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Windbreak (Gryphon Riders Trilogy, #3) ❰PDF / Epub❯ ✅ Windbreak (Gryphon Riders Trilogy, #3) Author Derek Alan Siddoway – From the fires of war a ueen must rise Against all odds Eva and her friends are alive And they’ve returned home with the only chance the Windsworn have of defeating the Smelterborn Hope however will From the fires of war a ueen must rise Against all odds Eva and her friends are alive And they’ve returned home with the only chance the Windsworn have of defeating the Smelterborn Hope however will prove to be short lived and bittersweet An army of iron golems marches west and nothing can stop them To survive the coming war the gryphon riders must stand with old enemies against the ancient darkness As the fighting begins a small band makes their way east on a desperate uest to destroy the source of the Smelterborn’s power once and for all Chances are none of them will make it out alive Eva and Fury will be tested like never before Heroes will fall Kingdoms will shatter The price of victory has never been higher Will Eva succeed in driving back the darkness or will everything she loves be crushed beneath the iron fist of the Smelterborn Don’t miss the epic conclusion of the Gryphon Riders Trilogy.

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  1. Janne Janssens Janne Janssens says:

    Thank you to the author and Undaunted Publishing for sending me these audiobooks in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review1 Windsworn ✰✰✰✰2 Windswept ✰✰✰✰3 Windbreak ✰✰✰✰ The Gryphon Riders Trilogy is a very entertaining fantasy series We follow the adventures of Eva a young orphan girl raised by a blacksmith who she loves as a father She is fierce has her own opinion but isn't afraid to show emotion I loved her Letting the characters grow emotionally and at the same time keep their personalities consistent throughout three books isn't an easy writing job I can speak from experience However Derek Alan Siddoway succeeded in the character development departement And in the world building department as well for that matterDragons have always been my favourite fantasy creature But I am glad this wasn't another dragon story Gryphons are so cool They should get stories of their ownPlot wise the author really managed to keep my attention while binge listening the complete trilogy Their was the right amount of action a strong female lead a little bit of romance just enough to be appropriate for the young audience It all happened a bit uickly in the beginning but on the other hand I like stories that get into action uicklyBecause I listened to the audiobooks I want to give some credits to Kate Rudd who narrated these three books She did an amazing job It's crazy how she can give each character a different voice that fits them well both female and male characters Voice acting is a real talent

  2. Lola Et La Vie Lola Et La Vie says:

    So I have come to the end of this series Windsworn and Windswept blew me away get it? This third book slightly less so but I still really enjoyed itI like how the author tells a story but manages to avoid a lot of fluff The world building is not extensive but developed enough to picture it in your imagination I enjoyed the plot and the characters especially our main character Eva who I have a lot of love for I love the gryphons as I have not come across them in many books before and it makes a nice change All three of these books feel pretty straightforward but they are a lot of funThe only niggle I have is that the love interest in these books does not really work for me It certainly is not the centre of the story which is its saving grace but I really did not feel the romance at allThe resolution of the battle did not leave me completely satisfied either but other than that this was a strong third book and I am looking forward to reading from this author in the future

  3. Courtney Courtney says:

    I was sent the audiobook by the the author and Undaunted publishing for an honest reviewWindbreak is the third and final installment in the Gryphon Riders trilogy This series as a whole was very straight forward with not a ton of filler which was nice and probably what made them such uick listens for a fantasy series I thought this series was a fun and easy listen and a nice break from some of the heavier fantasies that I read I thought the narrator Kate Rudd did a great job distinguishing her voice for different characters and I found that I enjoyed her voice overallNow for Windbreak I think this one was as enjoyable as the others I grew to love Eva and her character arc as well as all the other characters There was one part of the book I was expecting something to happen and it never did which made me sad lol but overall I enjoyed this final installment even if it was a little sad I think the only thing I didn’t love was the romance I like bother characters but at times their relationship felt forced and I’m just happy it wasn’t always the center of attention

  4. Namrata Ganti Namrata Ganti says:

    This started off with a review reuest for book #1 but turned into a marathon reading session of the entire series Windsworn Gryphon Riders Trilogy #1 introduces us to Eva a young girl who chances upon a thief in possession of a Gryphon egg This part of the story will remind the reader of the Eragon series if you are a fan but later on the story takes on it's own identity and the reader is taken on a wonderful adventure of discovery and learning The entire series follows Eva's journey as she learns to be a Gryphon rider gains the trust of her Gryphon and forges new friendships Having earned the trust of some of her peers and teachers Eva embarks on a journey to save the world from those seeking to destroy the Windsworn The plot thickens in Windswept Book #2 where Eva discovers the truth behind her parentage and the chance that her father might be alive Throwing caution to the winds she takes off on a journey with some friends against all orders to discover the truth Finally in Windbreak Book #3 Eva and the Windsworn must stand against the Smelterborn and also unite with others whom they previously considered to be enemies Having learnt the secret to destroying the golems Eva must do what she can to end it all What ensues is a thrilling war that will have the reader on the edge of their seatsThroughout the series we follows Eva on her journey of growth self discovery and the search for the truth This coming of age series is filled with adventure and action The war seuences are well written and the entire plot comes together very well throughout the three books The author keeps the plot simple but ensures that the reader is hooked until the end of not just a book but the entire series The supporting characters are well crafted and add a lot of spice to the bookI am grateful to have been given the chance to read and review these books and I do recommend them for fans of fantasy adventures Do give this series a shot

  5. Steven Brown Steven Brown says:

    Windbreak sees the series end as an okay one time read on Kindle unlimitedThe author has promise enough that I would be interested in looking at other books from them on Kindle unlimited but I do think they need to work on smoothing out their story They were able to make interesting characters and cultures on a surface level but some aspects fell off The romantic interest throughout the three books was flat and non existent except when he needed to be seen and not heard The character made no contribution to the story except for a short moment where the author uses a dirty trick to try to confuse the reader This made the scene in the end a meh moment I like the concept of the series better than the story itself While the author did give personality Gryphons they did feel like a fancy Taxi for most of the series There were no aerial fights with the main character and for many of the other characters The only time there is an actual aerial fight is in the end of book 2 when a character makes a heroic sacrifice that really feels cheap especially considering what happens a couple Pages laterMuch like the previous two books of the series the first two thirds of the story are interesting and full of promise It is in the dismount the last two thirds of the of each book that the author misses the landing on his stories This book is no exception as I think the author was going for emotional and impactful moments in the last third while also not knowing for sure how to end the book There are certain characters that die in the book and the description of the book does give some of this away However one death in particular did not make sense as the character who perished did so in such a way that felt forced Instead of helping someone escape and then running away themselves they help someone escape and then basically committed suicide for no reason from this moment on the story starts to go downhill in a rush They make it to the place where they have to accomplish the goal of the story without actually knowing how to accomplish the goal of the story The main protagonist is of course forced to step up after being separated and stumbles across a room in a random tunnel that has a deus ex machina recording box that tells them how to accomplish their goal It is so random and out of place that it feels as if the author said screw it God in the machine The scenes that follow are meant to be an emotionally impactful climax with a clear cut goal but instead the main protagonist runs around like a chicken with their head cut off before finally trying to accomplish their goal That said I might be a little harsh on this story and series because I just got done rereading Will Wight's Cradle series

  6. Judi Soderberg Judi Soderberg says:

    I really didn't expect to enjoy this series since it seemed to be very YA But boy was I wrong While yes it's definitely YA it's still a gripping story about one of my favorite mythical characters the Gryphons These young folks that imprint a gryphon and become Windsworn riders are as adventurous as you'd expect young people to be when you add in a mythical creature to ride with train with and fight with Similar in take to the typical Dragonriders of Pern they take on their own personalities which vary significantly since they are a very diverse group coming from all different peoples This shows how young people can group together and become fast friends regardless of where they come from or what their race is and they cling together as warriors fighting for the lives of their families and friends from all over their world They are strong and stalwart in their determination to beat down the adversary who is uite the vicious adversary I applaud Derek Alan Siddoway for his ability to take an old storyline and make it new and fresh and definitely his own I had moments of joy laughter confusion pain fear desolation and excitement which is uite the list of emotions to put me through in one book I laughed I cried and I held my breath not knowing when would be their last moment on their planet That's not an easy thing to do with me I've come to realize there are a lot of YA novels out there that can reach out and grab you just as hard as any adult book Sex is not necessary and in some circumstances not even wanted and YA books do very well to recognize when to leave out the unnecessary Derek is one who does this very well I'm really looking forward to his next project I may even be willing to try out his fantasywestern mix that he seems to enjoy so much Very well done Derek Alan Siddoway Very well done indeed

  7. Alyssa Stockwell Alyssa Stockwell says:

    I have really liked this series and Windbreak was no different I enjoyed seeing Eva's growth from a shy blacksmith's adopted daughter into a strong heroine and leader I wish that the author would have made the book a little longer and added details I would have been happy if it had been 300 400 pages and included story about the big battle rather than skimming through it to get on to Eva's adventure I also would have liked to see interactions with the Juarag The relationships between all of the main characters especially Eva with Tahl Soot could have been developed The author told us that Eva Tahl were in love but I never really felt it Same with the relationship between Eva Soot Sometimes I really had a hard time deciding if they had a fatherdaughter relationship or an orphanward relationshipI think that there are things that can make this book and series even better but it is still a great story and I definitely recommend it

  8. Stephen Stephen says:

    What a great series Just wish the author put in at the end showing how they got back and the reception they received Jumping from the end of the battle and to the wedding and the crowning left a lot of story untold But other than that you will fall in love with the characters and the story Great Reading Everyone PS I probably should say after reading Darkness won and how the author Jill told the ending there was great it went beyond the ending battle and told the story of the aftermath I compare all ending books to this and probably should not Outstanding Great Read I read in in one siting again couldn't put it down

  9. Gayreth Walden Gayreth Walden says:

    The best of fantasyA satisfying and epic conclusion to The Gryphon Riders trilogy An incredible and irresistible story I felt the characters to be so real and I became totally emersed in the Altaris world Battles magic love loss prophecy and the fight against unimaginable evil You will never forget the wondrous Gryphons and their riders Even though this journey has ended I still want Will the Gryphons ever return? I certainly hope so I give this book and the whole trilogy the highest recommendations You will love it

  10. Gay Deputee Gay Deputee says:

    Wonderful conclusion to the trilogyI am going to cheat a bit and first will remark on his book Birds of a Feather which was a uickie about Eva's dad when he was exiled That did a fine job of allowing the reader to get to know him and feel a bond of kinship with himThen as I read book 3 i felt that bond and could relate with Eva concerning her dad I enjoyed every page of all the books and hope others find them as enjoyable as I

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