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A Blood Thing [Read] ➪ A Blood Thing Author James Hankins – Thomashillier.co.uk Never trust a blackmailerVermont’s promising young governor Andrew Kane is at another public meet and greet when a stranger from the crowd slips him a cell phone and whispers “Keep this with youke Never trust a blackmailerVermont’s promising young governor Andrew Kane is at another public meet and greet when a stranger from the crowd slips him a cell phone and whispers “Keep this A Blood PDF/EPUB or with youkeep it secretyou’re going to need it after the arrest”Hours later Andrew’s brother Tyler is taken into custody—framed for the brutal murder of a young woman—and Andrew discovers there is only one way to free him answer the mysterious phone and agree to a blackmailer’s demands All the governor has to do to make it all go away is compromise everything he stands for and grant a full pardon to a convicted felon With no better option he complies Which is his first mistakebecause the stranger isn’t through with him He has another little condition Then another And another And Andrew has no choice but to play along until he can find a way out of this personal and political nightmare But he isn’t prepared for what he will face or how far he will have to go to save his brother and keep his family together.

  • Paperback
  • 403 pages
  • A Blood Thing
  • James Hankins
  • English
  • 19 June 2014
  • 9781503900363

About the Author: James Hankins

USA Today bestselling author James Hankins's newest novel of suspense A BLOOD THING came out on June Each of his previous thrillers including THE PRETTIEST ONE SHADY CROSS BROTHERS A Blood PDF/EPUB or AND BONES and spent time in the Kindle Top and became bestsellers while THE PRETTIEST ONE reached across all categories in the Kindle Store SHADY CROSS received a coveted starred.

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  1. Malina Skrobosinski Malina Skrobosinski says:

    James Hankins will always hold a special place inside my heart because if it wasn't for him I probably wouldn't have found my way back to reading It was his novel The Prettiest One that made me fall in love with books all over again One could say he's even created a monster With that said that speaks highly of James Hankins as an author and writer that he could pull someone out of such a deep deep funk That is why to this day he remains one of my favorite authors With A Blood Thing I found this one to be a bit different than Hankins typical style Normally we see a lot of action from Hankins and his well developed characters However in A Blood Thing we see less action but of a methodical plot If I'm being honest I'm not sure which I prefer I was very impressed with how well this novel came together I do love a thriller with a psychological aspect to it and this one definitely provides that At the center of this novel is the Kane family Andrew the oldest of the Kane siblings is the Governor of Vermont It's just another typical day for the Governor a busy day but again that's typical At a grand opening for a new senior center and meet and greet Andrew is given a small black phone with an ominous message Keep that phone with you at all times Governor And keep it secret You're going to need it after the arrest What the hell? Was this a warning? A threat? Whose arrest is he speaking of? Should he keep the phone or turn it over to the police? Andrew isn't sure what to do exactly but he decides to call his brother Henry an officer in Internal Affairs Before Andrew and Henry can begin their investigation into the mysterious black cell phone their sister Molly calls their younger brother Tyler Molly's twin is missing Tyler suffered an injury as a child that has left him mentally challenged Though a man at the age of 29 in many ways he still has the mind of a child Molly is concerned because Tyler never stays gone this long something isn't right she can feel it Henry rushes over to help in the search for Tyler only it's not long before Tyler walks in the door with the police shortly on his heels armed with a search warrant Tyler is suspected of murder Alarm bells are sounding in Henry's head Something isn't right he calls his brother Andrew and advises him of the trouble their younger brother is facing It's clear now the arrest the cell phone the man is talking about Tyler Tyler is arrested for the murder of Sally Graham As Andrew and Henry debate over turning over the mystery phone to the police it rings It's clear that Tyler has been framed for murder and their mystery caller holds the key to his release Only it won't be so simple Andrew is being blackmailed he is being asked to pardon a man from prison in exchange for evidence that will prove Tyler's innocence Only there are rules rules that must be followed and if broken there will be conseuences ones that will not only seal Tyler's fate in prison but also put Andrew and Henry's careers in jeopardy This is a twisted game that the Kane family are taken through I thought the character development that was given to the blackmailer Wyatt Pickman was carefully crafted He was a planner and once the plan started to go off course we start to see him devolve His demise is basically his own undoing and one could call it poetic justice One thing that I always enjoy about James Hankins novels is his protagonists aren't always the wholesome innocent heroes you come to expect They're flawed and they're often placed in situations that leave you faced with impossible decisions This makes the storyline credible and you connect to the characters This is an excellent psychological thriller that I highly recommend It's sure to keep you on the edge of your seat with anticipation I want to thank NetGalley Thomas Mercer and James Hankins for allowing me the chance to read this novel in exchange for my review A pleasure as always Mr Hankins

  2. Bernadette Bernadette says:

    45 Suspenseful Stars Would you compromise your ethics to help someone you love? Could you go against everything you stand for to right a wrong? Break the law? These are some of the uestions facing the Kane family in A Blood Thing by James Hankins Andrew Kane is the young new Vermont governor and oldest brother Henry is a Vermont State Police working in Internal Affairs The youngest siblings Molly and Tyler are twins; Molly is a veteran who is attending graduate school and will likely pursue a career in law enforcement Molly lives in the old family mansion with Tyler who is developmentally delayed due to a traumatic brain injury that occurred when he was seven years old Each sibling has their own reason to feel responsible for Tyler’s debilitating accident For generations the Kane family has been prominent in Vermont politics and Andrew is the fresh ethical face of politics But when Tyler is accused of a heinous crime and a blackmailer contacts the Governor the suspense begins To save Tyler the Governor is asked to betray his strict moral code How far will he go to clear his brother’s name?Hankins kept me guessing until the end This is a well written thriller with complex characters and an original premise While page turner is an overused term in book reviews A Blood Thing is just that I enjoyed this book from page oneThank you to NetGalley and Thomas Mercer for the ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review The book will be released on June 5 2018

  3. Amy Amy says:

    How far would YOU go to protect your family your dearest loved ones? Many novels may ask this uestion but Hankins provides a slightly new spin on this age old uestion by adding in some political intrigue and corruption as well as some domestic suspense making for a tense read that had me hookedThis follows the Kane family as they deal with a manipulative and highly intelligent blackmailer who is intent on wreacking havoc on every single one of them This is a family of prominence and wealth plenty of power especially as the oldest sibling is the Governor of Vermont I didn’t necessarily love most of the family barring Tyler that kid stole my heart with his pure innocence but I was rooting for them regardless because they were dealing with a nightmare of a situation that I wouldn’t wish on anyone They were all very well drawn even if they were unsympathetic for the most part and Hankins is a great writer with a true talent for storytellingI would recommend this one for fans of Brad Parks it definitely had a similar feel to it with plenty of sharp turns and tense moments It did feel a little drawn out in the middle portion but the ending was exciting enough to make up for any slower moments for meA Blood Thing in three words Calculated Intense and Vengeful

  4. Judy D Collins Judy D Collins says:

    From the bestselling author of The Inside Dark The Prettiest One and Shady Cross —comes his most influential book yet A BLOOD THING A riveting emotional and character driven political suspense thriller which tests the limits of how far a person will go to protect his family and those he loves Meet the Kane family Vermont Governor Andrew Kane — the youngest person to be elected governor in Vermont’s history—age thirty two His father and grandfather were respected senators and a great grandfather a distinguished federal judge Husband Brother Father Lieutenant Henry Kane —Internal Affairs Brother of Governor Andrew Kane; Tyler and MollyMolly Kane —Sister Former US Army and Aspiring Vermont State Police Officer Twin Sister of Brother Tyler Governor Andrew and IA HenryTyler Kane —Twin Brother of Sister Molly Age 29 Suffered traumatic brain injury when he was seven years old which had permanently damaged him His mental age was that of an eleven year old boy He volunteers at the local animal shelter—lover of video games and his electric motorcycle bikeRebecca Kane—Wife of Governor Andrew KaneLife changed for the Kane family the day Governor Andrew Kane received a black mystery phone with the message “Keep that phone with you at all times Governor And keep it a secret You’re going to need it after the arrest”Kane had followed another political candidate of corruption and scandal Andrew Kane was honest He made good on his promises However when a blackmailer issues demands he puts the family and his career in jeopardyThe younger brother Tyler has been set up Arrested for the murder of a woman Sally Graham They had incriminating evidence Could Tyler have known this girl and engaged her services? Were they aware that Tyler and the governor’s brother was in the state police Internal Affairs Unit? Henry was the IAU It was hard to comprehend an innocent Tyler had anything to do with the murder They could not allow him to go to jail The only violence he ever exhibited occurred during his video games Tyler could not intentionally harm anyone much less kill them The blackmailer begins his games Never trust a blackmailer It never stops with one demand He keeps them on a chain with ongoing threats What does he want from this family? It starts with a demand to release a prisoner in a correctional facility The blackmailer demands him to be pardoned free and clear Otherwise his younger brother will go down for first degree murder and spend the rest of his days in prisonHowever this is only the beginning There is something sinister at play The blackmailer is smart and dangerous He had the perfect plan How far should you go to protect your family? How could Andrew barter with a murderer for his brother’s freedom? How could he use the power of his office to set a convicted criminal free in exchange for services rendered—while at the same time looking the other way as the real murderer disappeared?He had promised Vermonters an end to government corruption Now here he was debating whether to breach that trust The trust of the people he had earned For the first time since taking the oath of office than three years ago he felt less than clean However he may have to protect than one brother Innocent people become collateral damage Blood ties are substantial; yet the murderer may also have his own blood ties with revenge and justice on his mind Brothers join forces to keep a blackmailer and the person behind the master plan from forces that are conspiring to destroy their family Even people in high places have flaws and the author showcases their strengths and weaknesses Hankins delivers an outstanding character driven thriller with a mix of mystery political psychological legal crime and domestic suspense A remarkable plot and complex characters with a race against time to protect loved ones in this high stakes conspiracy— leading to an explosive ending not to be missedFrom the personal and professional lives of political figures and law enforcement officials targeted for past grudges and placed in challenging circumstances When family members are involved lines are crossedWith unparalleled suspense and his own trademark explosive twists James Hankins continues to wow readers with his uncanny ability to cross many genres As I have mentioned previously in my other reviews—have read all the author’s books and each one is uniue Highly entertaining An intense well written political thriller— A BLOOD THING is a perfect gift for Father’s Day Top 20 Books Coming June 2018 A special thank you to the author #NetGalley and #ThomasandMercer for an early reading copy JDCMustReadBooks

  5. Mandy White Mandy White says:

    Well that was good James Hankins has written a fantastic thriller that had me hanging off every pageHow far would you go to save your family? Govenor Andrew Kane is handed a phone and told to hold onto it because he would need it after the arrest Then his younger brother Tyler is arrested for murder The caller admits to to framing Tyler and says he will be ok if Andrew does just one small thing and then another and another There are so many twist in the story it makes you want to keep readingThanks to Thomas and Mercer for the advanced copy of this book to read in exchange for my honest opinions

  6. Pat Pat says:

    I really didn't know what to expect from this and was kind of hoping it wouldn't be some psychotic fruitcake revelling in bloody body parts Thankfully that wasn't it at all This was a story about revenge blackmail and shades of gray in the spectrum of right and wrongNever trust a blackmailer Vermont's promising young governor Andrew Kane is at another public meet and greet when a stranger from the crowd slips him a cell phone and whispers 'Keep this with youkeep it secretyou're going to need it after the arrest' And so it beginsSomebody has it in for the Kane family They are wealthy and privileged Andrew is the governor Henry is with the Vermont Bureau of Investigation Molly is ex forces and studying for a career in law enforcement and Tyler Molly's twin is the vulnerable one A childhood accident left him brain damaged and he has the intellect of an 11 year old Tyler has just been framed for murderEventually that phone rings The blackmailer has video evidence of Tyler's innocence and will hand it over if Governor Andrew will just do one tiny little thing for him Andrew says he won't be blackmailed but is told he WILL change his mind Soon evidence implicating Tyler is found You can guess how it goes from here Andrew finally relents but of course that is not the end of it The blackmailer is relentless implacable and very very thorough How will the Kane's stop him from utterly destroying their family their careers and their very lives? Can they stop him?

  7. Anya Anya says:

    I read most books from James Hankins and I can say it only gets better with every new story I'm not so much into political thrillers blackmailing etc but I choosed this one because I knew the author is good so it was ok to risk reading something a little outside my usual genre I don't regret itThe journey was very intense I was so angry at the blackmailer I wanted to junp inside the book to kick him for good The writing style is superb and the characterization is perfect even Tyler the sweet and a little retarded brother is so well portrayed and believable in his way to think and act I think that wasn't an easy task for the authorThe ending is very fitting althought I was hoping for something a little different I can't say because I don't want to spoil it and because it was just me You will know when you're reading that some things once they're out in the clear cannot be taken back so don't expect some magic to put everything in order I think the author couldn't have done better anyway to tie up every thread in a meaningful and satisfying outcome it's life so you can't have everything you wish for but the message is clear Don't forget to read the author's note in the end in case you have any doubts about itI would like to thank NetGalley the publisher and the author for giving me ARC of that book in exchange for an honest review

  8. Janelle Janson Janelle Janson says:

    Thank you so very much to Publishing for my free copy of A BLOOD THING by James Hankins all opinions are my ownThis book had be hooked from start to finish with some very tense and intense scenes The story centers on the Kane family a well to do powerful family who is being blackmailed The eldest brother Andrew is the governor of Vermont and his brother Tyler was framed for murder Now the entire family is being tormented by a mysterious caller who asks for one demand after another How far will Andrew go to protect his family? Will he compromise his own ethics? This twisted game is a political and psychological nightmareThis is a methodical and original plot with complex characters and sharp writing that will keep you on the edge of your seat Hankins is a master storyteller It shows true talent when you create unsympathetic characters like some of the Kane siblings that without a doubt the reader roots for anyways The blackmailer is extremely intelligent and perfectly written The novel does run long but that didn’t bother me I enjoyed the rideA BLOOD THING has a mix of everything from political intrigue to domestic suspense to crime and psychological thrills all with a spectacular ending I’ll definitely pick up books by Hankins in the future

  9. Rebecca Rebecca says:

    Vermont Governor Andrew Kane is blackmailed into saving his brother Tyler who is being framed for murderEven though Governor Kane ran and won his campaign by speaking out against corruption in the government he is now being forced to take sides Will he choose his reputation and career or will he risk it all to save Tyler?I'm not a huge Mystery fan but this one This one intrigued me Why you ask? Because Tyler tugged at my heartstrings Even though Tyler is a 29 year old man he was injured in a fall as a child and now has the mental capacity of an 11 year old boy And as if that weren't enough he also is being framed for murder A murder he definitely didn't commit Who was framing him and why? How far will Governor Kane and his siblings Henry and Molly go to save their sibling from evil? Read this well written dark and twisty mystery to find outI would recommend A Blood Thing for fans of the TV shows Homeland and RevengeOther notable characters included Henry Kane Andrew's younger brother works in Internal Affairs Molly Kane Andrew's younger sister Tyler's twin an Army veteran studying to be a police officer Sally Graham the murdered young woman Julie Davenport helps care for Tyler Rachel Addison Tyler's defense attorneyI received an advance copy of this book All opinions are my ownLocation Vermont

  10. Ashley Smith Ashley Smith says:

    I received an ARC for an honest reviewA blood thing an exciting and gripping book that will keep you on the edge of your seat from page one till the last page is read Tyler the mentally challenged bother of the Vermont Governor is charged with murder He is placed under house arrest after speaking to the police about what he had been doing the night of the murder Andy the governor is given a black phone by a stranger and told to always keep it on him He doesn't understand until the calls start coming in that it involves Tyler Then you have brother Henry who is an internal fairs cop and he is the one who talks Andy into not telling the police This all leads up to the mysterious blackmailer calling them and their sister Molly and entangling them into things they want no part of all to save Tyler from something he had no part in In the end will Andy Henry and Molly be able to save Tyler from this mad man and his twisted planes? This is one story that you will not be able to put down till the end and will keep you wanting

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