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Milo Banks and the Tower of Light ★ Milo Banks and the Tower of Light PDF / Epub ✪ Author Richard Denoncourt – In the Land of the Gods an epic adventure beginsWhen an ominous stranger wielding dark powers appears at his school Milo Banks’s reality comes crashing down His family comes from another realm and n and the Epub Þ In and the Tower of eBook í the Land of the Gods an epic adventure beginsWhen an ominous Milo Banks PDF or stranger wielding dark powers appears at his school Milo Banks’s reality comes crashing Banks and the Epub á down His family comes from another realm and now they’re in dangerAlong with Banks and the Tower of PDF/EPUB or his twin sister Emma who is plagued by otherworldly visions of prophecy Milo has no choice but to develop mysterious powers he never knew Banks and the Tower of PDF/EPUB or he had and save a mythical world that can't possibly be realIf you're a fan of heroes like Harry Potter Luke Skywalker and Percy Jackson then cross dimensions into the techno magical world of Luminether See why fans describe Milo Emma and their gifted orphan friends as uniue and unforgettable and the world of Astros as unlike any other★ PRAISE FOR SAVANT ★★★★★★ By far the best book I have read this yearThe storyline characters world building all of it was amazing Carl Ellis Goodreads Member★★★★★ A great start to a coming of age story with a twist R Sturm Customer★★★★★ The characters took root in my heart You will in some form or fashion latch on to one of the uniue orphans at Ascher's ranch Troy Ukrop Customer★★★★★ I could hardly put it down I actually cried after reading one partMore please gigiwhite Customer★★★★★ Captures the imaginationTo think we could have special powers we know nothing about makes the reader want to become something special Customer★★★★★ A brilliant thrilling exotic bookOne of its kind Uma I Van Roosenbeek Customer★★★★★ Great start to a coming of age storyhas something for everyonea must read Ron Sturm Goodreads Member★★★★★ The story is phenomenal Brooke Hally Customer★★★★★ Inventive and fantastic The build up of action and character creation was phenomenalWould love to see this series as a few motion pictures Darby Curtis Customer★★★★★ A great magical fantasyexceptionally written Aviar Savijon Goodreads Member★★★★★ This book was phenomenal Spellbinding filled with compelling charactersI had such a hard time putting this book down Becky Alberico Goodreads Member★★★★★ Honestly one of the best books I have read in a long time Dragon Customer★★★★★ A truly surprising readI would definitely recommend it to readers young and old Troy Goodreads.

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  1. PamG PamG says:

    I purchased this book because I won the second book in the series in a Goodreads Giveaway This is a teenyoung adult coming of age fantasy story that is well written and has great world building It is action packed after a somewhat slow beginning but some things bugged me such as not containing your downed enemy The main character showed some growth but still has a way to go and there are some cliché storylines in the book However it is still an entertaining read and there are a lot of possible directions that future books could go Sowe have magicians sorcerers a type of shapeshifter acolytes strong fighters winged flying animals developing abilities new friends evil versus good family relationships and so much I am looking forward to the next book in the series

  2. Carrie Carrie says:

    This was a pretty good read The 1st few chapters were hard for me because of all the info that is thrown at you But once you know what everything is and it gets into the story it was very well written I am looking forward to reading the next one the characters were well built and you want them to succeed

  3. Romana Romana says:

    ETA My review of this book below was of an earlier version A lot of the things I picked out as problematic are now removed or improved and I am looking forward to finding out what happens next Kudos to Richard for his generous and gracious response to my reviewThere are things that I really liked about this The Gods' races and magical gifts and the realm of Astros were really interesting and I did want to know how the war played outThe thing is the misogyny is incredibly off putting Milo and Emma are twins both are Demigods and both have powers but Milo has to look after his sister The only description we get of the woman who betrays Oscar is that she is fat and has hairy legs The girls on the ranch are shown worrying about their weight while the boys eat huge amounts from the wonderful buffets Because lets face it fat women are duplicitous and ugly right? Also there's the way that adult women are dominated by men and under threat of rape Milo's mother's memories of her husband are about being submissive In both flashback and at present when I stopped reading she is there as an object of Iolus' sexual desire He gloats about how he will rape her and she is offered to him as a reward with the promise he can do whatever he likes with her Rape and prostitution are so commonplace that part of the reason Kovax trusts Max when he is undercover is that he doesn't rape women or use prostitutes Yes these are the bad guys but there are plenty of ways to show people are evil without it being through sexual violenceWomen involved with the forces of evil are also not allowed agency or freedom from domination Leticia is shown to be powerful and strong within the band of evil warriors but she has to be shown to be submissive and broken by a former male lover She is shown to have had a submissive and emotionally abusive relationship with Iolus in the past and physically crumples and collapses when he dismisses her when they meet up again

  4. Amanda Amanda says:

    My 11 year old son and I both read this book The characters are believable and their personalities work well together The creativity with the story does not leave your imagination lacking My son says This was an awesome book I can't wait to read the next one I personally think that says it allI received this book for free through Goodreads First Reads

  5. Shaktis Shaktis says:

    Amazing book; didn't want it to end but couldn't put it down last night until it was finished Really wanting to read the next one Warning definite cliff hanger ending This was a First Reads book

  6. Becky A Becky A says:

    This book was phenomenal From the beginning the story of Milo Banks and his twin sister Emma was spellbinding I liked being completely enveloped into a fantasy world filled with sorcerers people that can fly and transform into animals and invincible stronger than ever warriors Milo and Emma have a twin connection that creates a powerful relationship early in the book The friends that they meet along their journey have such distinct personalities that it is easy to empathize with them I also appreciated how there was a hint of romance between a few of the characters but it didn't take away from the main story On the other hand the dark characters of Kovax and Corgos are truly sinister There were plenty of moments in the book when I shuddered from the pure evil that was at work between them The book does a wonderful job of explaining the different races Acolytes Sargonauts Savants and Ferals as well as explaining the history behind how the realm of Astros came to be in its current state of turmoil I'm excited to find out how Milo and Emma fit into the solution to the corrupt land of AstrosOverall I loved the book It was an entertaining story filled with compelling characters I had such a hard time putting this book down that I'm not sure how I'm going to wait for the next one to come out

  7. iamjenai iamjenai says:

    I had high hopes when I started reading this book Milo Bank's story is engaging the first uarter of the book It was a uick read loved his family mom pop and his twin sister Emma I love to read history very much But I was too distracted with the casts of the story It has too many characters which is hard for me to tell who's who I know I said before as long as they are connected it doesn't matter I guess I was wrong This is the book I had to take note of the characters Milo's family friends gods and goddesses demi gods and what they are Sargonauts Acolytes Savants Ferals Pertilents etc But even doing this I still had to flip back the pages to remember them Honestly I can't put them all together in my head

  8. Stephen Stephen says:

    Good and cute storyI had honestly considered stopping with this story and not progressing with the series like I have with so many before but the end of it gripped and made me really reconsider The unending was written very well to bring you into the second book But that isn't to say that the rest isn't good it's simply on a different level It has cute romance portions in it as well as intense fighting scenes

  9. Deranged Pegasus Deranged Pegasus says:

    I am so thankful for Goodreads First Reads for allowing me to get this book I have not yet had a chance to read it but once I do I will be sure to update this review

  10. Aviar Savijon Aviar Savijon says:

    SavantA great magical fantasy epically unfolds in the book that was exceptionally written by Richard Denoncourt I Loved it You will too

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