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Honey Moon Not Your Valentine Honey Moon #3 [PDF / Epub] ☄ Honey Moon Not Your Valentine Honey Moon #3 ✓ Sofi Benitez – Thomashillier.co.uk A Sleepy Hollow Valentine's Day dance with a boy NO WAY NO HOW is Honey Moon going to a scary sweetheart dance with that Noah kid But after being forced to dance together in PE class word gets around A Sleepy Hollow Valentine's Day Not Your PDF/EPUB è dance with a boy NO WAY NO HOW is Honey Moon going to a scary sweetheart dance with that Noah kid But after being forced to dance together in PE class word gets around that Honey likes Noah Now she has no choice but to stop Valentine's Day in its tracks Things never go as planned and Honey winds up with the surprise of her Sleepy Honey Moon Kindle - Hollow life.

  • Hardcover
  • 180 pages
  • Honey Moon Not Your Valentine Honey Moon #3
  • Sofi Benitez
  • English
  • 22 October 2016
  • 9781943785766

About the Author: Sofi Benitez

Sofi Benitez loves telling stories Not Your PDF/EPUB è of living in bravery and enjoyinga joyful life Believing everyone has an important story to tell Sofi’smotto BE BRAVE has become an empowering saying for Honey Moonand her friends Her favorite things are playing with her dog Romeosinging and helping friends and strangers in need The rest of her timeSofi spends creating enchanting adventures for young gi.

7 thoughts on “Honey Moon Not Your Valentine Honey Moon #3

  1. Schizanthus Nerd Schizanthus Nerd says:

    Sorry but this one wasn’t for me I really enjoyed the first two Honey Moon books thoughThank you very much to NetGalley Rabbit Publishers and Diamond Book Distributors for the opportunity to read this book

  2. Susan Susan says:

    Honey Moon is in gym class but is puzzled There are no balls or jump ropes to use Why does the gym teacher have a cd in her hand? When Honey finds out she is devastated She doesn't want to learn how to dance with a boy She finds out later that there will be a Valentine dance that her parents expect her to go to When her mom gives her these romantic valentines to the kids in her class she is horrified What will the boys think?There are adventures that she goes through before going to the Valentine dance that shows us how important it is to be truthful Relationships with parents and friends are discussed in terms of hurting feelings This story is fun to read The color illustrations are a nice touch

  3. Carla Johnson-Hicks Carla Johnson-Hicks says:

    Honey Moon is the younger sister of Harry Moon This is a great series for late primaryjunior students particularly girls Honey seems to always find trouble Valentine's Day is coming up and they are learning to dance at school She does not want to dance with a boy and when she finds out there is a dance coming up she does whatever she can not to attend She is cute and funny with some of her ideas and activities She does get angry and when she damages something rather than admit it she tries to repair it This only gets her in deeper Who will she have to go to the dance with? Will she get in trouble with her parents? Will she be allowed to go to her Valentine's Party at school?This story had all the stereotypes of Valentine's Day at school There was the Valentine's Mailboxes cards for each student the party and the teasing about boyfriends and girlfriends The lessons of course about admitting your mistakes not jumping to conclusions being nice to others are there and could be discussed if the book is being read with an adult or as a read aloud There are not a lot of illustrations but those that are present are cute and add to the story A good addition to the series A great addition to family classroom school and public libraries The publisher generously provided me with a copy of this book via Netgalley

  4. Jill Jemmett Jill Jemmett says:

    This is a great Valentine’s story Honey Moon is hilarious and gets into lots of trouble She doesn’t want to go to the dance with a boy so she does everything she can to make them not like her But this backfires on her The dance at the end also provided a great twist It wasn’t what Honey was expectingThis story reminded me of when my class would celebrate Valentine’s Day when I was a kid When picking out the cards for everyone you had to make sure that the saying on the inside was appropriate You wouldn’t want a boy in your class to get the wrong impression because you gave him a romantic Valentine Honey takes that idea to the extreme by writing nasty things in the boys’ cards That ends up backfiring on her because the boys like the gross things she wrote Valentine’s Day is a fun holiday but it can also cause problems in the classroomI really liked this story It gives a different perspective on a typical Valentine’s Day story because Honey does everything she can to avoid getting a date to the danceI received a copy of this book from the publisher on NetGalley

  5. Ruth B Ruth B says:

    I only picked this book because the author has the same surname as me x I know it's crazy but I don't know that many authors named BENITEZ so I had to read itAnyway this book is part of a series that follows the life of a sweet and smart girl named Honey Moon Not only she has an interesting name she has uite the personality This time she refuses to dance with boys and not even think about Valentine cards for them She is at that age where still hates boys and it's sweet to see how she fights against teachers family and friends who want to convince her otherwiseThe book has sweet illustrations and the writing is perfect for young readers Honey has to face crazy moments and deal with the conseuences of her actions which was fun to read I received a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review

  6. Krystal Krystal says:

    This cute middle grade novel follows the antics of Honey Moon as she attempts to navigate her first dance amid awkwardness accidents and confusion making for an adventure

  7. J.D. DeHart J.D. DeHart says:

    This book and the entire series is a wonderful way to read young readers The books include colorful pictures and the stories have a positive message that does not travel into being preachy I appreciate how this edition included a variety of craft ideas at the end Perfect for reading at home before bedtime or as a classroom book leading into interesting projects

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