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    P Is for Pterodactyl The Worst Alphabet Book Ever truly is the worst alphabet book ever Each page in this cute little volume displays a letter of the alphabet and highlights ways in which the letter does not seem to follow the rules Sometimes this means highlighting its use as a silent letter and other times it means showing how that letter is not actually used where you might expect it to be I mostly prefer the pages that deal with silent letters they are easier to follow and I loved that the sentences on the page highlight other ways the silent version of the letter is used Some of the nope this letter doesn t go where you think it goes pages are a bit convoluted for my taste and tend to not have as interesting or prolific letter usage in the sentences Overall, though, I think this book will be enjoyed by those who love silliness, learning about words, and combining the two into one acti...

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    Recommended only for independent school aged readers, definitely not preschoolers This book is not much fun as a read aloud unless kids SEE the pages and at least know their alphabet phonics and preferably have the vocabulary to know the meanings of many of the words, and there is some advanced vocabulary esoteric words than only older kids or even adults will know Particularly recommended for children and adults puzzled and or amused by the vagaries of the written English language Most of the pages show that there is some method in the madness There was a slight bit of cheating with a couple of the letters but that s okay There is a glossary at the end and this adult actually needed it, for the words that start with B and with J So there is no story here But it s a fun book and an educational book, though the premise is better than the final result I d expected to find it hilarious, but I didn t really find it that amusing, ...

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    Now generally and from a presented text proper point of view, I have truly found Raj Haldar and Chris Carpenter s P is for Pterodactyl The Worst Alphabet Book Ever both fun and lyrically, humorously engaging, with many included onomatopoeia, tongue twisters and other word based joys and rhetorical delights although indeed this is claimed with the necessary caveat that P is for Pterodactyl The Worst Alphabet Book Ever is most definitely and in my humble opinion much too advanced and too potentially, too easily confusing for young children first learning their letters and words and therefore a book conceptualised for older children, and actually for anyone interested in the many and diverse vagrancies and conundrums of English language spelling and pronunciation However and my general basic enjoyment of both the concept and the presented 26 letter sections of P is for Pterodactyl The Worst Alphabet Book Ever quite notwithstanding, I for one also have to admit that I have found this book rather annoyingly and frustratingly incomplete on a specifically language and linguistic level For considering that many of the reasons why especially English has so many spelling and pronunciation scenarios that make the language often so potentially befuddling and difficult to write and in particular to pronounce are based on partic...

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    This book about English being confusing and inconsistent is, itself, confusing and inconsistent S is for Seas because seas sounds like the letter C, I guess, but what other sound is s supposed to make in a book about words nearly impossible to pronounce The page also has the word A...

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    Perfect for the girl with the silent x at the end of her name.

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    Really funny and smart I love the self awareness of the subtitle, The Worst Alphabet Book Ever how wonderfully blunt True to its name, it is indeed a terrible primer for a pre reader, but it remains a delightful treat for older readers and even grownups It walks a fine line between mocking and celebrating some of the English language s qui...

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    Incredibly clever alphabet book that is perfect for a teacher, that clever early reader, or the friend that is over and done with childhood classics.It addresses the nuances of what a nightmare it is learning vocabulary rules only to find out that the rules don t apply.

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    An alphabet book that pokes fun at words that use letters in unconventional ways for English.I thought that this book might be a great tool for our ESL teachers, but upon reading it I was disappointed First of all, the words chosen for each of the letters are not even They aren t all letters that make an unusual sound or are silent I think the most ridiculous page was the Q page featuring a bunch of words that have the Q making a hard K sound which is the sound Q makes I guess they picked Quinoa and Qatar because those don t have a kwa sound I think the biggest problem with this book though is that many of the words chosen are words adopted into the English language from another language So, yes, the letters in those words make unconventional sounds to English speakers BUT they make the sounds they are supposed to in the original language I found it culturally insensitiv...

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    My grandchildren love alphabet books, and dinosaurs, so I though this would be right up their alley Well there was only one dinosaur, but this was an incredibly silly book and my grandson loved it It poked fun at the way the English language does not follow rules, especially all the silent letters in the language It s written quite sarcastically and would probably be appreciated by older children who struggle with pronunciations and spelling as well as younger children who will just enjoy the illustrations and fun text The art is fun to look at and I enjoyed seeing a book that has fun with the ridiculousness of the English language I would not recommend this book to early readers as it would probably frustrate them very much A great ...

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P is for Pterodactyl Let S Get Real The English Language Is Bizarre A Might Be For Apple, But It S Also For Aisle And Aeons Why Does The Word Gnat Start With A G But The Word Knot Doesn T Start With An N It Doesn T Always Make Sense, But Don T Let These Rule Breaking Silent Letters Defeat You This Whimsical, Funky Book From Raj Haldar Aka Rapper Lushlife Turns The Traditional Idea Of An Alphabet Book On Its Head, Poking Fun At The Most Mischievous Words In The English Language And Demonstrating How To Pronounce Them Fun And Informative For Word Nerds Of All Ages