Gorgeous George: The Outrageous Bad-Boy Wrestler Who

10 thoughts on “Gorgeous George: The Outrageous Bad-Boy Wrestler Who Created American Pop Culture

  1. Jezebel Jorge Jezebel Jorge says:

    The author gets too caught up in liking their own prose to make this an entertaining read It seems to be written from an outsiders point of view instead of taking us behind the scenesGG lived such a fascinating life that it's a shame this book came off so dry and impersonal

  2. Jesse Jesse says:

    Pretty solid biography of the TV pioneerbad boysissyhe maninspiration of Dylan James Brown and Muhammad Ali Downfall is depressing George ends up broke fat alone and drunk in the early 60s in Hollywood where else? but very funny sweet natured and interesting and informative on the way up and filled with who knew that you actually COULD put someone out with a sleeper hold applied correctly? certainly not me or my brother all sorts of wrestlingcarny insider info The notion that there are conventions and meetings and brotherhoods and subcultures of old time wrestling or wrasslin' as I suppose it's uh correctly known aficionados getting together in Vegas or wherever to celebrate the old times Docked a notch for short changing Liberace whose shtick was pretty darn similar if less masculine Upped a notch for suggesting that the archives of the promoter Jack Pfefer apparently at Notre Dame would make a fantastic book

  3. Oliver Bateman Oliver Bateman says:

    Capouya worked with a lot of surviving relatives and friends of George Wagner to produce this account which is about as goodauthoritative a narrative as we're ever going to get in re GG Some of the later sections which deal with the cultural impact of GG correctly assess his legacy vis a vis Bob Dylan Muhammad Ali James Brown and others but given my own extensive reading the stuff about the gender transgressiveness of GG just seemswell dated But that's no fault of Capouya's; it just shows how the wrestling scholarship is evolving Odd that this book wasn't a bigger hit but '08 wasn't anywhere near the wrestling is mainstream situation we have today where WWE is on the ESPN homepage and newspapers cover wrestling in sports sections again

  4. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    A biography of one of the most influential professional wrestlers of all time; it may go rather overboard on selling George's influence on American pop culture but if so that's very much in keeping with the subject himself It definitely makes a decent case pulling in testimony from people as disparate as Muhammad Ali John Waters and Bob Dylan's recollections of being inspired by George

  5. Jim Altomare Jim Altomare says:

    The gorgeous iconA fun read Callous did a great job highlighting how Gorgeous George inspired many icons of the day Recommended for any old school wrestling fan

  6. Mike Mike says:

    My favorite wrestling book so farSome of its fabulosities To borrow a Georgie ismLiterate writing many great insider storiesHumor his 'sui gorgeous' gloryMany familiar names who worked with my wrestler fatherLA's Olympic Arena was built for the 1932 gamesStrong case made that GG is a forgotten father of popular culture Ali Dylan James Brown John Waters Liberace Elvis rappers Trump trash talking chest thumping DiMaggio GG both earned 100k per Wrestlers have fallen behind In 2015 Cena made 10m including side income versus Clayton Kershaw's 32m salary onlyThe Georges shared a Columbus home with Cyclone Mackey Corbin Massey late 1939 Wife Betty's huge role Let's make it dirtyHer memory that the camper trailer times were their happiest Canvas canopy wash tub bathsMcShain's gaudy outer wear example jackets not robesPortland Labor Temple's looming balcony made fans part of the show Made them think they were entitled to participateSwervingGay Talese NY Times reportTVThe racial give and take and appropriations that influenced culture

  7. Rick Segers Rick Segers says:

    OkayI'll admit itI'm a fan of old school professional wrestling Today its sports entertainment populated by steroid freaks making like bad cartoon characters with no real depth He was perhaps the first of the great sports anti heroGorgeous George was a character but with depth that laid a foundation for many to follow including Muhammed Ali and James Brown As one blurb writer wroteperhaps Gorgeous George was Genius George

  8. John John says:

    George's shocking success helped move the outrageous and the outre from the fringe of our culture to the center This famous pro wrestler from the 50s was one of early television's biggest stars and influenced Muhammad Ali James Brown Bob Dylan and John Waters according to this book This was a fun read for someone who rarely reads biographies Should be listed as 3 and a half stars plus a body slam from the turnbuckles

  9. Brandon Brandon says:

    What little story there was involving Gorgeous George was a good read The rest of the book felt like the author was giving a history lesson on the times and people surrounding George Unfortunately the real story gets lost along the way and loses the reader very uickly I really wanted to like this book but I just couldn't find enough there to like

  10. Mattcale3 Mattcale3 says:

    Compelling story of a now forgotten media darling; a man who helped create the celebrity culture we inhabit today In the end a sad pathetic tale but crucial in understanding that all too American lust for reinvention

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Gorgeous George: The Outrageous Bad-Boy Wrestler Who Created American Pop Culture ❰PDF / Epub❯ ★ Gorgeous George: The Outrageous Bad-Boy Wrestler Who Created American Pop Culture Author John Capouya – Thomashillier.co.uk This is the first ever biography of the legendary wrestler Gorgeous George filled with incredible never before told stories George directly influenced the likes of Muhammad Ali who took his bragging a This is the The Outrageous PDF ↠ first ever biography of the legendary wrestler Gorgeous George filled with incredible never before told stories George directly influenced the likes of Muhammad Ali who took his bragging and boasting from Gorgeous George: ePUB ½ George; James Brown who began to wear seuined capes onstage after seeing George on TV; John Waters whose films featured the outrageous drag ueen Divine as an homage to George; and too many wrestlers to George: The Outrageous PDF ✓ count Amid these pop culture discoveries are firsthand accounts of the pro wrestling game from the s to the sThe ideal American male used to be stoic uiet and dignified But for a young couple George: The Outrageous Bad-Boy Wrestler Kindle - struggling to make ends meet in the desperation born of the lingering Depression and wartime rationing an idea was hatched that changed the face of American popular George: The Outrageous Bad-Boy Wrestler Kindle - culture an idea so bold so over the top and absurd that it was perfect That idea transformed journeyman wrestler George Wagner from a dark haired clean cut good guy to a peroxide blond braggart who blatantly cheated every chance he got Crowds were stunned—they had never seen anything like this before—and they came from miles around to witness it for themselvesSuddenly George—guided by Betty his pistol of a wife—was a draw With his golden tresses grown long and styled in a marcel George went from handsome to well gorgeous overnight the small dank wrestling venues giving way to major arenas As if the hair wasn't enough his robes—unmanly things of silk lace and chiffon in pale pinks sunny yellows and rich mauves—were but a prelude to the act the regal entrance the tailcoat clad valet spraying the mat with perfume the haughty looks and sneers for the peasants who paid to watch this outrageously prissy hulk prance around the ring How they loved to see his glorious mane mussed up by his manly opponents And how they loved that alluringly alliterative name Gorgeous George the self proclaimed Toast of the Coast the Sensation of the NationAll this was timed to the arrival of that new invention everyone was talking about—television In its early days professional wrestling and its larger than life characters dominated prime time broadcasts—none so than Gorgeous George who sold as many sets as Uncle MiltieFans came in droves—to boo him to stick him with hatpins to ogle his gowns and to rejoice in his comeuppance He was the man they loved to hate and his provocative gender bending act took him to the top of the entertainment world America would never be the same again.