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The Bomb Girl Brides The Bomb Girls #4 [PDF / Epub] ☆ The Bomb Girl Brides The Bomb Girls #4 By Daisy Styles – It's 1944 and Britain is a country at war The young women of the Phoenix munitions factory are giving their all to the cause but romance is beckoning The life of a Bomb Girl isn't usually glamourous B It's Girl Brides eBook ´ and Britain is a country at war The young women of the Phoenix munitions factory are giving their all to the cause but romance is beckoning The life of a Bomb Girl isn't usually glamourous But Maggie is getting married so she is going to make sure her wedding day is even if she does have to spend every other day slaving on the factory floorThis blasted factory was not what Julia had The Bomb PDF \ in mind either She had always dreamed of attending Oxford University rather than getting her hands dirty Bomb Girl Brides The Bomb Epub / and the easy laughter of the other women intimidate her terriblyBut they are all here together in this munitions factory in a Lancashire mill town sharing firsts pitching in and getting on Despite rationing dangerous hard work and new situations these Bomb Girls are going to do their best at work and in love.

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  1. Joanne Robertson Joanne Robertson says:

    Oh this book provided a much needed breath of fresh air for me this week Having only read one of The Bomb Girl series before I was worried that I would need to catch up on too much from the first book but I needn’t have worried The Bomb Girl Brides sits nicely as a standalone novel with an easy to follow storyline following new girl Julia but also with little nods to the past as it continued the romantic and social journeys of characters we have come to know and love So don’t worry if this is your first visit to The Bomb Girls they will make you feel very welcomeI adore this period of history and love reading about the women of the 40s and how they coped whilst their menfolk were away fighting in the Second World War I find the camaraderie of the time fascinating as women across Great Britain came together to help in the war effort and this series set in a Lancashire munitions factory really brings to life the strong community spirit that defined these diligent and spirited women Julia is the new girl on the block and comes from a completely different social background to the others who are very uick to judge her to be a snob But Julia is giving up a lot to be “up North” and it’s a tough job if you aren’t accepted by your peers But with a wedding on the horizon and an unexpected engagement there’s plenty of drama about to bring the girls together and with one or two shocks for some of them they are going to need their friends than everThis really was a joy to read Following the lives of women who were away from their love ones and families whilst providing a crucial role in our counties history proved to be a totally relaxing pleasure The difference in priorities for them compared with our modern day lives made me uite reflective as although it was a time of suffering and losses the county seemed to come together and focus on the important things in life Julia was probably the most interesting character unable to take up her place at Oxford university as her father forbade it can you imagine that happening nowadays? So it was no wonder she arrived miserable and distant But Maggie was my favourite Bomb Girl and her journey to her dream wedding was full of emotion and hilarity especially when it came to planning the wedding breakfast which involved a secret mission to provide the “piece de resistance”Daisy Styles is a natural storyteller who brings together a group of young women from very different backgrounds but who are all completely likeable and relatable Their work and personal lives are effortlessly blended with the historical facts from the period to create a captivating and touching tale of friendship in difficult circumstances I thoroughly enjoyed becoming involved in their emotionally rewarding and uplifting storyline and look forward to meeting the girls again soon

  2. Kathy E Kathy E says:

    Another five star read from Daisy Styles and The Bomb Girls Recommended

  3. Janice Janice says:

    I read this on the KindleThis is the 4th in the seriesI really enjoyed the book not only for the story but the way it is written i like Daisy Styles writing she make the story so your drawn in which not all writters do even if they have a great storylineThis tells about the lifes of the girls at the bomb factor in Lancaster you have a new girl Julia who is not a working girl but as the girls puts it a posh toff The book ends in June 1944 so i hope there will be another book to take it to the end of the warA great read

  4. Pearl Pearl says:

    The Bomb Girl Brides written by Daisy Styles for me was another great work of historical fiction based on a group of friends who worked in a bomb factory while living together in a Cow Shed I have followed this group of friends from the first book in the series and I have to say it gets better as each book that passedWith this book it is mainly based around Maggie's wedding as always with Daisy Styles she mixes in great characters and historical facts with this book she added a pig or two which brought a few laughs along the wayI loved the characters which filled this book and mix in a very addictive storyline which showed Rosa at her worst and her best but as always her friends are never far away keeping her spirits up when times were hard Nora as always fills the pages with many laughs though this time I loved how Daisy Styles really developed Nora as a character and her storyline though at times brought many laughs it also showed the devastation the war brought home to those who kept the home fires burningThis truly is a great read and for me personally I would recommend The Bomb Girl Brides as a wonderful entertaining and historical fiction and one which I loved from the first page to the last page was reachedHappy to recommend

  5. Elisabeth Elisabeth says:

    In this fourth book in The Bomb Girl series and the girls we met in the previous books are still working at the Phoenix Munitions Factory building bombs to keep the allies supplied to help beat off HitlerThe girls are happily working and living together until new girl Julia Thorpe comes to live and work with themJulia is not like the other girls She comes from a well to do family in London has had to put her place a Oxford University on hold and has come to the Phoenix armed with her typewriter to try and pursue a literary career whilst working on the bomb production line As the war drags on love and romance blossom but will the unhappiness in ‘the cow shed’ make getting new relationships off the ground difficult? A lovely story and a very pleasant easy read

  6. Emily Langdown Emily Langdown says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book from start to finish I started this book as soon as I had finished Bomb Girls expecting it to simply follow on with the same characters however it didn't However the continuity of the background characters and some of the continued characters from the first book made it just flow effortlesslyThe Phoenix simply feels like another little community you are welcomed to and instantly become part ofI would highly recommend this book to anyone that enjoys romance war time or simply a feel good story Daisy Styles write effortlessly from start to finish and creates the most incredible page turners from front to back

  7. Sandra Sandra says:

    Another fabulous book about the girls at the bomb factorytheir lovessadnessfear and above all their friendshipsMaggie's up coming wedding plans are proving to be difficult to get sorted with rationingThen they have a new girl arriving Julia who when they meet comes across as posh and snobbyThe girls from the Phoenix Bomb Factory are a tough bunch and they need to be as life on the moors is hardI can highly recommend this book well worth 5

  8. Julie Davis Julie Davis says:

    I love books about women in the war and this series is absolutely brilliant with this being the best one yet and I really hope there is to comeThe bomb girls are all such likable characters and each new character adds so much to the story Along the way there is sadness too but also joy and an insight into the harsh conditions these women enduredI want to see what next for Rosa and Nora in particular

  9. c m bolton c m bolton says:

    WeddingsDaisy I can't thank you enough for this wonderful book It was fabulous to find out that the girls had found love and Stevie will have a new mummy You have a wonderful way with words from the first page to the last Can't wait for the next onexx

  10. Alison Boniface Alison Boniface says:

    Yet another absolutely fantastic instalment from the ladies lives in the cow shed An exceptional book that gives insight into life as a bomb girl and how life continues at home for the women whilst the men are fighting abroad

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