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Chronicles of a Royal Pet (Royal Ooze Chronicles #3) ❰PDF❯ ✩ Chronicles of a Royal Pet (Royal Ooze Chronicles #3) Author Ian Rodgers – It has been over a year since Jelly the Royal Ooze left the Royal Varian Mages Academy and his owner Princess Liliana Roan Wandering Orria as a novice adventurer Jelly desires to become stronger so he It has been over a year a Royal Kindle Ð since Jelly the Royal Ooze left the Royal Varian Mages Academy and his owner Princess Liliana Roan Wandering Orria as a novice adventurer Jelly desires to become stronger so he can Chronicles of Kindle - protect those he loves as the agent of the Void creep ever closer But an intriguing rumor reaches the young Ooze A rumor about strange slime based beings who are able to talk Creatures much like himself Desperate of a Royal ePUB ´ to find others like himself Jelly his Carbuncle Familiar Rosa and the kindly Spirit of Knowledge Tara who lives in his head all venture south of Varia towards the forested kingdom of Brune to uncover the secret of the talking Oozes But not only are there those who seek to stop him from uncovering the truth but the ancient forests tremble as something old and vengeful stirs Loneliness is a powerful motivator But can someone truly be alone when surrounded by those who love them.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 409 pages
  • Chronicles of a Royal Pet (Royal Ooze Chronicles #3)
  • Ian Rodgers
  • English
  • 09 September 2016

10 thoughts on “Chronicles of a Royal Pet (Royal Ooze Chronicles #3)

  1. Curtis Curtis says:

    Deeper Darker and Interesting It’s amazing to compare this Jelly character to the one in book 1 and see how much he’s grown Other characters are growing too but the rate of change for our favorite ooze is incredible This book is a very good action story centered on Jelly and his traveling companions with some nods to the princess and other past favorites The larger plot doesn’t see much change like we saw in the last book but that’s fine because we get a lot of action and interaction here to watch characters and their relationships grow Nicely done and edited I definitely recommend reading it If you haven’t read any other books in the series then you should start with book 1 for the best experience Very nice

  2. Roberto Viña Sosa Roberto Viña Sosa says:

    Yea nop this book is not for me the astronomical amount of cliches are overkill the progression is at a snail pace' felt like a filler and every character bored me to sleep ok' not every one there was this one dud how was cool but not fleshed out at all better lead than the real MC it didnt felt like on the run if he can just go back and forth from the mission to the school and back the inaction of the MC plays into enlarging the story and the bad guys playing around is dumb just kill the slime then the end I'm assuming this story is aimed at 10 year old kids so for that market is well written

  3. Casey Winters Casey Winters says:

    Prophecies are stupid and lead to poor narrative choices For example if you were a hideously evil cultist who wanted to prevent the prophesied one from dying with love in their heart do youA chase them down harrassing them and being otherwise an ineffectual nuisance orB kill everyone they love violentlyIf you guessed A then this book might make some sort of sense to you And power to you for it

  4. Heath Heath says:

    Good Read Book 3 The story picks up a little after the last book with Jelly on the run This book can be sumed up as a travel story with being on the look out for other intelligent slimes Picked up with now being on KU There is a book 4 out but will keep a eye on it to show on KU or if I need a good read with not finding any other good books out there

  5. Kurt Kurt says:

    YesesIan Rogers continues to impress with the constant uality of the books he rapidly puts out Not a very long book but good read and a good continuation of the series Hope to see the next books soon

  6. Lee List Lee List says:

    Sweet but shortI really liked the book it was really engaging The only thing I disliked about it was that ended Rather abruptly I thought they would have a couple of pages after fighting the big bad monster or maybe a time skip showing jelly heading off the meet the other slimes or something

  7. Brent Brent says:

    Third Book An Ooze On His OwnJelly has taken a step away from the classroom and taken up real world experience as his teacher while hiding his true nature from the humans around him Excellent book and looking forward to #4 in the series

  8. Arthur Hayes Arthur Hayes says:

    A bit of a let downThe title felt very lacking compared to the previous two books There was barely any growth to the characters or plot It also felt brief and only took around four hours to read

  9. Nicole Nicole says:

    These are totally engrossing and you would never have thought that a story about a bit of magical ooze would be I am looking forward to the next one as this little blob continues his journey from puddle of guck to sentient being to protector of the realm

  10. laeaurra flamehawk-mitchell laeaurra flamehawk-mitchell says:

    Jelly the adventurerI do like the characters and the world of this series This one was a bit slow through the first half The writing was well done and easy to read I did enjoy the battle towards the end Worth the money

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