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The Sally Ride Chronicle ❮Reading❯ ➸ The Sally Ride Chronicle ➰ Author K.M. Hodge – The Syndicate doesn’t believe in divorce but murder is another story Sally wants out—out of her marriage out of the mob out of Ocean City An impossible dream That is until the MDNA a secret hackti The Syndicate doesn’t believe in divorce but murder is another story Sally wants out—out of her marriage out of the mob out of Ocean City An impossible dream That is until the MDNA a secret hacktivist group invites her to join the ranks of their rebellion The goal Take down The Sally Kindle - the criminal empireShe’s no Jane Bond but no one in her town suspects the uiet church going mom is a threat especially The Syndicate’s criminal defense attorney Michael David who’s got a thing for mysterious blondes His love ’em and kill ’em exploits and his penchant for causing witnesses to disappear make him enemy number one for the hacktivist group Sally’s mission sounds simple enough—destroy the lawyer’s life and make him pay—butOnce she starts there’ll be no turning backFollow Sally as she attempts the unthinkable—take down the largest crime ring in US history—in this preuel to The Syndicate Born Trilogy Fans of David Baldacci and the novel Girl on the Train will love this gritty true to life spy thriller featuring a strong female character readers are calling their favorite USA Today Bestselling Author KM Hodge’s The Sally Ride Chronicle is just the beginning; for on her adventures check out the complete The Syndicate Born Trilogy.

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  • 01 June 2014
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About the Author: K.M. Hodge

USA Today Bestselling author KM Hodge is a stay at home mom of two energetic little boys and a part time fundraiser for a local food pantry She enjoys playing board games reading suspense novels and binge watching Marvel shows on Netflix.

10 thoughts on “The Sally Ride Chronicle

  1. Gloria DeGeare Gloria DeGeare says:

    When I first met Sally Ride she is the wife of a years long abusive husband with strong ties to The Syndicate making leaving him dangerous if not a death sentence One of Sally's dalliances with Alex Bailey nearly gets them both killed She joins her friend in spying on illegal actions of The Syndicate with a mission of taking them down one at a time Their dangerous plans put Sally and Alex together in soul mate ? lustful positions making me root for her to be with him and in harms way of her abusive husband who mercilessly beats her when she dares to fight back She dreams of a different life but Knows she'll never be free to pursue any dream Character development honest portrayal of abused wives suspense sex a wonderfully engaging story that I wanted to keep reading No doubt i am getting the trilogy and reading about Álex; and hope to hear about Sally too

  2. Diane Diane says:

    I received an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review This was an excellent telling of Sally's story Now you know why she is the way she is K M Hodges did an excellent job showing what it was like to be a wife of a mobster She went from a timid nobody to someone who was a force to be dealt with You find out why she married Billy and stayed with him for so long How she brought up her son and fought the syndicate A very good read and I would recommend it to everyone who loves conspiracies

  3. Bev Bev says:

    Can Sally a mild mannered church going mother take down the Mob? Doesn't seem do able Once Sally and the mob's defensive attorney meet well then things seem to be going Sally's wayor does it? Can Sally get the job done? You will need to read this page turner book to find out I received ARC of this book

  4. Hope Gerhardstein Hope Gerhardstein says:

    Wow What a ride The Sally Ride Chronicle certainly does take you for a wild ride KM Hodge does a great job with this preuel to the Syndicate Born Trilogy Fast paced action danger and thrills with a little romance will keep you wanting I can’t wait to read the next book in this series

  5. Amanda Williams Amanda Williams says:

    Suspenseful and thrilling This book was a huge page turner and I thoroughly enjoyed it

  6. Rosemary Rosemary says:

    The Sally Ride Chronicle Book 4 a review by Rosemary Kenny

  7. J Young J Young says:

    Spine tingling suspenseKM Hodge does a masterful job of in this spine tingling crime thriller This is the first book I have read in this series and now I want to read the others and see what I have missed It’s fast paced with just enough romance and steam to let you catch your breath from the action once in awhileAlex is a CIA agent with a sexual addiction that has caused problems with his career and right now seems focused on Sally Sally is looking for something in her personal life besides her abusive husband who works mostly for the mob and part time for her brother as a mechanic Alex gives her something she can never get from Billy a way to feel alive and she's willing to take risks with Alex even knowing Billy will kill her if he finds out Billy has spies watching her everywhere and if she misbehaves he will put her in the hospital or take her son ZanderSally and her friend Jude along with the other members of MDNA are on a crusade to take down the syndicate and Billy along with them With Sally's looks and sexual appeal she is the obvious choice to infiltrate and try to get proof that can be used in court Jude knows the mob or Billy will eventually kill Sally if she does not get out but she is sure they will find her and Zander if she tries to run before they are all behind bars I enjoyed the characters the plot was sound and I liked the concept The only thing I have against the book is that it ends with a cliffhanger I received a complimentary copy but my opinions are honest and voluntary

  8. Goodlittlewitch Goodlittlewitch says:

    DISCLOSURE I was provided an advance reader copy of the ebook in exchange for my honest review First I have been remiss I finished this book very shortly before the release date and haven't put my butt in a chair to review it since This however has NOTHING to do with the uality of this novel or how much I enjoyed it Sally Ride is my favorite character in this series and I was hoping that the author would give us about her She's flawed She's feisty sometimes She's loyal to those who earn it She's vengeful to those who would harm her loved ones And she's smart Sally turns an absolutely awful situation in an abusive marriage into an opportunity to fight organized crime and corruption and she does it with style There are no high tech gadgets at her disposal Just her wits and her love for her son and for Alex And her hatred of her abusive husband BillyMs Hodge gives us her finest writing with a rip roaring pace and a lot of explanations of what and why things happened in the trilogy I hope she decides to give us a bit

  9. Rosemary Rosemary says:

    The Sally Ride Chronicle Preuel a review by Rosemary KennySally Ride has a very unhappy marriage in which her abusive husband Billy works for the Moband has violent mood swings according to how much he gets paid and can then spend on boozeIf insufficient Sally's on the receiving ends of his tongue and freuently his fistsWhen detective Alex comes onto the scene Sally gives into temptation and they consummate their love with Sally's pregnancy only being impossible to hide by the time he's left on another caseWhat does Billy say about the baby's parentage? Why does Sally agree with him?What happens as a result of Sally's heart to heart with best friend Jules?Who is Michael and what is his link to Billy? What are his intentions towards Sally?How does Sally use her new found computer skills and with what result?Tension mounts swiftly in this taut thriller where terror stalks the streets and murder is only animagination or intent away K M Hodge has a winner in Sally Ride get your copy today and find out why

  10. Rosemary Rosemary says:

    OMG what a ride This book is filled with suspense love hate corruption and most of alldetermination Sally is married to a very abusive man When she is approached by her best friend Jude about her helping to bring down the syndicate she hesitatesbut after her husband beats her yet againshe agrees to help Hubby Billy works for the mob as a muscleeliminating who ever the boss tells him to so Sally needs to be very careful Her relationship with a man from her past Alex complicates things as well This is not only an amazing storybut it is also a story of the abuse that women face everyday in their life It is a story of determination and trying to stay aliveno matter what It is amazing how Sally seems so meek and timid in the beginningbut after she has a son she does a complete turn around to protect her son Zander and keep them both alive Wonderful characterswith a very real storyline

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