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Book of the Lover and the Beloved [Read] ➲ Book of the Lover and the Beloved By Ramon Llull – Lull lived back in the 13th century not long after the days of St Francis of Assisi whose disciple he was His mystic writings are full of the purest noblest spirituality compounded with the uintessenc Lull the Lover and the MOBI :↠ lived back in the th century the Lover Kindle Õ not long after the days of St Francis of Assisi whose disciple he was His mystic writings are full of the purest noblest spirituality compounded with the uintessence of love Lull was no cloistered visionary His life was full of romance adventure so crowded with incident is it that many pages will not suffice to even summarize its of the Lover and the PDF \ principal happenings.

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  1. ♥ Ibrahim ♥ ♥ Ibrahim ♥ says:

    This book attracted me since I was a Muslim and the author is known to be the first missionary to Muslims The author is legendary human being absolutely unbelieveable Just read his bio here can't help but wonder was he a missionary a philosopher or a mathematician a monk or all of these things at one? Indeed he is all these things at one You can read his book for free as you download it from are many things I loved about this man first he is a Christian and that is precisely what I have joyful converted into Second he was a missionary to Muslims and that is what I am to Third he loved Christ passionately; he really fathomed the heart of God Take this small example of his understanding of Heaven and Hell a topic people argue about all the time and castigate one another for sad to say Yet he got to the heart of the matter Read this and enjoy119 They asked the Lover ' What is the greatest darkness ? ' He replied ' The absence of my Beloved' ' And what is the greatest light ? ' ' The presence of my Beloved' My Beloved is the Light of the world and if he is present indeed heaven has come down and is every bit as present If he is absent darkness has set in because we choose darkness and the two can't get together With these mystics you understand the spiritual truths on a higher level than just feeding on milk for the babes as St Paul says but this time we are feeding of meat nutrition of real substance Ramon Lull is a man I dearly love and if he was alive today he would be have been my personal mentor

  2. A.M.G. ☮Hippie/Fantasia☮ A.M.G. ☮Hippie/Fantasia☮ says:

    Rating Infinity 5I confess that I read this book in shorter snippets just so that I could focus on and treasure the verses to their fullest Much like the Song of Songs in the Bible this is what I was expecting a kind of recitation of lovers hidden away in a garden or something crooning sweet nothings to each other Little did I expect what the roles of the Lover and the Beloved really wereFor one thing I'm glad of the author's historical background being provided to us in the introduction thank goodness I decided to read it for once In any case the meaning of the verses themselves then became much clearer much beautiful and most importantly of all spiritualThis is something that I'm sure to re read many times in the years to come It's somewhat sad and yet unsurprising that this author and book aren't things that I've heard about before probably because they're not put at the forefront of history Regardless though I deem to appreciate it and will keep it as a worthy companion to religious works that I have already read Simple to read and get through especially when read in short snippets but with complex concepts behind it all Beautifully written and kept to as much of the original verse as possible or so I believe I worthy undertaking by E Allison Peers and a masterpiece of Ramon Lull

  3. Duane Miller Duane Miller says:

    If sometimes the meaning is inaccessible the feeling is not Here there is a strong mission minded and mystical insight into the reflections of one of the great minds of medieval Christianity Llull who is known as a missionary poet novelist mystic philosopher father and husband and even perhaps an alchemist strongly connects tribulation suffering with the greater experience of God's love A challenging message

  4. Morzejko Leporello Morzejko Leporello says:

    The keys of the gates of love are gilded with cares and desires sighs and tearsThis one of the 366 maxims of the work and it beautifully covers the many facets of love it joys and sorrows For me love was always a separate entity existing independently like other forces in nature We humans can sometimes connect to this force and it can be through the love of another human being who serves but as a catalyst in this connection And I found in Llull this same sentiment so beautifully expressed in those Bible like verses The love discussed here is indeed an eternal love being the love of God of other human of a parent a child There is only one love and it is always a mixture of cares and desires sighs and tears

  5. Juuso-jesperi Aro Juuso-jesperi Aro says:

    Llullin työtä ei sovi väheksyä mutta kyllä tätä lukiessa hiipi mieleen väkisinkin ajatus että josko tässä kirjassa on mitään järkeä?Kontemploin kontemplaatiota kontemplaatiossa kontemplaatiosi kontemplaatiolla Olen hyveessäsi ja hyveesi kanssa saavun hyveeseesi josta otan hyvettä Tervehdin sinua tervehdykselläsi joka on oma tervehdykseni sinun tervehdyksessäsi Siitä odotan pysyvää tervehdystä siunauksesi siunauksessa jossa saan siunauksen siunauksessasiSinä olet rakastettuni kunniani kunnia ja kunniallasi sinä annat kunniassasi kunnian minun kunnialleni jolla on kunnia sinun kunniastasi Tämän kunniasi vuoksi sekä ahdingot että murheet ovat yhtä lailla itsellesi kunniaksi sillä ne saapuvat luokseni kunnioittamaan sinun kunniaasi niiden ilojen ja ajatusten myötä jotka saapuvat minulle kunniastasiKaipa se on ihan hauska tuommoista kontemploida joten ehkäpä vika olikin siinä ettei minussa ole vielä tarpeeksi mystikkoa

  6. Joshua Joshua says:

    366 short meditations upon the love of God and the trails that await us in that love Beautiful little book His focus on the Beloved and loving him primarily and in simplicity is provoking and speaks directly to the heart that seeks to be wholly His Some of it I have no idea what he was trying to convey but the things that did land were timely arrows to the heart

  7. Alex Kartelias Alex Kartelias says:

    Some beautiful passages His words are full of emotion and devotion but they don't sacrafice the truly mystical messages which are contained therein

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