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2º ❰Ebook❯ ➧ 2º Author Bev Prescott – Thomashillier.co.uk Sharon Clausen a self reliant farmer has a secret apple tree—a tree that keeps her and her wife Eve fed In the year 2092 climate change has transformed the face of Earth Storms disease famine thirst Sharon Clausen a self reliant farmer has a secret apple tree—a tree that keeps her and her wife Eve fed In the year climate change has transformed the face of Earth Storms disease famine thirst and war show no mercy on the living In order to survive and protect Eve from the inhospitable world Sharon cloaks her humanityThe only other people who know of her secret or so she thinks is Dr Ryan a long time confidant and his wife Areva Once a month Sharon and Eve travel from Maine to Boston to trade apples for Eve’s leukemia medication with Dr Ryan When Eve is kidnapped and the Ryan’s are murdered Sharon learns that her best kept secrets are coveted by a man known as the Strelitzia—a coldly practical villainSharon sets out on a harrowing journey across North America to rescue Eve Along the way she gets help from an Inuit refugee boy a stray dog named Erik the Red an eccentric former school teacher a jujitsu master an Argentinian opera star and a brilliant Muslim female scientist who leads an alliance of eclectic people known as the aunik Together this ragtag group battle storms the desert criminal gangs feral humans and the StrelitziaIn the end Sharon must face her greatest challenge—risk all that she loves for something greater than herself.

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  1. Jem Jem says:

    Dystopian post apocalyptic fiction is one of my favorite sub genres in lesfic There's just so much intrinsic drama that can be mined from such stories And since these often than not involve life and death scenarios world domination plots or some mighty struggle between good and evil they're almost assured of a guaranteed slot on my favorites list Almost I got lucky this year Not one but two seriously good dystopian reads May Dawney's Survival Instincts and Anna Burke's Compass Rose When I stumbled across Bev Prescott's 2 Degrees from the same publisher it sounded like it would be a rare hat trick this year I had such high hopes considering all the enthusiastic reviews Maybe because of that my expectations were too high Maybe I was unconsciously comparing this to the earlier reads Maybe its just meLet's see Seventy years from now earth will be reduced to a shadow of her old verdant self Global warming has tripped up the delicate weather patterns that drive our used to be predictable seasons and rainfall The resulting extreme weather from a total lack of rainfall to never ending massive storms has created large swaths of uninhabitable places causing widespread famine and casualties Melting Arctic ice has brought some ancient plagues on man adding even to the death toll And man being man he just can't help fighting over the few remaining resources So a few apocalyptic conflagrations later the earth is down to only 2 billion people give or take a few The book takes place in the former USA which is now ruled by a political entity known as National Order of North America NONA Their sworn enemy is the United Kingdom of Asia Aside from people one of the main casualties of the wars is brace for it agriculture The crazy weather may have wreaked havoc on the growth of anything but apparently it's the UK Asians who've managed to wipe out all of American agriculture it isn't just the crops that would be easy its all the seeds and seed banks dont ask me how So we begin the book in a bleak hungry and smelly Boston where lining up for food and drinking water is a daily chore Our chief protagonist Sharon is a farmer Her wife botanist Eve is stricken with cancer On their way to seek treatment in Boston Eve is arrested by soldiers because she's ethnic Chinese and taken away to some internent camp in Chicago The rest of the book is Sharon's uixotic uest to find her As she crawls kills and battles her way to Eve she picks up some interesting companions friends and even an entire secret society of survivorsAs you can infer from the book description there is no romance There is a love story yes but other than the lead character endlessly pining for her wife and her single minded uest to get to her no matter what the cost we get very little of whatever it is that made their love so great That I think is one of my problems with the book I didn't fall in love with the characters I get Sharon's uest and how noble it is and all that but I didn't get that emotional tug that really good love stories can do to me On the other hand I thought the secondary characters were all very well done and their stories and their relationships with Sharon resonated with me even the dog And because my emotions weren't fully engaged with the main couple I couldn't stop my normally uiescent logical mind from noticing all the major and minor inconsistencies incongruities and illogical actions that cropped up all over the book from the plot to the world building to even the big twist I often mark up my books with green lines signifying some utterly unforgettable prose or a wonderfully played out romantic scene or some really funny or witty banter But I don't think I've marked a book with so many orange lines representing some problematic thing that's impossible or that I don't agree with or that I need to investigate or clarify further I had notes like Why??? and How??? and WTF??? Some of these were eventually sorted out Many weren't I normally list down my nitpicks inside a spoiler tag But this time I'm just gonna take a page or rather a line from medical professionals' lab reports Too Many to Count As a tale of adventure and if you can shut down your logic the entire book the book can be uite entertaining Actions scenes are well staged The pacing is good Tension occasionally flags but it's never too long or too often The plot is a tad predictable except for the big twist The geopolitical setup is confusing and underdeveloped The tech is too good to be true especially considering the circumstances It's a decent read as long as you don't think too much Which is kind of ironic because the book wants us to think Not about the wildly inconsistent world building or why characters do the most illogical things or how they can build such incredible James Bond y gizmos and gadgets with nothing but an empty stomach What the book wants is for us to sit up and take notice But it's something closer to home to reality To our present truth And that is we can't afford to continue what we're doing right now with earth When she reaches that tipping point that 2 degrees of global warming it can trigger the domino effect that's unstoppable and may even be irreversible What you see in the book is one possible scenario It's possibly the worst scenario ever But you can tell the author knows her climate science She scared me enough for me to look up the Thwaites shelf and what the latest planetary scientists are predicting with their climate models its not good And that is ultimately the power of the book It may not be the perfect dystopian tale that I want but its the wake up call that we all need 345 stars

  2. Velvet Lounger Velvet Lounger says:

    45It's 2092 and the world order has collapsed Climate change has led to famine drought and immense changes in the climate Disease has ravaged humanity; the animal and plant population have been decimated by disease In Boston hordes of angry violent and scared people ueue for a daily food hand out In Chicago they ueue for a chance to collect uncontaminated water Neither population know that the last ice cliff is about the fall and take out the sea level populations the government has abandoned to their fateAcross the maelstrom of the Boston streets Sharon and Eve must get to Dr Ryan Eve’s only chance of getting the leukaemia treatment she so desperately needs When they stop to help a starving child the army grabs Eve because of her Asian heritage; the government has issued orders for all Asians to report to an internment camp in Chicago Despite her determination to rescue her wife Sharon lets Dr Ryan talk her into leaving it to him and returns to their farm in Maine But when bandits target the farm she soon sets out west to search for her wife and becomes embroiled in a power struggle that will affect the future of humanityThis is an epic combination of DUF action adventure and science fiction The world is one we can clearly recognise as a possible future if the worst case scenario comes true with the decline of the bees the failure of antibiotics and the melting of the icecaps World wars over food and water resources countries redrawn into gigantic territories uncaring governments who simply cannot feed or protect the general population Only those with money or a special resource or skillset have valueSharon central to all is as deeply flawed as any believing in her moral compass she has to recognise that when it comes to survival she will go way beyond what she thought were her boundaries to survive and save her wife Having led a somewhat sheltered life despite losing her parents to the plague her brothers to violence and betrayal she has not really faced the extremes of survival in a completely hostile environmentA wide cast from brainiac survivalists fighting to save what remains of the world to evil megalomaniacs from lost children to grieving mother figures makes for interesting reading and a wide gamut of emotions from hope to beyond despair Sharon moves through all of them on her journey to save Eve and each touches and impacts her life bringing out both her humanity and the extremities of her will to complete her almost uest like journeyThe world creation is impressive horrendous and yet fascinating calling up our worst fears for the future Prescot has created a future of nightmare vision yet one we can unfortunately imagine coming true The landscape literally plays a role in the plot and we can never forget that the earth is central to the taleI have to admit there were a couple of points which pushed my suspension of disbelief I found the story of earth’s destruction and the human behaviours it triggered so realistic that the leaps of faith were a little too far fetched It’s a hard ask to mix something so credible based in the reality we know could happen with science fiction level futuristic technology the former was so completely believable that the later didn’t gel for me But they didn’t distract from the overall story of human endeavour to survive both the environmental meltdown and the evil of a deranged manFast paced breathless energy extremely well written and faultlessly edited this was an exhilarating read and I literally couldn’t put it down

  3. Saxon Bennett Saxon Bennett says:

    I really enjoyed this book Sharon's journey was a good look into what happens when we don't take care of the planet Ms Prescott has done a great job of imagining and describing for her readers what the world will look like in a future where just surviving is a major accomplishment The love story is heartening in its portrayal of Sharon's undying love for her partner and the risks she is willing to take to get her back A definite must read

  4. Cheri Cheri says:

    Wow Bev Prescott kicked ass on this book I haven't read her first book but I've read her middle two and I'm going to tell you that she's definitely found her niche I'm still not 100% sure how to classify 2 Degrees but it's an eco thriller cli fic gritty and dark but still with a bit of hope in thereThe protagonist Sharon is flawed and strong and doing the best she can I couldn't help but cheer for her A few things that I want to be sure to mention are the sweet ass inventions Bev came up with particularly those dealing with transportation The Icarus vest? I freaking want one While there is a loving relationship at the center of the book this is not a romance It's got plenty of blood and guts and hurting people physically but there's no wooing or snuggling or any of that Which I really like Bev knows her shit when it comes to the environment and that certainly comes through But she's not beating us over the head with warnings or scientific facts What she does is give us a glimpse into one possible future and how one determined woman does everything she can to save her wife and just maybe the worldOH I forgot to mention how incredibly diverse the 2 Degrees cast of characters is I wish authors paid attention to making their book worlds as diverse as our real world

  5. Grady Grady says:

    ‘The symbiosis between pain and life dictated that one didn’t exist without the other’ Maine author Bev Prescott has been a sergeant in the United States Air Force a scientist and an environmental attorney She now lives in Maine after travelling the globe and writes Her first novel was BLOWBACK and now she offers 2 DEGREES Her experience in her careers is telling as her depth of knowledge is demonstrated in this challenging fascinating and credible novel Bev not only tackles the uandaries and fears that face us today as far as environmental protection is concerned but she also has the ability to bring other very important issues to our attention – all in the form of a well sculpted original story filled with fascinating characters and incidents Her opening words tell us much ‘“There are too many of us” Eve slipped the silk remnant from her pocket and looked up at Sharon “We have to find another way I don’t have the strength to fight through the crowd” She wrapped the fabric adorned with the blues reds purples and yellows of long extinct flowers around her neck Sharon pulled her spouse into her arms and kissed her forehead “I know my love” She glanced from the ravenous human mass milling in the street to the building towering over them Blood red words and numbers scrolled across its solar wall panels spelling out Friday September 4 2092 937 am 20⁰C The City of Boston Regional Capital of the National Order of North America Eyeing the digital screen Sharon considered the irony of such a benign description for a place that ate the weakest alive “I’ll find a different road” Eve’s hands shook as she tried to tie the scarf The ashen pallor of her skin made the presence of cancer in her body obvious “I’ll have energy once I get a dose of chemotherapy from Dr Ryan” “Let me” Sharon curled her fingers over Eve’s to still her trembling “There’s a shortcut not too far” She tied the ends of the scarf into a loose knot “We have to get past the edge of this crowd first I’ll hold you close” She slipped an arm around her and struggled to move them forward against the arrhythmic cadence of Boston’s desperate inhabitants Every cell in her body tuned in to the freuency of sheltering Eve from ugliness and keeping her safe A clutch of masked street cleaners pitched another stiff corpse into the back of a lorry hydro’Bev has condensed this novel in a fine synopsis – ‘In the year 2092 climate change has transformed the face of Earth Storms disease famine thirst and war show no mercy on the living Sharon Clausen a self reliant farmer has a secret apple tree—a tree that keeps Sharon and her wife Eve fed The only other people who know of her secret or so she thinks is Dr Ryan a long time confidant and his wife Areva Once a month Sharon and Eve travel from Maine to Boston to trade apples with Dr Ryan for Eve’s leukemia treatment Everything suddenly changes when Eve is kidnapped and the Ryan’s are murdered Sharon learns that her best kept secrets are known and coveted by a man known as the Strelitzia—a coldly practical villain Sharon sets out on a harrowing journey across North America to rescue Eve Along the way she teams up with an Inuit refugee boy a stray dog named Erik the Red an eccentric former school teacher a jujitsu master an Argentinian opera star and a brilliant scientist who leads an alliance of eclectic people known as the aunik Together this ragtag group battle horrific storms an unrelenting desert terrifying criminal gangs feral humans and the Strelitzia In the end Sharon must face her greatest challenge—risk all that she loves for something much greater than herself’Writing of this caliber is not only impressive to read but also important to place before the public because of all of the many topics of concern it addresses Highly Recommended

  6. James Aura James Aura says:

    A climate change dystopia story set in North America toward the end of thiscentury where the main character sets off on a cross continent search Vivid descriptions and good characters make the plot even memorable The story clearly brings home what may lie in store for the planet A worthyaddition to the Cli Fi genre

  7. Lucy Bledsoe Lucy Bledsoe says:

    Such an imaginative story I loved the inventiveness the mix of farm life and high tech travel the themes of love and connection to balance out the despair of the post apocalyptic world and that the entire tale is driven by a ueer love story

  8. Bett Bett says:

    Climate change Global warming Sea levels rising We hear these words and think we know what they mean Sharon Clausen really knows because she lives in a post war post apocalyptic post civilized world There have been two world wars caused by the lack of food and resources and there is a complete breakdown of the world order based on nation states There is no economy Sharon and her wife Annie a Harvard PhD botanist live on the Clausen family farm They have forged an existence On a trip to their doctor Annie is kidnapped Sharon is frantic desperate to do whatever she must to get Annie back So behind her uest across an unrecognizable landscape that once was the United States through obstacles of man made origin as well as the harsh realities an angry scarred planet throws in her way She encounters a cast of characters some helpful some determined to ensure her failure There is little hope left in this landscape of loss poulTry by Derek humans roaming bandits and an antagonist no will stop at nothing to secure the secret that Sharon and Annie share one that could save the decimated planet Sharon meets rebels who oppose government control of all food That's a lot And this brief summary doesn't scratch the surface certainly doesn't plumb the depths of the moral and life threatening dilemmas that must be dealt with every day in this ravaged place that is all too real We can read this as science fiction and enjoy a well written story of survival and at the same time appreciate this a a cautionary tale of a not too distant future one we keep rushing toward with hardly any consideration of the conseuences our present willful inaction makes less certain with each day that we ignore the warnings

  9. Lynn C Lynn C says:

    In Prescott’s best written novel so far she brings us on an adventurous journey as her protagonist Sharon expands her view of family trust and love Calling on her passion of earth and nature Prescott an environmental attorney brings us to a time in the future after warnings of global warming have been ignored While many deny that global warming and human over population would bring us to such a state 2 Degrees shows us that even in the hardest times human spirit and decency will prevail Written with remarkable creativity this novel is a page turner and will open eyes to a new perspective Sharon Eve and their likable eclectic new friends gathered throughout this journey will stay with me as a reminder of the strength of diversity

  10. Carleen Carleen says:

    It’s been four years since Bev Prescott has published a book That book was Blowback and it was pretty amazing Needless to say I’ve been anxiously waiting for Prescott’s next offering We’d been hearing about it for a while Prescott teased us as we waited – updates excerpts cover reveals etc It was maddening I say MaddeningBut oh it was so worth the waitBywater Books released 2° in September but those of us lucky enough to attend a Bywater Books sponsored event at the GCLS Conference in July got to hear Prescott give a reading from her book The anticipation just built I’m very happy to say that 2° exceeded my expectations Prescott offers up an epic actionadventure that is ripe with wonderful characters who are three dimensional intelligent and creative prose and a rich setting The book starts at a run Almost uite literally The main protagonist Sharon and her wife Eve are hurrying through the overcrowded streets of Boston – doing all they can to move uickly while remaining unnoticed and safe By the end of the chapter they are neither unnoticed nor safe And so the adventure begins From that point on we follow Sharon on her desperate journey to find Eve who has been kidnapped Along the way Sharon battles obstacles meets interesting people and searches for her own humanity in an inhumane world Sharon is the main focus of 2° – it is her story we follow we are privy only to her insights She struggles with her own humanity telling herself that only Eve matters and no one else But along the way she meets up with people who chip away at the armor she has created for herself And thus we see great change and growth in Sharon The armor never goes away but Sharon learns when it’s safe to remove the armor and when it’s necessary to lock it in place She’s a fascinating characterand someone I’d like to know The remaining cast of characters – friend and foe alike – are intriguing From Inu – the 10 year old refugee boy she takes into her charge – to Federico to Woody and even the Strelitzia – the calculating villain – Prescott gifts us with a collection of people who are diverse interesting and mysterious They all contribute to Sharon’s evolution throughout the adventure She learns to trust while still maintaining her ability to bob and weave The writing in 2° is just exceptional Prescott has found a way to integrate multiple branches of science politics and actionadventure into her story And she does so with aplomb and intelligence What’s I especially appreciate is that she does so without condescension She takes for granted that her readers are astute able to follow the narrative she’s put forth Yes there are explanations of the science – we are not all botanists or climatologists But it’s done so in a way that doesn’t use monosyllabic terminology She doesn’t over explain she doesn’t under explain It’s uite refreshingIn addition to science there is also science fiction and Prescott has created a world that is at once fantastical and believable The transports and weapons are interesting and creative – and I didn’t even blink when I read about them I was like “Yeah Okay I can totally see that” Just phenomenal2° highlights the effects of what’s happening in our world right now Prescott has extrapolated from current politics and science to show us a potential outcome But while she definitely shows the impact of poor governance and policy she also puts so much of the blame where it belong – on us humans There is an overriding sense of “This is what we have done to ourselves” throughout the book But there is also hope – if we listen to Earth if we learn we can survive This is one of those novels where the setting serves as a main character in the story Sharon traverses a great portion of the United States during her journey to save Eve Prescott’s talent at describing her re imaging of the land is to be applauded She takes us across the country and through areas that are well known and not just to those of us who live here As a resident of Northern Illinois Prescott’s depiction of Chicago in 2092 may very well give me bad dreams She pinpointed many of the city landmarks that make Chicago what it is in 2018 To read of those landmarks being destroyed and desolate is heartbreaking The destruction of national monuments and the natural beauty of the country made me sit back and remember to breathe Prescott brought the world of 2092 to frightening life From the fist page of 2° until the end I was sitting on the edge of my seat My heart beat a rapid tattoo whenever Sharon and the aunik were fighting for their lives I cried as Sharon’s armor developed the chinks that exposed her humanity to the world and when beloved friends fell prey to evil Prescott tapped into my emotions while taking me on this harrowing – but splendid – ride Hurry Get a copy of 2° and let yourself fall into Prescott’s fantastic writing and storytelling It will SO be worth it

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