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Brothers and Bones - Blutige Lügen ❴Read❵ ➲ Brothers and Bones - Blutige Lügen Author James Hankins – Danke Wiley Vier Silben die das Leben des jungen Staatsanwalts Charlie Beckham von Grund auf verändern Denn den Spitznamen bei dem ihn der Obdachlose in der U Bahn nennt kannte nur einer – sein Bru Bones - Kindle Ò Danke Wiley Vier Silben die das Leben des jungen Staatsanwalts Charlie Beckham von Grund auf verändern Denn den Spitznamen bei dem ihn der Obdachlose in der U Bahn nennt kannte nur einer – sein Bruder Jake Der investigative Journalist verschwand vor vielen Jahren spurlos Weiß der Fremde was damals mit ihm passierte Ist Jake vielleicht sogar noch am Leben Charlies Suche führt ihn in die finstersten Gassen Bostons denn nur die skrupellosesten Männer der Stadt können ihm Antworten auf all seine Fragen geben.

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  1. James Hankins James Hankins says:

    I wrote BROTHERS AND BONES and though I'm not rating or reviewing the book I thought I'd write about what made me come up with the idea for the story It was a single moment several years ago I was working as a lawyer in Boston and every day after work as I walked to the subway station I would pass the same man He was likely homeless He dressed in rags Long hair long beard He never asked for money Most strikingly he was usually talking to himself or seemingly to a mailbox or a parking meter Sometimes these dialogues were heated One day I imagined walking past him and having suddenly look up and say very clearly and lucidly Hi James before returning to his animated self dialogue I found the thought to be creepy and I wondered what could be behind such a moment And BROTHERS AND BONES was born

  2. Judy D Collins Judy D Collins says:

    James Hankins takes readers to the darkest alleys and streets the homeless the ruthless and a criminal underworld for a complex and twisted crime thriller with BROTHERS AND BONES keeping you glued to the pages to learn about the mystery surrounding Charlie’s brother Charlie Beckham is a federal prosecutor for US Attorney’s office in Boston A driven and successful attorney he is engaged to his boss’ daughter Charlie Beckham’s brother Jake a former investigative reporter went missing thirteen years ago and he has been obsessed over the years trying to locate him Now one morning on his way to court on the subway he encounters a deranged homeless man and the man calls him by a secret nickname only known by his brother Jake He is astounded From this point on Charlie is obsessed with this homeless man Bonz Could he be Jake or does he know him? During his frantic and desperate search for this homeless man he gets than he bargained for Without giving away too much Bonz was tortured by some evil men and has pretty much lost his mind; however when he sees Charlie some of his memory starts returning and could he possibly know what happened to Jake? There is a tape which is hidden and the bad guys want it Think legal mobs thugs hackers mafia corruption homeless conspiracy and a brother's survival good versus evil When I was approved for an ARC of James Hankins’ upcoming SHADY CROSS 2242015 due to date being further out wanted to read a few of his previous books first I really enjoyed Hankins’ inspiration for BROTHERS AND BONES as he recalls working as a lawyer in Boston and as he walked to the subway station daily he freuently ran into a homeless man talking to himself and imagined what it would be like to have a conversation thus the novel was bornCharlie the obsessed prosecutor joins forces with a homeless man against a murderous and dangerous conspiracy for a roller coaster suspenseful ride Hankins delivers a complex and riveting suspense thriller mixed with sarcasm and humor The audiobook was narrated by John Rubinstein and even though he did a good job I kept wishing it was Peter Berkrot my favorite thriller performer which would have taken it up another notch Looking forward to reading from this author Hankins’ writing reminds me a little of J Carson Black and Daniel Palmer which I enjoy JDCMustReadBooks

  3. Tracy Tracy says:

    Charlie discovered the true meaning of what the word brother means not only from the selfless acts of love his brother showered him with but poignantly when he had to put his faith and life in the hands of a complete stranger The unlikely banding together of a federal prosecutor Charlie with an unpredictable haggard homeless man Bones led to the forging of an unflappable bond Proving that sometimes being brothers is much than sharing the same bloodline These two unlikely confidants seamlessly formed the ultimate brotherhood when the only person who had their backs was each other #thick as thievesOriginally posted on audible 020518 Titled Brotherhood Blood Not Reuired

  4. Monnie Monnie says:

    Actually make that 4 12 stars; this book named to Kirkus Review Best Books of 2013 is a winner in my book as well And apparently I'm not alone; as I write this it had earned a rather impressive average of 43 stars from 1236 reviewers at com and spent than three months in the Top 100 in the Kindle Store primary reasons I didn't hesitate when I had a chance recently to snag it for 99 cents through BookGorillacomThe story begins as Charlie Beckham a Boston federal prosecutor just starting as lead attorney on a case that should shoot him to the top of the career ladder runs into a grungy homeless man who calls Charlie by a nickname known only by one other person Charlie's much older brother Jake who turned up missing 13 years ago and is presumed dead by everyone except Charlie that isLong obsessed with finding out what really happened to Jake to the point of seeing a psychiatrist ever since the disappearance Charlie goes off the deep end trying to find the homeless man threatening his successful career and jeopardizing his relationship with his fiance Jessica who happens to be the daughter of a powerful head federal prosecutor and Charlie's boss But Charlie is certain the homeless man has important information about the missing Jake it's even possible Charlie reasons that the guy is Jake in disguise Of course finding the man is far from easy and the chase takes Charlie into seedy parts of the city and puts him directly in the crosshairs of some of the criminal underworld Will Charley find the homeless man before either or both of them end up dead? And if he does will he learn what really happened to Jake? Ah I'll never tell if you want to find out you'll just have to read this one for yourself I don't think you'll be sorry you did

  5. Billy Billy says:

    Brothers and Bones is the first book I ever hate read That is I read the whole book just to post a review and warn other readers just how terrible this book is I read this book just to see how much I spent on it and get mad at myself  Brothers and Bones is a tragic waste of time for any reader  It is poorly written illogical and full of gaping plot holesIt is the story of Charlie Beckham a federal attorney who is starting a trial against a mob boss  He is engaged to his boss' daughter of course and about to start the biggest trial of his life when a homeless man mentions a nickname that only his brother Jake who disappeared thirteen years ago knows What ensues is a supposed thriller where Charlie has to avoid both mob and police with his only help coming from his new friendI think most people that read mystery novels want the writer to be smarter them because they want to be stumped and have the final revelation make sense even if they didn't think about it themselves That moment never comes when reading Brothers and Bones  The book is full of plot holes and the characters act in ways that seem to be only motivated by the whim of the author  For instance Charlie despite being a federal prosecutor acts and sounds nothing like an attorney  Even though he narrates the novel his voice is false and unbelievable One of the biggest plot holes is the timing It has been thirteen years since brother Jake has disappeared and yet as the story moves forward there seems to be no rhyme or reason for things to come to a head at this time It is one thing for Charlie to be haunted by the disappearance of his brother It is another for the majority of the characters to be actively tied as well  And when the reader finally learns the by reveal it is a complete an utter letdown and you are left wondering what was the big dealOne last thing to say about this book is the dialogue is absolutely atrocious  None of the characters speak with an authenticity I wasn't expecting a lot going into Brothers and Bones but even what little I wanted I didn't receive Don't even bother

  6. Jennuineglass Jennuineglass says:

    Every now and then you take a chance on a book Picking it up from the junk bin or grabbing a daily deal In some cases it is a regretful relationship and other times you are rewarded your your literary bravery From the moment I clicked purchase I knew this was such a case The reviews are wildly variedan average of three stars built from 1 star and 45 star ratingsThis book gets the rare classification of too bad to finish Money wasted thrown down the tube I revisited the book twicebut after the third failed attempt to enjoy it I Just Couldn't Continue The plot is not bad The idea is solid The writing is horrible Pull you out of the story make you snort laugh and chucklehorrible I wonder what publisher gave the greenlight on this thing? I wonder if that publisher is still employed If I can figure out if my Kindle version has a loan out feature I will loan it to youbecause I know that now you are probably tempted to read it for surely it can't be that bad For me it was But for others there are a lot of four stars they really liked itso perhaps it is a good read Just not for this gal Happy reading

  7. Claire Englewood Claire Englewood says:

    This book was a huge disappointment given other reviews My first main criticism that kept nagging me throughout the book it reads as if it were intended as a screenplay; at the end I found out that is the author's original occupation It seemed like every chapter had a few paragraphs that repeated what had happened earlier just the way a weekly TV drama gives the viewer a few minutes of catchup scenes from last week as the opener Most often this is done by the main character rethinking events to come up with a strategy; this destroys the reader's faith in the character as he is supposed to be a high I semi genius until later in the book when he admits to having cheated on the I test The plot is terribly predictable even overdone for a Mob vs Legal system story down to the subplot of the main character's involvement with the boss' daughter There is not a single surprise twist in the entire book and I only kept reading to the end because I couldn't believe there wouldn't be just one One uestion How did this manuscript get published?

  8. John Bunyan John Bunyan says:

    I liked it despite the serious flaws It starts out great draws you in and moves pretty well But the balance between comedy and tragedy is off The first and maybe best example of this is that the main character's parents were killed by a KFC bucket But the biggest issue is that a man who was 13 years homeless and crazy is suddenly Batman And the conspiracy and the reason behind the main character's predicament stretches credulity Also it's ridiculous how many times guys are knocked out with one punch or a bonk on the head I initially gave this a 35 but it really doesn't deserve that A 3 May be too high but I liked it

  9. Monica Monica says:

    Great book looking forward to reading from this author

  10. John Bennett John Bennett says:

    This is a book that I almost did not finish I found the early chapters to be just strings of words and sentences that seemed to have no purpose But I kept at it and on the whole found the book enjoyable The ending was almost fairy tale in nature but the plot twists seem to take it there

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