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  1. Angela Angela says:

    5 StarsIsland Smile is the exciting second instalment in the Stranded in Paradise trilogy by Lindsay Marie Miller It’s a brilliant action adventure historical romance with intrigue suspense danger drama and angst I loved the first book and couldn’t wait to continue the story I did have fairly high expectations and I am so happy that I needn’t have worried because Ms Miller certainly didn’t disappoint with this story It swept me into the pages and kept me avidly reading from beginning to end I was captivated holding my breath a lot of the time anxious to find out what was happening The story picks up pretty much where Jungle Eyes left off In the last book we followed Henry Rochester as he set sail on an expedition But soon a violent storm shipwrecks him on the shore of a tropical paradise He’s the sole survivor from his ship He finds he’s not alone on the island as he encounters Elaine Carmichael who has also been a castaway on the island for a very long time She takes care of his injuries and teaches him how to survive being stranded in paradise They develop feelings for one another discover the islands secrets are thrust into several dangerous situations that test them and their blossoming relationship before finally finding a way off the islandAs this story begins Henry and Elaine have married and settled into the beautiful new home on a vast estate just outside of New York Elaine and Henry welcome a beautiful little bundle into their lives and everything in their world appears to be perfect But they soon discover that trouble has followed them off the island right to their doorstep Henry’s younger sister is drawn into the mix as a means of revenge and exacting untold riches and their world is turned upside down What happens when Elaine is captured and forced back to the island where it all started? Will Henry be able to save her or will he be too late? What happens back on the island? What of Henry's sweet sister Louisa? You really must read this fantastic story and find out all the gripping details for yourself You are sure to love it as much as I didWhat a brilliant second addition to the trilogy I did spend a lot of the time on the edge of my seat as the author took me on an emotional rollercoaster ride Again this instalment was so vividly detailed and descriptive bringing everything to life The story is set to continue in Island Spirit Book Three The whole trilogy is already available to purchase so there is no need to wait between books Thank you Ms Miller

  2. Bobbi Wagner Bobbi Wagner says:

    Island Smile An Action Adventure Romance Stranded in Paradise Book 2 by Lindsay Marie Miller is the second book in her Stranded in Paradise series I highly suggest that you read the first book before this one as it provides information that you will need to enrich your enjoyment of this book This author's writing skills are such that she can make you feel as if you are right there with the characters Her story is easy flowing and engaging It took me on an emotional roller coaster ride that just kept giving There are some twists and turns in this book that I didn't see coming Henry and Elaine find themselves living in New York when they have their first daughter They are trying to leave the jungle behind them When Henry's sister Louisa becomes engaged but unfortunately he is not who he says he is He has is own agenda getting Elaine What will happen when Elaine finds herself back on the island with Louisa and her finance? Their story is full of action revenge and heroes These are enjoyable characters that keep the story flowing I felt bad for Henry and Elaine because they really truly did want to leave the jungle behind them There are uite a few characters in this installment then the first They each have their own agenda for what they want When evil lurks its ugly head is safety an issue? Elaine knew some thing was off but just didn't know what Henry has a heart of gold and it really shines through here I highly recommend this book Find out what happens to Wes and Elaine in this next installment

  3. Danielle Danielle says:

    This is the second book in the series and I loved it just as much as the first bookHenry and Elaine are married with a new baby and living in New York Everything should be perfect now except danger has followed themThis book has all the elements suspense mystery angst romance everything you could hope for Fantastic read

  4. Susan Meachen Susan Meachen says:

    Island Smile Book 2 in the Jungle Eyes Seriesby Lindsay Marie MillerIsland Smile literally picks up where Jungle Eyes left us wondering The story is very gripping the edge of your seat this time around We get a few new characters added to the line up We open up with Elaine being in labor Henry and Elaine have made a very nice life for themselves in New York But Elaine keeps having nightmares of a darkness coming We get to know Louisa in this new installment of the Series She is Henry's little sister and she has found love But the love is with William “Judas” We also get to meet Frederic who is a paid Hunter As you can tell by the Title of the Book we are Headed back to the Jungle There's a lot of Mystery on the island Does it have a special Power to bring back the dead? Will Henry and Elaine survive the island again? Will Louisa find her true love? Will Frederic step up and be a Knight in Shining Armor? I got my copy in a giveawayGet your copy Here

  5. Liz Liz says:

    “Promise me that you will not leave Promise me that you will wait for me”Island Smile is the second installment in Lindsay Marie Miller’s Stranded in Paradise trilogy I have read that the books can be read as standalones but I promise you will want to read the books in order and all of them in order to fully understand everything that is taking place Just writing this review will be a bit of a spoiler of where book one left usIsland Smile starts off in New York with Henry and Elaine Rochester living a life they never thought was possible while they were stranded on an island together so recently in their past Elaine has been carrying their child and having dreams while doing so They are mixed with happiness and darkness foretelling her of future events to come She only chooses to let Henry in on the good fortunes until their daughter Lilly is born “For months now Elaine had shared her dreams with Henry Dreams where they strolled through Central Park with a newborn child A little girl Sometimes two” “These dreams had visited Elaine nearly every night since their return to New York Henry hoped they were a sign of all the good to come the exciting new life they would live together the fulfillment of a promise he had made her long ago on the island But now watching Elaine give birth to their child Henry knew that a dream could be defined by than those images that delight or haunt one’s sleep Life was a dream Elaine was a dream And the precious life Henry had created with her was one as well”“The dreams I have had dreams Dreams that I did not tell you about before Dreams about you Dreams about me Dreams about the baby Something is coming Someone is coming It is not good Henry”Disguised as Captain William Pierce he is out to marry Henry’s sixteen year old sister The problem is this William man is not who he says he is and the only people that know his true identity is Elaine and Henry “You must act Henry Play your part”Before they know what is happening they find themselves back on the Island that started everything for Henry and Elaine Introducing us to new characters surly to be brought forth in the final installment and adding adventure to this book than was even present in the first I truly enjoyed this part of the story so than the first part I find myself very much hanging on for the final installment and to find out what is to come of these characters that Lindsay Marie Miller has brought to life so well This book does end in a cliffhanger and you will want to one click the final installment Coastal Spirit at the same time you purchase this one as the bonus is all three books are available to read now “The truth was plain to see The man Elaine loved might be surviving within a very limited window of time How long the window might last she did not know But if Elaine did nothing then he would die anyway and she could not live with herself as long as the possibility existed No Elaine would find Henry even if she died trying”

  6. Katie Kearney Katie Kearney says:

    Island Smile by Lindsay Marie Miller is the thrilling second book in the Stranded in Paradise trilogy This is most definitely not a standalone novel and to get the full picture you really need to read book one before this one We are once again transported back to the 1900’s and into the lives of Henry and ElaineWhen they escaped from the island they thought their adventure was over Settling into a home in on the outskirts of New York Henry and Elaine thought that they would be able to live and raise their daughter Lilly in peace Unfortunately the dangers of the island aren’t that easy to leave and this time Henry’s sister Louisa is dragged into the mad scheme of a madman that is determined to retrieve what is “rightfully” his When Elaine is forced to return to the island Henry also makes his way back in a desperate attempt to rescue them both and finally put an end to their personal nightmare once and for allThis book was an entertaining read While I’m not a fan of historical fiction this series actually captured my interest The characters are well written and the plot is well thought out The attention that Ms Miller puts into her novels keeps them fresh and each character has a distinct voice I loved that there was plenty of romance along with the action to help keep the plot from devolving into one long fight scene I am looking forward to reading the last book in this series and am giving this one a well deserved four star rating

  7. Shannon Shannon says:

    Book 2 in the Stranded in Paradise series is full of surprises Some good and some not so much Lindsay Marie Miller can write a story that draws a reader right in Sometimes a reader wants to be the main character but I am reserving that idea for the happily ever after that is sure to comeright? Please The ending of Island Smile leaves everyone characters and readers alike wondering what is going to happen Who will survive the island? HOW will they survive? Does anyone ever really die on the island?Remember this series is set in the 1900’s so men and women were still learning that women could do than just look pretty Elaine and Louisa are girl power for sure I loved the characters in this story so much better than in book one Elaine seemed a little unsettled I believe I said bi polar during Jungle Eyes This story has her level headed and determined I like this version of her better Henry her husband is the protective loving husband he should be A little full of rage but really I do not blame him one bit I also love the character of Louisa Henry’s sister We met her in book one but she has a much bigger part in this story I can only wonder what is going to happen in the next book I am looking forward to reading Coastal Spirit and highly recommend you read this series starting with book one Jungle Eyes

  8. Erin Davidson Erin Davidson says:

    Island Smile book two in Lindsay Marie Miller’s Stranded in Paradise series starts right where the first one finished Henry and Elaine are welcoming the birth of their baby girl Lillian when suddenly an old enemy emerges Turns out being stabbed in the heart can’t kill you please don’t try at home and you can rise from the dead to seek revengeI found it very difficult to believe a lot of things throughout the course of this book It never really explains how Judas comes back from the dead unless there is island mojo that the audience doesn’t know of and it’s some Pirates of the Caribbean shenanigans It also doesn’t explain how Judas got off the island considering they took his ship It also doesn’t say who is babysitting Lillian whilst Elaine Henry and Louisa are captured I found myself getting and frustrated as the book went on with the decisions the characters made that were out of character for them; as well as all the unnecessary conflict and instantaneous love between characters The story didn’t feel as developed Jungle eyes which was a letdown There was such a strong focus on tension and rising action that the character development seemed non existentShall have to wait and see how they survive the impending doom of the book’s cliff hanger ending 35 stars

  9. Ashleigh Ashleigh says:

    Island Smile by Lindsay Marie Miller is the second book in her Stranded in Paradise series and let me just say what a phenomenal follow up Island Smile picks up right where Jungle Eyes leaves off with Henry Rochester as he is setting off on an expedition But a violent storm takes him off course running him straight into Elaine Carmichael’s castaway island Having been casted away on this island there is a part of her that is happy for company but another part that has despair that they will never be found Healing his wounds Elaine teaches Henry how to fend for himself the feelings that they have for each other begin to grow but there is something dark and dangerous lurks in the corners The relationship between Henry and Elaine was beautiful to see unfold from meeting to marriage but the element of danger that lurks in the wings of their joining made this another great read by Miller I highly recommend that this be read in series order as the story will make sense that way Miller has a way about her writing that pulls you in from the first page until the last sentence If you are looking for a great author to add to your repartee this is one you really need to look at This series will keep you on your toes guessing at what will happen next with Henry and Elaine

  10. Naomi Valkyrie Naomi Valkyrie says:

    Island Smile is the second book in the Stranded in Paradise series This story picks up with Henry and Elaine in New York Just as they are settling into life back in civilization the past in the form of Judas returns Unfortunately Henry’s sister has fallen in love with Judas and it has complicated everything Without giving away their own secrets Henry and Elaine try to convince Louisa that she needs to stop seeing Judas but she refuses to hear themLouisa finally understands what Henry and Elaine have been trying to warn her about but the realization has come too late and there have been dire conseuences Judas is intent on getting back to the island and he is taking Louisa and Elaine with him Fearing he will never see his wife and sister again Henry sneaks aboard the ship to try to save them Once they reach the island adventure and danger face them in the jungle Will any of them come out of this experience alive?I would recommend reading the first book before you read this one so you completely understand the motivations and past experiences of each character Island Smile is an entertaining engaging story full of love self sacrifice bravery grief and adventure You won’t be able to put it down

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Island Smile Stranded in Paradise #2 ❁ [EPUB] ✹ Island Smile Stranded in Paradise #2 By Lindsay Marie Miller ➚ – This is an alternate Cover Edition for ASIN B01LWP9MGS He came back for treasureAnd took my wife insteadReturn to the Island Will you survive In the summer of 1900 Henry and Elaine Rochester settle al This is an Stranded in PDF/EPUB Ã alternate Cover Edition for ASIN BLWPMGS He came back for treasureAnd took my wife insteadReturn to the Island Will you survive In the summer of Henry and Elaine Rochester settle along the outskirts of New York City with the birth of their firstborn daughter Lilly But neither can escape the dark secrets left behind in the jungle Judas is alive and engaged to Henry’s beautiful yet inevitably naïve sixteen year old sister LouisaFueled by revenge Judas demands the return of his stolen treasure Island Smile PDF/EPUB or in exchange for Louisa’s safety But when Judas captures Elaine instead Henry sneaks aboard a departing ship across the Atlantic to rescue her Judas is headed to the island with Louisa and Elaine and he has no intention of ever coming back.

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