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Abraham Lincolns Dueling Words ➽ [Download] ✤ Abraham Lincolns Dueling Words By Donna Janell Bowman ➲ – Thomashillier.co.uk Abraham Lincoln was known for his sense of humor But in 1842 early in his adult life it nearly got him into trouble He had to use his imagination to save his career and maybe even his life When Abraha Abraham Lincoln was known for his sense of humor But in early in his adult life it nearly got him into trouble He had to use Abraham Lincolns PDF/EPUB ² his imagination to save his career and maybe even his life When Abraham Lincoln became frustrated with the actions of James Shield a political rival he came up with a plan It was silly It was clever And it was a great big mistake Lincoln his future wife and a friend of hers wrote a series of fictional letters to the editor complaining about Shields But when Shields took offense he challenged Lincoln to a duel How would our future president straighten things out and save the lives and careers of both himself and his rival Donna Bowman's humorous voice and SD Schindler's expressive illustrations are the perfect match for this story of Abraham Lincoln's humor and wit Back matter includes an author's note with a bibliography.

10 thoughts on “Abraham Lincolns Dueling Words

  1. Jon Nakapalau Jon Nakapalau says:

    Little known event in 1842 when Lincoln was challenged to a duel Great story that will help young children understand that we all must learn from our mistakes

  2. Melki Melki says:

    An interesting tale of a little known incident that happened between Lincoln and James Shields another Illinois legislator Luckily for both parties it turned out to be of a duel of wits than anything else I'm guessing this will not appeal to most children

  3. J Aislynn d& J Aislynn d& says:

    Abraham Lincoln's Dueling Words is a delightfully illustrated tale about a lesser known incident in Lincoln's life as a barrister In response to tax changes that would affect the poorer folk rather harshly Lincoln wrote a letter to the newspaper under the name 'Aunt Rebecca’ which also called out rival James Shields Two other 'Aunt Rebecca’ letters turned up written by people other than Lincoln These letters steamed Shields up and he demanded to know who was behind it He then challenged Lincoln to a duel In an attempt to protect both people and force it to be called off Lincoln chose swords and set very clear guidelines that would favour his height and reach This gives the seconds the opportunity to step in and defuse things satisfying the honour of both At the end there's a section explaining historical facts regarding the events surrounding Lincoln's duelWith brilliant illustrations and clear language Bowman and Schindler bring to life this little known tale making Lincoln into a person than a symbol of ideal He's got a playful sense of humour and bit of an impetuous nature It was neat to see Lincoln in a trickster light My cubs all enjoyed reading this bookMany thanks to Netgalley and Myrick Marketing for providing an egalley in exchange for a fair and honest review

  4. Gary Anderson Gary Anderson says:

    In 1842 a young attorney named Abraham Lincoln started a political spat with another local attorney named James Shields Shields challenged Lincoln to a duel an illegal but not uncommon solution in those days for affairs of honor Donna Janell Bowman’s nonfiction picture book Abraham Lincoln’s Dueling Words tells this little known Lincoln tale in appealing folksy language that will capitalize on young readers’ prior knowledge about Lincoln Dueling is a subject that many find interesting and may be familiar due to the current fascination with all things involving Alexander Hamilton Bowman’s book is an excellent choice for a read aloud because of its strong narrative voice –“Before you turn the page you might want to cover your eyes”—and the inherent drama of the episode which is resolved by cleverness rather than violence The life lessons here include the importance of accepting responsibility for one’s mistakes and avoiding eitheror thinking when solving problems

  5. Melanie Dulaney Melanie Dulaney says:

    Donna J Bowman impressed me at the Texas Library Association conference with her passion for good non fiction for children and her kind nature I was already a fan her Texas Bluebonnet Award nominee Step Right Up How Doc and Jim Key Taught the World About Kindness and was thrilled to receive a copy of her book Abraham Lincoln's Dueling Words through Junior Library Guild Readers of biographies may not find this story of a life changing mistake for Abraham Lincoln anywhere else This picture book will likely be enjoyed by students in grades 2 6 who enjoy non fiction about real life people as well as those who just like to read books about the past people who make mistakes and learn from them and of course dueling practices from the 1800s Artist S D Schindler provides excellent watercolor and ink illustrations that capture the moods of Lincoln and his political opponent James Shields as well as the dress and assorted artifacts from the time period Back matter provides additional facts on the event and the two duelists although I do wish that a photograph of Abraham Lincoln was used in that section as there was one for Shields Highly recommended for libraries everywhere

  6. Bethe Bethe says:

    After Bowman's author visit thrid grade insisted we read her new book The kids loved it I enjoyed the collouial expressions most were explained in context More details for the various events in the book were explained in the back matter Thoroughly researched short bibliography agumented on her website

  7. Colette Colette says:

    We can all learn from our mistakes even very tall well mannered lawyer and presidential types

  8. Stephanie Tournas Stephanie Tournas says:

    This book tells an amusing side note in the life of Abraham Lincoln one that he himself probably regretted In 1842 the state of Illinois and its banks were in crisis When a political opponent of his proposed a solution that Lincoln believed would hurt poor people he wrote a letter to the newspaper in the character of a made up person named Aunt Rebecca The letter made fun of this rival James Shields calling him a liar and a conceity dunce Shields found out who wrote the letter and challenged Lincoln to a duel This account tells how Lincoln got out of the potentially deadly situation Written in a down home conversational style there is real information and humor too Schindler's wonderful ink and watercolor illustrations make the event come alive and add to the period setting and drama Back matter worded as part of a newspaper adds depth to the historical moment Includes links to primary documents used as sources

  9. Alicia Bayer Alicia Bayer says:

    I really enjoyed this picture book about a real incidence of Lincoln doing something unethical and then having to come up with a way to deal with the conseuences and make it right He wrote a fake letter to the paper criticizing a political rival but things snowballed and he had to admit he was the writer The rival challenged him to a duelThis was a surprisingly cute story with a great message that even really good people sometimes do bad things and that they can fix them Our family does a lot of historic reenacting as part of our homeschooling and as a way to volunteer together for great organizations here are a couple of blog posts from two of our reenacting adventures and Our youngest daughter Fiona has done so much reenacting that when she was very young she considered Abraham Lincoln to be one of her best friends He has always been her favorite president not just because of who he was and what he did but because she's always felt like she knew him I'm planning on reading this to her today and know she'll enjoy it as much as I did

  10. Diane Diane says:

    Wonderful portrayal of a little known episode in Lincoln's life Using accessible and reassuring vernacular the author relates what happened during Lincoln's early political career when he let his words run away with him Not only is it a fascinating depiction of Lincoln before he was President it shows how he used an event he later found shameful to spur him to become a better man Interesting and instructive

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