A Real Boy: How Autism Shattered Our Lives - and Made a

A Real Boy: How Autism Shattered Our Lives - and Made a Family from the Pieces [EPUB] ✼ A Real Boy: How Autism Shattered Our Lives - and Made a Family from the Pieces By Christopher Stevens – Thomashillier.co.uk David is a happy healthy and affectionate child but he is also profoundly autistic He is unable to speak than a few words barely capable of expressing his most basic needs oblivious to danger and blin David is a happy healthy and affectionate child Boy: How PDF ✓ but he is also profoundly autistic He is unable to speak than a few words barely capable of expressing his most basic needs oblivious to danger and A Real PDF or blind to other people’s emotions This is the heart wrenching story of bringing up a child who will always be a little boy and an account of both the heartbreak and the unexpected joy of autism Real Boy: How Kindle Ó With raw and sometimes brutal honesty Christopher and Nicola Stevens lay bare their experiences which are by turns harrowing funny and inspirational As David’s story unfolds his parents reveal how the condition has both tested their Real Boy: How Autism Shattered PDF or limits and helped to forge an unbreakable bond of love.

  • Paperback
  • 288 pages
  • A Real Boy: How Autism Shattered Our Lives - and Made a Family from the Pieces
  • Christopher Stevens
  • English
  • 03 November 2016
  • 9781843172666

10 thoughts on “A Real Boy: How Autism Shattered Our Lives - and Made a Family from the Pieces

  1. Shirley Revill Shirley Revill says:

    This is a book that I believe everyone should read to give them a better understanding of autismI felt like someone was writing about my child at that age and the story expressed so many of the emotions that I went throughAfter listening to this audiobook I am filled with admiration for what wonderful parents Christopher and Nicola are especially with dealing with the challenges that autism brings each dayYou can feel the love that they have for their son when listening to their storyVery well written and narrated Truly inspirational Very highly recommended

  2. Eva Eva says:

    Touching story about a family who struggles with the care for their sonbrother A realistic heartbreaking and at times funny story about how they deal with the fact that David has his own view of the world When you read about his tantrums vanishing acts his wish to destroy almost everything in his path and the multiple times he almost killed himself without knowing it it makes you realize just how hard it can be to have a child with his form of autism There is still so much to learn about autism and for someone who works in psychiatry me it is very frustrating to read about the reactions that people give when they see David and his parents and the way they handle him I understand it can be really hard to tell people why for instance you have your 10 year old son on a leash and I hope that in the future people will be considerate of and interested in autism The biggest problem with autism and other mental ilnesses is that you can't see it A broken leg is easy to explain but how can you explain a random woman on the street why your child is eating a plastic toycar or why your child is destroying winebottles in a supermarket?

  3. Ione Stella Ione Stella says:

    When I picked this bookI guess I expected to learn about Autism in a way in which I could truely understand and this book delivered thatThe first hand account from Davidswho suffers from autism parents was touching and imformativebut I would also say that many of there views on Autism is rather subjective and does not educate the reader fully there is definately to autism which could have been expressedI felt they only told the reader what they felt they should know and therefore it lacked depth and sincerity The title autism shattered their lives and made a pieces of the family although there are parts where the story narrates how the parents feel there is not alot about how the family members dealth with autism the title can be bit misleading Although it is very humourous and I would recommend it for anyone who desires a basic understanding on autism

  4. Joy Finlayson Joy Finlayson says:

    I wanted to gain insight into Autism and the effects of it on both the individual and their wider family Christopher Stevens provides such a clear and sensitive look at Autism I didn't claim to have much knowledge prior to reading A Real Boy and I certainly have much to learn but this moving book has opened my eyes to what it must be like to lack the language for your experiences and to see someone you love being so confused by what we take for granted Had I seen the cover of this book in a shop I wouldn't have given it a second glance and would of thought it would be misery memoir but it is so much The Stevens family obviously recognise what they miss and how much their life has changed but their gratitude for any breakthrough in the life of their son is profound

  5. Lulu Rutter Lulu Rutter says:

    A lot of people could benefit from reading thisThis Bristol dad writes with humour and elouence giving an honest account of the early years of his family's life with a severely autistic son The style of writing is very clear simple and direct so anyone can enjoy this even if they have absolutely no experience of autism As somebody who works with children who are similar to David I can highly recommend this book to practitioners as well The author gives a really clear insight into the mind of his son and the impact that his needs and behaviours have on all the family This is well written honest and not over sentimental Love and resilience shines throughout and I do hope that this book can bring a better understanding of autism to a wider audience

  6. Tess Tess says:

    A truly wonderful book At first I was surprised that the author Christopher Stevens was able to write in such a humorous way about a topic that I had always thought of as deadly serious What I hadn't realised is that families with autistic children don't need to be looked upon with somber pitying faces they need to be better understood Of course I'm still fairly ignorant about autism but this book opened my eyes to a world I previously knew hardly anything about and conseuently it's the most valuable book I've read all year

  7. Sarah Sarah says:

    A true story about life with a profoundly autistic son I read this as my friend actually helped look after this lad but even without that specific interest the book was a great read Insightful and a real eye opener into life with a disabled son I read it in a day

  8. Gabrielle Trenbath Gabrielle Trenbath says:

    It wasn't bad although I was often frustrated with with the writer's attitude towards people who don't have a connection with his son

  9. Sharon Foxon Sharon Foxon says:

    excellent read felt like I was reading about my family and our life with a autistic daughter I cried tears and I also laughed as it brought back so many memories both painfully and happy

  10. Zoe Gascoigne Zoe Gascoigne says:

    Wow Such an amazing and inspirational book

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