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    دانلود فایل فارسی Kurds need FeminismWritten on July 4 2012 by Editor in Culture Kurdistan Women's rightsBy Dilar DirikI was sixteen on a bus trip to Strasbourg on the way to a protest in front of the European Council – a fairly common route for politically active Kurds in Europe I suppose As I was sitting in the back half of the bus with all the other young people I met these two girls and their brother They were all slightly older than me the boy being the youngest He was interested in the girl on the seat behind him; he did not make it a secret This would not have been an unusual scenario if it weren’t for the fact that his older sister sat next to me was secretly texting the boy behind us so that her brother would not see this When we took a break at a gas station I asked her what this was about She said that her brother would not allow her to speak to boys I did not understand What was wrong with talking to her friend? Everyone on the bus was engaging in casual conversations that’s simply normal How did her younger brother have the right to flirt around in front of everyone but not ALLOW his older sister to engage in a normal human conversation?I grew up as the oldest of three girls in the Kurdish diaspora in Germany in a family that turned out to be “liberal” for the lack of a better term than general Kurdish society which I did not realize until I reached adolescence I grew up with parents who told me to stand on my own feet economically and socially and not to depend on a man to be happy and adeuate in life Even though my family was not as permissive as some Western parents might have been I did not realize that many Kurdish families were not like us I don’t mean to sound arrogant all I am saying is that I was lucky to have encountered the patriarchy that is deeply rooted in our culture only later on in my lifeI got used to having a lot of friends who reinforce sad gender stereotypes and serve as perfect pieces in the frustrating sexual discrimination clockwork However a few months ago I was completely shocked to listen to this girl telling me how her boyfriend makes her take pictures of herself before she leaves the house so that he would know what she was wearing Because he needs to approve of it She seemed to have a hard time understanding why I thought this was a complete violation of her personal space When I told her that she does not need to put up with his unbelievably ridiculous demands she said “Oh look at you you are so radical Such a feminist” Did she say radical?People usually back off when they hear me talk about feminism Driven by the stereotypical image that the media and fearful patriarchs have drawn of feminists many completely disregard the sophistication and diversity that feminism constitutes Third Wave Feminism is a rich culturally and ethnically diverse gender open approach that is sensitive to the needs and interests of women everywhere in the world We fight for social justice self determination euality and peace For that matter it seems like all I am writing here is fairly common sense However sadly my experience has taught me that these ideas are often neither common nor perceived as commonsense by many KurdsPatriarchy is responsible for many things that keep our society less advanced and fulfilling than it could be Honor killings forced marriages – we all know awful stories of women being victimized because their life is valued less than a man’s or the family’s “honor” It is a shame that we still place so much importance on this so called notion of honor or pride How dare we make demands on national freedom if the majority of our women have no autonomy in their life at all?Interestingly Kurdish history records much progressive positions of women in society compared to other societies in the Middle East There have been many female leaders who were well respected in their Kurdish communites Taking a look at the Turkish Parliament’s gender distribution the BDP has the largest female ratio and its presidency is designed to have two co presidents one woman and one man Turkish reporters who are not even sympathetic of the Kurdish cause admit that Kurdish women are the ones most likely to emancipate themselves from patriarchyAlong with our national struggle we have to battle against the sexism and misogyny that are so prevalent in our culture However we cannot develop into the free culture we strive to be so long as our women are forced into the domestic spherePatriarchy has been taken for granted by many Kurdish men – and sadly women It has been internalized by almost every member of our culture so that it takes a strong conscious effort to become aware of the inadeuacy the abuse that it brings with it Many would probably agree that honor killings are a terrible thing but they would still have to admit that they would prefer to have a son instead of a daughterIt is really disgusting to see with what carelessness our culture encounters terrible abuses of women such as domestic violence rape or honor killings Where do we place ourselves in the human rights discourse when we set ourselves on fire to get media attention for our national cause but leave it up to families’ discretion if they decide to lynch their daughters for falling in love? The common argument of having to protect our children from bad things becomes very hypocritical if the same parents have no problem marrying their daughters to complete strangers and displacing them from their environments with no respect whatsoever for their dignity and autonomy in lifeWhen I came back from Strasbourg this spring after visiting the 15 hunger strikers a self righteous man on the microphone on the bus was rambling on about women’s rights in a shamelessly ignorant and paternalist manner He was joking about his wife who apparently felt ill the morning and stayed at home He said this was her excuse to not go to the demo – and he felt absolutely hilarious As if the public humiliation of his wife was not enough he went on to say “You know I’m all for women’s rights but I have never washed dishes in my life” He paused expecting everyone to burst out laughing Then he went on “So my wife and I made a compromise I told her that for each book that she reads I’d buy her a piece of gold Ha Ha” In fact I had a copy of Anja Flach’s “Women in the Kurdish Guerilla” in my bag I almost got up and smacked it across his faceThe point I am trying to make with these anecdotes is that we live in a society in which we do not uestion the patriarchy; we are so focused on the national aspect of liberation that we neglect the fact that we ourselves enslave half of our own kind We live in a society where even men who consider themselves democratic and progressive cannot hide their sexist attitudes that degrade women The sense of entitlement and the way many men look down on women without realizing it is horrible It is even disturbing to see how many of us women have come to accept this as the natural order of life It is notI don’t want people to accuse my cousin who decided to study and live in another town of having moved away “so she could be free” – as if that was somehow a bad thing I don’t want my friends to stay at home instead of going on a demonstration or festival because their boyfriends tell them so I don’t want to log onto Facebook and see a 14 year Kurdish old girl post a status like “No matter how expensive your wedding dress is without the red cord it is worth nothing” how do things like that even cross her young mind? I don’t want my people to be hypocrites and fight for freedom and euality in public life and then come home at night and beat their wives and kidsI understand that cultural conventions need to be assessed in their individual context and that revolution cannot happen overnight but many men in our society find comfort in their authoritarian position They have the cheek to criticize fascist governments that have ruled over them even though they assert the same injustice over their intimate partners and offspring We cannot expect euality if we perpetuate double discrimination for Kurdish women We need to stop fascism at homeWe need to encourage education arts athletics critical thinking and self confidence in girls We need to stop victimizing them and start empowering half of our society But we also need to educate boys and make them uestion the privileges that they enjoy Make them understand that they cannot treat women the way they want to The entire patriarchic society is a social construct that has destroyed than it created because it has kept women in a narcotic state It is time to wake up and respect each otherEven now as I am writing this I realize that I am self conscious about what I want to reveal about my thoughts as I want this to be read by a Kurdish hopefully largely male audience But we need to stop being apologetic about the painfully unjust treatment of women in our community based on the assumption that “that’s just what our culture is like” I am of the opinion that if culture serves to make a person feel adeuate in his community and give his or her life meaning then it should not restrict them from living life to the fullest What is culture if not our own human design? We can change and shape what we want our society to look like Even if we cannot directly overthrow entire governments we can at least cut off the head of the abusive patriarch that lies in the minds of many of us like a parasite that feeds off testosterone “A nation cannot be free unless its women are free” Repeat that over and over again until it replaces your feudal mindDilar Dirik is a 20 year old student working on her master’s degree in the UK She was born in Antakya Turkey and grew up in Germany

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