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Knightsgift [KINDLE] ❆ Knightsgift By J. Hepburn – Thomashillier.co.uk Three knights each bearing the Knightsgift that gives them power and life ride to the aid of a small village where people are disappearing in the forest One knight seeks the aid of a herbalist a sharp Three knights each bearing the Knightsgift that gives them power and life ride to the aid of a small village where people are disappearing in the forest One knight seeks the aid of a herbalist a sharp witted strong willed woman who can tell him what the Sheriff will not.

  • ebook
  • Knightsgift
  • J. Hepburn
  • English
  • 09 August 2016

About the Author: J. Hepburn

Author Bio via Less Than Three PressJ Hepburn lives with his partner several kilts an Irish Wolfhound two cats an indeterminate number of wild birds and sometimes a passing python He cares enough about coffee to not only grind his own but roast it first This says a lot about him some of it complimentary He rides a motorbike because it’s fun and wishes they’d hurry up with a genetic cu.

4 thoughts on “Knightsgift

  1. Silvia Silvia says:

    Okay so um I have no idea how to review this The thing is I loved it I really did The fantasy world was interesting and well built and it managed to engage me from page one I think all the characters were well written and developed and I loved the writing style and some of the dialogue was greatMy problem was the representation Discussion of potentially triggering stuff for trans folk ahead I am not trans and I don't know if the author is but the thing is that here you're led to believe that the main character is a trans man from early on Male pronouns and all And then there's this reveal where the protagonist tells the love interest about being trans and she's actually a trans woman but keeps using male pronouns even after that even after the love interest is like I'm so relieved you're a woman because I only like women This was so confusing because I felt like everything else both during and leading up to that reveal scene was written in a really nice and delicate way so I wonder why fail when it comes to the most basic things PRONOUNS??? Okay spoilery discussionI feel like in a way it kind of made SOME sense for the protagonist to keep using hehim because she seemed to have a lot of internalized transphobia and constantly hid behind man's clothing and wore her hair the manly way even though she wanted to put them in braids BUT she also says that her companions know about her being trans and that is something somewhat accepted in that world and in her company of knights so I don't know why she had to hide it this way Like it doesn't even make sense story wise not to mention it's hurtful to trans people?? And look even if this made some sort of sense in the story which it doesn't I still don't know why you would want to put real world trans folk through potentially triggering content because you literally never use sheher pronouns for your trans woman protagonist It's bad enough you use the wrong pronouns for most of the story but you keep using them even after the reveal? What??? On one hand I'd love to see a trans person review this because I hate feeling like I'm speaking for something that I can't possibly have a good grasp on and I'd never want to speak over trans people's voices but I also can't in good conscience recommend to read this if you're trans

  2. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    35 stars Interesting world building By the end I was hooked and hope there is But it did take me longer than I would have liked to get into verbose writing style Impressive the amount of info and depth of character building in such a short novella What can I sayI'm a sucker for gender bending knightsI received an ARC of this Novella from the Publisher in exchange for an honest review

  3. Dannica Zulestin Dannica Zulestin says:

    Hm Interesting fantasy novella Pretty standard set up a group of knights coming to a town to investigate some strange goings on and fight monsters Good follow through Still thinking about itThe PremiseTahis Donaar and Heskan are a trio of Knights who come to a town called Sweetwater after news of six disappearances After some investigation they find Nala an herbalist and the only witness they have who saw one of the six disappeared men die Tahis offers to take Nala into the forest to find herbs and perhaps find out what caused the disappearancesSome Thoughts The fantasy element was fairly well written I'm not much for tavern investigations and uesting in the forest myself but I wasn't bored either Nala the herbalist who has magical talent than she thinks is an interesting character All the magic details were interesting and well explained but did not take up too much space or prevent the story from moving forwards Nala and Tahis have decent chemistry They fell for each other a bit fast but that can happen in these situations I also liked the knight Donaar who is a woman and very strong Although she and Heskan didn't have much to do in this story they seemed like good companions to Tahis and they were fun Okay Time to discuss the ueer parts I'm going to put this under a spoiler tag because it's not really made clear until the end though it's not exactly a twist either view spoilerTahis is a transgender woman but uses hehim pronouns which I will use as well here with the result that I believed he was a transgender man until the end where there was something of a reveal scene that involved him taking his shirt off Nala sees him as a woman which is something of a plot point and allows them to be together Nala being a lesbian Since I'm not transgender and don't know any transgender individuals all that well I don't know how realistic it is for a transgender woman who hasn't transitioned to refer to herself as a man Tahis does present as a man most of the time so I guess it makes sense in some ways but he also says he knew from an early age he was a woman It was an interesting element of the story for me I don't know how it would work for someone else hide spoiler

  4. Melanie Melanie says:

    A Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words ReviewRating 4 stars out of 5For the full review visit that review Knightsgift is the first story I've read by J Hepburn but based on the characters themes and worldbuilding I found within this tale it certainly won't be the last  In fact I'm hope that the author is considering making this the first in a series about the Knights here the Healer and the backstory into the training they all undergo when the Knightsgift comes to each of themFor all our reviews author interviews and visit us at

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