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Whose Garden Is It? [Download] ➹ Whose Garden Is It? Author Mary Ann Hoberman – Thomashillier.co.uk The gardener says the garden belongs to him But the woodchuck insists that it's his And so do the rabbit the butterfly the suash bug and the bumblebee Even the tiny seeds and whistling weeds think the The gardener says the garden belongs to him But the woodchuck insists that it's his And so do the rabbit the butterfly the suash bug and the bumblebee Even the tiny seeds and whistling weeds think the garden just couldn't grow without them As they stroll through the exuisite plants and flowers Mrs McGee and her child listen and wonder Whose garden is it Children's book luminaries Mary Ann Hoberman and Jane Dyer reveal the secrets of a glorious garden in this beautiful and poetic rhyming read aloud.

About the Author: Mary Ann Hoberman

Work with her local Connecticut chapter of the Literacy Volunteers of America inspired her to create this series of books to encourage reading She enjoys reading with her grandchildren.

10 thoughts on “Whose Garden Is It?

  1. Kathryn Kathryn says:

    This is a fun way to show that it takes many things to make a garden grow A strolling grandmother older mom? and baby pass by a garden and wonder Whose garden is it? The gardener proudly declares that it is his of course But then a bunny says it is his a gopher says it is his a butterfly says it is hers and so on until we get to weeds and seeds and sunshine and rain I'm not sure how I feel about all these things seeming to be possessive and in competition with one another for ownership of the garden can't there just be harmony? but it's still a creative way to show the elements that make up a gardenETA I'm bumping this to four stars My children loved it and I do think the competition can be shown in its absurdity that really it takes all those elements to make a garden I love Mary Ann Hoberman's rhymes they are wonderful for read aloud

  2. Julia Julia says:

    cute story loved the pictures

  3. Esther May Esther May says:

    I love this book I love the pictures the poem and the idea of ownership I am so glad that I came across this one

  4. JosiePosy3 JosiePosy3 says:

    I liked that all the animals and plants said something The farmer said “It is my garden” The old woman looked at it Then the roots talked I liked the pictures Josie age 6

  5. Tionna Dorsey Tionna Dorsey says:

    Whose Garden Is It? by Mary Ann Hoberman is part of the poetry collection Mary Ann Hoberman had received the Award for Excellence in poetry for young children in 2003 The age recommended for this book is children 5 8 years old PPrimaryThe story is about a beautiful garden that everyone wants to take credit for and believing that their the reason for the garden being so blossomed and pretty From the sun to the rain to the trees their all claiming the garden as their own The garden does actually belong to a man in the neighborhood but without the help of the sun rain and trees nurturing it it wouldn't be so pretty I rated this book with 4 stars By looking at the front cover a young reader wouldn't think this book would talk about so many different animals in it I wasn't expecting the story to go in the direction it did but it was interesting and kept my attention From the snake to the flea to the beetle they were all vocal about their contributions to such a beautiful garden This is a rhyming story that seems to have a water color and outline style in the pictures The word choice throughout the book was great The author used words like bragged grumbled and groaned when the animals were speaking up about the garden A theme for this story could be nature versus nurtureI would recommend this book to young readers age 5 8 years old

  6. Jess Brown Jess Brown says:

    What I like best about Hoberman's book is the completely unanswered uestion Whose garden is it? As the book progresses we wonder if it might belong to the gardener or the rabbit or even the sun In the end rather than answer the uestion out flat she simply poses the uestion to the reader or listener I love that it enables kids to explore and imagine their own answer to the uestion without it being right or wrong Great for preschool to early elementary

  7. Ann Ann says:

    One of the best books on understanding gardening adult or children's Is it the gardener's garden or the worm's who loosens the soil? Here are lessons that every gardener needs to remember Can any person or animal 'own' a garden?And if that weren't enough the illustrations alone are worth buying the book Like the words they are lovely

  8. Alice Alice says:

    35 This is a good little book about a garden It takes all sort of parts to make a garden it isn't just the gardener it takes worms bees butterflies rain sunlight etc etcThe writing is good the prose are good and they flow The pictures are really good Good story time book about gardens or to talk about what it takes to make a garden grow

  9. Katie Fitzgerald Katie Fitzgerald says:

    Read during pre k class visit on 61213 during pre k class visit on 61313

  10. Paul Paul says:

    Good wondering book enjoyable illustrations and nicely connected expanse of all the contributing parties to the flourishing of the garden I tired very uickly of the animals being dressed up like people and the sun with a smiling face too cute for the earthiness of a garden

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