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  1. Eileen Thornton Eileen Thornton says:

    When Lucy Swift learns her father is planning to marry her off to an elderly man she decides to run away However she hadn't got very far before falling prey to a small bunch of travelling horse thieves who seem intent on molesting her It seemed to Lucy that she had only escaped from one dreadful predicament to find herself in another The youngest member of the group saves her from such embarrassment by declaring he wants to marry her and the wedding ceremony takes place that very same nightLater due to circumstances she never thought possible Lucy finds herself at the mercy of the son of the Earl of Darwell To escape his clutches she will need to use every ounce of skill she hasThis is a most enjoyable read The author has portrayed the characters well and as the story unfolded I felt myself being drawn to Lucy and her ever mounting problems I highly recommend this novel

  2. Michele E. Michele E. says:

    It´s 1821 a time when men were men and women did as they were told or did they? When Lucy´s father arranges her marriage to a man whom she abhors she decides to run away Unfortunately she finds herself in a much worse predicament and with no apparent escape When Lucy meets the dashing Earl of Darwell she finds herself in further complications as the Earl knows something about Lucy´s murky cheuered past and holds it against her He gives her an ultimatum She must complete a task for him or he will hand her over to the authoritiesHer one task uickly turns into two and Lucy is forced to remain in Darwell Manor where she finds herself falling for the dashingly handsome yet cruel tongued Philip Darwell Are her feelings about to be reciprocated or is this a purely one sided love affair? Is Darwell merely using her as a means to an end?“The Earl´s Captive” ‘captivated’ me from the beginning and when I turned the final page I found myself hungry for information What would become of Lucy Swift? I can only beseech the author for a seuel please

  3. A.J. Griffiths-Jones A.J. Griffiths-Jones says:

    Historical romance is not a genre that I usually read but so well written enticing is this author’s style that I have been gripped to the story eager to find out Lucy Swift’s fate Left with little choice but to escape after her father plans a betrothal to an elderly vicar Lucy encounters her first love but suffers the hardship of relationships too is soon on the move again Finding herself a virtual prisoner at Darwell Manor the young woman finds herself playing along with a dangerous plan Gripping full of twists delightfully descriptive I’ve enjoyed every page Five stars

  4. Adara Gaston Adara Gaston says:

    I didn't like itThe situations the heroine was put in were simply ridiculous I had to force myself to not roll my eyes at every turn Not only that but Lucy just kept going on and on about how pathetic her life was I must confess I skipped a few pages out of lack of interest Rory died too early in my opinion I also think time should've been spent on the development of Philip and Lucy's relationship This whole book just felt like a jumble of mixed rubbish

  5. Nicole Atkeson Nicole Atkeson says:

    Terrible readThere was no spark between the characters There was no insight from the other characters in the storyline and no epilogue? Come on now there should be an epilogue like every book usually does The storyline itself was just ALL over the place no consistency to it I won't be reading any books from this author

  6. Julia Sutton Julia Sutton says:

    Great historical romanceThis book was a great read Fab storyline The characters were interesting It was very well written and overall a very enjoyable book

  7. Jo Thorp Jo Thorp says:

    Great readGreat read from start to finish Enjoyed plot line and couldn’t put it down Looking forward to reading future novels x

  8. Aaron Aaron says:

    Very realisticI like the fact that she ended up happy in the endI do wish women in that era were stronger and had better optionsHistory for women sucks

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The Earls Captive ❴EPUB❵ ✼ The Earls Captive Author Lorna Read – September 1821 When her father announces that she must marry the ancient grim faced vicar Lucy decides upon a desperate plan Stealing his prized stallion she escapes across the moors only to fall into September When her father announces that she must marry the ancient grim faced vicar Lucy decides upon a desperate plan Stealing his prized stallion she escapes across the moors only to fall into the hands of notorious horse thieves and the cheating arms of their rough but charming leader She is forced to take part in their crimes but when she tries to deceive Philip son of the Earl of Darwell Lucy meets her match Philip gives her an ultimatum go to the gallows or help him recover the deeds of The Earls Kindle - Darwell Manor and his mother’s lost jewels Now Lucy has to win back her freedom while losing her heart to handsome aloof Philip who doesn’t trust her an inch.

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