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Jules Vernes Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea ❰Download❯ ➻ Jules Vernes Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea Author Gary Gianni – Thomashillier.co.uk Flesk Publications is proud to present a graphic novelization of Jules Verne’s Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea by the celebrated illustrator and writer of books comics and comic strips Gary Gi Flesk Publications is proud to present a Twenty Thousand PDF Ê graphic novelization of Jules Verne’s Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea by the celebrated illustrator and writer of books comics and comic strips Gary Gianni The Verne novel which has been adapted into films and illustrated in numerous forms receives an exciting fresh visual approach allowing the reader to experience the story anew A life long fan of Verne’s novel Gianni proves the perfect foil for this visually stunning recreation penned by the “Father of Science Fiction”Gianni’s adaptation preserves the sense of wondrous adventure Jules Vernes Epub / while sacrificing nothing by way of plot or the finer nuances of character This finely distilled narrative combines skillfully rendered depictions of the men and the machines they command Their encounters with astounding marvels and terrible monsters above and below the waves create a rich and rewarding reading experience unlike any otherThis oversized hardbound volume will also include the full text of The Sea Raiders a short story by HG Wells accompanied by ten original illustrations created for this edition by Gianni Jim Ruth Keegan supply the colorsJules Verne’s Twenty Thousand Leagues Vernes Twenty Thousand PDF Æ Under the Sea promises to be a book which will be treasured for years to come by readers of all ages.

10 thoughts on “Jules Vernes Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea

  1. Chris Chris says:

    The real highlight for this adaptation is obviously the artwork It's really well drawn particularly the sweeping seascapes of hidden underwater cities a lot of work went into thisI love that Gary Gianni's style fits the setting so perfectly It's drawn in a way that's very reminiscent of the art you'd find in books of the timeI haven't read the original novel so I don't know how close to the original novel it is but I can only assume it's fairly faithfulDefinitely a cool little adaptation

  2. Orrin Grey Orrin Grey says:

    This is as close as I've come to actually reading Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea though I should really change that one of these days For now I enjoyed this comic adaptation Gary Gianni's art is perfect for the story though I think my very favorite illustrations were those that accompanied the back up short piece Sea Raiders

  3. Phil Phil says:

    I really enjoy Jules Vernes books I would have given it another star if it wasn't for all the blasted details about the various fish he saw on his voyage I mean I enjoy fish as much as the next person but to invest a third of the book in describing what each fish looked like seems like a little much Great story by a man with a fantastic imagination

  4. Laura Laura says:

    Jules Vernes Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea by Gary Gianni 2008

  5. Ksy9120 Ksy9120 says:

    Loved this book The adventures and the miracles

  6. Tisha Tisha says:

    “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Seas” by Jules Verne is a popular science fiction that talks about an adventure around a man called Pierre Aronnax and other two protagonist who got save by the submarine——Nautilus, and the man who controls it captain nemo This book is very interesting Although it is not realistic at all the author describes the character's characteristic and scene and even though the story is based on an imagination the audience can still feels how real it is due to the professional description of machines and sea creatures The most important setting in this book is a submarine the Nautilus One of the amazing point of the novel was it published 25 years before people actually invented submarine But Jules Vernes had used his creativity to clearly demonstrate how submarine's structure shape function work And what he wrote is actually similar toward it Which give audience the idea of how powerful the author's foresight ability is

  7. Eileen Eileen says:

    The book 20000 Leagues Under the Sea was talk about a professor ,an assistant and a fisherman accident got into a submarine and they happen some fantasy things hereThere is a mysterious coxswain in this submarineThey travel in the forest under the sea they fight with the octopus they escape from the big ice sheet etc

  8. ISMOTU ISMOTU says:

    Gary Gianni expertly adapts Jules Verne's classic into graphic novel form It's exciting and thoughtful As a bonus Gianni illustrates the HG Wells short story Sea Raiders that tells of giant suid attacks along the British coastline

  9. Joseph Joseph says:

    Gianni's line work is fantastic One of my favourite modern illustrators This is a beautiful book and companion piece to the novel On its own only the main points of the story are covered so I wouldn't recommend this without having read the novel as so much richness will be lost But if you know the story and would like to be immersed in a visual feast this is recommended

  10. Brett& Brett& says:

    My thirteen year old daughter and I read this together as one of her school assignments We both found the book to be challenging but interesting its story and characters obviously serve as the inspiration for much science fiction and fantasy that is produced today Captain Nemo is a particularly complicated character and I enjoyed discussing his intricacies with my daughter

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