good thriller

  5. Linda Strong Linda Strong says:

    Caitlin Sommers has a problem She doesn't know where she's been but she's covered in blood and carrying a gun When she gets home her husband is astonished to see her she's been missing for 7 months and presumed deadAmnesia? Maybe Does she really not remember anything that has happened since she walked out of their house following an argument? She and her husband Josh decide to backtrack to see if they can figure out where she's been and what she's done When they do the first person they meet that knew her during that time is the man she's been living with and engaged to be marriedAnd how is this connected to a crime committed over 20 years ago?There are dead bodies drug dealers pedophiles a fight club and a female detective who isn't sure whether Caitlin is a murder suspect or a witness This was a wild ride of a book I absolutely loved the interaction between Josh the husband and Bix the boyfriend Even in the midst of shootings knifings abductions I had to laugh at how these two men who obviously love the same woman come together to try to help herI liked Caitlin as she was during her missing months She was a much interesting character with lots of layers that she didn't know existedThere's just nothing about this book that I didn't like A solid 5 stars from meMy thanks to the author NetGalley Thomas Mercer who furnished a digital copy in exchange for an honest unbiased opinion

  6. Judy D Collins Judy D Collins says:

    James Hankins returns following the popular Shady Cross with a psychological mystery crime suspense page turner THE PRETTIEST ONE —a memory wiped out a decades old crime a race against time and two men risking it all to save the woman they both loveCaitlin Sommers a real estate agent finds herself in a fog She has no idea the time date or where she is Everything is hazy She recalled going to a store and buying something yellow She is in a strange place and does not recognize how she arrived She gets in a strange car and is almost on audio pilot She thinks her husband is Josh and she begins driving not sure where she is or where she is going No cell phone However she makes her way home to Bristol New Hampshire a few hours away Nothing makes senseWhen she arrives home Josh is so glad to see his wife He is beyond shocked She has been missing for seven months She now is wearing different clothes and her hair is red instead of blonde She also has lost weight and has a bad haircut She has no clue where she has been for seven months No memory at all She is unaware they suspected Josh of foul play since the authorities have been unable to locate her Everyone has been frantically searching for her She also has blood on her clothes but does not seem to be hurt She is exhausted goes to bed and they decide the next day they will search for answers and try and figure out whose car she has stolen She will go back the way she came if she can remember and try and find why she was in another town and what she had been doing She needs to put the pieces of the puzzle together However when they get to the car there is a bag a gun and a bag of prosthetic hands? Instead of going to the police she wants to find answers first Did she kill someone? Why is she driving a car registered to Katherine Southard? In the desperate search they discover Caitlin was going by another name Katie and she was living with a guy named Bix and they were engaged in Massachusetts She had a job and was living a separate life She has no memory of knowing this man The three of them begin an intriguing journey a mystery a dangerous past Josh did not want to return to the place his wife had been as possibly it was something so tragic she has blocked it out However he goes along with her wishes Why was she in Smithfield Massachusetts? If she had committed a crime the police would be looking for her CaitlinKatie has experienced ongoing bad nightmares of the Bogeyman for years It was the same nightmare she since she was little He always said “I’ve got you my pretty Caitlin” He was gross His eyes his hands his rotting smell like garbage Who is this monster? Could he be real? What happened to her in her childhood? In the meantime there is another character Chops who kills people in his garage He has a wife and young daughter under the appearance of a hard working construction owner and family man An evil hitman and he is trying to locate another man Until later in the book you are unaware how he is connected Josh Bix and CaitlinKatie find themselves in the middle of a crime several murders and a dangerous plot from years ago when the past and the present collide Why would Caitlin drive to another town and have a normal life with someone else and be unable to recall that life? People have been murdered and they are led to rough bars and basement fight clubs and appears Katie was a regular customer What was she doing in these places? Now she is somewhat of a mystery to both Josh and Bix Who is this woman and who is out to get her and why? The online research Josh conducts he discovers Catlin may have dissociative fugue; whereby a person not only loses their memory and the knowledge of herself but she might travel to a new place and set up an entirely new identity somewhere Exactly what she did The condition could be triggered by by extreme stress or trauma A person could wander off It can last as short as a few hours a day months or years They establish new relationships No one seems to know what makes them come out of a fugue state It could be seeing something small or something that reminds them enough of their former life Or some experts think that a traumatic event of some kind could snap a person out especially if it somehow relates to whatever put them in that state in the first place As the layers are peeled back hidden sadistic acts are uncovered and Detective Charlotte Hunsaker is on the case and is clueless There is a warehouse shooting a murder a redhead and fingerprints and a long ago kidnapping an abduction a pedophile How are all these elements connected? Aside from the crimes evil men and the mystery you are dying to know which man if either will CatlinKatie choose when this is over Who will survive? And if Catlin will end up behind bars? One thing about James Hankins you are always surprised—having read all his books each one is uniue creative and different He always hooks you from the beginning keeping you in suspense you never know what is coming next What I enjoyed about THE PRETTIEST ONE was the banter between Josh and Bix; the relationship dynamics also between the three All three characters were well developed Two totally different guys both in love with the same girl and CaitlinKatie was almost like two different people with her wide range of personalities James did a super job with the wit emotion intensity humor and frustration of the two guys in this love triangle mystery One life was conservative; whereas the other on the wild side How the guys stuck together for the greater cause to help find the killer and protect Catlin was a strong part of the storyline The Dissociative Fugue like episodes of amnesia was uite intriguing Hankins used a nice spin connecting all the storylines Have read there are rare cases when a person is still in the fugue recovering information is critical with help from law enforcement or social services about hisher true identity figuring out why they were abandoned and facilitating its restoration is key For you psycho thriller fans the most powerful part of the thriller was the kidnapping years ago of the three girls the sadistic man and family involved in the present story Recommend for those readers who enjoy a slow burning complex crime mystery with a psycho evil twist Fans of Chevy Stevens and Karin Slaughter will enjoy when you read you will know the parts I am referring to Highly recommend all Hankins' books A special thank you to Thomas Mercer and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review JDCMustReadBooks

  7. ✨Susan✨ ✨Susan✨ says:

    A psychological thriller that keeps you guessing who did what to whom? A young woman finds herself on the doorstep of her home with blood all over her cloths and with no memories of the last seven months of her life She and her husband set off to find out what happened to her before the police do What she did revolves around her childhood and she must find out before she is killed by a family of lunatic killers or arrested for a murder she has no memory of committing Interesting and fast paced

  8. Alana Bookapillar Alana Bookapillar says:

    Too many good books out there to wade it out with this poorly written juvenile slop Shallow characters far fetched plot and don't get me started on the dialogue Potential is there but needs some serious editing

  9. LittleDeadRedGoddessPersephone LittleDeadRedGoddessPersephone says:

    Okay have you ever decided to make a cake from scratch? You get all the right ingredients follow the recipe to a tee and yet when it's done it just doesn't taste right? Well that is what this book was for me The book had all the right ingredients for a good thriller but it just didn't work out There were parts of the book that I actually skipped over and yet I was still able to follow the story If you want my opinion you didn't even need the parts with the detective at all I think the book would have been better with just Caitlyn's journeyI can't say that I didn't like the characters but I didn't really care about them at all except for Bix As I read the book I felt like I was going through the motions to get to the end Did I want to see how it ended? I did or else I than likely would have stopped reading but the ending is actually kind of what you thought it was going to be from the first few chapters I like lost memory books but lets face itthey all have a lot in common Someone wakes up has no memory of who they are and what happened and has to follow the clue to find out what traumatic event happened to cause the memory loss The trick to writing a great memory loss book is to have characters you really care abuttwist that keep you guessing and writing that reels you in The Prettiest One had decent enough characters a semi interesting mystery and really no surprising twists This is not a book that will stay with me

  10. Suze Suze says:

    THE PRETTIEST ONEThis book was a Kindle First choice for September it was listed as a thriller and it is It could be listed as a psychological thriller; Caitlyn is a very mysterious character not only to herself but to those she is close toI can't say too much about the story without injecting spoilers Things start happening right from the first chapters everything keeps building on her amnesia The story delves into Caitlyn's past present and futureThere are many twists and turns keeps you guessing all the way to the end Very good book I will be reading by Mr Hankins

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The Prettiest One ❰Epub❯ ❤ The Prettiest One Author James Hankins – When Caitlin Sommers finds herself alone in a deserted parking lot with blood on her clothes and no memory of the past few months it seems like one of the nightmares that have tormented her for yearsb When Caitlin Sommers finds herself alone in a deserted parking lot with blood on her clothes and no memory of the past few months it seems like one of the nightmares that have tormented her for yearsbut it’s all too real Desperate to The Prettiest PDF/EPUB ² learn the truth about where she’s been and what has happened to her but terrified of what she may find Caitlin embarks on a search for answers Her journey takes her from the safe suburban world she knows to a seedy town she’s never heard of where a terrible truth from her past lies hidden—a truth she can’t uite remember yet can’t completely forget.