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Bad Guys dont always lose [PDF / Epub] ★ Bad Guys dont always lose By Michelle Thompson – Doug Henderson has evolved into a shrewd and sadistic businessman and gang member driven by hatred and revengeAbove all he is highly successfulFind out what drives the success of a highly organised ou Doug Henderson has dont always ePUB ´ evolved into a shrewd and sadistic businessman and gang member driven by hatred and revengeAbove all he is highly Bad Guys PDF \ successfulFind out what drives the success of a highly organised outlaw motorcycle gang led by their president DougFollow the twists and turns of Guys dont always PDF/EPUB é the missing cocaineStick to the rules of engagementBut whatever you do don't cross his path or you may wind up dead.

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  1. Anomaly Anomaly says:

    The writing style in this book is the first thing which strikes a reader It's rapid nearly stream of consciousness very informal extremely grammatically lenient often outright grammatically incorrect And for the type of story being told it works to demand attention and create a sense of urgent interest I thought at times I wouldn't like it but I found myself tolerating and occasionally enjoying the writing style especially when all the dialect used started making my internal narrating voice take on an appropriate Aussie accentI felt like I was reading a recounting of insider details from a biker gang at least for the first half There were no punches pulled no detached moments only conversational yet detailed accounts of the eponymous bad guys not losing Though I felt a little confused by the wording at times I imagine that's fair turnabout from how non American readers feel reading the books with dialect familiar to meHere's the thing though the conversational grammatically incorrect writing style gets worse as the book progresses It goes from feeling like an insider conversing with the reader to feeling like a rushed wiki article explaining the plot of a Sons of Anarchy spinoff The plot itself is good again for the first half That portion is dark and gritty and exactly what I want from a story about outlaw bikers The characters all have some development despite slotting into common tropes and stereotypes But the writing Well it eventually lost its charm and started to time skip by months and even years at a time sometimes right in the middle of a sentence or paragraph That's where I'm torn I liked the writing style at times tolerated it at others but found myself actively annoyed a few times I liked the general plot initially and the story told by the first half but as a concept used to pitch a mini series or movie than as a book itself Had I paid the usual few dollars for a kindle book I can't say I'd feel that the money was wasted I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review But I can't in good conscience say I think this is a good book overall Just it also isn't a terrible book For the first halfYou probably have guessed what's coming I really didn't care for the second half of this book It isn't all bad don't get me wrong but it's completely out of line with the tone of the rest of the book While the first half was gritty dark and occasionally gory it still seemed 'believable' in the setting The second half though it does have a few highlights feels like a complete parody of the genre with a few derailments into something far beyond the stretch of suspended disbelief It's just too much rushes too many things and jumps so many sharks one uite literal I might add that it loses all the grittiness and 'outlaw appeal' which made me like the first halfWith the story no longer captivating me I actively skimmed a few paragraphs here and there in the second half; it never felt as if I missed anything important Even so something kept me interested just enough to keep reading There was still a hint of what I'd originally liked almost as if the book were half a final draft and half a rough draft In particular the final fifteen percent or so were much like the beginning and I even found myself internally cheering for the bad guys thus the main characters exactly as I'd expect from a book of this themeWhile I can't say I was impressed I can say I'd consider reading a seuel if one were made Hopefully that one would have a heavy handed editor and a conventional grammatical styleThe verdict If you want steamy smut or a detailed and conventionally written recounting of an intricate plot look elsewhere If however you're looking for a casually written forray into the gritty fictional realm of outlaw bikers you might consider giving this book a chance You like me may very well find that you enjoy the plot itself or characters therein enough to forgive the book its shortcomings and shark infested momentsOverall I'd give a 25 star rating But since I'm feeling generous and want to give the author credit for the believable shift in a certain character from one I hated to one I liked I'll round up to three If this were a television show perhaps its first season premiere I'd have been unimpressed with the midseason but deemed the show itself worthy of watching next year just for the characters and to see if it gets back to the roots of the first half of season one I know that's an odd comparison but I'm serious when I say this feels often like reading a fandom wiki write up of a series' plotImportant to note since the copy I received is a galley and those do not always reflect the final publication I have refrained from mentioning or considering any typographical errors misspellings or misuse of wordsReiteration of disclaimer seen previously in review I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley for the purposes of reviewing and providing honest opinions My review contains my own personal views and impressions of this book and is left voluntarily

  2. patrick Lorelli patrick Lorelli says:

    This was a book published in 2017 It follows a motorcycle club president Doug Henderson For the first half of the book it is a dark crime story that makes for a very good read The characters are all like you would expect from a book like this When you the reader are really into the story a shift of the tone of the book changes I don’t know why but goes from dark and grim to light I would have liked it if it would have stayed dark and grim throughout the book That is really my biggest flaw with the story I received this book from Netgalleycom I gave it 3 stars Follow us at www1rad readerreviewscom

  3. T Olsen T Olsen says:

    Not a police procedural but rather a crime procedural this book is a little different The story is easy to read with a very even tone that also makes it a little amusing The characters are excellent but the morale of the book is of course a little ambivalent No doubt about the entertainment though; this is very enjoyable

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