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#IsHeHereYet ⚣ [PDF] ✅ #IsHeHereYet By Tony Ortega ✰ – #IsHeHereYet Being the Person You Want to Be With is an extremely raw and funny look at the perceived epidemic of being single in our uest for love It dismantles the notion that there is something tha IsHeHereYet Being the Person You Want to Be With is an extremely raw and funny look at the perceived epidemic of being single in our uest for love It dismantles the notion that there is something that we need to do in order to bring in The One Instead it challenges you to be The One and see what shows up then Regardless of the outcome the end result will be the best version of you possible This book is geared toward single and partnered people alike Through personal and professional accounts of real life situations as well as thought expanding exercises and meditation tools the reader will leave with a greater understanding and concept of themselves They will be able to date themselves and create the space to naturally attract loving and authentic relationships.

5 thoughts on “#IsHeHereYet

  1. Ricardo Martinez Ricardo Martinez says:

    So many amazing insights for the gay and straight population While some of his personal experience appear to be dated for a younger generation the emotions are the same for everyone The pressure of being in a relationship is not limited to sexual orientation and this man's journey to greater self acceptance is nothing but inspiring His rawness and authenticity is palpable Thank you Dr Ortega

  2. Helen Lewis Helen Lewis says:

    Enlightening thought provoking challengingeverything I'd hope for from a self help book by a leading clinical psychologist about how to be truly OK with being who you areright here right now

  3. Dara Nelson Dara Nelson says:

    My timing on reading this book couldn't have been ironic sad poignantpick an adjective My best friend went through a horrible breakup while I was reading this one that was unexpected to him caught him by surprise and devastated his heart I went into this book as a straight happily married woman expecting to read it as an outsider I finished it feeling enlightened hopeful and filled with knowledge that will not only help my friend but can also help me in my own life Despite my happy marriage I've suffered from low self esteem my entire life There are things that I can utilize from this book that can help me to learn how to love myself This is not a book for gay or straight men or women This is a book for everyone

  4. Ricardo Ricardo says:

    I received a free copy of this book from NetGalleyI really don’t like when something in the beginning of a book skews my perception of it so much that I have to fight against it to be as unbiased as possible However I must confess I was not able to do so with this book When I read the part where the author realized that being gay was not about being effeminate or dying of AIDS because he saw two masculine men holding hands at Gay Days in Orlando I realized neither the author nor the book were for me I grew up in Latin America and I know what it is like to be gay in a Latin family with a Catholic upbringing strict parents and totally heterosexual expectations However it goes against everything I believe to put my trust in someone who needed such a simple visual at the age of 29 to discover such a simple truth gay men come in all shapes flavors colors and sizes despite the author’s backgroundI hope that other people are able to enjoy this book and can benefit from it

  5. Luigi Alexander Luigi Alexander says:

    This is a must for everyoneIf I had to define this book in a single word I would call it enchanting Tony's capable of guiding you from his own experience to a journey back to self love since ultimately it is self love that should be our first loveConceived as a book meant to help gay men facing issues staying in relationships anyone can take this journey of self love no matter their gender sexual orientation or relationship status I doubtlessly recommend this as a must read to cultivate self growth

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