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  1. Frankie Frankie says:

    What the heck did I just read???First off there was zilch nada romance chemistry or anything else likable about these characters and not much story eitherBrianna Marco married 3 years ago after a one night stand in which resulted in pregnancy and them getting married so they could raise their son together When they first met both Brianna Marco had not been in a good place she was heartbroken because she had just broken up with an ex who she had been within for 2 years Marco because his mother had just died Flash forward a year or two later and h has now left H to move to NY to become a chef because their marriage is not working H does not talk to her and is always working and they were no longer sleeping together After being separated a couple of months H comes to NY to see his son and finalize the divorce however they see that their baby son is having behavior issues based on the fact that his mommy daddy are not together Huh? So h without any encouragement from H decides to move temporarily back to Italy with H so that they can help their sonSo for the rest of the book we keep going back forth with h always stating that H is closed off and only cares about his son and H how h is not going to stay because his mother didn't he has mommy issues so while 'women come go his son is familia and family always comes first He comes across as very cold indifferent towards the h and never fights for her They also don't even kiss or have sex until way into 95 97% of the book fyi sex is fade in blackEven the ending was disappointing because when the H finally realizes that he has to tell his wife he loves her wants her to stay it still comes across as indifferent somehow because right after he has that realization he says he will just put it off for another day because he had a hard day at work and doesn't want to deal with her right now huh???There was also so much left off from this story such as any background info about the h's ex and why it didn't work out whether H slept with anyone else during their separation especially since they weren't sleeping together during their marriage so was he celibate for 3 years? the introduction of possible OW whom h had a slight jealousy of and who was described as a good friend of H's did he ever sleep with her for example etcSo if you are looking for a nice romance skip this and save your money and aggravation There is truly nothing likable or romantic about this couple It reads as if the author was angry at someone and didn't much care about romance when she wrote this The only nice thing I can say is that the baby son was sorta cute That's it

  2. Paula Paula says:

    This is just an awful read The characters are not well developed the chemistry is lacking and the plot is a cliche that we have read a gazillion times beforeH's mother left him when he was a boy and he has decided that all women leave so why invest his feelings After a one night stand he impregnates h and decides to marry her but he resends it because he was not ready for marriage or children He proceeds to put long hours at work and doesn't have time to talk to h or get to know herHeroine in turn feeling resentful and unloved decides marriage is over and moves to NY with her son A few months later H shows up to see his son finalize their divorce but they find that their baby son has behavior issues and decide to move in together again to help him Heroine tries to make her marriage work but H does nothing to help until he realizes at the end of the book that maybe he should try asking her to stay Blah blah blahSave your money This is definitely a skip

  3. Deborah Taylor Deborah Taylor says:

    I liked this story Enjoyed the characters and their story At times it felt like a vintage mills and boon and that really appealed to me

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Reunited with Her Italian Billionaire ☉ Reunited with Her Italian Billionaire PDF / Epub ❤ Author Nina Singh – It started with a marriage for their baby Now Marco’s back—to claim his wife for real Brianna’s marriage to Italian tycoon Marco Dirici was for the sake of their unexpected baby But Brianna need It started with a marriage for Her Italian PDF ↠ their baby Now Marco’s back—to claim his wife for real Brianna’s marriage to Italian tycoon Marco Dirici was for the sake of their unexpected baby But Brianna needs the one thing she’s realized Marco can never give her—love Fleeing to New York with her young son Brianna tries to forget the magic of her husband’s Reunited with PDF/EPUB ² touch Until Marco arrives on her doorstep determined to reclaim his family.