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  1. John-Torleif Harris John-Torleif Harris says:

    I don't think that I can express in words how much I absolutely hated these books First and foremost the magic system in this world is horrific Any single person who would rationalize that this system wasn't evil would be reprehensible; the fact that everyone in the whole world of Grayfelle accepts proxies and Transfer as not only acceptable but also honorable was revolting I thought that the villains in these books were overly dramatic and one dimentional but that might have been necessary considering the good people were already despicableSecond I found the rescue of the triplets and the whole journey to retrieve them to be ridiculously providential Things happened too conveniently to be believable for meThird I hated Xinlas and his change of heart was too little too late Maybe the Secret Gods can tell that his impulsive decision to be good was looking lasting though their dialogue at the end doesn't indicate that is the case but we're I them I certainly wouldn't depend on itAnd finally my emotions during the course of this story were never positive I found myself horrifieddisgusted throughout the first book; bored through most of the second book; and irritated at Xinlas mostly for most of the third bookI'm glad that it only took me a day to read this because it's less time to regret having wastedI voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book

  2. Roger Roger says:

    MY FIRST READ FROM AUTHOR KEITH WARD IS OBVIOUSLY THE BEGINNING OF AN EPIC AND I'M GOING ALONG FOR THE RIDEThe Blood King Red Proxy #1 was obviously the beginning of an epic and now in my second read from Keith Ward the epic continues In 99 Days Red Proxy #2 the action takes off at a faster pace the character development even better than in the first book and the evolved storyline is even betterThe third book was excellent You get to see how the triplets grow up and get their marking Winlas has let his ego grow and becomes an annoying person The irony is when he learns of his lifespan he starts thing about transfers The same thing that killed him he wants to do to another All through this book you want to shake him and tell him to grow up I enjoyed meeting Greengrass and her family but cried when their protection fails them The plots in this book are amazing they keep you reading to find out what is going to happen next You have to admire ueen Plyonia she is very sneaky and knows a big secret that she uses against the King The characters in this series are well thought out and you can picture them in your mind The descriptions are excellent Cannot wait for the next book What is going to happen next? Would recommend this book to all my family and friends

  3. Aly Moore Aly Moore says:

    This was a great series but very long Be prepared I am a fast reader I can read 1 2 books a day but these 3 books took me 2 weeks I did take a break for a couple days as there are a lot of details and not much dialogue or action in some parts which i'm not personally a fan of The story was great and I plan on finishing the series someday

  4. Alex Skavdahl Alex Skavdahl says:

    This is by far the worst series of books I have ever read

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Red Proxy Red Proxy #1 3 [EPUB] ✰ Red Proxy Red Proxy #1 3 By Keith Ward – What price would you pay for immortality In the world of Red Proxy people can live forever All it takes is sacrificing another and magically stealing their Span or life force It’s a practice that go What price would you pay for Red Proxy PDF/EPUB å immortality In the world of Red Proxy people can live forever All it takes is sacrificing another and magically stealing their Span or life force It’s a practice that goes back to the beginning of timeBut some are uestioning the “Proxy” system that takes from one to give to another Some will go to any lengths to preserve the system Others will do anything to smash itThe people of Greyfelle are caught in the middle of this titanic Red Proxy PDF/EPUB ² struggle of life vs death Will only the strong survive or will a tiny bud of hope spring up in the midst of chaosThe Red Proxy set consists of books of the seriesBook The Blood KingBook DaysBook The AnointedIt’s a series you won’t want to miss.