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Almost Invisible ❰Epub❯ ❥ Almost Invisible Author Maureen Garvie – Thirteen year old Jewel has been holding her life together ever since her older sister Charmaine suddenly left home with no forwarding address She tried to find Charmaine once but that only brought he Thirteen year old Jewel has been holding her life together ever since her older sister Charmaine suddenly left home with no forwarding address She tried to find Charmaine once but that only brought her family to the attention of the police Now Jewel keeps her head down at school looks after her special needs brother as well as she can tries to steer clear of her parents and their shady friendsUntil one of her father’s friends comes into her bedroom at night and finally Jewel understands why Charmaine had to leave home Soon she is on the run herself hiding out in a cabin in the country terrified of being found afraid that social services will force her to return to her family When her food runs out she returns to town where she chances upon a new place to live — the cupboard of the art room at schoolJewel carefully eases into her new life avoiding the eye of teachers and caretakers babysitting in the afternoons for extra cash It turns out to be surprisingly easy to live under the radar when you have perfected the art of being almost invisibleThat is until Jewel’s classmates Maya and Lily discover her washing her hair in the girls’ washroom at school and making breakfast in the lunchroom They are eager to help her and they take her on as their project sort of like the Barbie dolls that they rescue from yard sales and restore to sell on the internet They find her places to sleep fix her hair and wardrobe — even as they can’t uite understand her terror or why she is so afraid of seeking adult help But the girls help keep Jewel and her secret safe — until they no longer canTold in the alternating voices of Maya and Jewel this is a thought provoking and moving story about loyalty privilege keeping secrets and what it means to be a good friend.

6 thoughts on “Almost Invisible

  1. Bookworman Bookworman says:

    A good YA story It really captured what it’s like to be a young teenager Thanks Dee Dee G

  2. Tracy Trofimencoff Tracy Trofimencoff says:

    This YA novel by Canadian author intrigued me from the beginning Because I work with youth in my day to day career I wanted to know about Jewel's story How does a child end up homeless and essentially alone? It is a topic that very few people want to engage in but it happens often Jewel is struggling in her very dysfunctional family that is abusive and ultimately unsafe The adults who should be able to help her and her other siblings do not really help The threat of being sent back to her parents is too real for Jewel so she leaves everything behind although with great regret for being unable to take her five year old brother with her I liked this book because it tells the story from Jewel's perspective and is written from that child's point of view Jewel is in grade 6 But the story alters when two classmates see Jewel where she should not be and story is told from her well meaning friend Maya's point of viewAfter obstacles and some mishaps the story comes to a resolution to Jewel's plight I think that YA readers will like this story because it covers topics that some may be afraid to give a voice to I would recommend this novel to readers grade 5 and up as it has a wide appeal

  3. Cherie Cherie says:

    I wasn't expecting to like this book as much as I did This girl runs away from abusive home after her father's creepy friend molests her her sister ran away previously and turns out her parents never reported her missing and she lives in the school sleeping in the art room cubby Some girls discover her predicament and do their best to try to help her out but how long can she go on like this? Really engaging read

  4. Gracemary Allen Gracemary Allen says:

    Straddles the line between middle grade and young adult uick read Entertaining but not remarkable

  5. Gv Gv says:

    Well done in my opinion The topic is not easy and it is neither ridiculed nor avoided nor overdramatized in a voyeuristic way

  6. Susan Susan says:

    Almost Invisible is an interesting story following Jewel as she leaves home for the street and Maya as she recognizes Jewel's needs and works to help her Jewel is strong and independent She is resourceful and intelligent but she is living in very difficult circumstances Maya is curious and thoughtful She sees outside herself in a way which is a bit unusual for young teens While the plot is compelling and characters well drawn and sympathetic I sense some white knight mentality and wonder how it would make students who live in Jewel's world feel I fear it may disenfranchise exactly the students who need to see their lives reflected in fiction Definitely worth a read as it is well paced and introduces important issues including homelessness poverty and life within families faced with gang cultureRealistic fiction includes a scene of sexual assault

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