They Came From Within: A History Of Canadian Horror Cinema

8 thoughts on “They Came From Within: A History Of Canadian Horror Cinema

  1. Nick Spacek Nick Spacek says:

    definitely uniue but the freuent admissions of having never seen some of the movies he's discussing makes me wonder if vatnsdal's book could benefit from a revisit now that many of these films are available via release companies like vinegar syndrome or severin to say nothing of youtube and bittorrentit's a trifle repetitive and freuently lacks in depth research but it's a fun read and definitely one of a kind anyone not from the great white north will benefit from the commentary within but it seems like of a toss off than it could've been

  2. Amy Amy says:

    Niche book for niche audience Runs through the Canadian cinematic horror history with concise synopsis of the relevant movies and some analysis of how they fit into the broader cinematic era as well as a discussion of who was involved the merits or pitfalls of each entryThrough archive Do recommend if Canadian horror is your jam

  3. I.D. I.D. says:

    Solid overview of a lot of movies that you’ll probably never have seen which’ll make you track down some gems and some stinkers Wish I’d waited and bought the updated version of the book though

  4. Michael Michael says:

    Not bad ton's of pictures

  5. Sean Sean says:

    I had a lot of problems with this book though it did point me in the direction of some pretty greatridiculous movies I'd never even heard of Rituals? The Pit? The Uncanny? Death Weekend? But mostly this book is written for a Canadian audience not an international audience It's full of in jokes and cultural references directed towards fellow Canadians which is fine but It really shrinks the audience for the book The writing here is often too jokey and discursive and there's lots and lots of technical production details that could have been cut to make room for context Should a book like this contain so much plot summary of the movies that it covers? I'm not sure I think some is necessary but Also there's little to no awareness of or discussion of issues like race gender sexuality or class in this author's thinking through of his own national cinema's horror canon One of the things I was most curious about is how the book would tackle the whiteness of Canada's horror output and the strains of ueerness and misogyny that run through many of its films You won't find any of that In fact this book has no thesis no overarching argument or observation about the Canadian horror movie industry

  6. Brad Middleton Brad Middleton says:

    Canada may one day be counted as one of the great horror film producing countries or it may not but after forty five years of malevolent masks cannibals creatures ghosts diabolists maniacs and mutations it cannot be denied that the country has a genuine horror movie history So states author Caelum Vatnsdal in the closing comments of They Came From Within which is an excellent overview of Canadian horror films from the 1960s early 2000sRead the full review at my blog

  7. Jessica Jessica says:

    Fascinating thorough archive of Canadian horror film history It sent me straight to the video store Unfortunately most of these films are difficult to findEnjoyable for Cronenberg philes and general horror fans alike

  8. Cwl Cwl says:

    Canadian horror is either pretty terrible to moderately okay or David Cronenberg so read this book about it The productionfinancing details are probably interesting than movies like The Vindicator and Humongous to be honest

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They Came From Within: A History Of Canadian Horror Cinema [Reading] ➸ They Came From Within: A History Of Canadian Horror Cinema By Caelum Vatnsdal – No horror film is truly mainstream David Cronenberg has said and it is for this reason that even the lowliest of them may be worth consideration In They Came From Within Caelum Vatnsdal adjusts the fo No horror From Within: PDF/EPUB Ã film is truly mainstream David Cronenberg has said and it is for this reason that even the lowliest of them may be worth consideration In They Came From They Came PDF/EPUB ² Within Caelum Vatnsdal adjusts the focus in Canadian horror films and unwinds the history of this neglected genre to learn why we fear what we fear and how it came to Came From Within: Epub Û be that way From the early Canadian infiltration of Hollywood in the thirties to the flowering of Canuck horror films in the sixties and seventies to the surreal products of the Came From Within: A History Kindle - tax shelter eighties and beyond Vatnsdal shows how the Canadian horror film industry has unwittingly or not created a complex social economic and political portrait of a nation Engagingly written extensively researched and lavishly illustrated with rare stills and poster art They Came From Within is an invaluable addition of Canadian film criticism.