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Vampires Kiss [PDF] ✎ Vampires Kiss Author Sonny Barker – First published in 1970 the gay pulp classic Vampire's Kiss follows the transformation of Damon Sanger from an ambitious married attorney to a gay vampire whose bodily libation of choice isn't blood D First published in the gay pulp classic Vampire's Kiss follows the transformation of Damon Sanger from an ambitious married attorney to a gay vampire whose bodily libation of choice isn't blood During a restless night of solo barhopping Damon accidentally wanders into The Cave a gay nigthclub and drunkenly goes home with hypnotic handsome and red lipped seducer Alan Drake Alan makes short work of Damon's conviction that he's straight as an arrow and Alan isn't just gay; he's also a vampire Or is he Damon can't decide whether his trysts with Alan have simply opened his eyes to his true desires or whether he's under the influence of a supernatural fiend whose wildly exciting influence has inducted him into the ranks of the homosexual undead doomed to roam the earth and convert other men Written with a light hand and a sly sense of humor Vampire's Kiss follows Damon as he negotiates his secret life while pretending to be the ordinary suburban husband who enjoyed boozy barbecues with the neighbors and admiring curvaceous women As Damon learns how to satisfy his new appetites and maintain his sanity he conducts an ongoing tongue in cheek examination of himself—he is a lawyer after all—about everything from the morality of recruiting new vampires to whether he really has to give up the garlic he's always loved.

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  1. ☙ nemo ❧ ☙ nemo ❧ says:

    this was outrageous ridiculous and exuisite possibly the greatest thing about this novella is how much of a gothic novel it really is it's not just an erotica about becoming a gay vampire who needs cum instead of blood; it literally has all the hallmarks of your typical gothic novel i don't want to spoil anything but you have the heightened emotions the psychological uncertainty that teeters dangerously close to madnessof course like i said it is outrageous but it's outrageous in the best possible way; erotic campy and managing to be excellently written while retaining the flair and tone of pure pulp fiction this is definitely my favourite 120 days title so far

  2. Devann Devann says:

    I received a free copy of this book from NetGalleyIt's incredibly hard for me to put together a review for this book because I've really never read anything uite like it I read a lot of current LGBTIA titles but this is a reprint of a book from 1970 and it's definitely incredibly different than what I'm used to The most obvious popular book that people are going to think of when they see this is Interview with the Vampire it's even mentioned in the introduction here but at the end of the day IwtV was a book written by a straight woman for other straight women and is really nothing like this at all If I had to pick some popular form of media to compare this to I would probably choose the Rocky Horror Picture Show although both IwtV and RHPS both came years after this book It's really almost impossible for me a 28 year old woman to put this book in the context of which it was written almost 50 years ago wow but I will say that the introduction in this edition definitely helps so don't skip it I will also say that while modern readers do understand what 'pulp' and 'erotica' mean the 70s apparently took that to an entirely new level If I was given a physical copy of this book I think I would be hard pressed to find a single full page that doesn't contain some kind of synonym for penis And somehow despite being on the surface about 80 pages of pure porn it still manages to tackle several social issues and be absolutely hilarious on top of that It's definitely interesting and I plan on trying to check out some of these titles from this particular publisher A lot of the writing seems dated by today's standards but it's still a lot of fun and I think it's interesting to see how far we have come with publishing LGBTIA books in the past 50 years

  3. Carrie (The Butterfly Reader) Carrie (The Butterfly Reader) says:

    So I'm going to be very honest about this I had no idea what I was getting into I see the word vampire and I click I didn't know this was basically porn While normally I'm not the biggest fan of this kind of thing I really enjoyed this one It's a reprint from the 1970's and it's very different from the gay romance I've read for this day and time It was kind of like stepping back into time It's very short and I got through it in one read If you're into gay vampire porn this is for you You'll freaking love it Even if that usually isn't your thing I would stay say give it a try I mean it's really short who knows you may find a new genre to love Thanks to NetGalley for this copy in exchange for an honest review

  4. Ria Bridges Ria Bridges says:

    I admit it I read some gay vampire smutIt as advertised as vintage homoerotica and I was curious because the idea of it trips a few of my happy triggersTurns out I was in for a different ride than I expected and one that led to some interesting observations along the wayVampire’s Kiss published in 1970 tells the story of Damon Sanger who accidentally wanders into a gay bar hooks up with a man and then spends the rest of the book wondering whether that man is turning him into a vampire of whether he’s just really into dudes after all It seems like such a slight premise when phrased that way and you’d expect something like that to have a lot of humour mixed in with the obvious graphic sex scenes and to a degree it does have some good humourous lines I chuckled a few times when reading this bookBut the bigger issue to me is the way the whole “is he or isn’t he” aspect of the story illustrates just how far we’ll go to try and rationalize our behaviour The book is written from Damon’s point of view as a diary in which he recounts his encounters with the mysterious and alluring Alan Drake as well as the changes these encounters produce in him Damon viewed himself as perfectly straight married as happily as one could be until his encounter with Alan After that the allure of other men was too much for him and he starts developing the theory that Alan is some sort of gay vampire intent on enthralling Damon and turning him into another creature of the night Damon only sees Alan at night Alan doesn’t like garlic Damon can’t get Alan off his mind Damon’s newfound craving for semen is analogous to a vampire’s craving for blood and so onEven Damon himself comments on previous entries and realizes that they sound ridiculous a desperate attempt to rationalize what’s happening to him But he can’t uite shake the idea and eventually just runs with it going so far as to wonder if he can find a lesbian vampire to induct his wife into the foldIn the end there are signs that Alan wasn’t a vampire than there were signs that he was He might have been but probably wasn’t The final scene with Damon’s wife confessing to an affair signals to me that Damon was trying so desperately to rationalize away the idea that he was really into men because any excuse no matter how ridiculous was palatable than the truth Hiding in plain sight denying what was happening because the public face of things was so much desirable than the truth And in the end he crushes a clove of garlic in his hand and says fine he’ll bring all of his fuckbuddies over and have a giant foursome because he doesn’t need women he has his own thing damn his wife for betraying him like thatI’d comment on the hypocrisy of it being acceptable for a man to cheat on his wife than a woman to cheat on her husband but I think that goes without saying and plenty of people have written better things on the subject than I couldDamon’s rationalization reminded me of nothing so much as local Craigslist ads I saw some months ago for men seeking sexual encounters with other men “must be discreet must not mind married men” Nearly all the ads were that way and all I could think was that there were a number of gay men around married to women in years when being gay was far less acceptable than it is now looking for a way to be themselves just for a little while even if it was in secret Must keep up the appearance of a straight man Must not rock the boatIt made me sad And it seemed so similar to Damon’s rationalizations Better to theorize that Alan turned him into a gay vampire than to admit that he might actually be bisexual or homosexual or anything other than 100% committed to liking women Somebody “turned him gay” so anything he did wasn’t truly because he wanted to do it but because somebody else either directly or indirectly made him do it made him want to do it It was that separation between the inner and outer self the crutch on which he could lean to deny accountability for his action no matter how ridiculous that denial soundedThat society made “He turned me into a gay vampire I can’t help it” so much appealing than “I guess I like cock after all” is a sad state of affairsThere’s plenty of social commentary in Vampire’s Kiss strung between the sex scenes Discrimination is understandably a big one since Damon feels that pressure on a daily basis to keep his secret life under wraps because the world at large will punish him for doing what he now enjoys doing Often the language used in the book is cringe worthy by today’s standards; I can’t say whether or not it was the same for the time it was written not having been alive back then Interestingly Damon mentally beats himself up over such thoughts like blaming a non existent black man for an assault when really he was caught by homophobes; he declares himself no better than the people who assaulted him because he blamed the innocent who already had to deal with stigma in their own lives As a character Damon wavers from self denial to self awareness often enough to make your head spinTruth in fiction I supposeAs far as erotica goes Vampire’s Kiss was okay It definitely had some hot moments coupled with moments that made me go “How can anyone write this with a straight face?” I think it’s worth reading as social commentary though rather than titillation since there’s a lot between the lines to unpack Fortunately the version I read came with an introduction to provide context and set my mind on the best path by which to experience the short book Worth reading yes especially if you’re curious about early gay pulp fiction but even aside from that there’s a lot being said here and it has value beyond getting one’s rocks offBook received in exchange for review

  5. Trevor Trevor says:

    I've never read a 70's pornerotic novel before and I loved it So different to the mm loveerotic novels being written now this was a great readI was given a copy of this novel by the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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