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Fearless Cities [BOOKS] ✬ Fearless Cities ✶ Barcelona En Comu – Thomashillier.co.uk In a world in which fear and insecurity are being twisted into hate and ineualities xenophobia and authoritarianism are on the rise a renewed municipalist movement is standing up to defend human right In a world in which fear and insecurity are being twisted into hate and ineualities xenophobia and authoritarianism are on the rise a renewed municipalist movement is standing up to defend human rights radical democracy and the common goodIn in Spain housing rights activist Ada Colau was elected mayor of Barcelona and movements from the suares won local elections across the country on manifestos pledging to tackle corruption and radicalize democracy In the United States cities are on the front line of resistance to Trump standing up for diversity women's and LGBTI rights and working to tackle climate change In Turkey and Syria Kurdish democratic confederalism is a beacon of participatory democracy feminism and human rights in a sea of violence and discrimination In Latin America new municipalist movements are springing up and working to fight poverty and ineuality by building economic alternatives from belowIt will include Foreword by Naomi KleinThe theoretical underpinnings of municipalism including the politics of proximity and the movement's role in feminizing politics and stopping the far right Examples of real radical policies being implemented in town and cities across the world to guarantee the right to housing remunicipalize basic services and democratize decision makingPractical organizing strategies and tools from municipalist platforms from how to draw up a participatory manifesto to how to crowdsource funding or hold a neighbourhood assemblyProfiles of pioneering municipalist platforms from around the world.

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  1. Steffi Steffi says:

    Fearless Cities A Guide to the Global Municipalist Movement New Internationalist 2019 I have been pre ordering and waiting for this book which is a follow up read to some of the discussions from last year’s The World Transformed where I really picked up on some of the fairly revolutionary stuff that is happening at city levels and the ‘global municipalist movement’ This is probably the most exciting stuff in terms of building real life alternatives to capitalism that I am aware ofA few take aways Recently concrete social and political struggles in the suares and streets of cities and towns all over the world translated into the most diverse social movements taking over city halls ‘rebel cities’ ‘indy towns’ etc most famously the Barcelona en Comu where former housing activist Ada Colau was elected mayor of Barcelona in 2015 mostly across Southern Europe and Latin America Often these movements came about through concrete struggles over affordable housing environmental issues and fighting global investors in the neighborhood This is probably the theoretically and practically most exciting thing about municipalism it can challenge globalized political power without resorting to the nation state and nationalism While focused on the local administrative level municipalism is globalist in its outlook in two ways On the one hand cities can challenge right wing populism and nationalism through the concept of citizenship based on residence rather than ethnicity and nationality; think the existing ‘sanctuary cities’ which treat immigrants as residents from day one and provide immigrants with city photo IDs On the other hand municipalism is globalist in its approach of cities across the globe working together – as expressed in this book which builds on the cooperation of over 50 cities all over the world The city can provide real and practical alternatives to global capitalism through socialized and community run provision of services and public spacesEually important is municipalism’s challenge to patriarchy through feminizing politics at the local level eg ensuring eual representation and speaking time in assemblies also using video technology etc to make sure people with children can participate in the time consuming direct democracy but also through city planning and public transport that takes into account the gendered and class based nature of city and service use The book provides an excellent snapshot of the cities that have been ‘taken over’ by citizens over the past five years or so It’s also a guidebook on some lessons learned and ideas that worked in some contexts and may be replicated elsewhere maybe we’ll see something similar happening in Berlin through the ongoing movement to re socialize housing and fight global investors who are driving up housing prices and re organize the city along profit lines Bigger picture while globalization makes ‘us’ feel powerless as capital is global and politics still based on nation states that rarely challenge capital especially in the context of hollowed out democracies bordering oligarchies cities can be a democratic political space where we can collectively build alternatives to capitalism in a ‘globalist municipalist sense not just localist and isolated

  2. Rhys Rhys says:

    An interesting resource book that demonstrates that radical change is possible even in places where it seems like it would be impossible

  3. Meg Meg says:

    This will be inspiring for some but short on details and description for others Either way the book captures many ideas and practices that are some of the most sound experiments in working out what genuine participatory democracy might look like in our modern era by people who manage to be both clear eyed and utopian at the same time If you can't get hold of the book you can learn about some of these projects on their website at

  4. Ellie Radcliffe Ellie Radcliffe says:

    Excellent book comprehensively covering the municipalist movement with practical examples and routes to follow to find out Highly recommend it for anybody interested in progressive politics which are rooted in communities and localities rather than focussed on national government plus it proves the theory works when it's put into practice

  5. Meghan Meghan says:

    Concerned about all of the crises plaguing our planet overall? This book helps you consider options on how to act locally within your city and take action with others when nation states fail Great lessons to be learned from international cities

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