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  1. Coco.V Coco.V says:

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  2. Megan Riverina Romantics Megan Riverina Romantics says:

    Rating 255Heat Rating 55This review is only for DADDY'S ROCKSTAR FRIENDS which ends at 40% of the bookI liked this story even if it was filled with editing issues The core of the story itself was rather solid I mean I liked the premise Rock stars fighting and causing a scene is extremely plausible And obviously they'd need a PR firm to clean up the mess The lawyer part was an added bonus but totally fit in with the rest of the story Even if he was daddy's best friend Plus I totally dug the last chapter even if it should have been labeled as an epilogue The change up was unexpectedThere was some good build up with plenty of teaser scenes between Jacy and the guys Besides the lack of editing my other complaint is that the final scene between Jacy and her men was too short and uick A sex scene such as that shouldn't be over so uickly The bones of the situation were there but it wasn't really sensual Cover Comments I like the top half of the cover but the woman on the bottom doesn't fit the story at allPet Peeve Alert This story needs MAJOR editing I've lowered the rating due to it

  3. Lisa Pate Lisa Pate says:

    The whole of this book is very good I did find the ending a little bit lacking and felt that it could have delved in the story before her Daddy closes it out with his thoughts and the endingJacy works in her fathers PR firm managing the New York offices when she gets a call from Tobias the company lawyer in the main office located in LA were he dad is and also is his best friend Her Dad had had a heart attack while he was with another client when three of this other top clients Cole Jersy and Rory former friends and ex band members of the band called Banshee got into a shouting match and brawl in a popular restaurant Jacine flies back to LA immediately to look after her Dad and manage the mess that these men have made All four men have developed feelings for her some for a very long time and a couple just now realizing what an amazing woman she is Between her and Tobias trying to clean up this PR nightmare and ensuing nightmares the three ex band members begin to agree about things and devise up a plan to be with her She has always had a desire for Tobias but didn't know she also had feelings for the other men until she was on a one to one with them How they all worked together to finally come to terms and their plan for her is pretty good It is something that you will have to read What happens at thewell that is something that I will let the reader find out

  4. Kaye Kaye says:

    SIZZLINGA hot steamy read that really gets you going You have the best of the best in one house under one roof and its rocking This is one tale that will keep your eyes on the page but your mind on the scene And it is hot I couldn't have put it down if I had tried If you want unparalleled sexy steamy lust filled excitement You've found it

  5. Gladys Gladys says:

    Daddy's RockStar Friends is a steam filled reverse harem romance Loads of sexy scenes and a bit of drama make for a very entertaining and enjoyable read I'm posting a voluntary review after reading an advance copy of this book

  6. Gina Gina says:

    Hot hot hot Holy smokes what an arrangement that turned into

  7. Hannah Jones Hannah Jones says:

    I received and ARC copy in return for an honest reviewWow what a fast read for me this book has 336 pages and I read it in 3 hours split into two sessions Not done that since having my son and I thoroughly enjoyed itThe point of view pretty much covers all the characters Jacine Tobias Cole Jersey and Rory With a small chapter at the end from JacineJacy's dadThe main plot starts with 3 Rockstars Cole Jersey and Rory who were previously a band but split off into their own bands with a bitter past  Well these 3 get together and end up getting into a fight which will not only ruin their careers if they are not careful but also threaten Jacy's dad's company  Since her dad recently had a heart attack she cannot risk any stress and flies in to represent her dad and take over the business  Little did she know she would fall for each of her childhood stars and with the help of her dad's lawyer Tobias she is beginning to wonder how she will resist all 4 menMy overall thoughts I love how the book immediately jumped in no build up straight to the point  Each chapter was packed and constantly moved the story on  This is why I read it so fast for me it's important to get me from the beginning or I lose interest fast that is just me sorryJacy is such a powerful woman independent and strong  Being raised by a single dad who is a high powered business man will do that to you  I enjoyed how her job comes first and she won't let anyone get in the way of her fathers health even going as far as stopping her dad from worsening his health  The respect the men showed towards her was refreshing obviously they were attracted to her that helpedThe story touched briefly on Jacy's mum and why she left as well as how she died  I did want to know so that it helped me understand why both her and her dad are as strict as they areThere was so much sexual tension throughout this book until the climactic ending wink winkThe ending wow I really want to discuss it but it will spoil it but I did find myself saying seriously would that really happen  I mean don't get me wrong how many women including myself wouldn't mind 4 men chasing after you but normally you pick one Well this ending is different that's for sureThis book was a 5 star for me  Engaging page turner and erotic   Tick tick tick  You all have to check it out

  8. Judy Judy says:

    This is a great story about Jacine who has a Ivy League education runs the NY office for their family PR firm and takes her job seriously One day her father has a heart attack and she returns to LA to help run the LA office and to care for her dad Her most important issue to deal with is 3 ex friendsband mates Cole Jersey and Rory who have gone crazy Let’s not forget the entertainment lawyer and her Dad’s best friend Tobias All the men have their eye on Jacine who is now all grown up and one beautiful hot young woman Jacine warns each guy in the band with a sit down that the fighting needs to stop but matters only escalate as they all realize they want Jacine They each get a taste of her to some degree but don’t satisfy her and her brain becomes mush Jacine knows she should not mix business and pleasure with one let alone 4 men The guys end up fighting in public and are sent to jail Can Jacine save their 3 bands and get them back into the public eye without the craziness? What will the guys do about their growing interest and need for Jacine? Can Rory’s unusual idea solve all their problems or create issues? I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book

  9. Shanna Shanna says:

    This is a story of a daughter coming home from LA her PR company to run her fathers for the big stars in Hollywood whilst he has heart surgery He gets concerned about how hard she works and doesn’t want her to end up like him a workaholic with no life but I don’t think her ending was what he had in mind when he meddled I her affairs Jacine comes home to sort out three feuding former band best mates Cole Jersey and Rory after they got locked up for fighting in public and smashing up a bistro and assisted by her dads best friend and lawyer uncle Tobias They all fancy Jacine and believe they are all in love with her After being told to leave her alone as she can’t decide who she wants they get together and come up with a plan It’s unorthodox but they believe it can work for them Now they just have to convince Jacine that they can put their differences aside and make it work Will she be persuaded how does it end what does her dad think get the book and find out It’s a three hour read at most so not too long I don’t believe than I have read any of Amanda’s books before but I will definitely read again I voluntarily reviewed an arc

  10. Claire Claire says:

    2 and a half stars 😊 Forgetting the whole reverse harem storyline in this I guess I had different expectations for this as I felt empty? I guess is the only way to describe it when I finished itit was a really short read Each of the men had one 'encounter' with jacine before deciding they each loved her and wanted to be with her and then decided to all share her with a side note of a disappointing only scene of the group together lack of sizzle ☹The nightmare with the 3 rock stars suabbling the jail and the concert could have been explored it kind a felt like a whisper in the background when it was a necessity for the story to exist As it was so short why not spend a little time expanding the scenes maybe? I dunno maybe I'm missing the point entirely I'm not a writer after all I haven't read any other of Ms Hortons books so I'm not sure if this is consistent with her style or not but I'm sorry I didn't fall in love with it

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Daddy's RockStar Friends ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☀ Daddy's RockStar Friends Author Amanda Horton – My teenage fantasies want me All four of them If I could just kiss all of them my fantasy Banshee America’s top rock band and my daddy’s best friends Ten years later and right out of business scho My teenage fantasies want me All four of them If I could just kiss all of them my fantasy Banshee America’s top rock band and my daddy’s best friends Ten years later and right out of business school I have one week to clean the biggest PR mess a band has ever created One week or I ruin my father’s firm Leather jackets bare chests Daddy's RockStar eBook Û cigarette smoke the dejavu alone has my throat dry and panties wet I am a mess I tremble as Cole Tobias Jersey and Rory stare through me with their steely looks If intent counts I'd be naked and spread on the same table where I lay my damage control plan And I just can’t say no when they put me in their hot tub Wet steamy desire oozing from my body I manage to stand as the rockstars close in moments from making me the luckiest fan girl alive They pass me around and I love each one Love flows hard like a waterfall It’s so wrong yet feels so right They are my teenage fantasy and I am their missing link My father would freak out; can I make this arrangement work Daddy's RockStar Friends is a full length novella with an HEA no cliffhanger no cheating and plenty of steam Bonus content included after the main story including a full novel and a novel preview Grab a copy now.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 336 pages
  • Daddy's RockStar Friends
  • Amanda Horton
  • English
  • 04 May 2016