Adventures in Larryland Life in Professional Wrestling

Adventures in Larryland Life in Professional Wrestling [EPUB] ✸ Adventures in Larryland Life in Professional Wrestling By Larry Zbyszko – Wrestling’s self proclaimed “Living Legend” may never wear a championship belt again but he’s definitely not down for the count Adventures in Larryland is the entertaining often hilarious stor Wrestling’s self proclaimed “Living Legend” may Larryland Life Epub á never wear a championship belt again but he’s definitely not down for the count Adventures in Larryland is the entertaining often hilarious story of Larry Zbyszko’s remarkable ascent to wrestling notoriety Voted “Rookie of the Year” in Zbyszko enjoyed glorious years as a top draw in the wild and wacky world of professional wrestling Attendance records were shattered when he wrestled the original “Living Legend” Bruno Adventures in PDF/EPUB or Sammartino in and achieved victory by hitting his former mentor with a chair a rarity at the time With that match Zbyszko stepped out from Sammartino’s shadow and was transformed from a baby faced hero to one of the most hated wrestlers of his time Afterwards Zbyszko was careful to never miss a chance to remind the wrestling world that he had become the “New Living Legend” Later that decade Zbyszko wrestled former Japanese in Larryland Life Kindle Ò Olympic wrestler Masa Sieto in front of plus fans at Japan’s Tokyodome In the late ’s he became a high profile color commentator for the Atlanta based WCW and would still put on his boots for special occasions He’s credited with saving the TNT’s number one rated show Monday Nitro from the evil clutches of the “New World Order” and in Zbyszko’s appearance in back to back pay per views produced the two in Larryland Life in Professional Kindle - largest buy rates that WCW had ever had.

7 thoughts on “Adventures in Larryland Life in Professional Wrestling

  1. Patrick Patrick says:

    You don't expect any book by any pro wrestler to have a lot of credability but when LZ suggests that Flair didn't want to work with him well books like matches seem to be works in Larryland

  2. Oliver Bateman Oliver Bateman says:

    a surprisingly good autobiography that is or less the business as zbyszko a worker who sueezed a lot of value out of a very simple bad guy gimmick saw it he seems pretty removed from the fray at all times likely interested in the many failed romances he constantly jokes about but his own assessment of the best moments of his career feuding bruno the roll of dimes KO of bockwinkel that put the AWA strap on hennig the wcw scientific match with william regal feuding scott hall while working as a WCW commentator seems to accord with the historical record zbyszko seems to have been extremely risk averse avoiding steroids high spots and fast paced matches he even thinks tag team partner arn anderson moved too uickly in the ring like the plague and rushing to get behind a commentary desk as uickly as he could good for him the bruno turn was indeed a genius work even if i was too young to experience when it went down and i have fond memories of his early 90s run as a loudmouth WCW heel who dragged out matches right to the tv time limit

  3. Lance Lumley Lance Lumley says:

    I wanted to reread this book to see how it holds up plus I wanted to see what is written about the AWA since there are not many books that do write about the Gagne Wrestling League Unfortunately this book was the same as when I first got it with Zbyszko spending most of the book covering the big program with Bruno Sammartino He skips most of the AWA years with only a few things here and there he seems to cover about his ninja gimmick from the AWA than his programs with Nick Bockwinkel The book is a short read and if the reader wasn't a wrestling fan the names may confuse the reader because he really doesn't explain who the people are Zbyszko claims to be the one who decided that Curt Hennig should win the AWA Title instead of him and that his match at Starrcade '97 was one of the reasons WCW fans bought the PPVNonetheless there are some good stories in the book like when he first went to WCW and was to do a program with Dusty Rhodes that resulted in manager Baby Doll to walk out of the company his time seeing Mike Tyson lose in Japan with Vader Jim Barnett swashing an AWANWA Invasion angle which he claims he helped with the NWO Angle years later Even though this is a short read and has some uestionable comments in the timelines it's not a bad book I have read some better wrestling books and I have read some worse ones Considering this is the only book he has written so far you have to enjoy it for what it iswwwlancewriteswordpresscom

  4. Jim Varsallone Jim Varsallone says:

    This gives some insight to the inner workings of professional wrestling Mr Zbyszko has been involved in the business four decades going through the metamorphisis of today's sports entertainment He's been involved in some of the biggest angles in pro wrestling history in the AWA TNA WCW and WWF today's WWE He's been involved during the days of territories and continues to make appearances periodically for independent promotions

  5. Frank Taranto Frank Taranto says:

    An insiders look at the world of proffesional wrestling by one of it's big stars Zbysko is entertaing and amusing He tells of his start with Bruna Sammartino as first his protoge and then as his nemsesis I didn't know about the first stadium show at Shea and that was an interesting piece of wrestling history The tales from the WWE and WCW were also interesting

  6. David Salchow David Salchow says:

    Skip it You'll learn very little

  7. Steven Steven says:

    Although there is a lot of incorrect information it is a fun read Larry can tell a good story and there is a lot of interesting talk about Bruno Sammartino

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