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  • 312 pages
  • Tyches Crown (Tyches Journey #3)
  • Richard Parry
  • 09 July 2016

10 thoughts on “Tyches Crown (Tyches Journey #3)

  1. David Rose David Rose says:

    A fantastic final novel in a thrilling well written SF trilogy with lots of action real characters and especially in this third volume a twisty plot to keep you on your toes This is wonderful classic SF with scary aliens human intrigue and competitiveness and in the end or less just the heroic crew of the Tyche to save us all however undeserving some of us may be And they are truly heroic not superhuman needing to overcome themselves as well as the enemyYou will need to begin at the beginning with Tyche's Flight in which we get to know the Tyche's crew under stress and discover the very nasty alien menace How that menace landed on a colony world is one of the less pleasant discoveries in the series How good is the first book? Well I read it and then at once pre ordered the next two which at the time had not yet been released Richard Parry is a great writer of action and knows how to develop his characters as well The second book Tyche's Deceit is an all action cascading brawl through which some deeper truths are revealed In this trilogy though Parry's characters will capture your attention and uite possibly your heart even above the amazing hand to claw fights and brutal space battles The story flows rather too well and I read this concluding volume within a day uite unable to put it down With a few tight turns in the plot the human drama steps up a few notches in the final chapters and while I could guess the outcome that didn't keep me from biting my nailsThe finest complete SF trilogy I've read in the last five years At leastPS Note that ualifier 'complete' Because Alasdair C Shaw's Two Democracies Series is halfway done and could be even better And if you like a military focus Bruno Goncalves offers Descent into Mayhem and Tears of Gliese the first two books in the Capicua Chronicles series also excellent

  2. Meenaz Lodhi Meenaz Lodhi says:

    Wow wow wow What an unexpected exciting and thrilling end to this trilogy I’m in awe with how Richard has pulled this off Least expected plot a roller coaster all the way left me breathless I love the way it has ended Thank goodness Mr Parry will write on the outcome Love the crew Congrats Richard Parry

  3. Tony Hisgett Tony Hisgett says:

    After a series of excellent books I suppose I was due to have one I didn't really like I struggled with some of the logic behind this story some of the decisions made by Nate and Grace certainly made the action exciting but they weren't very smart it felt like a manufactured situation rather than just happening as part of the storyUnfortunately I really didn't like where the story went after this initial disaster of course it didn't help that I really don't like procession stories and I found the mental torture stuff just irritating I still enjoyed following the characters but the story seemed contrivedIf possible I would have given 25 stars but I have raised this to 3 because of the characters

  4. Karen Joseph Karen Joseph says:

    This book starts with our hero’s looking to build a fighting machine A machine of human beings with one goalbring down the insect Ezeroc ueen and her army that have one goalto subjugate the human race Our hero’s are a misfit lot complete with extraordinary talents and very human flaws Mr Parry takes the reader on a roller coaster ride of ever changing emotion Spend some time on the edge of your seat laughing crying and cheering on the crew of the Tyche If you enjoyed Firefly this series is for you Mal and Nate could be friends but believe me there might come a time they would draw down on each other The trilogy ends with one of the most rousing inspirational messages I have heard or read in a very long time But it reuires you to read about the journey to realize the full power of the message A fitting end to this adventure But no worries Mr Parry has stories to tell The Ezeroc are still out there

  5. Walter Scott Walter Scott says:

    Learning to TrustLike Tyche’s Journey and Tyche’s Deceit this one is another rollercoaster of blazing action and dialog zingers But what appears to be edgy bantering among the members of the Tyche crew gradually leads each one of them to recognize that trust is what has bonded them together into a “family”And if after reading this one you have loved the taste and want there are five Tyche Origins books available for pre order and I have ordered all five Plus Tyche’s Crown while generally concluding the main story arc leaves Richard Parry lots of material to use as the basis of three or Tyche’s Journey seuels Just saying

  6. Scott Scott says:

    Yet again Parry surprises us with an excellent series of twists in the 3rd book of our Tyche Trilogy as our crew have to face the Ezeroc threatAs our crew gear up to the final showdown it becomes increasingly likely that this is a one way mission as the odds are stacked against himThe emotional ride as we dig deeper into the lifes of our heroes gives a closeness and involvement into the outcome that grabs you and takes you along This and the dissapointment upon completion for me is the sign of an excellent author and im sure we will be hearing from this multi genre author

  7. Alan McDonald Alan McDonald says:

    I’m not sure I can say this was the best of the trilogy because they’re all wonderful readsThis installment had intrigue without letting up on the action pedalNew villains made this episode a real treat and a had such a thrilling endingI truthfully hope this isn’t the end for Nate and crew of the spaceship “Tyche”I’d love to see of these characters environments action and all around fantastic science fictionThanks Mr Parry for the awesome trip

  8. Melissa Bryan Melissa Bryan says:

    Tyche's Crown is a sci fi soap opera with heroes lovers and evil bugs from outer space It is a continuing adventure of a group of individuals that find each other in the big dark universe and become a family There out to find the invading bugs and trying to figure out how many brains the bugs have already eaten and are now controlling that individuals It appears that the Ezerocs have taken over several of the big brass in the Republic and are causing all kinds of havoc all over the universe So the Tyche's crew heads out to find their stronghold and defeat them all There is a lot of adventure and battling and is well written and flows smoothly Each book in this series I have read I couldn't put down the story grabs you and doesn't let go until you have found out what or whom wins the fight I'm so glad that Mr Parry has continued writing this series because it is a sci fi soap opera and you will get hooked I have already started Tyche's Demons and it was hard to put it down so I could write this review I wanted to let you all know how much I'm enjoying my adventure with the crew of the Tyche

  9. S S says:

    This is the wrap up to a non stop action 3 part series The family has been dealt some heavy blows and some losses that have them reeling Humanity has also sustained some serious losses of its own Some mysteries have been solved and some are just being made knownThe family is falling apart from within and it will take everything they have to keep it together and all make it through the feces storm that’s headed their wayOld enemies have been reworked into new tools and weapons to protect what they once destroyed The enemy came in uiet as night and has taken over than was originally realized Everyone and everything needs to unite against this threat or all will be lost In Richard Parry fashion there will be lots of guts and gore lets not forget explosions and loads of weapons Plus a never ending supply of snark and attitude Lets hope that they have what is needed to bring everyone through this mind war intactI received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review

  10. Marc Yergin Marc Yergin says:

    This a space opera to keep you turning pages until the wee small hours of the night The Tyche is a ship with a soul It is crewed by a bunch of misfits who have coalesced into a family El knows how to control Tyche to get the best from her Hope has the golden touch to keep Tyche together Kohl is the enforcer and protects the others Grace is the bright flame that unites them under the leadership of Captain Nat Chevall who provides the glue that keeps then together as a family Together they are going to save humanity from the ezeroc mind controlling aliens who look on humans as food and as slaves to to be controlled In the third book of the Tyche trilogy will they meet their match with the Tyche and her crew? It will be a battle royal and the outcome is not going to be known until the very end After all all the Tyche and her crew has to do is unite the remnants of the Empire and the Republic two bitter enemies to help them overcome impossible odds It will keep you turning pages to the very end

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Tyches Crown (Tyches Journey #3)[EPUB] ✵ Tyches Crown (Tyches Journey #3) ✸ Richard Parry – Thomashillier.co.uk Our empire is built on liesThe Senate is in chaos The Republic is falling from within a corrupted shell around a rotted core Abhorrent espers control humans like pawns The Republic Navy is in open reb Our empire is built on liesThe Senate is in chaos The Republic is falling from within a corrupted shell around a rotted core Abhorrent espers control humans like pawns The Republic Navy is in open rebellion The Tyche rides solar wind seeking allies If they don’t find them humanity will fallAn ancient transmission is discovered from beyond the charted edge of the hard black It is not Ezeroc who need no technology to communicate Grace Gushiken and Nathan Chevell take the free trader Tyche on a desperate mission Find the source of the signal and with it hope The war against the Ezeroc is not one humans can win aloneFlying on borrowed time Grace and Nate discover an ancient space station It holds horrors from the Old Empire These secrets are better left hidden for they lead the Tyche to the heart of Ezeroc space They find an alien homeworld hungry for warWith the Ezeroc menace poised for victory will Grace and Nate be able to save humanity Or will their luck finally give outTyche’s Crown is the conclusion to Richard Parry’s gripping Tyche’s Journey trilogy If you like page turning space opera with great dialogue and heart pumping action get your copy today.

About the Author: Richard Parry

Richard Parry has worked as an international consultant in one of the world’s top tech companies His debut novel Night’s Favor and its seuel Night’s Fall have been shortlisted for the Sir Julius Vogel Award “Best Novel” categoryHis first trilogy about the Night’s Champion are supernatural thrillers about an alcoholic bitten by a werewolf who then saves the world through action scenes and cleve.