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Lover's Awakening ❰BOOKS❯ ✯ Lover's Awakening Author R.A. Steffan – Is she the hunter or the huntedA week ago Trynn would have said she had the best job in the world By day she’s a globetrotting corporate security consultant By night she and her fellow hacktivists i Is she the hunter or the huntedA week ago Trynn would have said she had the best job in the world By day she’s a globetrotting corporate security consultant By night she and her fellow hacktivists in the anonymous group MASUE hunt down the worst criminals the underworld has to offerNow those underworld criminals are hunting herChaos is gathering around her even as she’s hot on the trail of the biggest and most terrifying weapons deal in history But who is the dark mysterious stranger who keeps appearing to save her Why does the merest brush of his skin ignite her passion and fill her restless sleep with dreams of the distant pastTrynn has always been a practical woman She has no time for fantasy And yet when fantasy and reality collide her willingness to believe in the unbelievable may be all that stands between humanity and cataclysm The Circle of Blood SeriesIn another lifetime six vampires lost their mates—and their mortality—to an unimaginable evil power Now if they can’t reunite with the reincarnated souls of their lost loves soon it may just mean the end of the world.

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  1. Karen Voitik Karen Voitik says:

    Book Review – Lover’s AwakeningI am an independent reviewer This book is the 2nd in the Circle of Blood series and ends in an HEA for the main two characters yet the plot continues Trynn is a hacker She is also the reincarnated lover of one of the older vampires Eris As Trynn and Eris get near each other the evil takes note and suddenly Trynn is thrust into a lot of dangerous situations Eris figures out who Trynn is to him and has to reveal all his secrets to her For being so analytical as a hacker would be Trynn really accepts the truth about reincarnation and vampires easily Her strange dreams help her accept all that Eris is sayingSnag is the old silent vampire He is BFFs with Eris Snag never speaks yet communicates so loudly by just head movements and some thought sharing This book includes some wicked scenes of torture A new evil minion is also introduced The story is a page turner as Trynn Eris and Snag rush to save the world from nuclear annihilation This book is appropriate for an adult audience There are some very hot dreams but Eris and Trynn really don’t hook up until late in the book I am giving this book 4 stars I think the plot is compelling but the romance needs to be than just an electrical charge when Trynn and Eris touch

  2. Dennis Crotts Dennis Crotts says:

    I like Vampire stories but usually gay ones and this is my first straight series I have listen to and to be honest I am enjoying it very much except for the mushy sex scenes so I fast foward The author knows how to write a story that brings the characters alive and at the same time you seem to know them and want to know and with help of the narrator it accomplished Each books is bases on the history of the character male or female how they became a vampire but it a story that tells a total different story of them than we usually hearAries when he was turned he killed his life partner who offer herself to save him and in doing so he keeps a part of humanity but part of him is missing due to his soul torn into and the light part of the soul sent into hell Then you meet Trynn is a hacker by trade and working in Damascus checking how well different businesses security systems are Aries is another vampire who is in town doing business and get involved in a bank robbery and suicide bomber and while in the bank he meets Trynn his soul mate who is the spirt of his love that he killed when a demon named Baal turned him He must try to get Trynn to understand why this happening and keep her safe both physically during attacks oh her and a nuclear bomb that is planted in Damascus Aries is know to leap before thinking and is captured and tortured to the pont of dieing and not being able to heal and he needs blood to heal and Trynn gives her blood to him and as Della is turned into a vampire

  3. JodyL JodyL says:

    Trynn is a professional hacker She is sent into companies to see how well their security is As she is leaving a building that she has tested she is stopped by a guy who has a bomb strapped to his chest She and a bunch of people are held hostage by this an who seam crazy He is talking to someone who is not thereEris is searching for food when he hears a commotion and feels evil in the air He enters a building and sees the bomber He forces thoughts of serenity into the guys mind The evil is fighting back He has enough time to send the captives outside before the evil takes over again Eris realizes that Phaedra his love from a previous life has been reincarnated into one of the people that was captiveTrynn is interested in the man who saved them So using her hacker abilities she finds out where Eris is staying She goes to see him using the excuse that she wants to thank himBael has taken over a man named Bastian and is trying to destroy the world through nuclear weaponsRead to find out what happens to our two main characters as well as the other six members of their groupA reviewer said that there was too many sex scenes I only read one scene and that was at the end So use your own judgement but I liked this book and will be reading many

  4. Katerina Katerina says:

    This second book in the seriesThis time its Eris story and his soul mate The book follow almost the same pattern as the first but in contrast with Tre and Dellas story it seems that it ended to soon There aren't many things happening but for the last few chapters and there were not many moment between the main characters I missed the rest of the group they were very much involved it the first book and there was something happening all the time but in this one we see just glimpses of them I guess the difference was that in the first was also an introduction to all and to the story and now each book will focus in each main characterBut we got to see of Snag and I am looking forward to read his story but who I am really looking forward to is Xander and his story The writing is once again good and the story flows

  5. Patricia Patricia says:

    Lover's Awakening has action and suspense along with the introduction to the reincarnation of Eris mate this time We know the concept of the ongoing story since the first book layed it out for usWithin this one the action only increases and Eris meets his other half But this time we get a little information on some of the other characters especially Snag I have to admit I'm already hooked on each character as they fill in the cracks to a final confrontationSnag promises to be the most interesting so I'm guessing his story will be lastThe stakes increase with each book along with the backstories If you love vampires a nice twist in fates and lots of action with a endearing love story this series may be something you can you enjoy

  6. Stacy Gallina Stacy Gallina says:

    Nice bookI liked this book not as much as the first in regards to the romance of it Eris and train's relationship was relatively non existent and lacked true chemistry until the very end Other than that the book was great and the storyline developed fast and smoothly You mat get away of reading this book only instead of birth in the series However you will not have a true understanding of the plot or characters I am looking forward to the next book and there were no cliffhanger in this book

  7. Adena Adena says:

    Good readI liked this book better than the first one as well I thought that Della was a little on the wimpy side but that obviously didn't bother me too much as I immediately went to the 2nd book This series is a little darker than I normally read but still very interesting I love that the ending feels finished but still has enough suspense to make you want to read the next one I am very much looking forward to Snag's story

  8. Bianca Bianca says:

    Good storyThe story is a good idea although for me I found the writing style to be abit flat and not much going on in terms of character relationship and story development Things move along but only just It just feels like things could have been fleshed out a lot though this 2nd book shows the writer getting into her stride Unfortunately I won't be continuing with the series

  9. Lacy Lacy says:

    Very goodFirst off their I'd not a lot of sex at all there is one scene The first book had so much I highly enjoyed the 2nd book Lover's Awakening it had tons of action was gripping heart felt a steamy scenes and the storyline was great I have become a new fan of R A Stefan I will be anxiously awaiting the next one Thank you for the great read

  10. Casey Kwasek Casey Kwasek says:

    2nd BestWith this being the second book in the series I am still liking the characters and the plot This one seemed kind of rushed and not as packed with heart pumping moments like the first one but it was still very good I can't wait for the next one I also can't wait to see where our vampires are taken next

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